New WordPress Blog; Blondegynocide

She calls herself Viking Bitch, but I like her URL, Blondegynocide


Link and follow! A great new addition to the WN 2.0 WordPress MindWar Militia!

She reminded me of Richard McCulloch’s book:


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4 Responses to New WordPress Blog; Blondegynocide

  1. Small complaint- this, and a lot of new blogs, do not have an RSS feed. I prefer to follow blogs with RSS. I think WordPress allows you to activate this as an option. I encourage all bloggers to have RSS for those of us who like it. Is it a thing of the past now, or something?

  2. I found her on Maureen’s site, and I like the way she uses the term “Viking.” Also, there are these two new sites that seem tailor made for women, and since everyone is always saying we need more women in the movement, I’m glad they exist:

  3. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Aryan Women isn’t wordpress so I haven’t figured out how to sign up to participate yet . I tried the email signup but never got the email. I like it so far though. It’s a good start!

    Can’t wait to check out the other site too. Thanks Hipster.

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