Netanyahu: The Final Days

Netanyahu in the bunker. Obama spoke with Rouhani behind Bibi’s back! This is reminiscent of JFK/Ben Gurion.


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  1. Denise says:

    I’m not so sure. I don’t trust the Vampires at all.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Zionism is not exactly a big seller these days. FTR I support at least in the abstract sense a jewish state where all the jews can go to and be secure in their Morgenthauian existence, we’ll check on them occasionally.

    My WAG the jews will be in real trouble the day the left protests AIPAC’s big convention, and by protest I mean organized thru Daily Kos and not some ultra crackpot lefties.

  3. Hey guys,
    I am some dude off the street weighing in on this and other comment/discussion threads here.
    First off, I like the name of the blog and small scene that’s developed here. Good work, Mindweapons! Keep going! Second, I am someone you might call a Leftist. My motivation is strictly anti-Zionist and in my opinion, that’s what we should all focus our efforts against. I see value in all races and feel for those hapless masses to whom life just happens. You can’t blame the person under you for what the person over you is doing, but I am prepared to make certain concessions. I acknowledge that black people are a permanent part of America & are just as much victims of the Zionist as we are. The violent youths are led by Jewish pop culture to think that’s how they’re SUPPOSED to be. They could be re-directed using welfare-to-work as, I believe, Mindweapons or someone else mentioned, in farm fields. I know there really is an IQ disparity, but I also know there really is dignity in labor, and structure can help these guys. If an honest effort were made to finally integrate black people, like “We’re willing to change if you’re willing to try.” <— Or something like that. I mean, it's EASY. I am pro-white. I am pro-life and pro-Constitution. I am probably more of an Eisenhower Republican or hard 20th century Democrat than any kind of Liberal at all. I have a revolutionary mindset. I have a gun and plan to get another, bigger one before Winter. I identify as a Gentile. I hate Bill Maher. I manage wisely. I boycotted Huffington Post the very DAY they announced AOL bought the place. But I am on the Left. Know that. Neighbors have been unfairly segmented against one another. Know that. We can co-exist with black people. They're no problem. The international Zionist is the problem, but more than that; the scourge is an existential threat. Black people or Mexicans who work harder than anyone here are easy. They can be dealt with, but we are gonna need everyone on the same page or it won't work. You know it. Search your feelings.

    Getting into the conversation a little late, I just want to give my analysis of this UN Rouhani Syria thing:
    -Zionists were dealt a huge blow. Embarrassed and exposed as the pit of vipers they are.
    -Hats off to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Who knew these guys had it in them? Elated.
    -What the heck are you doing re-blogging MJ ROSENBERG? Al Jazeera is compromised 2 or 2.5 years now.

    I was browsing some other entry here, is what I was doing. Saw MJ Rosenberg. Had to check it out, so here is where I dropped product (my comment!).

    Just a reminder that American Jews make up less than 2% of the total American population. Click the link in my ID.

    Thanks for putting your site online. I'm stoned on WEED so here's a bunch of TABS I have open!
    Russia's Jewish community unimpressed with Rouhani’s Holocaust acknowledgement comments, page 99 — RT Russian politics
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    The Israel Project’s Secret Hasbara Handbook Exposed Tikun-Olam Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם
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    PressTV – CNN falsifies Rouhani remarks to mislead public: Analyst

    347.jpg (JPEG Image, 600×596 pixels)
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    • mindweapon says:

      Um, no. I don’t want to coexist with blacks or Mexicans. I want lands free of them, even if they are small lands in the cold cold North.

      If we had to “coexist” with non-whites we’ll have to dictate to them how to live — to work hard, to not throw their trash on the ground. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want whites to have to be the “parents” of other races. They are not our children. Whites who have blacks around “parent” them at the expense of White children.

      It’s interesting that you call yourself pro-white though. And an Eisenhower Republican? LOL. And a bunch of other things.

      I think you are confused. Listen to the call of your blood, Mr. Coalition. The only Coalition we need to build is a coalition of people who are genetically similar to us, a coalition of our racial family. Everything else is a trifle, a bagatelle. War or no war, global warming, or not, Zionist power, or not — the only reason any of that matters is to the degree that it effects White people.

      Without us there is no civilization. Everyone is back into living as cavemen. Which might be a good “reset” for all of us.

