Liberals discounted the value of parenting

Liberals discounted the value of the job of parenting. Liberals think that parenting is so trivial, that “even a 14 year old girl with a monthly welfare check can do it.” Liberals created no-fault divorce because women’s lib is more important than the best interest of children. Liberals are the true enemies of children, and thus of humanity.

And now we wonder why people are so dysfunctional! And the liberals now say, having destroyed America’s morality, “Oh, we need immigrants to do jobs Americans won’t do.” But what’s unspoken is that there is indeed a grain of truth to the idea that Americans are less willing and competent to take on productive employment, PRECISELY because liberals said that “parenting is no big deal.” Precisely because of the government legitimizing by paying for single mom household bastardy as a mere alternative lifestyle.

Being a single mom is considered a way to avoid working. That becomes your job, where you are your own boss and no one can tell you what to do or hold you accountable because liberals and feminists liberated you.

Listen to this four part interview of Chapter Jackson by Katrina Pearson (both African-American women who grew up in single mom households).

The best possible arrangement for children is the two parent, biological, opposite sex, same race parents. That is the formula of the True Family. The slogan “love makes a family” is the biggest load of crap ever. Liberals prioritize their own liberation and hedonism and crotch tingles over the best interest of children and over the best interest of long term civilization. Which is why everything is going to hell in a handbasket. Good job liberals! Satan couldn’t have done it without you!


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15 Responses to Liberals discounted the value of parenting

  1. WhiteGenY says:

    I disagree with the nuclear family being the best arraignment. The best arraignment is the extended family in addition to what you said.

  2. Cranberry says:

    In the meantime, buy Barilla pasta and sauces, if you eat pasta. The eponymous CEO of Barilla said he will not feature gays or gay “families” in Barilla adverts because he wants to preserve the sacred family: father, mother, children, where the mother has the central role as the homemaker. Bra-f’in-vo.

    WhiteGenY, I agree. I refuse to warehouse my kids in daycare, even though at this point we could use some extra income. Any job I take would just pay for daycare, though, so we’d still be at best even or probably net negative on any salary I make. If my parents or a few relatives lived nearby or with us, it would be easier to take a part-time job and save all of the money. Sadly atomization is robbing many families of income opportunities, even home-based ones. You can’t let 3 under-5 yo kids run around unsupervised long enough to wash some dishes let alone do an income-generating task like editing, coding medical records, making travel arrangements for small businesses, or even cake baking or catering, hand-lettering invites or cards, etc. (I’m citing some of the home-based business options I’ve looked into).

    And with that, have to go. My 15 mins of computer time is up!

  3. It was suburbia and people moving for jobs that broke up the extended family originally. Think of a grandmother and grandfather with 2 sons and one daughter. When the sons and daughter get married, they move into their own detached suburban ranchers with their spouses and their kids, possibly in another neighborhood, another town, or maybe even across the country for work. So that’s now four suburban ranchers, four mortgages, 4 (or more) bankster accounts, 8 taxpayers, 8 cars. Moms will probably have to work, so that’s daycare, public schools, more driving.

    Now imagine a plantation house, 8 bedrooms and the like, or even separate houses on the same plot of land, or an apartment building. One or a few mortgages, fewer cars, no need for daycare (grandparents can help out.) How much more of a community is that? Things like childcare become second nature, a shared responsibility, ride shares, home schooling, pooling money. Shared workshops, tools. Sure, you can have an “intentional community” of otherwise unrelated, random near-strangers that believe in an “ideal” of some kind (that was quite popular in the 60s and 70s) but blood is thicker than water. It’s much more tight knit when it’s an extended family. The weakness of the PLE concept is that it’s strangers, and it’s publicized (so you can recruit strangers.) So, media attention, slanders and attacks, trouble-making plants, etc. Why not just keep your own family together, and organize with like minded neighbors and friends, that you actually know in real life? Posting details on the internet is pointless, it’s asking for trouble.

    If MW gets his way and we have $10 or higher gas, people will likely be forced into doing this anyway. Why not get a head start? It keeps coming back to this issue for me: WN is obviously a class movement. The rich, and even the upper middle class to some degree, have enough money and resources they don’t need to worry about this sort of thing, as much. But for poor folks, and increasingly middle-middle class families, the current arrangement is very sub-par, it’s wasteful, it’s isolating.

    MW’s other idea is to have an apartment in the city so the kids/young adults can at least experience what the city has to offer part time, or temporarily. Expect at least a few to like the city life, and stay. So much the better, now you have a permanent asset in the city as well. Not everyone is going to follow the exact same path. (btw, MW, that’s called a pied-a-tierre.)

    A pied-à-terre (French pronunciation: ​[pje.ta’tɛʁ] ; French for “foot on the ground”) is a small living unit usually located in a large city some distance away from an individual’s primary residence. It may be an apartment or condominium.

    The term pied-à-terre implies usage as a temporary second residence, either for part of the year or part of the work week, by a person of some means.

