The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare

The big news of the year so far is the implementation, at the end of this month, of Obamacare, aka The Affordable Care Act.

Alternet is going all in.

DC Republicans in Full Panic Mode: Obamacare Will Be Hugely Popular and There’s Little the GOP Can Do to Stop It
The money is already moving down the pipeline, and Americans are about to get much cheaper healthcare.

September 24, 2013 |

There’s a bottom line behind Congress’ latest Obamacare gyrations that is easy to miss as the most desperate Republicans keep threatening to kill the health insurance law by defunding it. They can’t stop it from taking effect, just as they haven’t been able to repeal or defund it in every federal budget fight since it passed in 2009—including their latest rants

I spent an evening last weekend with some middle aged conservatives who tolerate my more radical views, but didn’t like that I voted for Obama because “worse is better.” They are truly frightened about the Obama presidency. I suppose I should be as well, but I think that we have to go through the worse, as a cleansing, in order to get to the better.

They told me many things about Obamacare. Health insurance is going to be much more expensive because we won’t be able to get basic catastrophic care. We will be required to purchase many insurance policies that we don’t want and are unlikely to use. On the other hand, it will be cheaper to just pay the IRS fine for not having insurance at all. So we won’t even have catastrophic health insurance, and we’ll have to pay a fine to not have it. Also, anyone 72 years old or older will have to get two doctors to sign off for any medical procedure. This is in order to hasten the demise of those troublesome, expensive old white people who don’t vote for Obama and support the Tea Party. Demographic replacement was just the first step, Whitey! Hastening the death of the white elderly, many of whom would probably have many years to share their lifetime of knowledge and skills with their grandkids, but for a “procedure.” Of course, some liberal white elderly will also be hastened to the grave, but hey, if yer gonna make some omelettes, got to break some eggs, right? Sorry white liberals — under the bus with you!

Even if the 72 year olds and up have the money, they won’t be allowed to buy a procedure without the approval of 2 doctors. So there’s going to be underground medicine practiced by rogue, criminalized doctors. Communities will be raising money to fund a a backroom procedure for an elderly person in the community who is contributing to the community. “Let’s all get together and put our money together for some underground chemotherapy for Mr. Schmidt! He’s a great tractor mechanic, and has 8 grandchildren.”

This means that communities will become the rationing agents, rather than the government. Communities will decide who is worth living; communities will be the appeals court of the Obamacare death panels. When communities become the arbiters and lawgivers of their members more than the government, well you can see where that is going. It’s dilution of government power and devolution to the communities. These communities have Folkish morality, and will revert to White nationalist sensibilities the minute no Paychex Liberalz are managing us. We are the aggressive superweeds who can’t wait to colonize the manicured Paychex Liberal Landscape.

White nationalist morality is Folkish morality. It’s what we really are. We are natural men and women. We live without cognitive dissonance. Who needs it? Cognitive dissonance and guilt is for Jews. These are unnecessary mindworms. Life is hard enough without such mindworms. Let us revel in our natural morality. Let us be true to our genetic programming!

What I find exciting and hopeful about Obamacare is that the liberals are toying even more with what has been a winning formula for decades.

America is like a great machine with incredible momentum, and now it’s controlled by people who don’t know how to change the oil. They are going to run it into the ground, comprehensively. Major damage that will take a decade or two to recover from.

The Eric Alterman/Bill Moyers interview I posted in a recent, previous post is something you should watch or listen to 2 or 3 times at least, until you get it, because it’s incredibly significant. Here’s Part 1 for your convenience.

Alterman points out that we must see FDR as the Founding Father, and FDR’s descendants have lost the winning formula of successful economic populism that kicked off liberalism.

Alterman points out that social liberalism is thriving – women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights, anything that doesn’t cost money.

But economic populism was what pried open the door to social liberalism. The New Deal bribed the masses into the Civil Rights Movement and the 1965 Immigration Act.

