White Separatist: ‘Gay’ Created by Jews to Oppress White People

Craig Cobb does an awesome interview against a young Jewish TV show host whose whole shtick is “moral and intellectual superiority” over whites and conservatives.


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37 Responses to White Separatist: ‘Gay’ Created by Jews to Oppress White People

  1. This Pakman is your typical intellectual Jew twatt. Jews are smart. They are just deceptively smart. However, that being said, I think Pakman won this conversation. I try to put myself into the mind of Joe SixPack, and Joe SP came away thinking Pakman was in the right here.

    This is part of our problem. We need to speak clearly and with purpose — don’t deviate from facts. Cobb had a chance to explain why he does not like the Jew. So he rambles about history but never uses the word “Jew”! He had ever opportunity to name all the Jews responsible for Bolshevism. Probably Pakman doesn’t even know that Bolshevism was a Jewish political action. Huge opportunity lost.

    This was a “speaking to the choir” moment. Surely was not an educational moment for the masses. Bummer.

    Go ahead and beat me up now.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Whites primarily debate like they never want to leave Mommy Prof’s class, they list off the facts and maybe a clever take on the facts we applaud. Meanwhile a jew just takes the moral highground and then sneers at us and the sheeple get nervous and they over time drift in the jews direction.

    Take the moral highground or just go put a gun in your mouth and pull the fucking trigger.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Not going to listen a WN being interrogated by a jew, it is beyond embarrassment. Sorry folks all the membership orgs and all your Mommy Prof wannabee class president “leaders” have failed you. Do you understand that you cannot even meet up these days in public much less advertise something that wouldn’t even fly decades ago.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        He did use the term “anti-white” but then he went on a rambling history lesson (all true by the way but ineffective). Here is a tip to a brave man, when the debate starts and the person you are letting interrogate you calls you a racist you respond, “well anti-racism is nothing but a codeword for anti-white, and you are calling me a ‘racist” only because I am white.”

        This goes for you too MW I have read some of your cringe worthy responses to anti-whites and you simply do not go for the jugular.

      • Thanatos says:

        Man,I would’ve walked out on that interview. But I wish I had the opportunity to that “You’re poor, you live in the middle of nowhere,purely as a logistical matter…” quip.

        Would have been awesome to throw it back at him. ” You’re jewish, you’re spinning your dreidle, eating your matza ball soup, purely as a logistical matter,how do you find the time, as a jewish supremacist,to direct a laser-like focus on white people minding their own damned business? Do you have a stock market portfolio? Do you charge exorbitant interest rates on personal loans? How do you do it,Mr. Rosenbaum, when so many white people actually have to work for a living how do you find the time to mind their business for them?”

        Cobb fucked up by letting Jew-boy reframe constantly with his “white supremacist”,”racist”, etc remarks on the other end. The Jew wasn’t that smart, he was a smartass. When you’re dealing with a smart guy, give him facts. When you’re dealing with a smartASS, smartass him back.

        Question:” I’ve always been interested in extremism,as a white supremacist neo-nazi why do you [X]”

        Response: “Well, as a Jewish supremacist what are YOUR thoughts on the issue of [X]? I’m always fascinated by the minds of Jewish extremists, in fact, I think it was Shulamith Firestone who said (Kill all the white males and destroy cappatulizzmz!!!!) Do you agree with that, as a Jewish supremacist?”

        That’s how to do it, people.

      • mindweapon says:

        We need you to do interviews like that! It’s a pity we all have to be so underground. If we could speak out without fear of personal consequences and challenge these people openly, we’d have some very talented people like you Thanatos who would do a great job of smart-assing him back.

        I’m not as quick on my feet as you. But I could totally see you doing an interview and throwing that stuff back at Pakman.

    • That very succinctly sums it up.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Found this link at drudge, and take note at drudge how its worded, pure propaganda meant to trip in the sheeple the brain chems for negative feelings. If the last sentence is babble then go to Hipster Racist and read the piece on evangelical hypnotists, both the phony religious and the anti-racist frauds use a lot of each other’s work.

      Listen folks I am going to be honest with you, if they can get those WN 1.0s to march around in Nazi gear the “anti-racists” are going to go masturbate they will be so giddy.