      You’re trying to white knight the world. Fuck the world, it’s going to do what it’s going to do. The Zionists are going to do what they are going to do, and the Muslims will too.

      Your post is definitely TL/DR. I suggest you simplify. What the fuck is an Eisenhower Republican? That’s a term that doesn’t mean anything. Same with Hard Democrat. None of that shit means anything any more. You’re mind is in Post-war USA. Postwar USA is over. There’s not gonig to be the FDR welfare things like SOcial Security or Medicare, or if they last, it will be in sharply curtailed circumstances.

      It’s 2013, not 1959. It’s a whole new game, and too early for labels, except one label. Pro-White. Oh, and you are telling us on the internet that you’ve got a gun, and plan to get another one? Whoop de doo. You and what, 96 million others?

      There are estimates, however. According to the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey – the leading source of international public information about firearms – the U.S. has the best-armed civilian population in the world, with an estimated 270 million total guns. That’s an average of 89 firearms for every 100 residents — far ahead of Yemen, which comes in second with about 55 firearms for every 100 people, or Switzerland, which is third with 46 guns for every 100 people.

      One bit of advice. Avoid semi-automatics. They are much more likely to have an accidental discharge, or jam when you need them, or have the safety on when you need them. Revolvers are always ready to shoot, but have a much harder trigger pull which makes it much less likely that you will make it go off when you don’t want it to go off. But if someone’s going to kill you and you got one of those silly “glocks” the safety might be on. Or you might need to pull the slide back. While your enemy shoots/stabs/strikes you. With the revolver, you pick it up aim and shoot that’s it. Works just about every time.

      I find the gun thing terribly boring. If you are a gun stroker, get a better hobby, like learning a foreign languages or math or computer programming or take up a musical instrument.

      So simplify how you identify yourself. Democrats were all about getting the billionaires to share. That worked back when the billionaires had real wealth. But basic redistribution won’t work any more. The whole economy hangs by a thread, and trying to redistribute would crash it. The one thing that would work somewhat would be bringing factories back to the USA and deporting the immigrants so Americans could have those jobs, and cutting off welfare and subsidizing one class of people — competent White parents. White people are the source of all that is good in society. We are the most important asset, the asset of assets, the source of civilization and knowledge. And they are our family. Not blacks, Mexicans or Chinamen. Whites. They are our people. We have a right to be us, and only we can be us.

      Pro-White sounds good. It sounds right. Go with that.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      A real Eisenhower Republican wouldn’t be willing to live with Mexicans.  He’d have Operation Wetback 2.0 and there would be a Mexodus from the USA like you wouldn’t believe.

  4. Sorry if that was too long, Mindweapons. I hope you publish it anyway! 😛

  5. Hello again,

    Thanks for publishing that long comment, Mindweapons. My intro was longer than my point. I only wanted to give you some examples of traits that we may hold in common & some that may distinguish us as individuals. Just so you’d have a better idea of who was commenting out of nowhere.

    I know using a word like “co-exist” may push your boundaries of acceptable range. I didn’t mean “living together” per se, but just more to manage what has become a problem. Plenty of young black men who live outside the ghetto stereotype, LOST in this world. I knew some as a student and these are the people I am thinking of when I try to describe it now. They could do something positive for America and they would go along with any respectable push in society because they are not thug life, but outside it entirely. Also, the black church community. Come on. These are our ALLIES! I am not into race-mixing, if I haven’t said so I am saying it now. Absolutely right, this is a new era. It’s not 1959, is it? New solutions are needed. I think it’s counterproductive to dream about a nigger-free America. It’s just not realistic is all. But there is such a thing as adaptation and playing kung fu on the parasite.

    They could prove their worth on a battlefield, in a machine shop and in any number of other ways. It’s been my observation that black people know how to fix things. Welfare-to-work, hell yes. They’re strong and loyal. These are the best qualities out of them which can be reckoned with. Co-exist doesn’t mean to me what you think I think it means. I am talking about The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend and that PRIORITY should be determined by us in this case to go after the SOURCE of our common problem first. A black man never sold out my rights in session or took a Zionist bribe to sell me out. Yes, black people are floundering IN it, but they are not INITIATING ANY of it. That’s my entire point about priority and what I meant yesterday when I said we can’t blame the person under us for what the person over us is doing.