The age of Obama is an age where successful economic populism is neither workable, nor desired by the people who control Obama. It’s like a once rich and generous grandfather who lost his fortune and says, Go be as gay as you want, race mix all you want, have all the bastard children in single mom households, that’s fine, but please don’t beg me for more money! I’m all tapped out, kids.

Liberals don’t have a plan for what happens when things don’t work out. Alterman is saying that the Civil Rights movement was a top down policy forced on the populace, but society is an organism, and when you change one thing, other things change . . . when you change things, especially from the top down, they’re never going to go as planned

So Obamacare is likely to destroy the winning formula that kept the USA chugging along on its momentum. Healthcare is one of the last sources of professional jobs. Universities are full of students becoming doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and medical researchers.

FDR economic populism, which lives on in Social Security checks and Medicare, is the only thing that ever supported social liberalism. Civil Rights et cetera are purchased every day by those tan, rectangular pieces of paper:

The government check prosperity machine is being destroyed. There will be difficulties associated with this incredible change. But here’s the good thing waiting at the other end:

Liberalism has to be implemented in a granular fashion, from the top down. It requires Government Paychex piled high, and spread across the land.

Fascism, conservatism, racialism, is what is natural among the men who are born leaders. Without church pastors or feminist human resources directors keeping us in check, White society will quickly move back to what is more natural to us, with natural leaders who have natural beliefs.

The pastors kept us in check until they handed over control to the Marxists. But the Marxists are not credible leaders, and the pastors have lost all credibility.

Just as Obama is destroying the USA, the Jews destroyed Christianity. Both are actually positive developments. Now we are free to forge a White religion and a White country out of the wreckage.

In attempting to enslave and punish us for being White, all they did was remove all strictures that were on us, that we maintained on ourselves.

By making us foreigners in our own country, they are creating tribes of White Barbarians. We no longer identify with the multiracialist melange “country,” so we find new national structures to identify with, structures that are borderless, cosmopolitan, and biologically based. In that way, we become more like the Jews — there’s no Austrian, or Frenchman or Russian, but we are all White people banding together in a hostile world run by the hostile, cosmopolitan Jewish elite.

Listen to hour two of this show:

Guest: Richard Spencer – Richard Spencer, President of the National Policy Institute, joins us to discuss Syria and the “conservative movement’s” strange reaction and anti-war posturing.

Spencer says that the USA under Obama means we will no longer have the unity or patriotism to go to war. Neocon “national greatness” is over, and even if Obama is no longer president someday, the multicultural Obama America is not going to feel the kind of white patriotism needed for a mass war effort. Immigrants from the four corners of the world are going to have no use for American military adventurism, and won’t be fodder for it or vote for it.

That means the neocons are defeated. That’s awesome! So when the economy crashes, social liberalism/diversityism will also be defeated and destroyed.

At it’s root, the liberals and neocons did not understand that their power was rooted in the very things they despised — White racial unity, patriotism, national identity, borders, language, culture. They killed these things, and killed their power base.

And they awakened an enraged beast who is rising against them with a terrible vengeance in its heart.


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54 Responses to The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare

  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    I of course have conflicting views of Obamacare, yeah I know its White Death, but honestly that old system was doomed anyway. As for the fine I expect it to be tagged to income so whites still get stuck with the bill to pay for the laggards of the evolutionary gap sick care.

    Shit will go underground as you say, some states such as OK will set up their own protection rackets for med providers, communities will create medical rat lines, if the Mexicans can smuggle in drugs they can smuggle in drugs, and hello Canada.

    I know the WN 1.0s want to go back to niggerwhippin empires and shit like that, they need to grow up, the next phase of our evolution begins on the worm farms ran by raiders who can play “game” while they take a break from higher education as we see it.

