Blacks revolting against white liberal patronage scam plantation massas

h/t to murderbymedia, pictures at link

I’ll put in the pictures if I get time, but if you want, go to the original linked above.

What I found fascinating about the 21 Harsh Truths White People Don’t Want to Hear is that it’s aimed at white liberals.

Blacks are rebelling against white liberals for overpromising and under-delivering. And it’s understandable what’s going on.

Liberals depend on shaking down white normals to pay for their promises to the black race. White normals have less and less to take, and are putting more and more energy into preventing liberals from taking what they have left.

The liberals still talk their talk — their socialist, communist, MLK Jr. “dream” of making white normals into slaves of their rainbow utopia. But those white bastards aren’t going along with it, those Tea Party racists and going-extinct white conservatives. But if we don’t go along with it, how will they pay for their promises? White benefits are something whites do for whites. We aren’t schmoos. Most of us live for ourselves and our kin, not for uplifting other races.

So this black woman somewhere on the Internet penned her 21 Harsh Truths, and if you look at it, you realize exactly where this drama is going. Liberals promise to steal moar from whites, fail, blacks get mad.

Eric Alterman calls the modern liberal racial patronage scam the “we shall overcome liberalism”

21 Harsh Truths White People Don’t Want to Hear

The year is ending. 2013 will be tumultuous for you. As the realization sets in that you, the self-entitled Supreme Being, are losing power on the planet that you stole and destroyed out of greed, you’ll implode in more ways than one. Being unable to self-reflect, you’ll take out your rage on darker-skinned peoples in ways that will shock even you. There is not one thing that you can do now to reverse the damage that you’ve caused. So please stop trying to “fix it” and listen: You are not fit to be a leader. This planet is not yours. And very soon it will return to the rightful owners. Accept it.

************************************************** *******************************************
1. Every true African thinks you are a cold, heartless, tyrannical, lying, devious, untrustworthy, manipulative, demonic bastard.

2. Money, no matter what amount, will not make you happy.

3. No matter how much surgery you have, you’ll never compare to a black woman’s natural beauty:

Grace Jones

4. You are the only race on Earth that cannot live harmoniously with nature.

5. Your desperate attempt to be “like us” is pathetic:

6. Your low self-esteem and intense insecurity shows every time you use the word “Nigger.”

7. Dr. Bobby Wright, a genius, summed you up to a tee:


8. Deep down, the thought that you ruled over other people makes you feel proud:

9. White women, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most wanted women on Earth:

10. White men, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most masculine men on Earth:

11. Without your white skin, you’d be nothing.

12. The reason why you try to keep blacks from progressing is out of fear for our revenge.

13. You really don’t feel as guilty as you want everyone to believe you do.

14. You and your people are the sole cause of destruction on the planet.

15. You are 100% satisfied with your unearned privileges.

16. Pretending not to be aware of your White Privilege isn’t fooling anyone:

“innocent” white woman

17. You lack the true capacity to change your racist views.

18. Your forefathers sins are apart of your bloodline…forever:

Future Racist

19. If slavery was reinstated, you would no longer have the need to take anti-depressants and Viagra.

20. You are your own worst enemy:

21. You cheat, lie and manipulate your way to the top because deep down, you know you cannot compete at a level playing field with everyone else.


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13 Responses to Blacks revolting against white liberal patronage scam plantation massas

  1. heathenhank says:

    I find it kind of strange, but I find these openly anti-white diatribes quite refreshing. Its like a good bit of banter before a boxing match: the battle eminent, and victory or defeat clearly on the horizon in a healthy, clear bout for supremacy.

    What disheartens me is the obfuscations: anti-whiteness by neutrality.

    Its that hopeless feeling when reading sites commented by Drudge readers, in which they would say something like “NO AMNESTY, I’m PRO legal immigration only!”

    Why, mister tea-party type, must you always say your pro-legal immigration?

    Sometimes, it feels that deep down it will be the moderate liberals who eventually creep to our side, while evangelical and “compassionate” conservatives will be the most devout soldiers of the anti-white state.

    It the fantasy of American exceptionalism really so enticing as to betray what blood and soul screams as foul?

