Nationalist woman defies Marxists; the Mindweapon view of leftists, anti-whites and mixers

h/t to Occidental Dissent.

Don’t you wish you could have been standing with that woman against that mob? She did just fine by herself though.

My view of what to do with these leftists is for us to get rich and use the leftists as dirt cheap labor, or see them starve in the streets. They are such worthless creatures, but it is not for us to kill them. However, enslaving them, or leaving them to their fate, is A-OK.

So we have to focus our efforts on getting rich, on being powerful. Fuck persuading people who don’t agree with us. Anybody who doesn’t agree with us wholeheartedly is scum.

I don’t care about persuading them. I just want to dominate and exploit the shit out of them, or let their beloved diversity roast them on spits.


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23 Responses to Nationalist woman defies Marxists; the Mindweapon view of leftists, anti-whites and mixers

  1. Snake says:

    “Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them.” –Alexander Solzhenityn

    How great would it be to start a business and fire leftist SWPLs after their views become known? “Sorry Aiden, but egalitarianism leads to things like the Holodomor & Cambodian Killing Fields…we’ll have to let you go.” Pursue power and let the rest fall in line.

    Encourage the decline. Every time an african-studies major becomes a barista, an angel gets his wings. Which is why I’m cracking open a pathology textbook right now whilst they attend “privilege” seminars or teach ghetto blacks for $23K/year.

    That creepy old fuck fellating the air in front of our attractive comrade deserves a meme. “But that’s not equality….” Someone should make a .gif of that. Like the “das racist” colored boy .gif .

    PS – Was that a Hungarian Arrow Cross ?

  2. North Vinlander says:

    The cameraman was on her side (probably with her) and he spoke up a few times. I admire the two of them.

  3. Dan Poole says:

    “I just want to dominate and exploit the shit out of them, or let their beloved diversity roast them on spits.”

    THIS! (=

  4. Apologies in advance for the length of this post, but I live for this sort of analysis:

    Great example of keeping your frame and not “tail gaiting” as RRS would say. She didn’t bother to give complicated refutations of leftist talking points, she kept it simple and positive; her own statements not refuting statements of the opposition. That’s called “staying on message.” It’s also just about perfect how she smiled the whole time and just sort of disengaged when necessary by looking away, pulling back, etc.

    Notice the leftist woman that feigns doubling over in laughter at “white supremacy.” This is like a high school girl trick – “OMG you are so weird I can only laugh in disbelief!” Didn’t work obviously.

    She put the old man on defense immediately too, he was saying “I don’t belong to America I belong to the world.” She had him qualifying himself to her. That’s the way to do it. Who was the fucktard off camera that says “subconsciously you hate people of color?” What, we have an amateur Freud on our hands? I love it how leftards claim the ability to read other people’s minds. I would have just throw in right back at him.

    Everytime a white anti-white says something negative about whites, throw it back in their face: “you’re white.” “You’re a white supremacist. How are you any different than me?”

    I was partially on edge watching because I half expected someone to throw a swing at her. Surely there was at least one other person, woman or man, that could have come with her. I’ve watched videos of men throwing punches at women protestors.

    Of course, the leftards end up chanting “hey hey, ho ho, all these fascists got to go.” This is like Commie 101. They are a bunch of brainless cultists. I’ve met plenty of these people in real life. A Christian woman blogger recently wrote an article about how a group of women can get together and say things that are on the surface positive and complimentary but are actually passive aggressive attempts to “one up” the other women, a way of bragging by ostensibly putting yourself down. In the left that’s called being “prolier than thou.” The white that denounces his “White Privilege” the loudest is actually bragging how enlightened his is compared to you, and how you obviously haven’t “checked your privilege” enough. It’s no different than an old Puritan saying not only would he never even consider drinking wine, he won’t even eat grapes! Here’s a funny Family Guy clip that describes this version of “passive aggression” or maybe just backhanded compliments. This is most of the “social justice left.”

    I saw this play out very recently, as this woman apologized for being a “conventionally attractive white ciswoman being a transphobe bitch” for some “insensitive thing” that she said. What is she actually saying here? She is saying, “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, you colored transgendered freak, I’m a hot white woman. So sorry.” Moral posturing, and the funniest part is that these leftists actually believe that they are oppressed, that they are the counter-culture, that they are the ones fighting power. The leftard guy actually said it: “I don’t belong to America, I belong to the world.”

    Said every CEO of a multinational corporation ever!

    If I had time to waste, I would just go troll these people in real life, for fun. I could “out leftard” any one of them and have them eating out of my hands in 20 minutes.

