The existential crisis of the rulers and the ITGs; AMOG the ghost parasites

Firepower sent a broadside this way with Bug Farmers & Fly Factories
Maybe one day, you will really, truly comprehend and understand. But it looks more and more like… maybe not…

Reducing yourself to subsistence farmers does Uncle Beast’s job for him: Reducing whites into peasants…umm… That’s what BiGGov wants. You’re simpletons chirping in his boxcars about the “Freedumb O’ Plantin’ Taters!” as you chug toward his Arbeit Camp. You aid him in his job.

He’s got it completely backwards, of course. He has a movie playing in his head where growing food makes you less intelligent rather than more. Where it makes you weaker, rather than stronger.

At most I can only speculate that he thinks that we are spending time on A when we should be spending time on B. By B, he writes in the post, we should be doing home workshop weapons factories and learning to be long range snipers.

I remember from my childhood seeing people in rural America doing these things. I am pretty sure that this is already happening, always has been happening, and always will be happening.

Look at the guys who modify Harleys. They know how to do metal fabrication and welding. They use CNC machines. You think a certain large number of them (I’d say 10,000 to 20,000) aren’t already doing this?

This is a wild country, and the dystopia only makes it wilder. How often do you read that the cops happened to arrest some guy for a bar fight or domestic, they search his house and find all kinds of crazy stuff! How many caches of weapons are all over the country, including really boomy type stuff, put there by Oath Keepers and sovereign and militia types, by foreign intelligence agencies, by lone wolves.

Those people aren’t bloggers, or if they are, they get arrested or get their guns seized, like my former coworker Travis Corcoran.

Corcoran had a .50 cal Barrett but he couldn’t stop his ITG impulses (ITG — internet tough guy). Now he doesn’t have a .50 cal any more, or any guns. His first run-in was in 2011. Last August, he Oops, he did it again.

It’s funny how many ways I’m indirectly connected to this story. I lived in Arlington for 6 months and I worked in the same office as Corcoran at a high tech startup. He didn’t like me and he bashed WN’ism and eugenics and race realism in favor of Libertarianism and Catholicism. He regarded my positions as coming from a position of weakness, and that strong, capable men believed as he did.

However, he suffers from extreme cognitive dissonance — so much so that he can’t discipline his tweets. After the scandal in 2011, he got his guns back, but didn’t learn his lesson.

Arlington, Mass. —

Police seized a stockpile of guns and ammunition from an Arlington man’s home Thursday night after the 41-year-old allegedly tweeted a potentially threatening statement – his second social media-related brush with law enforcement in less than three years.
Police suspect Travis Corcoran, self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist, science fiction author and president of Arlington-based online comic book retailer Heavy Ink, published the following tweet Thursday afternoon via Twitter handle @tjic, in apparent reference to extra security measures at the Esplanade in advance of Boston’s high-profile fireworks display:
“Putting a party hat on a security camera: good
Shooting a security camera: better
Shooting statists who emplace cameras: best”
Boston authorities set up additional security cameras along the waterfront in an effort to monitor the area in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.
In another tweet published from the account linked to Corcoran on July 6, the user wrote, “Putting the house up for sale, moving to NH. Scouting towns today after bkfst [sic]. MA is a police state; cops deserve to die.”
Tweets from @tjic were no longer viewable as of Tuesday afternoon.
On the blog View From the Porch, a user also going by the name TJIC wrote that police had “illegally seized [his] FID card” and had “illegally seized Jennifer’s firearms.” On Twitter, Corcoran identified 39-year-old Jennifer Sims as his fiancé.
In a statement via email, Corcoran’s attorney Jason Guida, said, “My client has been cooperative with police throughout this process and has fully complied with all of their requests.”
He added, “While people can disagree with the appropriateness of his comments, he strongly believes in his right to be critical of government,” but did not specify to which comments he was referring.
Guida’s website indentified himself as a former director of the Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau and as an expert on the state’s gun laws.
Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan said the state’s Joint Terrorism Task Force linked the tweet to Corcoran after obtaining a subpoena through the Attorney General’s office. The JTTF notified the department that the tweet may have come from Corcoran, who is known to police.
Thursday night, state and local police officers, including several from the state’s Special Tactical Operations team arrived at Corcoran’s home to question him. Police said Corcoran allowed officers to search his home after consulting with his attorney.