    • mindweapon says:

      No worries, mate, the “I’m not a racist, but” conservatism is going away. there’s a site making fun of “I’m not a racist, but” by a person of color.

      Whites have to either get on their knees and become fully subordinate ass lickers of black, Hispanic, liberal and Jewish asses, or stand with us. No middle ground allowed!

    • Dan Poole says:

      “It the fantasy of American exceptionalism really so enticing as to betray what blood and soul screams as foul?”

      Having closely followed the conservative “movement” for years, I think the Amurrican Exceptionalism BS is nothing more than this:

      Conservatard institutions like Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation play the role of the “wizard” here:

      “Do you presume to criticize the great AMUURICA??? You ungrateful creatures! Think yourselves lucky that you live in this country!”

      In reality, Amurrican Exceptionalism doesn’t have any credibility beyond the minority of true believers – and that minority dwindles by the day as Barack Hussein Obama, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the media take Amurricanism to its logical conclusion. It’s gotten to the point where most White Americans would rather side with a Russian dictator* than a U.S. President. Can you imagine anyone siding with Kruschev over JFK in the Cuban Missile crisis? Me neither.

      *While I admire Putin for his blistering critiques in that 9/11/13 NYT column, lets not forget his track record:

  2. PA says:

    That black woman is angry at:

    1) white and other non-black women for being more attractive
    2) black men for failing as providers
    3) again at black men, for preferring non-black women
    4) white men, for not desiring them

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    Its a full time job to keep the left’s coalition together, the turf is well guarded by lunatic attack libs, a constant jockeying for position under the blood spout. Everything is a scam floated on easy money, look at college, basically an incubator/terrarium for lefties floated on the backs of white kids and the few Asians without scholarships.

    We need more anti-white diatribes, if I could I would write them for the anti-whites.

  4. Anon says:

    She doesn’t like being a status prop, good for her.

    “14. You and your people are the sole cause of destruction on the planet.” – Sorry for the green revolution et al. Next time our knowledge will be more closely guarded.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Yeah, the population explosion and consequent ecological devastation in Africa was all our fault.  We never should have allowed the Africans, Indian subcontinentals, etc. to breed so irresponsibly enabled by our agricultural and medical technology.

  5. Attila says:

    In my experience, Blacks are more likely to be direct, unapologetic and truthful than most of the Whites in the immediate milieu. With Anglo-Whites, you NEVER know where they stand or what they REALLY think about anything. Could be that many have just given up trying and have nothing to lose by being frank.

  6. Józef Piłsudski (formerly known as White Dragon) says:

    Whatever extra money we have should only go to pro-White organizations like Counter-Currents or pulling it with your white friends to start some business enterprise BUT I always had this funny fantasy. WN secretly fund a radical half-black/half-mestizo woman to compete with Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. She would be extremely anti-White blaming Whites for all the problems in the world, pushing more immigration and more affirmative action and racializing the Democratic primary to such an extent that whatever remaining White liberals/union guys would always be Hilary and the non-Whites would vote Jameeka Hernandez. All the primary results would be racially polarized and the mainstream media would have to give more lectures about White racism, further alienating normal Whites from the Federal Government.

    Remember most Whites want to ignore race. “Race doesn’t matter” and all that bullshit. You may not want to deal with Race, but Race is going to deal with you.

    • mindweapon says:

      If or when we have millions at our disposal, we’ll definitely run operations like this. I’m surprised Russia doesn’t do this. They could do all kinds of awesome stuff with the US political system. Turnabout is fair play, after all — the US NGO’s mess with the Russian political system.

  7. Contaminated NEET says:

    I love stuff like that woman’s “Harsh Truths.” I think I can sum them up into a single truth:
    It will never be enough. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter what you sacrifice, it will not be enough. You are a bad, evil, disgusting, racist monster, and you will get nothing from us but well-deserved hatred.

    I love it! What kind of response does she expect from something like this? “You are right, most exalted and beautiful lady, I am an unworthy wretch! I will redouble my efforts and hope that someday, decades from now, I might disgust you slightly less!” The natural answer to shrug, accept her hate, and stop trying to win her approval, since you’re obviously never going to get it.

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