    • mindweapon says:

      The Brave New World is going to create Whites who are more savvy about social and economic realities. We were like dodo birds until the rat ship of globalism docked in NYC. Now we are being culled, and the survivors will be the hard core meanies who don’t feel racial guilt.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Beyond our political theorizing and inline with your being practical we should all endeavor to find how we could possibly use this disaster of a plan for our own use, such if someone wants to be a mobile living migrant worker and what are the limits for income and other questions. Its like we should be asking how the food stamp using Cadillac driving negroes scam.

    • 225 million white people in America, and as far as I can tell, WN1.0 exists online only, other than a handful of costume clowns.

      WN 1.0 is completely irrelevant to white people in general. It really doesn’t matter what they want.

      Useful: BUGS, White Rabbits, Resisting Defamation, AmRen. (and MWIR/Aryan Skynet)

      Useless: pretty much everything else.

      • mindweapon says:

        Are there 225 million?

        I think it’s pretty cool that has 250,000 users. Even if they are 1.0, they are thinking and advancing. If I was in a position to organize WN 2.0 into real life things, I’d recruit from SF.

      • Józef Piłsudski says:

        I was browsing SF today (I don’t have an account) and I’m happy to see a thriving teenage community filled with boys AND girls. WN 1.0 made a lot of mistakes but one thing they succeeding doing in the 90s was bringing into this world the first generation of explicitly racially conscious White people.
        Remember having White children today is probably the best thing you can do for the Cause and you won’t even lose your job or go to jail.

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s awesome! I’m so glad for Stormfront.

      • anon334 says:

        America has about 180 million whites excluding “white hispanics”, jews and middle eastern types.

      • PROSNO says:

        What’s the difference between Aryans and white people? Ah. Now you know why there’s no racial progress.

  2. Brandon says:

    Very well spoken, my good man.

  3. Alex Ellis says:

    “they awakened an enraged beast who is rising against them with a terrible vengeance in its heart.”
    You got that right =D

  4. Thinking about medicine, you may, or may not, want to add to phrases about “peak oil” and “the corn syrup cornucopia” something along the lines of “penicillin fail” because that mammoth life saver, added to medical procedures with its discovery in 1928, seems to be approaching the end of its great trajectory for saving lives as the development of treatment-resistant bugs proceeds.

  5. I noticed this around 2004. There was a huge split in the Democrat party between the economic populists and the social liberals, and the populists kept losing and the social liberals kept winning. People don’t remember, but it was Jimmy Carter (Trilateral Commission) that first stabbed the unions in the back, and Clinton (NAFTA/GATT) that twisted the knife. Now they are running on fumes.

    Without the economic populism they will find out how little their socially liberal policies actually matter to people.

    • That’s why I say “leftist” instead of “liberal.” There’s a big difference between old-school economic liberals and today’s social justice sallies.

      There’s also a long tradition of “race realist” liberalism, for lack of a better term. As Jared Taylor has pointed out, the term “white nationalism” would have made no sense as recently as the 1950s, because it was so taken for granted that you wanted your country to remain white. It would be like starting a political party around the idea that “we believe the sun sets in the west.” Someone like Teddy Roosevelt could call himself a “progressive” while voicing opinions that would get you the Richwine treatment today.

    • Ex-pat in Oz says:

      you nailed it. love your blog btw… your mystery dramas are great!

      • Thanks! Easily my most controversial series, I managed to piss off WNs as well as my subbie girl readers. I’m semi-serious about self-publishing it eventually.

        I really want to continue Flogging Miley but the next part is kind of boring to me so I’ve been pushing it off.

  6. Ex-pat in Oz says:

    It won’t work– Obamacare is destined to fall over. It always was. The commies knew it when it passed. It was never a real plan– like all their other shit, it was a big FU gesture. In the meantime, it will fuck up the economy and become an enormous rotting log of scam after scam, abuse after abuse, atrocity after atrocity. You’re right MW– the worse things get, the faster the sheep will wake up. Many already have.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s what I suspect too. I’m saving the libtard articles touting Obamacare as a great panacea.

