There’s Disaster, then there’s DISASTER

Putin’s Russia is hardly the Soviet Union, it’s much less mighty and lacks any expansionist ideology. But it’s safe to say this week now coming to a close marks the end of America’s unipolar moment, of unchallenged hegemony that began in 1991 or so with the fall of the Soviet empire. The multipolar world that everyone keeps heralding is finally here. This will be seen as a positive development by some, less so by others; as always, it’s too soon to tell. What can be said, however, is that this new multipolar world will surprise in ways that few can yet imagine.

The XX Committee

The last week has seen dramatic shifts in the U.S. position on Syria, the Middle East region and perhaps the world. A couple weeks back I predicted imminent TLAM strikes on the Assad regime’s chemical weapons infrastructure “barring some strange turn of events.”

And what a strange turn of events we’ve witnessed. Having realized that the American people have little interest in another war of choice in the Middle East, President Obama referred the matter to Congress and, when that began to go wobbly – predictably, given the mess that is the U.S. Congress, and not improved by the apparently total lack of prep work done by the White House on The Hill regarding Syria – the Administration in effect outsourced the matter to Vladimir Putin.

Jumping on an ill-timed statement by Secretary of State John Kerry, on Monday Moscow saw its moment and leapt, both hands extended. Now, five…

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5 Responses to There’s Disaster, then there’s DISASTER

  1. Wally D. says:

    Any country which hires assassins to fire sarin gas into Syrian neighboehoods, gassing children, in the hopes of blaming it on Assad, to overthrow him, needs to be held in check, by another power, such as Russia.

  2. aryandawn says:

    Dr. E. J. Dillon of the London Daily Telegraph wrote in his book “The Inside Story of the Peace Conference,” (1920): Many delegates deduced that “henceforth the world will be governed by the Anglo-Saxon people, who in turn are swayed by their Jewish elements…” – See more at:

  3. “The international consequences of this are complex but detectable. For the first time, Putin has successfully made Russia a plausible alternate power center in the Middle East – and by implication, well beyond. By backing his client to the wall in Syria, Moscow has shown that it can be trusted, that its word is its bond. Unlike Washington, DC’s word, the malleable nature of which has been demonstrated multiple times during Obama’s presidency. If you get in bed with Moscow, Putin will take your panicked phone call, at all hours, and not let you be arrested like Mubarak, nor will it let you be manhandled into a sewer pipe to be shot in the head like Gadhafi. This is a powerful, indeed indelible message in much of the world.”

    This writer likes to maintain the conservative fiction that America hanging its allies out to dry STARTED with the Obama regime. But … he is forgetting: The Cuban Anti-Communists at the Bay of Pigs, France in Indochina, South Vietnam, the Shah of Iran, Rhodesia, and South Africa. It was years before the Obama administration that there was a saying that, to be America’s enemy is dangerous, but to be America’s friend is deadly.

    I am hoping that Russia’s entry as a key player on the international stage will embolden the other countries of Europe to thumb their noses at this awful, dysfunctional Anglo-American regime that has imposed endless mass immigration of racial aliens on their countries. Once America is forced to stop meddling in other countries’ internal affairs, we will be forced to take care of our own problems (which all originate in Washington) for a change.

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