Liberalism destroys everything it touches; two items

Peter Schiff talks about how Black brokers sued Merrill Lynch for not making as much money as White brokers. The result of this lawsuit, Schiff says, is that financial companies will be reluctant to hire Black people.

Item 2. State colleges and universities, those vital organs of political correctness, can afford lower income and black students less and less.

State schools are typically considered to offer the most affordable, accessible four-year education students can get. When those schools raise tuition and don’t offer more aid, low-income students are often forced to decide not just which college to attend but whether they can afford to attend college at all.

“The most needy students are getting squeezed out,” said Charles Reed, a former chancellor of the California State University system and of the State University System of Florida. “Need-based aid is extremely important to these students and their parents.”

There’s no data on the number of needy but qualified students who are “squeezed out” and don’t make it onto four-year college campuses. But what is clear is that while the number of needy students has been growing, state schools have not kept up.

This will, of course, spread to the private colleges. Liberalism does one thing; employ bureaucrats to distribute government largesse. That’s what it does. That’s what liberalism is! That’s all liberalism is. Even when liberals are volunteering, they are doing it to prove their worthiness to dip their snout in the public trough.

There’s nothing more dangerous than liberals with a trillion dollar budget. The government can’t go broke soon enough. Liberals fuck everything up. Without their intervention, society would have solved many of its own problems, as it always has done. There would be a tiny fraction of the bastardy we have now; children would grow up with two parents. Of course that’s not a bug, that’s a feature. They want lots of kids growing up in single-mom-household. Ordinary liberals might just be deceived; the liberals at the top thinking this shit up are truly diabolical monsters.

Public schools are designed specifically to make kids hate learning. I’ve seen so many examples of this as my kid plods through the local public school. She’s taking calculus and they are using this book.

She needed help with some pretty easy problems — find the slope of the equation at x = some number, then find the equation of the tangent line, then find the normal. The book barely explained what the normal is, did not tell you that the equation of the tangent line was the point slope equation — the reasoning being that we should have known that from algebra. They purposely refuse to review algebra — the students “are supposed to know this off the top of their head.” Nonsense! In my study of calculus, I learned algebra much better. In the college level books, they show examples of how stuff is done. Even better, in the Problem Solvers books:

They show how the problems are worked out. I myself am using this book, and when I hit a hard problem I’ll do it over and over again from memory. It works!

But the public school book is nothing like that. It’s a sadistic textbook, designed to “gatekeep” American kids whose parents can’t or won’t help them with math, and who don’t have the initiative to look stuff up on youtube.

Anyway, back to helping my kid with her calculus homework. I went to youtube and punched in, “equation for the tangent line” and immediately found a video that showed that it’s the point slope formula. I plugged in the point slope formula, checked the back of the book for answers to odd numbered problems, and confirmed that I got the right answer. The normal was just the perpendicular, so put the negative inverse in for the m variable (the slope). Nothing to it.

But the book made these problems incredibly difficult. Any kid in that class who doesn’t know to look this up on youtube and doesn’t have a parent helping him his fucked, because the book is purposely designed to make the subject matter far more difficult than it is.

And that’s how liberals destroy education. They made it “public” education, and made it centralized so their textbook publishing cronies have the monopoly. Math teachers can’t say, “This book sucks, let’s use a different one.” Not in high school, though in college they can. And for whatever diabolical reason, the textbook publishers purposely design the textbooks to not teach the subject matter. To make the student think, “I must be too dumb to learn this,” and give it up for life. Then the Asians, whose parents actually make sure they learn math, fill those slots.

In every sphere, whether it’s managing family life, education, business, growing food — ordinary White people can do a much better job than government. When the US government finally goes bankrupt, just watch how Whites flourish when we make our own homegrown solutions.


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12 Responses to Liberalism destroys everything it touches; two items

  1. Good post, and it’s true. Public education, for the most part, rewards good PARENTING, not good students.

  2. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “gatekeep”, remember that word.

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    Political Correctness is not like a religion it is a religion. More like a faith based superstition if that makes it easier to grok. None of the lib kid cults can withstand an interrogation, but since Contardism is little more than shrieking like primitives at boogabooga monster (then send money) the lib kid cults hang on way past their due date.

    Public education slipped from Dewey camps of beating the pope out of catholic kids and the uplift to the genetic limits for the dull and bright into today’s egalitarian mess of the utopian dreamers, that is where we are.

    Since the defeat of Hitler the jews and their dogmas have dominated and the main dogma and the “theory” is the Blank Slate Theory. The BST is secular distilled end times Judaism of an enlightened elite guiding the interchangeable cattle into human beings who worship their elite masters.

    Anything remotely based on the BST will fail. I don’t care what the contards tell you, it will fail.

  4. Peter Blood says:

    Homeschool or die. When you have some material that isn’t working, you can switch.

  5. Robot Sam says:

    Why the fuck would you partner with a coon? They’ll just backstab you in favor of their bruthas, or just because you are white, or they will be lazy and entitled (as shown by this lawsuit), or they will accuse you of racism. Yeah I want to partner with a person who is obsessed with their race being treated poorly.. what could go wrong?

  6. The founder of Wolfram Alpha gave a TED talk about improving math education. During the talk he had his seven year-old daughter come up on stage and do some calculus problems. He pointed out that when you have a calculator, it’s very easy to do calculus if you learn it the right way, even at seven years old.

    There are basically four steps to every math problem:

    1. Translating the problem from English (or any language) into math (e.g. turning “If a train leaves the station at…” into a math problem)
    2. Figuring out what calculations you need to do to solve the problem (subtraction, multiplication, etc.)
    3. Doing those calculations (e.g. solving for x, finding the tangent, etc.)
    4. Re-converting the results back into English (“Trains A and B will pass at 9:15.”)

    In school they only focus on step 3, which is the least interesting and also the least necessary part, especially now with calculators. They also don’t teach any “shortcuts” like how to square any two digit number in your head, which is not super-useful but it would make the subject a lot more fun.

    Sadly the textbook woes do not end in high school. When I took German in college (yeah, yeah) we had a textbook that had to be seen to be believed. It was one of the worst textbooks I ever had to use in my life. It was filled with cartoon characters, little distracting dialogues and presented all the information without any order, e.g. two chapter on verb conjugations, then a chapter on a noun declension, then a chapter on adjectives, etc. There were no charts to refer to in the front or back of the book, e.g. a table of all the different noun declensions or a conjugation of the verb ‘sein.’ Nothing! And this was in a college class at a university that is well known and well respected.

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