James Howard Kunstler at the Cambridge Farmer’s market – meets guerilla food producers and a young White nomadic farm family that lives in a yurt

KunstlerCast 248 — JHK visits the Farmers’ Market

He interviews a young White man with a family that is literally nomadic. They are like Mongols with chickens and pigs instead of horses. They even live in a yurt. They are also voluntary povertarians though if they come into money they would likely manage it well and become wealthy. The man sounds happy, confident in himself, optimistic, and strong.

The organic farming thing is taking off among the best people. Remember that you don’t have to be a farmer to take part in this industry, and not all farming involves fields and plants. As I discussed before, black soldier fly farming can be done if you can get residents and/or restaurants to give you veggie scraps for free, which can be turned into high protein chicken feed (and you can sell to pet stores as well, or direclty to people who own lizards or pet birds).

Listen to the people in this podcast. They sound healthy, happy, strong. With such people in this country, you know we are going to be OK no matter what the liberal scum and neoconservative monsters do to us.


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4 Responses to James Howard Kunstler at the Cambridge Farmer’s market – meets guerilla food producers and a young White nomadic farm family that lives in a yurt

  1. Sam says:

    After listening to Eric Alterman/Bill Moyers interview and reading your glee at the economic destruction of Liberalism. I began to think a little and I believe it will never get better. After the collapse we’ll still have all the minorities and we’ll be broke. These people are migrant farmers. I don’t want to live in a yurt.

    • mindweapon says:


      White people are farmers. The brown people aren’t going to want to live in the cold. THey will migrate South when we aren’t providing them heated housing.

      The only reason so many blacks and browns live up here is because we provide HEATED HOUSING that just works. Turn it on, and it works. No need to chop firewood, or be careful about not killing yourself with CO poisoning.

      One thing the blacks and browns do is run generators or even build fires without ventilation, and kill themselves with CO poisoning. Or just burn the place down because they don’t establish safe practices for disposing of the hot embers (hint, douse them in water immediately).

      Blacks and browns HATE agriculture. They only do it if there’s absolutely no other thing they can do. Mexicans do it because it gets them into this country where their goal is to get on the welfare gravy train (or to steal a good American job). Blacks absolutely will not work on farms or even have a garden. They hate it with a passion. When the SWPL’s and Hipsters have an urban community garden and festoon it with the black green and red of black nationalism and play reggae music and rap, even taht does not attract diversity to work with them, and the whole affair ends up horribly, terribly, evilly, hatefully, beautifully, wonderfully, lily White!

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Community gardens came up regularly at the oildrum, and one hippy lib described his efforts as Mexicans standing around waiting for you to raise and pick something for them. Needless to say he was quite negative about the whole thing and quite explicit in the descriptions of the “other.”

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