So Travis can not help but pick fights with the government. That’s so dumb. Why start a fight with the big guy in the corner drinking himself to death?

I’ve lived on the East Coast all my life, except for a year of training with the Army and a year in Florida. I went to a second tier private New England training ground for Paychex Liberalz. I saw these people in Boston, in Lexington, and I came to understand them.

I saw these people up close. Here’s what I saw:

East Coast liberalism and neo-conservatism is Jewish neuroticism in a perpetual existential crisis.

I will now explain the “diversity madness.”

Jewish neuroticism knows that it cannot hold on to power in the long term, but it is trying to hand the baton off to non-whites, any non-whites, against the day when White Disciplinarian Patriarchs take back power and punish them the way they know they deserve to be punished, the dirty, yechhy, perverted bad boys in adult male form.

You may not believe in White Resurgence and Retribution, but let me tell you, this is as real as the sun in the sky to Jewish neuroticism. From my comment at Firepower:

AMOG — Alpha Male Other Guy — in PUA, when a strong, decisive male steals a girl from a beta or weaker male. AMOG is a very aggressive move, and you have to be ready to fight to counter it. AMOG is the howl of the jungle, the reminder of our chimp ancestors.
Liberalism is like a hot blonde girl in teh prime of her life in an LTR with a neurotic and hostile Jewish guy who is in constant fear of getting AMOGGED. He knows that they are not a “natural couple,” and that other people must be seeing that with lights and sirens. The blond football player guy is going to steal her away any minute now, as well he should. Even the neurotic Jewish guy knows that in the natural order of things, the blond man should AMOG him and get the blonde girl and go breed recessive children. The concept of the “natural couple” or more fitting couple comes from the movie, “Never Let Me Go,” and I think it’s a concept or a meme that we need to bring back.
So a white person suffering from liberal ideology basically has a ghost parasite living in him or her. And you, outdoorsman, are AMOGGING the ghost parasite. Excellent job!

In Never Let Me Go the swarthy girl steals the blond boy from the blonde girl. She AFOG’s Kathy, “Alpha Female Other Girl,” but later in the movie admits, “you and Tommy were the more natural couple.”

Jewish neuroticism knows who the natural rulers are. They wanted power but now they don’t know what to do with it, and are afraid to let it go. They definitely don’t want to give it back to us. They would rather have the Samson option than see us get power. But they are afraid of that too. So they stumble into the future, demanding Assad get deposed/killed so they can show those Arabs who the boss man is.

Diversity and perpetual war are nothing but desperate gambits to delay historical forces.

Historical forces are on our side. Jewish neuroticism knows that even if you aren’t sure.

Even if every WN and race realist and manosphere blogger was gulagged or executed, historical forces will not be stopped or even delayed much, and such actions could actually speed up historical forces.

Every delaying tactic such as attacking Syria or quantitative easing could very well be a catalyst instead of an inhibitor. They don’t have the chemistry of human civilization figured out, they just throw things in the cauldron and hope it turns out OK. Walt Disney made a famous cartoon that is likely a metaphor for the Jews stealing power in the USA:

The greatest mindweapon is to be serene and optimistic and content while the enemies suffer their existential crises. You think Lloyd Blankfein really enjoys life that much more than we do? You think Jamie Dimon or Hillary are enjoying their sojourn on earth as much as an ordinarily successful regular Jane or Joe? No way.

In Buddhism, contentedness is considered a virtue rather than a vice. Other ways of thinking say that contentedness is weakness, apathy, lethargy.

Contentedness and cognitive consonance makes you more powerful than those suffering cognitive dissonance. In other news, right wing views make you happier.

Chief among these, perhaps, is the discovery that conservatives, across countries, tend to be just plain happier people than liberals are. That’s not bad news for the right — it’s seriously bad news for the left.

