AIPAC’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Not sure if this is satire or not, but MJ Rosenberg is worth following, as he writes something interesting now and then.


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9 Responses to AIPAC’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. Iran has stated throughout the last 20 years that it does not plan to develop nuclear weapons. To date, nobody has produced empirical evidence that proves otherwise. During their war with Iraq, they refused to weaponize their chemical stockpiles, even after Saddam used chemical agents against the Iranian people (military AND civilian.)

    I think it’s good that Tehran is talking to Washington, but history shows that Washington will revert to its default position of being butt-hurt about the Iranian people overthrowing the US puppet Shah Pahlavi. (The irony should not be lost on you.)

    Too bad. Iran has been the most sane actor in the region by a mile, if only by comparison.

    Iran for Iranians!!!

  2. Sam says:

    Could it be. Maybe…We’re seeing “Peak Jew”.

  3. zogbeech says:


  4. MJ Rosenberg:

    But don’t count AIPAC out yet. Netanyahu is going to the General Assembly at the end of the month where he intends to draw a new red line with an extra thick Magic Marker. Then he will say the name Hitler, and glare at the delegates for a full minute without blinking. Then he will nod ominously leaving almost unsaid the dread word: HOLOCAUST.”

    Ahh, don’t let any Judeophobia keep you from any enjoyment when one of the Tribe puts out a really humorous blog filled with very apt and appropriate zingers at the other.

    Jews do their best to make Gentiles think they are this monolithic power bloc or have a hive mind, but occasionally the curtain slips open and all it not as it seems. In Israel, they have their own Jew problem. The rank and file secular Jew is ticked off that their sons and daughters get drafted to keep Israel safe for Hasidic Jews (who are exempt from conscription) to look down their snouts at them, tell them how to live and spit on their wives and daughters and call them shiksas, because they won’t be covered and ride in the back of the bus.

    Then there is Netanyahu who carries on like he is King of all Jews instead of the President of Israel and tries to bully other Jews all over the world. What he doesn’t get is that there are so many other Jews running other countries that they don’t feel the need to take orders from the President of what amounts to a client state that is unable to exist without infusions of lots of money and weapons. He pissed off a lot of American Jews by trying to bull them through offensive ads from Israel questioning their own Jewishness. The underlying threat is that as Americans, they’d be refused Israeli citizenship if they tried to make aliyah even if they got in trouble here in the USA.

    Methinks Jews get on each other’s nerves as much as any other family does; they circle the wagons against all outside threats, but there are times they feel the need to correct those that are drawing that threat. Moreover, there are times they feel to need to create that threat, because the whole kit and kaboodle would self-destruct. Examine Jewish history and you will realize that infighting Jews invited the Roman occupation, because they would not peaceably agree on a leader. Moreover, the Romans ultimately destroyed Jerusalem, because three fanatical factions backing their own Messiah were too busy fighting each other to unite against Rome. Jews have their own hierarchy and since they are all natural-born subversives to any order they do not control, those Jews not in control can be expected to raise a little hell over it. After all, aren’t they special, too?

  5. Dan Poole says:

    Rosenberg used to write for Media Matters until Alan Dershowtiz ran him out of town through a public pressure campaign that resulted in his resignation back in April 2012. Now-a-days Media Matters supports an attack on Syria. One of its bloggers claimed on September 6 that “Putin’s an outlier with very little international leverage or power.” Within 4 days, Putin had made the U.S. government his bitch.

    Sorry for the random note Mindweapon, but when I see Rosenberg’s name I immediately think of Media Matters and how I despise that evil group more so than any anti-white group not named the SPLC and ADL.

  6. RobRoySimmons says:

    You fine folks do realize how easily Obama and his cult rolled Hebrus Omnipotentus don’t you? Obama even taunted them, by throwing the ball into their court when he explicitly used the words “jewish organizations” when he mentioned the lobbying effort.

    Now I know the hacks in his admin are basically jews up to the rafters, but I can make no solid claims as to the internal currents of those who run that outfit, or how independent he is from them. But my first guess is that he is loyal to his base’s political quest to take the American Empire down a notch even if the NWO needs the clodhopper jordies to enforce its dictates.

    I do know one thing (from no help of the jewsers) AIPAC is foresquare for Christian Genocide in the ME.

  7. Cue Hawk says:

    I still don’t buy that this is a complete win and the half-dicks are fully scrambling with their rattail between their legs.

    What stopped a full blown invasion of Syria? The fact that Syria would turn Jewryland into a chemical wasteland if fully backed into a corner with nothing to lose.

    What happens after all America’s bark? The Russians agreed to hand deliver Syria’s chemical weapons to international monitors and remove them from the country…

    And what, this agreement was hashed out in a matter of days?!? Anyone remember the “Patriot Act” that suddenly appeared from nowhere?

    Reeks of planning in my opinion.

    On an emotional level, this seems like a victory (especially with all the talk of Jewish Influence bouncing around the MSM – NY Times, NPR interview with Mearsheimer, etc).

    Yet on an objective level, I don’t really see the success because Syria’s primary deterrent has been effectively removed.

    As always, when failure happens, contingencies (if so in this case – definitely debatable) go into effect immediately and the geopolitical chess game continues.

  8. RobRoySimmons says:

    Reading yesterday’s rebuttal to FP, a blog post at Sailer’s about some stupid jewshrew at Slate and god knows what else it is apparent that the driver’s seat is empty, we can take it. They got nothing but whacky paranoia, we can mock that all day, but we gotta become THE social critics not Brandonesque undergrad intellectuals

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