Liberalizm is nothing but a race and ideology patronage scam

My comment at Occidental Dissent regarding Somali terrorists hailing from Maine and Minnesota

Liberals are ultimately people who like comfort and don’t want to do honest labor. So non-whites are a scam for them to suck taxpayer money to provide services to the minority underprivileged communities.

Hey, it’s better than having to do a real job! Liberalism is a huge patronage scam.

Every Somali is a profit center for the Paychex Liberalz. Every Somali represents 10,000 (or whatever) in Paychex to Paychex Liberalz. Baby and chi’rren Somalis represent more because they need all those baby and children extra special Paychex Liberal Services.

But eventually the Patrons don’t have monies for the Patronage Scam any more. Oh! It’s those evil, mean conservatives who are refusing to share! How dare you not pay our Paychex to provide needed services to the million Somalis we imported! You mean stingy bastards!

That’s what the Liberalz are going to think and say when the cuts really come but good, but the fact is going to be that the government and American society is comprehensively broke.

And those Somalis, along with everyone else, are going to be on their own. Do you comprehend this nightmarish scenario? Without Liberalz Services, the Somalis will have to resort to becoming Land Pirates just to survive. Arrgh, it looks like a dark horde of Bantu Land Pirates just ahead and a little starboard, captain!

So it’s going to be like “Whites in Indian country” again, except the “Indians” will be lots of different tribes — Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims. And Whites will also become savage tribes as well. Savage Aryan tribes . . . with a historical memory.

Savage tribes who will remember who it was who brought all these alien tribes to our soil, and turned a functioning, strong country into a multiracial empire and then a series of contested territories and “no-go zones,”

Savage White tribes who are going to blame Liberalz for destroying the country and making life hell for normal White people. The Liberalz claim they were building a multiracial utopia that only conservative white racists won’t like, but they are actually building the most anti-liberal social construct ever — a territory of warring tribes.

Having a territory of warring tribes is successful at weakening the host (White American) people for about a generation or two, and then the host people themselves become a warring tribe. And we shall identify, and name and shame, the people who turned the USA from a functioning country into a clusterfuck of warring tribes and no-go zones and ethnic and liberalz patronage scams.

So this is our transition from citizens of a country to blood brothers of the White Warring Tribe, or one of the many White Warring Tribes. This will be the worst nightmare imaginable for todays liberalz cheering on white displacement.

These Eric Alterman videos nail the liberal project to the wall, as well as the motto of this blog, spoken by the great Keith Alexander

The liberal project is doomed to failure when multiculturalism succeeds.

at 8:40 we have to be careful when we mess with these things, because we are messing with peoples’ lives, and they aren’t going to react like laboratory rats.

Alterman part 2:

Racial identifications trump class. Most people of color think of themselves as people of color first, not as working class people.

In other words, the Trotskyist slogan “the races must unite against the plutocrats!” will absolutely never happen, and liberals should stop pushing this fool’s errand.

And stop messing with our lives, you fucking liberal pieces of shit! We HATE YOU!


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24 Responses to Liberalizm is nothing but a race and ideology patronage scam

  1. Cranberry says:

    Well said. Employers lay off American workers and then advocate for loose immigration policy because they need workers (cheap labor). Recently the Wall Street Journal published yet another article on how expensive and awful kids are so you probably shouldn’t have them…

    How long do they expect the party to last, when Makers are making less and either becoming Takers or going rogue? I fear the upheaval but I want it to come, the final fever pitch before the illness is purged and we can become functional again.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment Cranberry!

    • Until all Whites can take the attitude that they actively want any system that remotely marginalizes them to fail and to fail miserably, whatever the consequences, the party can last up until the last White is either dead or absorbed by miscegenation.

      All Whites should find some nonviolent, totally legal way to “go rogue.” If that means strategic default, do it. If that means, getting on food stamps and soaking up every freebie benefit offered by government, do it. Better you than some Non-White alien colonizer the government is letting in.

      I think many of us are already there. What is driving the “Simplicity” movement where “tightwads” are all but boycotting the consumption system? White faces. What is causing Anti-White newspapers and publications to go out of business? What is making Hollywood with all its Anti-White propaganda hemorrhage red ink?

      So what if the Chamber of Commerce is pushing for more immigrants while turning a blind eye to jobs being outsourced to China and insourced to every illegal alien colonist who sneaks across the border? What good will that do them if no one (White) is buying their goods? They can only last as long as the EBTs they are currently accepting stop working.

      The Cloward Piven Strategy will NOT lead to a guaranteed annual income like this half-baked theory proposes, but it will work like gangbusters to lance all these boils on the White ass, if you think about it. When the gravy train derails, I would say that most to all of these squatters pack up their loot and go home and YKW makes aliyah to Israel. I suspect most African Americans are not that stupid and will recognize the insanity of rocking the boat especially after we keelhaul any White traitors we can get our hands on.

      • mindweapon says:

        It’s the Cloward Piven strategy with a black face! Heck, it’s why I voted for him in 2012, and I hope he abolishes term limits and goes for a 3rd term!

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Yep you don’t see a “coexist” bumper sticker on anything less than a nice car owned by a white, though once I did see an Asian driving a Mercedes suv and he proudly displayed his “coexist” sticker. I wonder what his white tax slave paycheck looked like?

  3. “So it’s going to be like “Whites in Indian country” again, except the “Indians” will be lots of different tribes — Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims. And Whites will also become savage tribes as well.”