      The libtards are cornucopians and cargo culters. They think rectangular pieces of money are wealth, and goods come magically to us, and the damn billionaires are being greedy and not redistributing.

      Of course “free trade” and globalism is an atrocity against the USA that the libtards and contards both agreed on.

      What we need is a national industrial policy. Stuff has to be made in the USA, and made to last. Washing machines should be built to last for decades, even if this means that appliance companies have to be small and privately owned rather than publicly traded.

      We need mass transit. People shouldn’t have to own private cars to get around. that’s madness.

      No more agribusiness subsidies. Food needs to be grown locally. Sure we can buy stuff that’s not grown in our climate, but there’s no reason to be importing tomatoes from Mexico, or exporting corn to Mexico. that’s madness and is only econmically viable because of 10’s of billions in ag subsidies.

      As far as ag labor — cut off welfare to able bodied people and put them to work in the fields. Prisoners also. Let it be entrepreneurial — whatever they produce above and beyond a certain minimal quota is theirs to keep or sell.

    • The way Pelosi, wielding that big mallet I desperately wanted to beat her over the head with and shove up her rectum, and her Black Goon Squad were acting on Capitol Hill when Obamacare got passed, struck me as a big FU gesture. “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it?!” WTF?! I hardly think she would have been that cavalier and cocky if that had been her OWN health plan involved.

      THAT said, the whining about Obamacare is getting on my last nerves.

      There was an unpopular act passed and rammed through against the will of the American people almost a century ago which had to be rescinded, because NO ONE PAID ATTENTION TO IT. I’m talking about the Prohibition Act.

      The Repugnant Weasels are putting out sob stories about families whose $300 premiums have tripled under Obamacare. Like these families are going to KEEP them even over putting food on the table?! Get. Real. So Obamacare is “funded,” whatever the hell THAT means. There is the matter of enforcement. If people can’t afford to buy it, WTF is going to be done about it? How many IRS enforcement agents will be needed to deal with 300 or 400 million people who decide to opt out of it?!

      Yes, that bitch Pelosi et al passed it as a big FU gesture to the American people, White Americans, in particular. Now it is our turn to flip THEM the bird BIG time before bitch slapping them during the elections.

  7. Denise says:

    Everything you and your commenters have written is true – and worse. It’s a culling. And there needs to be a culling. Shed no tears for a thousands of old folks that will see their lives end “prematurely” – thousands are absolute rotters who have sold their own kind out for their vanity and greed. Good riddance.

    Take care in the next year folks. Ragnarok is at hand, For real.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yeah, it’s going to be very interesting. I guess Obamacare is an attempt at controlled demolition of Medicare/Social Security.

    • A.Ralston says:

      But, will you really “shed no tears” when White grandparents – many of whom took no witting or willing part in the rape of our country or were duped by the YKW debt enslavers just as cunningly as their naive forefathers were before them – have their lives indiscriminantly “ended prematurely,” as you say, pehaps with much pre-suffering?

      Yes, a culling will occur, as it must. There will be pain. And it will affect all age groups.
      All generations have become riddled with “absolute rotters.”

      But it would be wise to take no pleasure in this process that will affect all age groups and all categories, whether innocent, evil, or somewhere in between. This is no time for inter-generational hatred.

      Just sayin’. Maybe I have misinterpreted your feelings.

      • mindweapon says:

        I won’t shed any tears. I’ve seen the indifference at best and self righteous hostility at worst of these people to the white racial cause all my life.

        White Americans need to suffer.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Denise and others, I agree with Ralsto about this. Please turn your anger and frustration on the OTHERS not on befuddled older people.

        Do you folks not understand that the television etc. has LITERALLY, QUITE LITERALLY brainswashed our people? Do you not realize that there are agitators ON OUR VERY BLOGS that encourage this turning against OUR OWN PEOPLE? Do you not realize that by going along with the terrorism of our elderly, the taking away of benefits they WORKED FOR to be given to BROWNS who did not work for them, you are colluding with the enemy? Do you not know that as CONFUSED and CONDITIONED as many of our elderly people are, they still have much to offer including knowledge from the past? Do you not realize you too will be elderly some day and you will be affected by these policies which you are so eager to agree with?

