Talking point to attack liberals; the finite pie for whites, infinite pie for people of color

Liberals believe in a finite pie for Whites and and infinite pie for People of Color.

Here, the Hebrews and their enablers at WGBH radio in Boston discuss diversity in the Boston police ranks.

Of the 22 police captains in the Boston Police Department, all are male, and all but one are white. For years, minority law enforcement officers’ groups have called upon Mayor Menino to change a controversial promotion exam that has been criticized for contributing to the lack of diversity among the Boston police ranks. Recently, Mayor Menino said he’d sink $2.2 million into changing the promotion system. Callie Crossley talks with law enforcement experts about what needs to change in order to have a more diverse leadership in the police force.

So in other words, there’s a finite pie for benefits like Boston police captain. Or college admissions, or government jobs.

On the other hand, we need MOAR NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION! Because for Diversity, there’s an INFINITE PIE!

You have TOO MUCH ALREADY WHITE PERSON! But Diversity, well there’s ALWAYS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR THEM! And when they get here, welfare and affirmative action is theirs for the taking! The Affirmative Action Pie is Infinite! The White people pie is finite, and those darn Whites are getting too much already, and have the audacity and racist arrogance to claim they earned it! What a bunch of selfish Nazis!


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