  3. fnn says:

    You can learn a lot of handy Judeocritical debating lines by listening to MCP podcasts:


  4. Wally D. says:

    Craig Cobb is a stand up WN. Interesting how Jews like to bog debaters down with details, such as “which Jew invented the word, “gay” when in fact it was a collective effort.

  5. Stary Wylk says:

    OK, here’s some moral high ground against anti-racists.
    If one considers people like oneself to be bad, then one is bad. If one wants to be better, consider the possibility that oneself is the bad one and that others who seem like oneself are good.
    I’ll restate: 1) The anti-racist is a white who considers whites to be bad.
    2) Being white, he’s bad.
    3) Ask him to consider that he judges others by himself and is the asshole in the equation.

  6. Contaminated NEET says:

    I’ve got to chime in and back up the consensus here: Pakman won that encounter, hands down. Cobb let himself be the specimen on Pakman’s slide, an object of revulsion and study. He was docile and polite while Cobb interrupted and patronized him again and again, and not once did he manage to take control of the conversation. I’m not saying I could do better: I couldn’t, but this is not a win for our side.

    • mindweapon says:

      Well I disagree. It’s all about WHOM you are convincing, TO WHOM you are speaking.

      For liberals who agree with Pakman, Pakman won. But who gives a fuck about those scum.

      For people who might agree with us but don’t have information, Cobb distributed information like a good guerilla in the infowar.

      I don’t believe in the “popularity contest” idea. Anyone who think it’s OK for black males, or any non-white males, to be allowed to even attempt to take white females as sexual partners, I don’t consider them. I don’t care about persuading them. Their fate, whether they live or die, is not up to me. I don’t advocate killing such people, or anyone. But I don’t consider them fellow men or women in the sense of being worthy of attempting to persuade them. I think there is likely something higher than us, and I suspect that those who are in favor of reversing genetic progress via race mixing are not in teh good favor of whatever is higher than us.

      There are fence sitters out there who heard Cobb’s talking points, and were persuaded. Anyone who was not persuaded, fuck ’em.

      Craig Cobb 1, Jude 0.

  7. Tom Bowie says:

    One of the points I cued in on in the video is near the end; “it really does seem like it’s just not going to be allowed to take even really take place”. The translation is no reservations or escape for Whites can be permitted.

    I listened to Mr. Cobb talk about his project several days ago on a internet radio program I listen to. His biggest need is a few good men who can take the heat.

    The escape from Canada talked about in the video occurred in winter and was made well off the beaten path.

    • mindweapon says:

      Announcing it to the world was the mistake, making it more a publicity stunt than a serious effort to create a PLE.

      Like Al Pacino’s Satan says in the great movie, “The Devil’s Advocate,” — Never let them see you coming!

      • That’s what I think; it was more of an in-your-face publicity stunt than a serious effort to form a PLE. I mean, he manages to find the place in the whole damned area with a White woman who is married to a Black man to set up a racist White town?! This is a showdown looking for a place to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cobb is some sort of agent provocateur set in place to discourage such attempts to form PLEs, if you ask me.

        The think that is really aggravating to me is that it could have worked. Leith was perfectly situated between two big oil fields. The folks there could have bought two big buses to transport the men to work. The town itself could have experienced a rebirth as working class White families moved in, bought up those lots, and build homes there. Small businesses to serve these families, like hotels and gas stations and stores could have been set up there.

        There is such a shortage of housing and it is so overpriced that it is impossible for the workers to find a place to live much less bring their families along. So, now, instead of having a town to keep the working men and their families together, the men have to leave their families behind in other states and live like Third World migrant workers in cities with crowded housing situations while their wives and children are left behind completely unprotected.

        Thanks, Mr. Cobb!

      • mindweapon says:

        At the risk of provoking the wrath of Craig, I will say that PLE’s must be established under conditions of Taqqiyah.

  8. Attila says:

    They are both pathetic, in my opinion.

  9. Buck-toothed and inbred says:

    (1) It is inexcusable for Mr. Cobb not to know and bring up 2 facts – the code of Justinian and the Bela Kun Hungarian government. In its infinite Christian wisdom, the Code of Justinian did not permit jews to educate gentile children because the belief was that jews would corrupt them. Following WW1, the jewish-led Bela Kun government came to power in Hungary. Gyorgy Lukacs was Commissar of Education and Culture in the Bela Kun government. What did Lukacs ministry push? Homosexuality on gentiles. Nothing has changed. His response to the interviewer should have been we want separatism so our children won’t be corrupted, If the interviewer attempts to change the subject, ask the interviewer if he believes heterosexuality is normative. If the interviewer denies that heterosexuality is normative, then call him out as a bold-faced liar since you can’t have a people unless FECUND heterosexuality is normative.