Indeed, the left-right “happiness gap” is no small matter. In a 2006 Pew Survey, for instance, 47 percent of conservative Republicans said they were “very happy,” compared with just 28 percent of liberal Democrats. Furthermore, the Pew Survey found that this result could not simply be attributed to the seemingly obvious cause: differences in income levels between the left and the right. Rather, for every income group in the study, conservative Republicans were happier than Democrats.

The fascinating question is why this is the case. The left-right happiness research was recently singled out in a New York Times op-ed by Arthur C. Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, who suggested that conservatives’ subjectively greater sense of personal happiness may be attributable to factors like marriage and religious faith. In other words, married and religious people tend to be happier, and conservatives are more likely to be both. That seems to make a lot of sense … or does it?

In truth, this analysis fails to peer very far beneath the surface. There is every reason to suspect that there may be something deeper, inherent to political conservatives, that makes them more likely to be married, religious, happy and a great deal of other things besides.

First, one striking finding is that conservatives tend to be less neurotic — or, more emotionally stable — than liberals. It is part of the inherent definition of neuroticism that one is less happy — more fretful, more depressed. Liberals, then, don’t just worry about the poor, and the rights of those different from themselves — it appears that they worry more, period, than conservatives do.

Although it has a smaller effect, conservatives also tend toward more extraversion in some personality studies. That means they probably make more friends and feel more comfortable in groups and communities. They’re more sociable. Once again, this probably helps confer a subjective sense of greater happiness.

So on the existential level, we’re already beating the FFFOL. They are trying to make us as miserable as they are, and the more they try, the more we hate them and want to destroy them. And as Happy, Optimistic Authoritarians who have no doubt that we deserve to rule and they don’t.

The Ultimate AMOG comes when they can’t keep paying the Paychex Liberalz or keep the Corn Syrup flowing.

That’s why Happy Authoritarians should be diggin’ Taters and hanging with the local hobby farmers in their county and neighboring counties and starting businesses that help people deal with the Long Emergency.

In short, turn the private car system into massively distributed mass transit systems — ride share via Twitter and texting. Get food processing and storage facilities going and capture the huge gift economy of hobby farmers so you can feed your neighbors when food prices go up. Here’s a very important farm tool, wire shelving.

After you pick winter squash and dig potatoes, they need to be stored in a way that they aren’t touching each other or touching as little surface area of anything else as possible so they air dry. Metal wire shelving is how it’s done.

The relocalized economy will AMOG the Corn Syrup Cornucopia ruling elites.

Children will be homeschooled again. Studying math and science and engineering and metalworking and chemistry will be interesting, because their other activity is working in the field. They will study enthusiastically as a way to “get off the farm.”

We want a certain percentage of our children to be motivated to “get off the farm.” That’s the point! Like Henry Ford and Philo T. Farnsworth.

And the farm kids should be taken to the local metro area on a regular basis to study martial arts, music, foreign languages, math and science and technology. If we teach them about the city on our terms – as a place of learning, then the morally degenerate aspects of the city will not loom so large.

I don’t understand why Firepower doesn’t think having kids dig potatoes isn’t a better option than being button mashing faggots playing WOW.

We need to meet with like minded people. The farmers I know are doing trading, not just “playing in the dirt.” I make about 15 dollars a week selling Asian pears to a local farmer (for a period of 3 weeks). Sure it’s chump change and hobby income, but if food wasn’t taken for granted, it could be ramped up in a big way.

This local farmer offers 50% to hobby gardeners and resells their stuff, but some of the hobby gardeners just give him stuff for free so he makes 100%. He buys almonds from a farmer in California, ground up garlic scape from a local garlic farmer, maple syrup from a local maple syrup farmer. This guy’s not a bumpkin or a dummy, and if food prices go up, he will probably get rich as he already has the infrastructure of marketing and selling local food locally.

We are poised to replace teh Corn Syrup Cornucopia. We live as though the Corn Syrup Cornucopia is febrile, dying, on its deathbed. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but we live as though it’s all but dead.

And when the Corn Syrup Cornucopia goes down the shitter, Paychex Liberalizm goes with it.