        Please rethink this! Do you see Jews or Blacks turning against their elderly? NO. They don’t even turn on their criminals. PLEASE RETHINK THIS STANCE!

      • mindweapon says:

        Elderly who are pro-white are fine with me. Lots of them are anti-white or at best indifferent. They went to Florida to play golf, neglecting their grandchildren.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        My mother and my aunts don’t live in Florida or play golf.

        You guys are directing your rage at the wrong people. I’m really disturbed about it.

        You are playing right into our enemies divide and conquer hands AGAIN. Don’t be duped again!

      • Anon says:

        Maureen: as MW says things will go back to a more local, and volkish community setup, and the elderly therein will be cared for, no one wants their own family to suffer. That said rebuilding all of these destroyed institutions will take time and effort, and there will be many that scoff at such things.

    • Razvan says:

      No quantity of brainwashing may ever justify the huge treason their generation committed against everything sane. Their greed and hatred against everything sane and civilized are now getting back at them, big time. I am talking from direct and recent experience here. I wouldn’t shed a tear, too.

      I never understood if the jews are really against christianity, or if they only fake it in order to justify christianity. Without christianity they are no longer the chosen ones, and the goy is no longer compelled to turn the other cheek. Tough spot for the chosenites.

    • I have to respectfully disagree with you, Denise.

      Yes, there are some selfish pricks among the White masses of asses out there, but the vast majority of the elderly did not have the internet. Moreover, they mistakenly put their faith in their elected officials not realizing that the political whores in Congress had already sold their fathers and grandfathers to the Jews at Jekyll Island in 1910! So they believed liberal lies that promised the country they shed blood, sweat and tears to build would not fundamentally change; just be even better. They were so busy working in order to feed, clothe, and educate their children, that they did not notice a lot of shit that went down until it was too late to do much about it.

      Yes, there will be a scary period of adjustment, but adjust we will. I think, in the end, the real, family, the extended family, the cIan, if you will, shall be resurrected. I believe that the only death we will see is the death of the isolated, nuclear fracturing family that was instituted right after WWII. Generations will go back to living together under the same roof to pool their resources. The fact that most Americans will be only working part-time and temporary jobs, exacerbated by Obamacare, will make this a practical necessity.

      This is happening now. If you can get past the race-mixing component with the East Asian son-in-law, there was a heartwarming article where three generations are living under one small roof. The woman at the center of it urged her ex-husband (who had lost his job and was barely surviving on a social security check) to “come home.” One independent elderly lady advised me that nearly all of her friends at her local senior center now live with their grown children. She is considering the same thing to save some money now that her costs are expected to soar.

      One young White professional woman I know rents a room in a four bedroom house with three other young women. All four are in their early twenties. She tells me that more and more of her contemporaries are living like this. The Golden Girls dealt with senior women sharing expenses. I think we will see the day where older and childless couples will home share, as well.

  8. Mosin Nagant says:

    I don’t agree that Christianity as such has been “destroyed by Jews” or could ever be destroyed — or that its destruction would be “good for us”. I agree in so far that most pastors, priests and other personnel of the various denominations have been effectively if not deliberately “holding in check” what is necessary and right for us, and they have lost credibility with most of our people, and this loss is good for us. I look forward to the fall of denominational “Babylon”, but also to a revival of authentic Christianity so novel for many that it will seem a new religion.

    • mindweapon says:

      Are there ANY churches right now that you can name that have authentic Christianity? I want the name and address of the church or churches.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        The church doesn’t have an address. It is a remnant of people.

        I know of one but then I remembered that they let in brown people which is the worst sort of corruption so I’m at a loss.

        Things are in such a deplorable state.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        I didn’t express myself well.