    The other reason for my comment today is a simple call to reason to prioritize what is the main problem. Remove the hostile, foreign meddling and BAM! White man is on top again just like that!

    I take it you did get my meaning when I said other minorities in the USA can be dealt with (using means determined by us, not a 2% hyper-minority), and that we all, lefty righty alike, should just prioritize. Minorities are flooding into the country only because Jewish lawyers and policy center think tanks agitated, sued, guilt tripped, sued some more & peeled off just enough corruptible politicians to open the floodgates. Check out May, 1907 National Geographic magazine for 2 articles; one about agitator Jewish Bolsheviks (80%+ of the first batch of Russian Communists Politburo were Jewish; ask Vladimir Putin, even just a month ago he confirmed this in a cheeky way) in revolutionary Russia and the other article about American immigration policy, with pictures of those allowed in and pictures of those deemed undesirable and sent back at Ellis Island. As I recall from Dr. Kev MacDonald, major reforms came in 1909. Then fast forward through 1959. More lax immigration reforms after 1964. You know MLK Jr. didn’t push all that through by himself. I also want to clarify that I don’t feel confused as to my ideological center or the circumstances we face in 2013 & beyond. It’s possible my stance is softer today than it once was, as more information is available to me. I have seen a good part of the West, and I have seen men so black they’re almost blue filling out top tier jobs in quality & offshore energy in the Caribbean (Reliability Engineers to Petrochemical Engineers & everything in between, at the post-graduate level). I used Eisenhower Republican to describe myself because I am not so easily pegged. I mentioned last night that all the classical political indicator traits are now shuffled and no one except the most superficial political partisan could fit the new profile for Libtard or Bagger. Those are cartoons. At the very least, certainly no one posting here in earnest would fit those profiles. I wanted to explain how Jews have unfairly shuffled our political postures (you know, that LIST of traits that says how this person and that person are supposed to behave) for maximum divide & conquer profit, how you and I are not so different, to let you know you have growing support from the Left and that without rude and unwanted Jewish influence, good Americans can work out any differences we have.

    Repeat: Without rude and unwanted Jewish influence, good Americans can work out any differences we have.

    For Eisenhower inspiration, check out the 1956 Republican Party platform AND his farewell address, warning of the “self-licking ice cream cone” in the form of the MIC.

    The main push of my comment last night was to praise your site but to let you know where that praise was coming FROM. I just wanted you to know that the secret’s out across the spectrum; the Goyim know and I am reaching out in what I hope are friendly forests. I know that in certain circles, if you flunk the purity test, you’re automatically a liberal. Well, I don’t see it so black & white.

    I am more in line with Dr. Duke’s evolved view that while the melting pot theory once seemed to work, it has been supplanted by a sinister Jewish salad bowl theory masquerading as the same thing. These are my words, not Dr. Duke’s but the sentiment is consistent. For myself, speaking independently, I don’t care if any person wants to better themselves and their condition here. BUT YOU HAVE TO BECOME AMERICAN. That’s the critical distinction in my view. Same as you, I draw a line at published material for public consumption being put out there in some non-English language. It’s rude. It’s provocative. It does more to foster resentment than help anyone get situated in their new country. But I can’t hold it hard against someone for forging ahead with a new life. I had considered and am still messing with the idea of moving to the Balkans (but probably will wind up staying in America off-grid). Language & even culture are not barriers, but life there is a grind. Not sure I can do it. Not sure I’d want it in the long term. It’s not easy to relocate to a new country, so I am looking at it from a potential immigrant’s eyes, and then applying it to immigrants here in America. It takes balls, but plenty did it before them and they all BECAME AMERICANS. A single culture and a strong national identity in the Scandinavian countries are why they can have nice things. Having a strong, stable, standardized gene pool also doesn’t hurt, so a person may be more likely to view their neighbor as themselves and vice-versa. It’s a problem here, but I maintain it’s a matter of priority. You can use the black man as a pressure release valve, draining your energy while the Jew marches his happy ass right into your living room, or you can ally with the Christian black man and the Christian Hispanic man to stop a threat to all three groups. It’s that serious. Stakes are too high. The hour is too late. If “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance”, then our parents and grandparents weren’t vigilant. They were living it up in Borglife Golfworld. It’s up to us and this is treacherous, uncharted territory.

