9/11/13: Hipsters Turn Their Sarcastic Fangs on Their Clay-Footed God-King

Hilarious satire — Kickstarter campaign to fund World War III!

Toiletnation, USA

The tide is turning…and even SWPLs and high-yellow sabines are getting in on the game…

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6 Responses to 9/11/13: Hipsters Turn Their Sarcastic Fangs on Their Clay-Footed God-King

  1. Brandon says:

    Wonderful!!! Keep pushing!!!

  2. Trainspotter says:

    Funny stuff, and well done. Our own video makers should take note.

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    I disagree, Obama is probably throwing this to the jews to carry the water, make it their war. Yeah he is surrounded in the white house by jews, but I think his very small core that every man relies on is basically trying to oust the jews as blacks always are trying to do in the D party.

    To me Obama is an enigma, the riddle wrapped in a mystery. Yeah I know he is an anti-white and all his radical dip shittery, but I still can’t figure if he is playing the people who think they write his script, don’t know for sure.

    It is fun watching this, jews going wild but yet restrained afraid of alienating his cult, GOP morons really really wanting to make war for their Zionist/warcorp bosses but restrained by their base which is still on the page of hating alquaeda and radical mooslims. So I say a pox on every last one of them.

  4. I was a regular listener to the Michael Savage show for years, because as I had aged, I had become a regular Zionist Conservative. I couldn’t stand Muslims, because I had a job where I had to deal with Arab students all the time in the university town where I worked. They all had more dollars than any kind of sense at all, except for an overweening sense of entitlement with a combination of ignorance and imperiousness.

    In any case, my entry into White race realism came from having to take a Hispanics Studies course with a La Raza type. I loathed every minute of it, but it took any blinders I had on off about how every other race and ethnicity has been encouraged by FEDGOV to agitate for their own interests, but Whites. It also took any filters out of my ears, so I started listening to Savage much more carefully. After a while, it seemed to me that there were times that when he was talking, he was NOT addressing his AUDIENCE, but someone ELSE, like he was talking in CODE.

    In any case, I was listening to the Savage Show one night when BO was running for POTUS in 2008. It became obvious to me that Savage had little use for John McCain, but wanted HIM to win, because he felt that BO was bad for YKW. I listened to Savage do an in-depth psychological analysis of this man and he diagnosed him as “a malignant narcissist.” Because of this malignant narcissism, Savage felt that BO was a loose cannon and obliquely warned that “the people who think they can control him are in for a rude awakening.” IMO, BO has done nothing but fulfill Savage’s prediction.

    He only pushes the YKW agenda where it intersects with his own Anti-White leanings, but he’s also heavily into Black Empowerment. So, all those YKW living in gated communities who thought that, if they voted for him, BO would give their communities a Passover (while further enriching working and middle class White neighborhoods with vibrant diversity) have found out, to their chagrin, that BO has THEIR neighborhoods targeted for low-income housing. Why? Because that’s where the money is, LOL! All the low-hanging fruit has been picked clean and it’s time to move up the tree.

    All those YKW encouraged by BO donning a yarmulke and “praying” at the Wailing Wall have found out, to their chagrin, that when Iran was rattling its sabers, BO’s idea of defending Israel consists of having Congress issue a bipartisan bill of enthusiastic love and admiration for Israel and supporting their right to exist by endorsing any military action THEY might want to take on their own behalf. Even when they maneuvered BO into literally drawing a (red) line in the sand, BO found a way around it.

    Utilizing John “Bomb, Bomb Iran”McCain to promote War with Syria was pure genius. McCain is an open Neo-Con and it was the Obama campaign tarring McCain with Dubya “Bush Lied, People Died”‘s administration that lost McCain the election. Moreover, the right loathes Juan “McAmnesty” McCain with a purple passion. Being such a figure of odium to both right and left, made the Songbird the poster boy for anti-interventionism. It seems to me that BO did everything imaginable to set the backs off the entire world against war with Syria.

    Makes one have to wonder WHO was behind those leaks that came out about “the opposition” being America’s own “Al-Quaeda” operatives. WHO allowed all those clips about showing “opposition” forces made up of foreign mercenaries killing bound Syrian soldiers and cannibalizing their hearts and livers. WHO leaked all those rumors that the Sarin gas had come from Turkey and had been released by the “opposition.” WHO made sure that Saudi Arabia was prepared to fund this war.

    So, IMO, Savage’s prediction was amazingly prescient. Obama learned Rules for Radical with the best of them and then he turned those rules against them. That’s why I have to laugh at people who pay too much credence to IQ tests. Tests are designed by and for the people who design them. The two men who created IQ tests were Ashkenazi Jews. I doubt that BO ranks very high on the IQ meter, but he has managed to outflank people who think they are so damned smarter than everybody else in every way imaginable.

    There used to be a saying that “there’s book smarts and then there’s street smarts.” BO may not have a lot of book smarts, but he has street smarts in spades. He was willing to let YKW use him to advance their own Anti-White agenda and once, he made sure THEY used the race card to indemnify himself from ALL criticism or opposition by Non-Blacks, he turned on them. Look at how they tried to bluff him with the Birther stuff and how he called their bluff. He has thumbed his nose at them at every given opportunity.

    YKW has put himself between a rock and a hard place. Because BO isn’t the only Non-White activist they have used to advance their own Anti-White agenda and BO isn’t the only Non-White who has learned how to use RfR to advance his own interests even to the point where they will eventually hurt YKW’s. The goal of ALL Non-White activists is to take over and purge ALL White faces from positions of power and it doesn’t matter how kosher that White face is. And what is even more problematic is that it is so far gone that YKW can NOT get away with dialing back the Anti-White agenda to the point where White people will jump on the banana boat again.

    The 2012 election was not only a major defeat for the Repugnans, but also for YKW. They were so confident that any “racist” Anti-Bo sentiment would cause White people to register and vote in droves for their kosher Republiscum, Mitt Romney, sweeping another neo-con into victory even though his program hurt working and middle class Whites more than they helped them. Whites demonstrated that they may not be nearly as “Jew-aware” as Non-Whites are, but they are no longer prepared to vote for an alien, hostile agenda even administered by a White “Christian.”

    Yes, White demographics may have shrunk to the point where there can never be another “Aryan uprising,” but encouraging their White shabby goy collaborators to flood the country with all kinds of races competing for the spoils has radicalized the White proletriat to consider his own class interest first. That means that YKW can never again manipulate the rank and file White to their agenda through the White elite which they control. As this Syrian debacle has proven.

  5. Sam says:

    We’ve reached “Peak Jew”.

  6. Wally D. says:

    Pretty good stuff. I’m glad to see that it has become hip to proclaim the emperor wears no golden threads and is, in fact, shamelessly naked before the world.

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