Do The White Elite Dream Of Mulatto Sheep?

An entrenched power structure primarily fears two threats: attrition by in-fighting, and usurpation by their aggrieved cousins, (or their aggrieved hosts), and it’s the urgency and palpability of the second threat that keeps them up at night in a cold sweat. This fear ensures that the ruling class tirelessly works to promote their interests, which align presently with the total disenfranchisement of their nearest enemy: their racial cousins that until now have served them without complaint or spite. And for the blind proles’ happy help, they are spat upon by ingrates with more money than God.


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14 Responses to Do The White Elite Dream Of Mulatto Sheep?

  1. The thing is that elite whites don’t believe non-elite whites to be of the same race as them. They regard as a threat, and see browning us as a way to reduce that threat but they don’t see us as kin or cousins. They barely regard us as human.

  2. ckorzeniowski says:

    Is that Dany from Game of Thrones in the pic? The brown mass giving her the Heil Hitler salute is hilarious. Amusingly enough her compassionate liberalism for the slaves is shown in a negative light in the books.

  3. Razvan says:

    I think that the term “white elite” is somehow improper today. Whites have no more an elite to lead them. This bunch of greedy and hypocritical cads, who was especially bred and propelled to do the bid of the jews are not an elite.

    The real elite was demoralized (through liberalism and marxism, but also by the gratuitous hatred shown by the lower class whites, jewish inspired hatred and disloyalty), and exterminated (through war, hybridization with jews, extermination camps and killing fields, pauperization).

    All these are interconnected and each one leading and justifying the other, that it looks like an evil netting designed to entrap us for ever.

    The greedy bunch is not an elite (they have no real human value), as the usual voter/consumer/mall goer (the mindless bots programmed by simple catch phrases) is not the people.

    The greedy bunch fears more than anything it’s own incompetence and impotence. They had a long unrestrained run, and now the civilization is on the verge of collapse and this is their responsibility. 100%, no less.
    This is why they will go. Life’s engine is not fueled by slogans and lies.

    @ckorzeniowski: excellent that link regarding the Mafia game. I also read the paper “A mathematical model of the Mafia game” of Piotr Migdal. I think it explains what’s really happening and why. Thank you indeed. It gives you a better understanding and suggests a solution.

  4. @Razvan

    I know a lot of WNs have embraced atheism or paganism and eschew the Bible, because they loathe the Jewish Supremacist theme apparently advocated in it. I think if they studied the Bible more closely, they would find it very informative and instructive reading if they do so with a WN lens that filters out all the other nonsense. IMO, the Bible is a great guideline to how these highly organized people infiltrate and then take over other countries.

    Where we are today is all laid out in Genesis with Joseph and the Pharaoh. Joseph became a Court Jew who advised Pharaoh to take half of all the food his own people produced during the seven years of plenty and ultimately sell it back to them in the years of famine until they were reduced to slavery. Pharaoh was so delighted with this arrangement that he let Joseph run the country and even gave him his own daughter to wife. It is safe to say that all the other treacherous Egyptian aristocracy gave their children to the Jews and Egypt then coincidentally fell under the harsh rule of the mysterious Hyksos or “Shepherd Kings” until Egyptian Nationalist patriots threw them out of power which somehow coincided with The Exodus.

    The Whites left at the top are the remnants of what I call Pharaohic Whites who cut their own very profitable deals with the Jews by selling out their own people. They thought they and theirs would stay on top by controlling the Jews instead of what actually happened; either their own ultimate dispossession from power (i.e. the Cabots and Lodges) or eventual absorption (the Bush and Kennedy daughters) into Jewry by intermarriage.


    The thing is that elite whites don’t believe non-elite whites to be of the same race as them. They regard us as a threat, and see browning us as a way to reduce that threat but they don’t see us as kin or cousins. They barely regard us as human.