    White separatist? OK. I can get behind it. Tell ’em, “There’s your diversity, right there, see.”
    White nationalist? Well, not realistic in my opinion. Enclaves, definitely. Nation? Who knows?
    New definitions? Hopefully. What am I? Compassionate, passionate, studied, reasoned? Don’t say Liberal.

    At the True North of my moral compass, it’s not about WHO you are but about HOW you are. And it’s not hard to find out HOW someone is, but I guess it would suck to be stained every day because of WHO you are. That little thought is always nagging in the back of my brain.

    I hope you publish this one, too. You have my support. From the near-Left. In faith on Sunday!

    • @The Coalition

      At the True North of my moral compass, it’s not about WHO you are but about HOW you are.

      Spoken like a typical white universalist that needs a “moral community.” Kevin MacDonald has discussed this extensively. It’s one of white people’s greatest weaknesses.

      If you’re white, non-whites don’t give a damn about the content of your character. You are judged by the color of your skin, period. Your moral posturing is getting more and more expensive every day.

      Cly was right, we should be neither philo-semitic nor anti-semitic. Just a-semitic.

      As far as left/right, you may as well be arguing red/blue.

      Now, how are we gonna win our money back?

      Much better question.

      • Hey, thanks for writing back and being semi-congenial.

        Whether I am typical or not to the label on that box you have waiting for me is yet to be known. I’ll research white universalism more carefully.

        Don’t you know that most non-whites want white approval? Just in casual interaction, tremendous energy is transmitted by showing basic, token kindness. It’s like not staring at someone with a cleft palate when you talk to them. Same thing. They appreciate it and you have an inroad just like that. I’ve heard this kind of thing referred to as an “entry point” into someone’s consciousness. I believe the phenomena is real. Mindweapons do exist. And then you are measured by the content of your white character in their eyes. Kung fu. Winning. In the short term, a hipster like you would be in a great position to forge inroads, both on and offline with the specific goal of waking up and lining up the whole of American society to remove power from the 1.74% (click the link in my ID). Everything after that is our business. It’s a long game. Beyond our lifetimes; but everyone has a more active or proactive role they could be playing, including us. Also see my forthcoming comment under “How are we gonna win our money back?”

        Finally, when I say about myself “it’s not about WHO you are but about HOW you are” that is true universally, but only to degrees. OK, now here is a looong preface to my point (stay with me): I have nothing against Muslims, for a few reasons. Mainly out of personal experiences, as I have been shown wacky kindness abroad by Muslims on 2 continents and I believe also that Muslims are our one true and original allies in the struggle against Zionism. I don’t buy into anything official about 9/11 and believe it was a PNAC orchestrated disaster to drive a deep, generational wedge between Christians and Muslims; a “necessary” condition to raping the Muslim world using American blood and money. Looking at the statements of the PNAC, events over the last decade have come to pass, along with their stated aims and damning disclaimer that a New Pearl Harbor would be required, also the PNAC members’ representation in W Bush’s administration and the gross over-representation by Zionists as far back as I have been aware tell me the official story is crap. OK. My point in saying this is that there are times when it’s near impossible to separate WHO someone is from HOW someone is, in the case of religion. It’s essentially the same complaint I have about multi-culturalism pushed by Jews and their own glaring double standard. I think freedom of religion is OK, a person’s faith is pretty personal, but never, ever at the expense of the dominant culture or living autonomously within a country as your own nation within, Native Americans excepted. I can give 100s of examples of Jews doing this outright in America and other countries. Yet it is always Jews sounding the Sharia Law siren as a cynical smokescreen. I would never allow that to happen and it is insulting to suggest we are on the edge of some caliphate, especially knowing Jews are living autonomously and “lawlessly”” inside our country even as the cynical doping the American people scenario is rolled out. So my point is that although I believe “it’s not about WHO you are but about HOW you are” it comes with significant qualifiers and I do use the statement as a public posturing tool to qualify myself in the eyes of the onlooker or reader. I am sure you’ve experienced a scenario when you try to explain to someone the stranglehold Jews hold America in, maybe even using the daily evidence that supports your claim and piles up in realtime. Well, it’s like you can set your watch by it. The person literally shuts off their brain and you can SEE IT HAPPEN; doing all sorts of juvenile denial tactics and dismissing your hundreds of reasonable claims out of hand, individually, one by one as though the other pieces of supporting evidence didn’t even exist. It’s frustrating, so lately I use this statement as a qualifier of my own in public, because as you can see from my statements, I am truly not racist, and that identifying Jewish racism doesn’t make ME a racist. I may hold some informed opinions about the preservation of my own race, but it’s luck of the draw who we’re born unto. I know that and I tell people that, also, as a tool to gain credibility. Soften your outward stance a little bit and you can reach like 66% more people. Kung fu. Winning.