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41 Responses to The existential crisis of the rulers and the ITGs; AMOG the ghost parasites

  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    I wouldn’t even put the words “WN” and “guns” on the same page. Its certainly okay to know self defense in its many variations but to some it is a cult that the 1.0s got carried away with.

    Frankly the human beast hates change, we at BUGs have our angriest disagreements with 1.0s who refuse to add anything that was not in Rockwell’s “White Power”, and it literally takes desperation for a person to change. The example I can give is that Roosh guy, here he was being google raped, desperate and he reached beyond the stale loser clichés of the contards and used the phrase “anti-white” against some dot indian and shut her the fuck down. His next step is to learn how to interrogate the anti-whites. That is our next step if we could ever break the WN 1.0/Contard training shackles.

    Yeah I like farming, but I got to agree with that one guy, farmers are basically looters, and the most of them are not the future.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Have you met many modern farmers RR? Some of them are quite wealthy. Take the grape farmers in Northern Cal who got on board the wine trend. Many of them have done quite well for themselves. You have to pay attention to the trends and get in at the right time. I think MW is seeing a trend and hoping to capitalize on it. With food and gas prices rising pretty rapidly, I can see why he is heading in this direction.

      It takes money to fund a ….well anything. Making money is a smart idea.

    • mindweapon says:

      Farmers are looters? You mean the ones collecting subsidies?

      The kind of farming that I advocate is not the tractor and combine and silo stuff. More like millions of backyard gardens, millions of root cellars, millions of kitchens doing processing, many or most of them networked and trading with each other.

      What really inspired me was to find out how a local Community Supported Agriculture farm had become about trading as much as producing stuff himself, and he’s not the only one trading. He told me about being part of a real network of farmers/traders in the area. These networks will really take off when the price of food goes higher.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        CAFO operators are looters, subsidy and plow up steep land operators are looters, veggie and fruit barons are big time looters as well. Not ironically the best trend I can see came from the progressives specifically Allan Savory a fucking turncoat to Rhodesia in some respects, but a genius whose work has spread amongst we are nice white people who are going to save the world types.

        I see FP’s point and of course I see yours, just please god the both of you don’t turn your sites into purely N&J, TDO, or worse faggy nutless bottom boi HBD the kind that won’t sack up and ask a leftard to provide proof of the BST’s existence, not that.

      • the outdoorsman says:

        In my area the farms are large. There are no 40-80 acre farms anymore that can support a single person, let alone a family. There are good farmers that practice soil conservation, don’t overgraze pastures and don’t have extreme CAFO’s. There are bad farmers that till through waterways, till extremely steep slopes, overgraze pastures and have large CAFO’s that kill everything around them. The thing is, the current “loose money” policy of our current overlords drives much of this.

        The loose money makes it easy for greedy farmers to get loans and buy up land. Greedy farmers are the ones expanding because they don’t give a shit about the land. They just plough and disk it all up without thought. Good farmers take care of the land and don’t have time to expand and keep all the land as it should be. The “loose money” and greedy farmers are driving the cost of land up so high that it’s incredible to me. When you pay too much money for the land it pretty much forces you to abuse and rape the soil. Greedy farmers and central bankers are enemies to humanity.

        Currently, greedy farmers in my area are buying up marginal (timbered, floodplain, steep, rocky, etc.) land because it is cheaper. They are then clearing all the timber and grading the ditches so they just basically plough and disc up all of it. The environmental degredation is ASTOUNDING. There was a reason that this land wasn’t farmed before. Now, the marginal land that was being bought as “recreation” and grazing land is increasing in price exponentially. The easy money/low interest racket is just leading to a degraded environment and also drives up the cost of land so high that there are few to no young people entering farming.

        In my opinion, this is where MW’s strategy comes in. He lays out a vision for young (and old) people who love the blood and soil to enter farming. This is truly dangerous for the elite in several ways:

        1. It opens up avenues for a livelihood that leaves out the money grubbers.
        2. There are fewer janissaries from rural farm families to act as the elite’s bull dogs and hitmen.
        3. Whites get healthier food.
        4. Whites can create real community.
        5. I’m sure MW has listed many, many more.

        MW’s vision is a better vision of kulak or farmer husbandry as it directly benefits our people. I think we should also focus on the creation of money and how to make it benefit our people.