    Which is why I have to laugh and shake my head in bemusement when Kevin McDonald refers to the Jews as a “hostile elite.” When did Whites ever stop having a hostile elite? The White aristocracy of various White nations never lost any sleep over the fact that they enjoyed banquets in castles while their White subjects starved in hovels long before they utilized the Jews to collect taxes for them. These two groups have jumped into the sack together throughout history because they both see us as a threat to their own claims to power. In view of their actions, I would say the White elite fears and hates working and middle class Whites more than the Jew which is why they always reach an accommodation with them, even if it is ultimately in favor of the Jew.

    • Razvan says:

      Bible is an interesting insight on the jewish psyche. But frankly it is not for everyone to bear this demoniac delirium.

      Anyway, as everything jewish, the Bible is a collection of stolen tales modify to fit their taste. The tale of joseph is in fact an Egyptian tale modified. (Hora – their national dance – is in fact an European dance since neolithic; their national anthem is in fact an European popular song). If there is anthing interesting in the jewish culture you may expect a theft and a subversion.

      Regarding the old elite. We really don’t know how many assassinations occurred before absorbtion. Kennedy, Forestall, Patton come to mind. I read somewhere about many assassinations within OSS before the subversion could take place.

      Now, one should discriminate between the national elite and the imperial elite. The national elite usually fought for their people impossible wars and bled dearly. Their wealth was justified by merit and the risks of being “elite” were always deadly.

      The imperial elite is another issue. They are going with the jews since the Roman Empire times.

  5. clytemnestra57 says:


    To answer the question your title “Do the ‘White’ Elite Dream of Mulatto Sheep?” asks, the answer is “Yes, of course.” Better yet, they envision themselves as playing protective Lord and Lady Bountifuls to humble, grateful POC (people of color). They fail to remember what happened to the Whites of Haiti when they elevated their bastard Mulatto progeny to positions of power, which is the Mulattos combined with the Negros to wipe them out and then were wiped out by the Negro masses they led. But in spite of all the Anti-White sentiment they themselves have ginned up in POC against the White working and middle classes, they get their noses totally put out of joint when POC fail to feel or display the proper gratitude they should bestow on the ‘White’ elite for helping them beat Whitey.

    Which is why I am surprised that you are not covering the meltdown our beloved Tim “Tick Tock” Wise is having at his Facebook page. It seems this “good shepherd” is having problems with some wayward black sheep who have been busy stirring up mutiny in his servile rainbow flock by pointedly asking why a “White” guy like Uncle Tim should be the ONLY “social justice” activist who is making any serious money from the racial grievance industry.

    Well, Tick Tock detonated all over his Facebook page ascribing his own super profitability to hard work rather than great networking connections with all those Jewish administrators at colleges all over the country who pay him for speaking engagements by making paid attendance to his lectures by the students part of their grade. He basically chided them over their ingratitude and now the manure is hitting the oscillator belt. Oh, he’s tried to back off by offering what amounts to a non-apology. He’s inherently too arrogant to do what is expected of REAL Whites who blurt out an inconvenient truth now and then which is to go on one long, groveling apology tour, but the blinders are off of his flock.

    Since you put Tick Tock on the map, MW, don’t you think you should devote a post to Uncle Tim’s troubles? I think we should put one up to celebrate …. er, commiserate with him, seeing as he’s such a good buddy of ours.


    • mindweapon says:


      At some point one has to be gracious in victory. Back when I drew blood on him, he was riding high, undefeated. Now he’s getting attacked both from WN’s and from POC’s. Attacking him now is no longer interesting to me — it’s no longer a challenge and I no longer have the bloodthirst toward him that I had when he was riding high and commanding rapt audiences.

      I caught a bunch of his election 2012 night tweets and snipped them for posterity. The Council of Conservative Citizens use those tweets over and over again — a gift that keeps on giving. I have been corresponding with him for years, and he would always email me in anger and I was either laughing, or earnestly telling him about the tragedy of race mixing and anti-white policy, or predicting that White nationalists will win whne the economy collapses. I didn’t return his hate, and eventually he decided to stop reacting in anger and just have normal conversations. I don’t know if it’s real, or if he secretly is hoping to get revenge on me somehow for my victories over him. But my agenda is to go to one (or more) of his college talks and get my talking points out. I have every reason to expect that he’ll let me speak, and will facilitate a reasonable discussion.