        As far as anti-semitic goes, it follows that I am not that, either. I was blind to this larger picture for a long time, only piecing it together over the last 5-7 years. I was one of those people who dismissed this line of reasoning offhand, so I can really see it from both sides. To me, anti-semite is a made up insult. It means someone who is less than enthusiastic about allowing Jews to dominate every facet of their life. The accusation serves 2 purposes: to immediately characterize you as unreasonable & shame you into silence, while the Jew continues on present course, unquestioned again. So if they want to call me an anti-semite, I’ll take it and rob them of the characterization. The best thing to do when you are called that is to dissect the claim right on the spot and explain to the larger audience why the person just tried to pull that crap. Show them how your reasonable claim, and say it, how your REASONABLE CLAIM backed by evidence is being shut down as a cynical mind ploy against the audience… callously USING something like this terrible tragedy with real human lives lost as a shield for their present wrongdoing, etc. Flip it on them and really just make them burn. You better believe THEY are practicing mind tricks and playing with mindweapons. It’s devastating for the Jew in argument and the audience will remember what happened the next time, weakening the claim again. Kung fu. Winning.

        We gotta kick it into high gear, using all available means and high technology. Mindweapon was saying how it’s not the past in reference to Eisenhower Republicans as I tagged myself. I do agree. Something about an Aryan Mafia was posted. It’s an interesting read, but not the front face of anything respectable in my opinion, as I am an honest man. But this leads me to my promise of a comment under “Now, how are we gonna win our money back?” I’ll finish up over there. Thanks for reading so far!

    • mindweapon says:

      It’s been my observation that black people know how to fix things

      LOL, wut?

      • Yeah, mechanics, plumbing, all manner of wiring, appliances and more. I might have a dubious advantage of having lived in a huge city for just over 12 years of adult life. Do you now, or have you ever, known any black people personally? I didn’t until I lived there, and when I moved there, I wasn’t that race-conscious. I also had a job with travel, which I thought was really neat until it hit me that I was eke’ing out a living in the Third World because muh manufacturing was all gone here. These blue-black engineers were tweaking and calibrating offshore oil monitoring equipment and explaining their operation to me in any level of detail I required, seamlessly. The helicopter pilot was black. They were fussing about things like “scope of registration” and showing me they were unique abstract thinkers. You really need to see what I saw there. But yeah. Mechanics. You know. Rigging stuff.

    • Soften your outward stance a little bit and you can reach like 66% more people. Kung fu. Winning.

      I would bet money that I’ve known more non-whites than you, and more Muslims, white and non-white, than you. You come across as young, half-bright, and utterly fascinated by the smell of your own second-hand lefty rhetoric. Trust me, you aren’t showing anyone here anything we haven’t seen before. Most of us went to college too.

      But I have always found it interesting that these “Goys Unite!” types, all races against The Jew, are pretty much following the jew script to the letter. Two types of people, jew and goy-of-all-races, plus the exact kind of cartoon anti-semitism jews need to keep their own tribe paranoid and ethnocentric and continue to pose as the victim. Chance of being a jew troll: non-negligible.

      You all should do the opposite: unite all the races with The Jew and white anti-whites like yourself (supposedly) and fight the only battle that matters: Against Whitey, the Cancer of Human History.

      There are only two types of people in this world: white, and non-white.

      We gotta kick it into high gear, using all available means and high technology.

      Who is this “we” son?

      Do you now, or have you ever, known any black people personally? I didn’t until I lived there, and when I moved there, I wasn’t that race-conscious.

      BWA HA HA HA LOL. This shit is just too precious. Farm boy never even saw a Negro until he moved to the Big City now he’s going to enlighten us babes-in-the-woods that never even met a hep cat black before. Now tell us about how much you love blues music, and how you like to hang out with the old Negro Bluesman at your favorite dive bar and how “spiritual” they are or something.