      • mindweapon says:

        Welcome to the blog, outdoorsman! I hope you’ll be a regular commenter, at least when there are posts that you find interesting.

        The main criticism of my model, by Hereward Saxon, is that it’s not scaleable. In a sense of feeding everybody I’m sure he’s correct. But I don’t care about everybody. The small scale gardens/farms networks are an emergent relocalized economy of people who care about what they and their children eat, and many of whom are willing to work the soil on a small scale.

        The global guerillas model is exclusive, underground, implicitly Folkish. Lefties would call it “racist” and “furthering white privilege” as if that was a bad thing.

        But the great thing about it is that there’s not a high bar to entry. Be willing to buy raw food from a local CSA. Be willing to grow a small garden. Be willing to learn how to process and store and cook real food. Be friendly and social with the local gardening and farming hippies.

        A very important part of the model is that the suburban and urban gardeners support the full time farmers by buying from them and by donating to them or selling them their surpluses. I get 1.50 a pound for my Asian pears, but I give him my rotting vegetables and buggy fruits to feed to his chickens and goats for free. He offers money and maybe in the future I’ll take it, but for now I like donating my rotten stuff.

        Imagine a circle with a full time commercial farmer at the middle, and gardeners in the inner orbital trading with the farmer, and consumers who are connected to either the farmer, the gardeners, or both, in an outer orbital. Suppose the farmer gets sick or falls behind in his bank loans? The people in the circle find help for the farmer so the farm is not lost, whether it’s help when he’s sick, or refinancing his loan and making arrangements to make sure the farmer is not making bad business decisions.

        So the farmers are protected by the community, if they want to be. Some will obviously be radical individualists. that’s fine too. And the network of food production/proceessing/distribution is decentralized and distributed.

  2. I think the goal is to stay off the radar as much as possible while building an alternative.

    And no, rich people aren’t happy. You have mentioned Bloomberg in the past. From what I have heard he’s a major league dick. Not happy. I have worked with rich people and they always want more.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep, Thrasymachus, we’re on the same page. Stay off the radar, don’t provoke or threaten a dying Beast.

      We are so lucky that the most revolutionary things we can do at this point in history don’t involve violence or criminal activity. They rulers are so degenerate that all we need to do is build a superior alternative, and we will AMOG them.

  3. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    The rulers will also run the risk of burning eternally in hell.

  4. heathenhank says:

    I think its pretty clear what we need: and that’s a bit of everything.

    MW has been covering something that WN’s have avoided for decades, simply because there’s always been a long-running lack of seriousness with many, many people who constituted the movement. Generally, their actions didn’t really connect with their open beliefs. For instance, a WN would speak of the inherent evil of the system, whether it be its political, academic, economic, or media aspects, and then they didn’t do what would be the next logical thing to do with such a conclusion: create their own alternate systems.

    Thankfully, that seems to be rapidly changing within the movement.

    For every open, hardcore political activist or fighter there needs to be at least 5 discreet supporters to keep him from simply being crushed by poverty or open oppression. Insignificant stuff that makes or breaks resistance movements: friendly businesses to offer cash, safe jobs and resources, or even apartment managers willing to lend out to a pro-White advocate in need.

    What I fear, just from my perception reading the comments of the 18-35 male WN types, is a seething hate..hate…hate that isn’t properly channeled with long-term strategies.

    That’s all changing now. In the old movement, a WN leader would scream “what are you going to do about it?,” when in reality he meant, “when will you destroy your life and martyr yourself for this cause?”

    Now, people like HAC and MW are taking the correct steps instead of just asking for the Easter day rebellion from a bunch of internet jockeys. If you’re serious, then you’ll lead a serious, dedicated life building a way for Whites to separate, secede, so that they can succeed. HAC wants you to prove your seriousness not by dying, but simply by MOVING to a place to be within a 40 minute drive to fellow Pro-Whites.

    MW makes me prove my seriousness to the cause by developing alternative systems.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s a very good comment Hank, and yes, you are absolutely correct.

      The National Alliance would encourage people to out themselves and use their real names. That was a mistake.