      And that’s all I really want. I want to get an idea out to those college kids. Here’s the idea:

      Liberalism and welfare destroyed the work ethic and destroyed the educational system. It used to be that teenagers could get jobs, were expected to get jobs, at least in the summer. Now, thanks to liberal “child labor laws” teenagers can’t get those jobs, and they give those jobs to Mexicans instead. Then they say, “jobs that Americans won’t do.” Well, they made it illegal for American kids to get those jobs, and the employers prefer Mexicans, but hte government shouldn’t steal jobs from American teenagers and give them to Mexicans. So teenagers don’t have jobs, then they don’t get job skills and responsibility, instead they sit around playing video games and doing drugs, and then the liberals say, “Oh, jobs Americans won’t do! we need more Mexicans!”

      Liberals also made the education system more about leveling everyone to be equal, rather than educating children to prepare them for a competitive, capitalist world. In India and China they don’t do education for equality, they are old fashioned, conservative educational systems that don’t mind dividing the children into dumber and smarter kids. That’s why people from India and China are dominating the science and engineering and medical fields — because the liberals destroyed education for American kids.

      Liberals destroyed this country. Isn’t it obvious to all of you?

      That’s what I want to say at a Tim Wise event. I think it’s one of those devastating ideas that will stick with the smarter kids that are there. I hope I get to speak before the ones who are there for credit just get up and walk out.

      And Tim Wise is going to provide that forum for me to get that idea out. It’s going to be awesome! I’m just waiting for him to be giving a speech somewhere in the Northeast.

  6. Call me a petty little bitch if you must, but someone here has to do it:

    Dear Tim:

    Have you considered Liberal Hollywood Celebretard’s latest, hottest accessory? It’s “a great way to get attention while wiping out any White Guilt you have!”

    Did you lose a presidential election, because the people you thought would vote for you stayed home, seeing you as a corporate elitist who did not give a damn about their bread-and-butter issues?

    Black Grandbaby!

    Did your lucrative money-making “social justice” scam (which promotes racial division between Blacks and White to ensure your comfy lifestyle in a Lily-White neighborhood that will probably never be “enriched” by “vibrant diversity”) just blow up in your face?


    Black Baby! From the Third World! Get yours today!

    Have a nice day, Tim.

    • mindweapon says:

      that’s fine Cly. Look at this. I am able to have comments and have conversations. Tm Wse cannot have comments because so many people hate him. He says he gets death threats every day. This is what it was like for White nationalists 20 years ago. The script has flipped! It used to be that people would go out of their way to attack racists, so they could be like their movie and TV heroes. Now we post and comment on each others blogs in peace, but liberals have to use the ban hammer to keep out the White Enraged Hordes! It’s great!

      But yeah, I got my agenda. I have a very simple idea that I want to put out there to turn the younger generation fanatically against liberalism. Liberalism is child abuse! They sold American teenagers down the river to give jobs to adult Mexicans and Guats and Brazilians who just send remittances back to their home countries.

      I want young Americans (mostly whites, but I could imagine black adn brown American kids being swayed too, and that doesn’t bother me a bit) to HATE liberals, to hate their liberal professors and liberal politicians.

      Because those fuckers deserve to be hated. If a multiracial mob beat some Marxist professor to death would you be disappointed that it wasn’t an all white mob? I wouldn’t. Irony of ironies that would be!

      And if we get a truly conservative government that permits freedom of association, we’d be free to be White! From there we could work towards our ethnostate. But I’m an incrementalist — I’ll take what victories I can get, and go from there. Right now we need the liberal boot off our neck, any way we can get it.

  7. I bought a box set of Game of Thrones season 3, for a friend. That one scene ruins the whole season. It was bad enough that uber-blonde queen had a mud army, but they were eunuchs, and disciplined warriors. But the scene where all the useless muds are calling her mother, that is too much.
    Maybe the store will take it back.

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