    If we had strong civil society institutions still, like the Masons, good churches, independent schools, it might not be so bad. But it seems to me keeping an extended family together will solve a lot of the problems people have these days, economic and well as social.

    If you’re worried about sexual morality, you can either trust Jesus to keep the youngsters from temptation, or, take the old adage seriously: “God helps those who help themselves.” Get ’em married young:

    • zek says:

      I love this blog.

      I was having a conversation with a radical feminist about this, sort of. She was INTJ, so the discussion was at least calm and collected, although still irrational, as she was still female and liberal.

      Like many radfems, radfem chick will decry the inequality of baby changing stations in men’s and women’s restrooms (she actually did this) but LOVES radical Islam as it is so deeply and profoundly feminist (I paraphrase). She will rail against rape, while embracing the world’s worst rapists in Sweden and South Africa. In other words, she has a serious sublimated craving for the swarthy cock, I guess. And open borders are the best thing since sliced bread as they bring more of her beloved swarthies into her presence.

      Anyway. She was talking about how she loved her family and wished her whole extended family could live together in a close-knit village. I was trying to explain to her that nationalism is a lot like her family concept, extended out to the neighborhood, the community, the state, and so on, so the closer you remain to home, the more other people will be like you. (And poked fun at her for wanting to live in an all-white village, haha.)

      Radfem chick wasn’t having it. She was simply unable to grasp any of the mechanics, processes, interconnections behind family bonds and local community – why they exist, why she can’t have her close-knit village in the middle of a Section 8 utopia, what happens when smart kids like her move away for college and never come back. She thought something like, “this is the way things are and the goal is to improve them, using the racist, *ist situation we have now as a default starting point.” As if what we have now is some kind of fixed default. She could not understand that SHE CREATED the situation we have now. In her mind, her side is the powerless, oppressed, minority side.

      And she is smart. But, there is that pesky liberal mental block in the way. Too bad, as she is otherwise really cool.

      For radfem chick, there are 3 classes of people: 1) Herself and her family. 2) Other whites, who are privileged, racist, “white-bread” and boring – but not her. 3) Vibrant, oppressed nonwhites.

      If you visualize human relations as a concentric circle with self at the center and distant others at the edges, nationalists would see that trust is at its greatest in the center and falls off roughly linearly towards the edge. This is basically in sync with how humans really behave – the closer people are in genetic proximity to us, the more we trust them, by default.

      For the liberals, trust is at its greatest in the center, the same. But in the liberals’ circle, it drops off a cliff beyond that (unrelated whites), and picks up again near the edges (darkies). It’s bizarre. Liberals hate non-family whites.

      This is why I love this blog. We really are fighting a mind war here.

      • mindweapon says:

        Interesting story.

        What is INTJ?

      • Dan Poole says:

        “the closer people are in genetic proximity to us, the more we trust them, by default.”

        That right there is one of the biggest obstacles we face in uniting as many White Americans as possible behind a nationalist cause. Pretty much all of us are products of the melting pot – myself included. The melting pot has served to utterly destroy ethnic ties. Think about it: How is a 25% Polish/25% Irish/25% German/25% French person supposed to find common ground based on blood with a 25% English/25% Russian/25% Greek/25% Norwegian person? The ethnic mixtures within Whites in this country are so, ahem, diverse, that it’s almost no wonder the White race is so utterly divided against itself in this country.

        Any thoughts on this, Mindweapon? I generally agree with you that worse is better. Here’s the thing though: While “worse is better” might serve to unite Whites behind a common enemy, what happens when the enemy is defeated and/or collapses under his own accumulated filth? I know I’m jumping way ahead of myself here, because obviously priority number one is crushing the antis. But IMO, there isn’t a common future for Whites in this country. And I’m hard-pressed to envision a future where something other than an ideological proposition is grounds for uniting Whites at a local level. I suppose that’s where local economies might do the trick. Get people interacting with each other at a local level instead of walling themselves up in their suburban castles and may be something organic will form. The problem with that though is the interaction is strictly economic. Most Americans follow their material bottom line and aren’t idealists. Hate to say it, but Wal Mart wouldn’t be Wal Mart if people didn’t shop there.

        My belief is that to form organic ties between Whites in this country, there has to be communities of families all across the country that, in their INITIAL STAGE, are all committed to the same blood-based ideal. The children of those families would HAVE to marry other children within the community. Give it a generation or two and community bonds are formed. Ethnic admixture is decreased with each generation, which result in greater blood ties. Soon, a brand new ethnic group is formed. Now you have the building blocks of a new nation that eventually becomes its own sovereign state. And because there is so much land in this country, there wouldn’t be just one ethnostate, there’d be several.

      • zek says:


        INTJ is one of the 16 Myers-Briggers personality types.

  4. zek says:


    I’m not mindweapon but I’ll take a stab.

