Arrest of Golden Dawn MP’s will not stop them; it will make them stronger

News of the arrest of Nicholas Michailiakos is spreading through the WN blogosphere. I hope people aren’t feeling discouraged by this development.

Anyone who studied the history of the Soviet Union knows that dissident movements get declared “criminal groups” and its leaders arrested. This just makes them that much cooler to everyone else. It’s like wow, these guys’ ideas are so scary that they had to arrest them!

Arresting political dissidents is what a government does when it has lost the hearts and minds of the people; when it has lost legitimacy. Let them arrest, and arrest more. Going to prison is a right of passage for political dissidents and regime changers. The comrades get to hang out and plan what they will do when they are released. And they will be released. There’s no long stretches being handed out here.

Make my word a crime, I will cry out louder
silence my voice, I will find another
make my voice a crime, I will create another!

Hunt me down, I will find a new place to hide
You cannot silence me, you cannot stop me
for I, and my kind, are forever!


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9 Responses to Arrest of Golden Dawn MP’s will not stop them; it will make them stronger

  1. Anon1111 says:

    Well it isn’t good news for him, being an enemy of the state rarely is. That said, hopefully his followers can keep his condition in the news.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    The Greek state not exactly a paragon of virtue, hopefully GD can exploit this.

  3. heathenhank says:

    Its fascinating the doublethink of these mainstream journalists, both western and Greek. To them, the “banning” of GD is democracy working. They “saved democracy” by banning the legal political representation of the populace.

    “Democracy,” to these people isn’t the idea of citizens exerting their political will through the vote. No, “Democracy,” is subservience to the global market over the people. It is Israeli interests over national interests. It is the cult of the individual over any bonds beyond the self (race, ethnicity, spirituality.)

    How did republican ideals and the political rights of man turn into this? Even the most militant, orthodox fascist State would likely make a more equitable democracy than what we consider modern “democracy,” in the West.

    I agree with you MW. Politically radical movements should be worried when they’re NOT trying to come and arrest you.

  4. Denise says:

    I’m following the info on SF. There’s a long thread going in Newslinks, and it’s obvious GD supporters are providing updates.

    This is going to backfire. It’s OBVIOUS that the Zionist JEWS did this. Just like the push for war with Syria – it’s TOTALLY a 110% Jew set-up. It’s already starting to backfire.

  5. Denise says:

    Hey – let’s do that Collective Energy Prayer thing for the GD. The 2 Minutes of Hate thing. Only let’s send love to the GD ,and hate to the Enemy.

  6. Trainspotter says:

    Things are getting very, very interesting. We are witnessing an event of historical importance with all sorts of ramifications for the future. The mask of modern “democracy” is coming off, interestingly enough where it all began: Greece.

    The world moves forward by irony.

    I agree with Denise, let us pray for Golden Dawn. GD is not only on the frontlines for the Greek people, but for all whites, and our destinies are intertwined. Long Live Golden Dawn! Europa Awake!

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    Things are getting very, very interesting.

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