Golden Dawn kicks commie ass

Golden Dawn beats up commies!

In what was described as a murderous attack – and the most serious violence since the extremist group was elected to the country’s parliament last year – about 50 men wielding crowbars and bats set upon leftists as they distributed posters in a working-class district of the capital late on Thursday.

The main opposition party, the radical left Syriza, topped the ratings with 29% of support, marginally ahead of prime minister Antonis Samaras’s centre-right New Democracy party. Many worry that Golden Dawn, which won 18 seats with almost 7% of the vote last June, will further boost its share of votes when local elections are held next year.

According to analysts, Thursday’s attack demonstrates Golden Dawn’s growing self-confidence and ability to spread its appeal. They point to the inroads the party is making into middle-class neighbourhoods of Athens.

With prominent clerics also voicing support for the group, commentators have begun to ask whether the ruling conservatives should join forces with Golden Dawn, whose views on issues of public order are strikingly similar.

“It is a particularly worrying turn of events that we should now have a debate suggesting that Golden Dawn be brought in from the cold,” Psarras said. “Talk that it should end its isolation and link up with New Democracy is dangerous at a time when Greece is going from bad to worse.”

Mainstream political parties – like foreign embassies – currently have no official contacts with Golden Dawn.

As the Establishment liberalists run out of money to spread around, they will also be running out of influence and making coalitions with our groups just to stay in power just a little bit longer.

All the power of the liberalists, is just the power to distribute spoils. That’s all it is. That’s all they have on their side.

We have truth on our side, and our truth is murderously, thermonuclearly enraged. Watch immigrants beat up a Finnish kid in Finland:

How angry are you? Do you think the liberals are as angry as you are? No way. It’s the liberals and their Jewish paymasters who set this Finnish kid up for a beating. It’s the liberals who have ruined so many lives with diversity/multiculturalism/white guilt.

Hail the Golden Dawn! Hail Victory and Vengeance!


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3 Responses to Golden Dawn kicks commie ass

  1. Snake says:

    A bright ray of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy day. Hail Golden Dawn.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Do the Golden Dawn guys get arrested? I’m just curious as it seems I had heard that the government was looking the other way to some extent when these ass-kickings took place.

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