Treasonous employers in Florida practice modern day slavery

I worked all week for free?!: The horrifying, true story of $0 paychecks
The shocking, terrible tale involving deportation threats, Marco Rubio and a bunch of false promises

In the annals of degrading, infuriating labor practices, this one may take a prize: Meet the cleaning workers who received … zero-dollar paychecks.

Now, defying alleged deportation threats and protesting those empty paychecks, a handful of striking guest workers from Jamaica are demanding accountability from the boss who hired them, the companies whose buildings they were cleaning, and the Florida politicians like Marco Rubio who took those companies’ cash.

“The promises made by our employer, Mister Clean, they were so enticing that we borrowed money to get here, over $2,000,” striker Dwight Allen told Salon in a recent interview. But “when we got here … we realized that all of the promises were all false.

“We had to sleep on the floor in overcrowded apartments,” said Allen, while paying their boss rent that sometimes exceeded the low wages and limited hours he provided them. “After getting a paycheck of zero dollars and zero cents” due to rent being deducted, said Allen, “we would still be getting texts from his wife saying that we still have balance of x amount” in remaining rent unpaid. When workers began organizing, he said, “we were threatened in writing from our boss.”

Allen and other guest workers employed by Mister Clean Laundry and Cleaning Services filed a federal complaint and went on strike Aug. 19. “We were scared,” said striker Shellion Parris, but “we knew in the back of our heads that we need to do this, we have to do this.”

Photos provided to Salon by the National Guestworker Alliance, the group behind the work stoppage, show checks reading “No Dollars and No Cents,” and a page dated June 25 warning guest workers on H-2B visas that, “Any worker who does not show up for your assignment will be immediately removed from Mister Clean Housing and will be reported as AWOL (Absent Without Leave) to ICE (Immigration Custom Enforcement).” The statement, which was in all-caps, continued, “You will then be escorted to pick up your plane ticket and go back to Jamaica. You will have an ICE and Okaloosa County Sheriff Department Escort.” Workers say that warning arrived stapled to their checks. Mister Clean did not respond to a request for comment.

This is why we need to seize economic niches, to take over businesses. Americans need those jobs.

Business is where the conflict is at. It is the field on which we must fight for our race. These conflicts are waged all the time, over our heads. We need to get in the thick of them, to learn how to fight these fights, and wage our business war with cohesive, collective racial loyalty as our first principle.

Liberal liars claim that racial loyalty is “bad for business.” Jewish bankers provide the counter-argument by their example.

Conventional wisdom states that the lower the wages, the more profitable the company, but Costco provides a counter example.

With such low prices and thin margins, it might be logical to expect Costco’s pay and benefits to be equally bare bones, but that’s one more way the company has defied common wisdom. Costco actually has among the highest pay scales in the industry — its employees earn an average of $20 an hour, and more than 90 percent get benefits, including health insurance. In reward, Costco has some of the lowest turnover rates in retail.

It also has no public relations team — a genuine rarity among Fortune 100 companies. Media inquiries are handled personally by its chief financial officer, Rich Galanti. Senior executives do not travel with a support staff, and it is not unusual for the CEO to answer his own phone. According to Sinegal, it’s all part of culture of Costco.

At this point in history, the “conventional wisdom” has been massively dumbed down. Therefore, there are opportunities to beat the system and get rich and have influence by doing things that run counter to conventional wisdom, yet work better.

Race loyal business is one such thing that I believe would take off like a rocket. Costco doesn’t need a PR team to try and convince the world not to hate them. Gee I wonder why? Race loyal business would also be organically popular.


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2 Responses to Treasonous employers in Florida practice modern day slavery

  1. Adit says:

    I will wager that Mr. Clean laundry, etc.” is just within the law. Millions for legal defense, not one penny for employees! This is almost the same scam they had setup for the coal miners around the turn of the century, minus the company script. Apparently, there are a lot of people who want their own personal slaves or serfs, but then act surprised when a crowd with torches, pitchforks and the rope shows up at their villa.

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