  5. Tom Bowie says:

    She attended another event in Wisconsin with her boyfriend., drove home and, went to that event on little sleep.

    WARNING: Adult Language = You can hear more of her here just after the 01:53:00 mark.

    Quite a lady.

  6. Sam Barber says:

    This intelligent, confident woman with a normal appearance ( i.e. no tattoos, crazy hair or weird clothing) either outlasted the freaks in her midst or she forced them to move on to another place to continue their protest. This is amazing!

  7. Icelander says:

    I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s; I don’t remember so many rallies/protests/public demonstrations back then. Is it just me? It seemed from my impression to be a thing of the 60s, then died out and now came back in the 2010s. Anyone else think this is broadly correct? I think it’s a sign of civil unrest and more civil unrest yet to come.

  8. Too bad this clip is not the full version, because the best part got edited out. I saw it and cracked up laughing.

    I’m referring to the part where all the lefties started chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho! All you fascists got to go!” Well, all she did was smile impishly and wave her flag in time to the beat and CHANT WITH THEM! They were so non-plussed when she did this, they stopped! I cracked up laughing, glad I didn’t have a mouthful of food or liquid to spew all over my computer. I guess it was after their shaming tactic backfired so miserably that they sent their “good cop,” that nice lady to “reason” her into “compromising.” Loved how she said she would not compromise.

    The leftards could not ruffle her composure. She remained calm and in control throughout their confrontation. She stayed positive and on message. Love how when they called her a White supremacist, she didn’t bother to defend or deny it or try to prove she wasn’t one, but turned it back on them and said “YOU call me a White supremacist.”

    WNists can learn a lot from this woman. Namely, put away the anger, stand your ground and refuse to be moved.

    • North Vinlander says:

      Where did you find the full version?

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        I don’t remember where I saw the full version. You Tube? But the section I’m talking about is on Storm Front at about 3:15 to 3:27.

        The Marxist Leftards started chanting at her and when she loudly joins them in chanting and struts her stuff even more, one of them stops the others accusing her of being an agent provocateur of the government! LOL.

        THIS is the way you do it, WNs. She made a total mockery of them and they knew it.

      • North Vinlander says:

        Oh, I see there are 3 parts to that upload, as it makes clear in the description (that’s part 3).

        Thanks. She’s so cool. LOL

  9. North Vinlander says:

    Here’s another video of her (from the same protest). She appears to be Christian Identity or something.

  10. Zek says:

    This woman out there all alone is WN in a nutshell, for me.

    How do you handle the social aspect of mindweaponhood? What do you do when you are trapped in SWPLstan? How do you make and keep friends, or at least keep from going insane, when you are surrounded in a college town by despicable leftist zombies? Is it better to refrain from talking about one’s views at all, or to feign agreement with leftism? How do mindweapons find other mindweapons? Is there a secret mindweapon handshake?

    Honestly… I get lonely. Before discovering race realism, I was strange enough already. Now, forget it. Even other strange people don’t want to have anything to do with me. I have been cut off completely by people I thought were friends. It’s heartbreaking to have unrequited affection for people who are basically good, just brainwashed.

    Fuck the leftists.

    • mindweapon says:


      Yes, practice al-Taqqiyah. It’s fun to hang out with liberals and see their cognitive dissonance.

    • Tom Bowie says:

      That mostly depends on you I’d say.

      If you’ll notice, she’s having a grand time of it. I have to admit throwing caution to the wind and flaunting it is not something most people are accustomed to doing. The reaction I get is quite different than an attractive young lady will likely receive but no less enjoyable. Rebecca however was raised aware so it’s normal to her or perhaps I should say she is normal. It’s we who have doubts and fears that are the odd ones striving to be normal in an abnormal world.

      While much is said about networking and coming together, you’ll find it’s mostly talk and nothing more. Find 100 Pro-Whites online in your area and less than 5% are willing to come out from behind a computer screen. Not many of us have come far enough along toward being normal to act upon it yet. Still it should not be overlooked, just understood that it takes much effort and time.

      Those you thought were your friends, were never fully alive to begin with. If your mind is not your own you are a complex biological device programed with the intent to prevent self awareness from expanding beyond permitted limits. (To use an analogy: it’s like building a computer capable of independent reasoning and intelligence and programing it so as to restrict this capability.)

      For me the more out there I go, the more normal and alive I become.

    • Start lifting weights and buy a Steinar jacket?

  11. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Yes she understands her Christian Identity. She did us Christians proud!

  12. Attila says:

    A man doing the same thing would have gotten beat up or forcibly expelled.

  13. Mosin Nagant says:

    Excellent thread. Thanks.

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