      I wanna be Bob Dylan
      Mr. Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky
      Mister Jooooones and me …

      Chance of unintentional hipster racism: 99%.

      • If you wanna drive people away, that’s up to you. You come off as not that nice a person.

      • Actually, it sounds like what I said short-circuited your worldview. Listen to you, short, hick-witted comments, like you’re gonna try to put words into MY mouth after me basically baring my soul and MO here, filling you in on little details, TMI really, trying to make sure I was NOT “misunderstood.”

        Take a breath. Because doing like you’re doing isn’t working, is it? Hasn’t worked, has it? It’s because your lizard brain takes over and puts all potential allies at a distance. You’re doing it wrong, Hipster Racist.

      • Just finally, the idea you are trying to foist is PATENT BS.

        What you tried to pass off right there is just madness.

        The Zionist plan, quite clearly stated, demonstrated everywhere, daily citations pile up, is to water down the white population using other races & to encourage stubborn refusal to adopt local culture so as to keep us provocative to each other, the idea being that no one could ever dominate and Jews could lord over it all. That’s the danger. All evidence dovetails to this. Every single day. There’s a solid line of reasoning that pretty much everyone has fallen in line behind. There’s ample historical evidence supporting this BASELINE, “MAINSTREAM” level of understanding (the Zionist strategy for white countries) and more damning evidence backing it up churns & CHURNS out of the Jewish media machine day after DAY, every single day. That’s the whole “danger.”

        What you are saying is false, and worse, INTENTIONALLY false.

        If you are trying to tell me (and everyone here) that lining up in alliance against it “plays into their hand” I expect you to back that up.

      • It’s been well over 24 hours. This is about what I’d expect from an ideologue hipster racist.


        Listen to Dr. David Duke’s radio show from YESTERDAY @ 21:31. Dr. Duke appeals for all nations and races to get on board; to recognize the sole threat before it’s too late.

        THIS IS 2013. It’s not 1959 anymore, is it, Hipster Racist?

        [audio src="" /]

        It’s just unbelievable that garbage you tried to pull on me in your last comment. I don’t know what to think.

  6. Now, how are we gonna win our money back?

    • Giving this some thought, I went back and have been reading some other posts on this site and others.

      I regularly marvel at the fact that entire schools of thought exist, unseen to most eyes. Advanced lessons of learning exist but are unseen and unavailable. Sociological studies & sciences of the mind as methods of control are the key areas I am talking about. Making that orange into a clockwork orange.

      I still have the idea of that Aryan Mafia article spinning around fresh in my brain. Secret societies do exist. Most are undesirable in my opinion. But it could happen, like this one example.

      We know that an influx of minorities is threatening to knock us out of the majority within a generation or two. I am pro-life and pro-white. Personally, I am also pro-liberty, so I view an issue like abortion as a liberty issue at its core. I protect a woman’s personal liberty to choose her own destiny. At the same time, I believe abortion is an indicator of bad choices and a poor lifestyle that might need to be addressed at some point. It’s basically beyond my control, or is it?

      The Aryan Mafia could be a resistance movement of professionals and long thinkers.

      Here’s what the Jews have done. They clanned up and did secret society on the world. Inching, creeping and wedging themselves into positions of influence, swarming ONLY those institutions where influence is projected.

      In my simple example, what if WN 2.0 all got jobs as abortion doctors? Then you’d be in a position to screen your patients up against criteria favorable to maintaining a steadier white birth rate. The doctor could then steer certain patients into all manner of volunteer, “community” support services that “he or she just happened to hear about” that are outside clinic operations. In these cases, it’s really possible a choice to abort could be avoided. But not everyone is directed to the community support network. Some operations are simply performed.

      The importance of doing things like this could be impressed on kids at Bible school or summer camp. That’s how Jews do it. My quick thought.

  7. @Coalition, If you’re working under the premise of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”, that has a few problems, not the least of which is what happens after my “friend’s” enemy has been disposed of, so to speak.

    It’s better to find a self-sustaining solution. It leaves you unaccountable to allies who don’t exist, and allows you to do things on your own terms. Kind of like, you shouldn’t take on unnecessary debt, as that ties you down, thus restricting your ability to act.

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