    Your insight that white Americans will find themselves politically & socially exactly where they started on the East Coast at the turn of the 17th Century is the most probable outcome of multiracialism. Between the Mayflower Compact of 1620 and the Declaration of Independence of 1776, it’s the same story line.

    Your insight is why the events of three & four centuries ago need to be examined so closely to help us to understand the future. The return of tribalism for everyone is inevitable.

  4. Brandon says:

    I didn’t see your comment over there. Maybe it’s still in moderation.

  5. Alex Ellis says:

    And whites will win, we just have to make sure only the right whites survive to create a new nation, and we must never forget how we got into this mess. Non whites amongst us.

  6. Skeeter says:

    Another great screed, MW. I personally shy away from the labels “liberal” and “conservative” because I’m not biased to the left or the right but to the white. If it’s good for whites, I’m for it; if not, I’m against it. Period, end of story. Hell, even outright communism would be OK with me as long as it were in all-white country run by and for whites concerned about whites.
    Nevertheless, everyone knows who you mean by “liberals,” and they have much to answer for. They and their allies have been systematically destroying white communities everywhere, especially through mass foreign immigration, and we hate them for it. I hope the government goes bankrupt, but I really wonder if it will when the debt ceiling can just keep being raised and more money can be pumped into circulation all the time. By normal economic rules, it seems like the treasury should’ve gone belly-up 20 years ago, so I don’t know if we can count on that dramatic economic collapse kicking things off after all. Let’s hope for Peak Oil!

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>we must never forget how we got into this mess.>>>

    I pace the floor thinking about this. Do we have the answer?

  8. A.Ralston says:

    An interview, interesting not for what is said, but for what is ignored, and that is the over-arching factor of asymmetrical influence of Jewish money in both the liberal and the conservative movements, one advancing the YKW agenda in its own way when the other is out of power. Discussing the liberals “lacking self-confidence” and the conservatives being “masters of class politics” is superficial non-sense.

    Given the flawed premises of both these guys, I had trouble tolerating either one of them. Moyers especially.

    My simple-minded take.

  9. RobRoySimmons says:

    I read your comment over at OD, and now I know where you come from and your script, WN 1.0.

    If I may make a slight critique of that school of thought, WN 1.0 was a cargo cult fused with follow the leader methodology. Here is why it is not going to work today and why our essayists are mired in fail. The masses of whites who are cowed by the evil libtards are never told that they are NOT morally inferior that in fact they are morally correct.

    Instead our leaders and essayists just want devotion and internet “likes.” Whitaker had 5 minutes with Reagan and Bob turned the whole campaign around by telling Reagan stop with the intellectual bullshit wonkery and just tell the American people they are good and they can do great things and that he has faith in them.

    I think the internet has actually made things worse for us WN, even if the 1.0s were mired in great leader politics they at least knew a real human and could convey actual human morality instead of what amounts to is digital spirituality.

    Anyway to end this too long post your last sentence is a coalition builder, millions of people want the social engineers out of their lives.

  10. I too am not sure if attacking “liberals” is the answer. My parents were working class “liberals” and they worked their asses off and as far as I can tell didn’t benefit in anyway from liberalism.

    The attack should be against the anti-Whites. It really IS all about race.

  11. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    The anti-Whites in power…not the masses of brainwashed.

  12. Yes, Socialists and liberals make a lot of false assumptions about human nature. Too many to name. But again it should be obvious to all but the most zoned out true believer zombies that none of this nonsense was ever meant to actually work in the end. It’s all about suppressing Whites and destroying everything we have built while extracting every last penny’s worth of value from it, and depositing it all in that giant jewish piggy bank somewhere in Israel.
    Just a random thought, do you think they invented “piggy banks” to discourage jews from stealing our children’s savings? You know what I mean, since pigs are unclean and not kosher and all that?

  13. Dan Poole says:

    “It’s those evil, mean conservatives who are refusing to share!”

    That theme also covers the entire country. Because we’re a “nation of immigrants,” we have some mythical “moral obligation” to “share” it with anyone who wants to come here. Conservatards are just as guilty of spewing this crap as liberals are, albeit with less tenacity.

    We Whites don’t have a moral obligation to share anything with any race. Not our wealth, not our houses, not our land, not our nations…NOTHING! We don’t owe shit to anyone. We are the masters of our own universe, and we decide to gets to live in that universe and who doesn’t. If the other races don’t like it, too fucking bad.

  14. TabuLa Raza says:

    Alterman is joo.

    • mindweapon says:

      Well, that’s obvious from both his name and his appearance.

      I post a lot of stuff from Jews on here. Jews talk very openly about what they are doing and their successes and failures. The Alterman stuff is Open Source Intelligence. He doesn’t mean for us to be his audience, but we are anyway.

      Alterman’s critique of “we shall overcome liberalism’ is devastating. We should use his lines in our own critiques, the lines about how (I paraphrase) liberals forced extreme changes in daily life on white people with forced integration, and this made white people uncooperative with the liberal project, and made us hate it.

      He’s acknowledging that we hate liberalism, and that the Civil Rights movement was crap! And he’s doing it right on the Bill Moyers show! It’s amazing!

      • eradican says:

        Thx for the interview. Had been meaning to comment but didn’t. I’ve always liked and admired Eric Alterman. It seems my faith was not misplaced. He’s a true liberal and not just a trendy dilettante, paycheck ideologue, or some other rabble.

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