        I still HOPE that there are people on their way to heaven…a Church, a remnant, if you will. But as far as a place people can go in the US. I come up empty. Perhaps some CIs somewhere.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        Re: “I want the name and address”:

        You are still thinking in terms of business organisations, hierarchy, buildings, NAMES of denominations….

        Since you seem to determinedly disbelieve the Gospel, I generally do not make religious comments here. However, when you mentioned the need for “a new religion”, in the post above, I decided to note that Biblical Christianity, though existent for thousands of years, would be novel enough for most of our people. We should look forward eagerly to the fall of “Babylon” (false Christianity) but afterwards, NOT fall into neo-paganism or some atheistic new “religion”.

      • Stubbs says:

        Even historical Christianity is badly designed. All humans are of uniquely cosmic significance because they’re the only creatures with immortal souls. Race, genetic quality, and neurological development are trivial because they don’t matter in heaven. All humans are descended from Adam and can be saved by Jesus. It’s primitive and vain, like ancient Communism. It may have had advantages over contemporary systems but modern systems turn it into swiss cheese.

        Christian Identity is an entirely different religion from historical Christianity. If a country adopted it that country would be the first in the world to do so. It is, however, the better designed of the two religions, and isn’t necessarily less in line with the scripture as written.

  9. heathenhank says:

    I’m trying to find a source pointing to this “two doctors must sign off an operation” thing, any help would be appreciated.

    Anyways, keep your prayers and hopes in Golden Dawn. The Greek State and the international media are going all in on the death of this anti-fa rapper.

    GD likely has known it would eventually come to this however. I think when it comes down to it, they’ll be ready for anything.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      A death of an evolutionary laggard does not justify the genocide of the Greek people. I can only hope GD advance beyond WN 1.5 see how smart I am and how many facts I can recite and how I can be lead by the nose by the left rhetoric and gets on message.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Geez Rob Roy! GD goes into hospitals checking employees and patients for paperwork proving they are Greek citizens. They are beyond words.

  10. There are a lot of reasons advanced for older white Americans failing to act in a timely manner, but the biggest reason is that they were horrified in the Seventies by the national socialist dress-up party led by Francis Cohen, who claimed to be a white supremacist, in his plans for a March on Skokie. It was all a hoax, he wasn’t a white supremacist, and the march of four or five followers never took place.

    Nonetheless, the horrifying publicity this planned costume party created resonated around America for years. The ACLU (which supported Cohen) got and promoted lots of publicity, but Cohen’s birth name was never mentioned.

    Even though the national socialist costume party was not some indigenous phenomenon among white Americans, but by a poseur, it became a huge call to watch out for neo-national socialists in uniform. Civil rights groups and human rights groups named themselves after this hoax in a variety of ways, and it thoroughly pushed the leading elements of white America away.

    The Internet wasn’t here to expose this dramatic malice. Skokie was the same kind of thing, but much larger in scope, that you may have noticed with “black-churches-burning,” “Duke-athletes-rapists,” “Zimmerman/Martin,” along with dozens of hoaxes each year to shame and embarrass white Americans. In addition, media reported almost solely bad white American actions and covered up bad other American actions. This whole campaign of defamation came to a peak in the Nineties, and white Americans ran away from speaking up for white Americans. We call it the anti-white narrative.

    So it is nice and easy to bash our elders, but they couldn’t find out the truth about a murder in a small town in Vermont unless they could access some news service that covered the event locally. Now we can just go to the Internet and read the local paper’s story to find out the truth, or a close approximation.

    It is still unfashionable, or even unmanly, to care about protecting our name, label, definition, and description…although anyone of 90 IQ since the Age of the Internet would recognize that white Americans have been blasted by hate propaganda since the Seventies of an amazingly vitriolic kind.

    So blasting the old white Americans, who were firmly convinced that the bad white people lived just over the hill by the media, for fleeing the combat is simply not an adequate analysis.