      When we get someone approaching us and asking, “What to do,” we say, “Live a successful life. Don’t out yourself. Don’t sacrifice yourself. Get a good job and/or business so you can afford to have a family with lots of White children and a stay at home mom. Duh!”

      As an example, I can tell you that we convinced one young man to major in Petroleum Engineering (average salary after graduation — $120,000.00 per year) and to lay low, hide his views, make friends, be happy.

      Your success is our success. And if you become a gazillionaire, don’t forget who was looking out for you when you were a rash youth!

      • conchobar14 says:

        this has been a problem i’ve been having lately mindweapons, all this knowledge, who is the bad guys, what they do, the whole shebang it can kind of drain you as you don’t see any “super saiyan” white king coming out to save everyone. you get excessively paranoid and it can cripple you in the real world, how did you deal with this shit for years on end?

      • mindweapon says:

        Sorry to hear you are having an existential crisis yourself. I would recommend Buddhism/Taoism and a qigong practice. This stuff:

        And doing math for fun. that’s what makes me contented in life. Being contented is good. Don’t let the conditions of the outside world affect your emotional equilibrium. A man in a serene state is able to accomplish more than an agitated or unhappy man.

      • conchobar14 says:

        thanks for the info, i was raised by a white buddhist convert BTW, that has made Nietzsche much more approachable to me, and it has helped in inumerable ways to keep me levelheaded.

  5. conchobar14 says:

    the thing with “peasants” is mindweapons is they live on, look at the slavs of ukraine and the balkans for example. where are the avars, bulgars, huns and mongols now? they blended into the seething mass of farming slavs, who lived on through those that ruled them and played their games at the top.

  6. Trainspotter says:

    MW: “They are trying to make us as miserable as they are…”

    Spot on. Making others miserable (especially if those others are white) is exactly what hardcore white liberals are all about. As usual, mainstream conservatism completely misses this, and instead cedes liberals the moral high ground. When I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s, we would hear a lot about how liberals were “well intentioned, but impractical,” or something of the sort. They were good people. They were nice, just misguided.

    No, they were not and are not nice. No, they aren’t good people. They are not even misguided, at least not in a meaningful sense, but instead proceed with malice aforethought. They are malevolent, nasty types who seek to make others as miserable as they are, using feel good slogans as candy coating for their malice. They are motivated by hatred and spite, not decency. Don’t believe me? Just talk to one. Not an airhead bubble gummer, but a real liberal. If you want to see true evil, go ahead and do it. It’s there, and it can be quite shocking and disturbing. It can leave a normal person reeling, trying to fathom where all that hatred and malice is coming from. WTF?

    We simply want our own living space and sovereignty, and are perfectly content for others to have the same. But the true liberal will go into spastic rage at the mere hint of whites having our own lands and control over our own culture. That’s not exactly what I’d call “nice” or “well intentioned.” Check out their rage over Leith, North Dakota. You’d think they’d sit back and laugh as a group of whites congregated in one of the most barren, unpleasant and godforsaken geographical regions in all of the continent. “Have at it, losers!”

    But that is not the response of the true liberal. As much as he might enjoy the idea of WN freezing in North Dakota, it still creates a problem. He knows that even setting up a community in tiny Leith would make us happy. And precisely because it would make us happy, it is unacceptable to the hardcore liberal.

    Whites are only allowed to live together if they deny any sense of identity, and if their communities are merely waiting their turn on the diversity/displacement train. Any actual sense of white identity must be crushed, and we must lie prostrate before these malevolent haters. They take perverse pleasure as they force us to clap and applaud our own demise. We must bend the knee and grovel, always, that is until they can move on to the next step and get the Orwellian boot directly on our neck. It is clear that liberals derive real pleasure from this perverse state of affairs, forcing us to praise those who spit in our faces. Even if they know we are just feigning agreement, they also know that we are supplicating by doing so, and they enjoy that.

    In my book, that qualifies as some serious hate coming our way.

    Once we develop even one tenth of the rage that they have for us, victory will be around the corner. The world goes forward by irony: the truth is that it is we who have been too nice. Niceness doesn’t win you a homeland, but self-righteous fury can.