    Trying to unite as many white Americans as possible behind a nationalist cause is WN 1.0. At least half of white Americans are liberals or neocons, i.e. traitors who neither desire nor deserve a healthy nationalist country. They’ll come around if they want to, but we don’t owe them anything.

    You’ve got it right that white blood ties will improve over time. And we’re already practically homogenous enough, I think. Where I live, the Schmidts get along with the Van Whatevers and Whateverskis just fine. Nobody pays any attention to European ethnic heritage. There has been a lot of white mixing in the past 1-2 centuries and there will be more. The more whites intra-mix, the more monolithic and unified the race will become. It’s inevitably going to drift further away from its European origins – nothing wrong with that.

    The great thing about whites is that, in the absence of outside influence (Jews), they naturally form healthy, safe communities. Nothing special has to be done in that regard other than to wait for the ZOG to lose power. When “fair housing” dies, freedom of association returns, and with it, de facto segregation. Whites will coalesce and re-form the communities that the liberals took from them.

    All the while while this is happening, all the whites involved in this process will continue hating Nazis… never realizing that they have become them. And continue decrying segregation… never realizing that they are all hardcore segregationists in their daily lives.

    Economic localization will get a big boost when the cheap shit from China pipeline shuts off. James Kunstler has written a lot about this.

    This country is screwed. Don’t worry about saving it. In many ways it’s already dead. Let the remainder die and do what you can to help it along. Work to gain wealth and power and help shield DESERVING whites from the worst effects. Rush into any power vacuums you can find, seize power and dominate.

    • mindweapon says:


      Very good Paduan! You express my ideas better than I do!

    • Dan Poole says:


      Thanks for the valuable input. On the Occidental Dissent, my motto has been “Dissolve the Union,” so I don’t have any delusions about saving the United States. Even many mainstream conservatives that I’ve talked to (neocon types) agree that the United States will suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah (course, they don’t think race has anything to do with Amurrica’s demise. but that’s beside the point).

      My thing is, what does the future hold for the 200 million or so White people who live here? I wholeheartedly agree with you that roughly half of the White population is beyond saving. The Lord doesn’t help those who don’t help themselves. The liberals and neocons will either be hanged by the noose they unwittingly set, or they will survive and play Sauraman to YKW’s Sauron. Either way its of little consequence to the goal of winning the hearts and minds of the millions of deserving Whites who can and must be converted. Or Mindweaponized, as the fearless leader of this blog would say.

      I’m still pretty new to the movement, so I’m not as seasoned or as knowledgeable about the history of pro-White activism as, say, you are. But it seems like there’s an important difference between WN 1.0 and what I talked about in my previous post: WN 1.0 falsely assumed that the majority of White Americans, perhaps even the overwhelming majority, could be converted. We know now that this isn’t the case. But just because we can’t convert a majority of Whites doesn’t mean we can’t significantly grow our own ranks to the point where we present a serious alternative to the degenerate system. Power is in numbers, and we don’t have numbers, ergo we don’t have power. Conservatism Inc. thrives despite never winning anything because it has numbers. So when I talked about uniting as many White Americans as possible behind a nationalist cause, what I meant was that this movement should be in the business of growing its ranks. Only then can Skynet be awakened. Color me a pessimist, but I’m not convinced that Skynet will awaken naturally.* I hope I’m wrong about that, because the conditions are so ripe for a great White backlash – and increasingly growing riper.

      *Not that Whites won’t naturally form safe, homogeneous communities, but as you said, they’ll hate the very idea that they have group interests as a race. That’s not going to be sufficient when we’re up against an enemy that is committed to White GeNOcide. The enemy may stumble and fall down the hill, but he’ll just get right back up and work his way to the top. When does King Leonidas finally kick the bastard into the black hole?

      • zek says:

        Jews are <2% of the population, and it's only a few thousand who pull the strings at the top levels. We have the numbers and then some! Mindweapon has stressed the importance of infiltrating the power structures with clandestine pro-whites. But we don't need large numbers for that.

        Don't worry about converting anyone. For many, I think it will be obvious what to do – economic/social pressures will force them into behavior modification. In fact… don't even worry too much about organization, growing ranks, etc. That's top-down, WN 1.0 stuff. This is largely a bottom-up process that will play out on autopilot by white genes. 99% of the "members" of the "movement" will be oblivious to the fact that they are even members of a movement!

        The future of 200 million whites… I dunno. I'm sure for many it will be ugly. In evolutionary terms, the strongest and fittest will have the best chance of survival. The whites who survive are going to have to be relatively hardcore. Supported by a vast artificial infrastructure, SWPLs can live very comfortably, but without it… not pretty.

        I'm new here too. Thanks for calling me seasoned. LOL! All the credit goes to mindweapon for coming up with the strategy – it's really brilliant. Writing about it helps me work through it in my head. Welcome!

      • mindweapon says:

        I agree zek. Things are happening organically, from the bottom up.

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