    • Razvan says:

      The real issue is that they internalised the hostile discourse, they act and vote on behalf of our distroyers. Even after you save them, they still hate you because you don’t conform to their idiotic orthodoxy. It might be the age, but I never heard an old idiot saying that he won’t vote because he/she has no clue about what’s going on in society due to his old age. They fear more that they could lose their miserable pensions than what’s going to happen to their grandchildren if nothing is going to change. They really don’t care if their pensions cost you probably ten times than they get. They don’t care that you pay for everything when they are hospitalised. They just don’t care. Instead they care to judge you and have “opinions”.

      They put more hope in some false promises of some crooks than in themselves and family. Now they accuse you because those crooks have no intention to keep the promise. How sick is that. More, you are guily when you tell them that it was a scam from the bigining.

      Somewhere you have to put a stop. You need to asume the leadership of your tribe and you don’t really need some whining sadists talking about their miserable lifes and how everybody owe them something. No, they owe you! So they should respect your decisions! If they can’t help because they are too busy watching TV, they should at least shut up and leave you alone.

      • Please.

        1) The elderly EARNED those pensions. They were supposed to guarantee their independence so they would not have to rely on their children as unwelcome indigent charity cases in their old age.

        2) They never anticipated FEDGOV outsourcing and insourcing their children and their grandchildren’s jobs and basically opening the floodgates to the entire Turd World.

        The last thing we Whites need to do is fall for anymore of FEDGOV’s scams. We don’t need generational war anymore than we needed the gender wars of the sixties and seventies or the nationalist wars that afflicted WWI and WWII.

        We need unity. To paraphrase one of the Founding Fathers, we need to swing together or we most assuredly will swing separately. In answer to the question, what will the youth get from unifying with the elders?

        Many who are still alive grew up during the Great Depression. They know a helluva lot about economizing, Victory Gardens, all the stuff that this blog has been promoting. Many who are still alive grew up when education meant something. They can homeschool the younger children so they can learn the three R’s and something instead of about fisting and other depravity being foisted on kids in the public indoctrination schools. Isn’t real education what this blog has also been promoting?

        Pointing fingers of blame at each other is an effort in futility. There is enough blame to go around for all of us. My excuse is ignorance. Some Klan members tried to recruit me once, but I will tell you what I told them. I have never had an unpleasant racial experience with a Non-White. Ever. I get along with everybody. That is why WN v.1.0 has been such a colossal failure and why the media and FEDGOV love it so much that if they can’t find a WN v.1.0, they make one up a`la Zimmerman. People with no malice in their hearts don’t feel comfortable with hatred inspired by ideology.

        My eyes weren’t opened until I was forced to take a Mexican Studies class and saw the whole La Raza scam in action and realized every one but White people were being encouraged by the FEDGOV bureaucrats to pursue their own racial interests. That’s where WN v.2.0 must come in. The focus must be NOT on what is bad for “the kikes, niggers, gooks, spics,” etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum, but what is good for Whites. The focus must shift to The Fourteen Words and be driven out of love for our own, not hatred of the Others.

      • Razvan says:

        WN 1.0 failed because it was trying to save everyone, including those who didn’t want to be saved. It was too generous with undeserving people. It hoped to start a mass movement with cowards and dumb people. This is why the tidal wave of facts and stats leaved them indifferent.

        Until few time ago I was convinced that the people will finally wakeup. As you said, I thought that we need unity. The reality is that they will simply not wakeup and they will care more for themselves than anything else. Any change will be perceived as a menace and they will oppose you.

        WWI and II were due to imperialism not because of smaller peoples breaking free from some jew ridden empires. Frankly, empire equals jews collecting taxes. It was, and still is true.

        Those good old people are few and mostly over eighty. They deserve our respect and love. They are our comrades. But the truth is that the large majority are a greedy, irresponsible, lying, shameless bunch! Tell them they will live so much better if you open the borders to some hard working turdworlders. Because their children of course don’t love them enough. Now you’ll see the voting pattern. They are voting the way they vote not due to the brainwashing, but due to the hope that the magic turders will save their pensions.