    • mindweapon says:

      Once we develop even one tenth of the rage that they have for us, victory will be around the corner. The world goes forward by irony: the truth is that it is we who have been too nice. Niceness doesn’t win you a homeland, but self-righteous fury can.

      Hell yeah! Well, WN’s have that rage. I think we have more real rage than the liberals. Tm Wse has a quick temper, but I don’t think he has the thermonuclear rage of Achilles that we have. Our rage is elemental, and radioactive, and has the potential to go viral. It may already have gone viral.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Cool song you reminded me of:

        I’m waking up to ash and dust
        I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
        I’m breathing in the chemicals

        I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
        This is it, the apocalypse

        I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
        Enough to make my systems blow
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive
        Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

        I raise my flags, dye my clothes
        It’s a revolution, I suppose
        We paint it red to fit right in

        I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
        This is it, the apocalypse

        I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
        Enough to make my systems blow
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive
        Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

        All systems go, the sun hasn’t died
        Deep in my bones, straight from inside

        I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
        Enough to make my systems blow
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive
        Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

      • mindweapon says:

        My daughter plays that song over and over.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Ha! Good! Did you check out the lyrics?

      • mindweapon says:

        My daughter plays that song over and over.

  7. I guess it’s off topic, but your idea of a “natural couple” made me think of an old idea I had for a dot-com. I was going to call it “matchme” or something, it was sort of a take off of and a dating site.

    So the idea is, the user is presented with a picture of a man and a picture of a woman, then assigns a score on how evenly they are matched, looks wise. Then, the system could send emails to each saying that they were “matched” by the users.

    I was too busy/lazy to ever do it, but I don’t think anyone’s doing anything like it either. Who knows, maybe I should build it and see if a dating site would pay me for it. What do y’all think, especially the women, wouldn’t that entertain you enough to look at some ads? Like a matchmaker game.

  8. The old proto-commie labor union, the Industrial Workers of the World, had a saying: “Build the New Society in the Shell of the Old.” They were influenced by the anarchist/self-help movement. It’s essentially what MW is talking about.

    Especially with technology/internet, economic and social co-operation are easy than ever. We can build our own networks and even our own infrastructure to some degree.

    As far as money, I’ve said it a hundred times on ever white site I’ve ever posted at: your average, boring, mainstream local Credit Union puts economic power back into the community and it’s ready-made to cater to social clubs and the civil society. The old time farmers called them “mutual credit societies” and the banksters HATE credit unions, they spend billions of dollars lobbying to try to get them regulated out of existence. It’s like a non-profit bank owned by the customers. Until you’ve taken all your money out of Citigroup and put it in the local credit union, you’re not serious about economic/monetary reform.

  9. Sam says:

    I agree with you. Firepowers post added nothing. Knowing how to do a little farming might come in handy some day. I personally believe that Thorium or other small nuclear reactors would provide all we would need but have lately been thinking that the powers that be wouldn’t let us build them.

  10. MW, have you been watching the latest season of Breaking Bad? What do you think of Uncle Jack and his crew?

    • mindweapon says:

      I haven’t. I read that they introduced neo-Nazi gangsters into the show.

      I suspect that organized crime is going to become much more a part of American life when USG goes broke, and one flavor of OG will be the Aryans. They aren’t able to stop them in prison, they have less likely a chance of stopping them on the outside short of simply massacring them, but massacring them could lead to escalation.

      I hope they will be good for ordinary Whites who are race loyal, but I can’t be sure of that. The Russian Thieves in Law are generally Russian nationalists, or claim to be so, but at the same time they work closely with Jews. What could very well be happening is that Russian Thieves are keeping the Jewish oligarch agenda in check — for example, the Jews might want to bring in more coloreds, the Russian Thieves say no. But that’s pure speculation. If it’s true, the Russian Thieves are the Samurai protectors of the Russian people. Or are they just greedy men who don’t care what happesn to Russian people. I don’t know.

      I have to wonder if the Aryans would want to actually do what it takes to change the overall political order. Because it can be done, and that’s how. Aryans would need to become the boss mob of mobs. This happens of course. The Lubirtsi don’t mess with the Solntsevi. The Thieves are the highest order in Russia, and have been since they were founded.