    (2) It is also inexcusable for Mr. Cobb not to have the following y-tube clip at hand:

    The interviewer should have been called out and asked whether he agrees with the rabbi. Among themselves, this is what jews believe is good for jewry – that jews marry fellow jews of the opposite sex. If it is good for jews, it should be good for everyone – that people marry their own kind. In fact, it should be a foundational element of tika olam.

    • Józef Piłsudski (formerly known as White Dragon) says:

      I know and have acquaintances with millenial YKW. Whatever WN bemoan about the flaws in young Whites, remember it is exacerbated 100-fold in that community. Their culture distortion poisoned their own wells! Milennial YKW race-mix, listen to rap, are sterile feminists, and make fun of religion all the time. The YKW that I know would consider this guy a creep “Why is this old pervert so interested in our sex lives?” I know young Israelis who can’t’ stand the Orthodox because they, in their heavy clothes, stink up the buses! You think they would look it over in the interest of racial/religious solidarity, but nope, annoyances like that get them angry at their own kind.

      Some people may not want to hear this but I actually don’t care if some liberal Whites mix it up with these YKW. They were never going to be on our side anyway and by reproducing with them they create these raceless people who don’t care at all about Israel. This will at least remove AIPAC’s power. I remember a halfling stoner/surfer “bro” lecturing an Israeli they should have a one-state solution with the Arabs because “there’s no borders, nations, or peoples, man. We’re all one race in tune with nature” LMAO!

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    From what I read yesterday, Mr. Cobb was on the QT until outed by SPLC last month.

  11. TabuLa Raza says:

    I fail to see the connection between white interests and nazism.

    The critic says “you’re nazis!” and many whites say “that’s right!”


    1) How does this help Whites?

    2) How does this help jews?

    I am more than suspicious about the white=nazi connection.

    • Stubbs says:

      It isn’t supposed to be “sold to normal White Americans”, anymore than Communism was in the 1960s. The Communists of any given era set the mainstream trends a few decades further, not by recruiting larger numbers of Communists but by radicalizing the discourse and breaking the sense of consensus. Contrary to John Lennon’s assertions, it was the people carrying pictures of Mao that intimidated the average American into appeasing the far left.

      That said, I don’t think any neo-Nazis since Rockwell (and Pierce to some extent) have fully grasped this role. They’re still thinking in terms of gaining members and succeeding electorally, ignoring the fact that “middle America” is dragged somewhere new every generation by a small political minority.

      Part of that is just that Rockwell’s personal charisma gave his enemies fits. Pierce couldn’t have pulled it off like that, which is why he didn’t use the swastika, though he still kept a radical stance politically.

  12. Skeeter says:

    Pakman’s debating tactic is to seize one term or idea that Cobb says, “1930s matriculation” or “flaccid sphincters” and then single it out in the conversation to trip him up and make him look to audience like Cobb’s bizarre or like a turtle of its shell. If Cobb had been more focused, which I’m not faulting him for because it’s easy to get led off-topic, he could have just said his beef with the Jews is their very long list of crimes against humanity — specifically white humanity — that they’ve committed. Better yet, he or one could just say separatism’s not about animus toward anyone else but just wanting our own places for our own people, which would be true. Don’t expect the Pakmans of the world to let that fly, though.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Politics is about getting on message and staying there, too bad we are intellectuals given to debating the details excessively.

    • mindweapon says:

      Craig didn’t need to be perfect. He just needed to get some ideas downrange, which he did. He ignored Pakman’s lead and said what he wanted to say.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Watch a Dem prog on stupidvision all message all the time and all quotable all the time, and remember they are feeding their cult and us a big huge shit sandwich and it still sells.

        You want to be quotable then say something quotable what did this brave man say that was quotable? Droning on so you look smart to your 12 followers well, if you must.

  13. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Not the best spokesperson but better than nuthin. I like him better than a lot of speaker/writers.

  14. Tom Bowie says:

    Well this story and video includes Craig Cobb and Jimmy Marr.


    I figured there may be some interest in how it’s working out.

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