        This generational war was not a war of our choice. They decided to war against their children and grandchildren long time ago. Don’t tell me they were tricked to abort hundreds of million of white babies and still they have no responsibility. This war was already won by the jews.

        Their “financial independence” was based on the most unreliable entity: a corrupt and pump inflated government; because our “elders” didn’t trust us, their very few children; so they tax us twice: we still have to take care for them, and second, the state taxes us promising to take care of them; which of course never happens, because it is simply impossible. Yes, they earned those money, but investing them into a Ponzi scheme doesn’t imply that everyone should do the same.

        As always, the government will punish the good and healthy behavior while subsidizing the degenerated one. This has to stop now. And no quantity of lachrymatory morality will change the facts. The left looks like it looks because people look like they look. Not the other way around.

      • mindweapon says:

        WN 1.0 failed because it was trying to save everyone, including those who didn’t want to be saved. It was too generous with undeserving people. It hoped to start a mass movement with cowards and dumb people. This is why the tidal wave of facts and stats leaved them indifferent.

        Precisely, Razvan. You have very good insights.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      WN 1.0 failed because it made things too complicated and it competed with a cornucopia of wealth, not going to be a lot of traction in that kind of situation.

      Decades ago I destroyed a diversity seminar guilt session that was forced upon us employees. I did not ramble with an essay length diatribe trying to prove how smart I was or ramble on trying to garner a C- from a Mommy Prof type (a german immigrant PHD woman making 2k per session). I stated this when my time to confess came up “I hope to come away from this session un-brainwashed”

      This liberated the rest of herd from the confines of this guilt shaming session and the session went down hill from there, for them at least.

      Too much SIM City WNism and too little white liberation.

      • mindweapon says:


        If this is just “Sim City WNism” why do you bother commenting? You are one of the Sims yourself!

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Because you are one of the few essayists who at least tolerates the heretical idea that whites need to be liberated before the great plans are implemented. And none of your ideas are all that bad and when I read the “we must” rhetoric I just pantomime a stroke motion and take the good with the bad. Same with eradica when they wander off into “we must” more stroke motion and take the good with the bad.

        Speaking of great minds of essayists I read somewhere that at AmRen the great Ramzpaul turned to Derbyshire’s wife and proudly pronounced that “he was not a ‘racist’.”

        Me on the other hand will in the proper situation just tell a white person that the word “racist” was coined to demonize and demoralize whites and whites only.

      • Razvan says:

        Imagine that when some of us say “must” it means it has been already tested and done. And yes, I am in control of my entire family. And they have to follow my rules because I am usually right.

        Your approach is right in many situations. You are not too explicit so they can accuse you for something, while they are not really eager to ask more because what might go off on their own ward. It works especially with the ladies (I’m really smiling here – a smart line may have incredible benefits).

        But it will not work with a more experimented guy. This is potentially dangerous with some sort of bosses. If they have real power they’ll toast you.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Yes Razan you are correct in many situations a white person saying what I said would be toasted. But I think we are close to destroying this taboo and actually liberating whites to actual free speech. Then we can really “plan.”

  11. PROSNO says:

    They say Obamacare is going to save me money? In the last 5 years, I’ve spent zero dollars on healthcare. In the last 20 years, I’ve spent less than $2000 on medicine and doctors. Now, I’ll have to pay a regular tax, from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, for healthcare I neither want nor need, and that is going to make my health care cheaper? Huh?

  12. Jon says:

    I don’t want any “health care”, only to treat myself when and wherein I judge myself competent to do so or medical services provided by practitioners whom I choose to contract with and whom I either vet myself or by private accreditation organisations and on an advisory basis only. “Care” is for dogs, cars, slaves, incompetents and children.

  13. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>This is why the tidal wave of facts and stats leaved them indifferent.>>>

    The average person is born unconscious, and dies unconscious.

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