      The Thieves, I’m pretty sure, arose as a result of the Bolshevik overthrow of the Tsar family. Such things happen. Killing the Tsar family was like taking a sword and cutting the collective Russian people. The body reacts to being cut, and the Thieves was one of those reactions.

      The original Thieves held all their money as a collective — nobody was individually wealthy. They coudln’t marry or work for the government (except enlisting for WWII was an exception they made). Later on, I’m told, they stopped the rule of keeping money collectively and they are individually rich now. One of the main ones, Ivankov, died last year, a few months after being shot by a sniper. But I’m sure there’s a new generaiton of Thieves. We just don’t know their names, adn they prefer it that way.

      Lots of stuff is happening in the world that we don’t know about.

      Anyway, the Aryans could go much further if they sponsored White homeschooling families living in or near major metro areas. That’s their spy agency right there, from the ground up. Raise those kids to speak 4 languages, martial arts, math, and so on, and keep them a secret, obviously. With those languages they’ll be recruited.

      The Russians raised American kids to spy, but their Russian connection got them caught. The Anna Chapman spy ring. We could do it much better. I woudln’t even tell the kids. Just “yeah, go work for X, be a patriot!” LOL.

      I think that even better than going into gov’t though, would be for them to use the Mindweapons to become the mob of mobs. To be able to influence the Jewish mob at its highest ranks. That would change the political order. Behind the scenes arm twisting of the current top oligarchs fo the planet. Might be easier than the Turner Diaries scenario, doncha think?

      • Adit says:

        “Lots of stuff is happening in the world that we don’t know about.”

        Consider that Bob Whitaker is an expert in practical politics and he has been way ahead of the curve for a long time. There is no reason to believe that there aren’t people of the same calibre in other fields (intelligence, military, business, science, etc.) who saw the handwriting on the wall long long ago and acted accordingly. There could be actual functioning organizations of WN 3.0+ monkey wrenching the current power structure. Heck, they could have been doing it for years while the rest of the population, including Pro-Whites, were examining their navel lint. It’s possible, when the current system collapses internally, you could wake up one morning to a Pro-White Government which has mysteriously sprung out of the ground like mushrooms. Obviously, that doesn’t mean we can sit around and wait to be ‘rescued’, but I do believe that there are people out there waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        From your lips to God’s ear Adit!

  11. RobRoySimmons says:

    Jews are idiots, never mind their paycheck goyim they are pure morons. They basically with gun control want to do with whites what they have done with dumb ass blacks send them to training school (prison) for not buying organic coffee or some other SWPL bullshit. I know a guy who did 5 in texas for some stupid drug BS and he had to play AN to survive and did. Remember the Left never gets anything right because their FAITH is in the complete fraud called the Blank Slate Theory, and from that everything they touch is doomed, never mind the idiot Contards they fail slightly slower.

  12. Pingback: Hipster’s Angels | Hipster Intelligence Agency

  13. “Slater is among a growing number of wealthy individuals who are investing in farms, timberland and funds that finance rail cars in a hunt for holdings that produce income and won’t wilt as interest rates rise. An investment traditionally used by endowments, real assets are increasingly being pitched by private banks and wealth managers to affluent families who generally have at least $1 million.”

  14. @Maureen

    I am a Credit Union fanatic. Bankster-free for almost a decade. I am just about to move to Navy Federal Credit Union – anyone with any family connection to any branch of the military can join NFCU – well worth it. Sarcastically, thanks for reminding me of that song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. I hadn’t thought of LMFAR for months now. 😦

    @Laguna Beach Fogey

    No infrastructure costs (AWS) I’d just need to be paid for my time. Interested? My email, along with my public key, are on my “About” page. I’ll shut up about the shitty little country, but I’m not going to stop writing my fiction. As far as the CIA’s “MICE” acronym goes, I work off of ego, not money per se.


    Register the domain (and the domain of my latest project) and I’ll build the system. I trust you, although I probably shouldn’t, you being “ex” military intelligence and all.

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