Why Zionists Hate Syria

This woman, whoever and wherever she is (Muslim I think), understands the New World Order and the Rothschild family banking Vampire Squid. This is great that the whole world knows about this stuff!

The Ugly Truth

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7 Responses to Why Zionists Hate Syria

  1. A.Ralston says:

    This articulate young lady refers to Russia as a “trusted ally,” from whom Syria has taken loans, rather than from the IMF. In previous threads I have commented skeptically about Putin, but I truly hope he stays the course and proves me wrong.

    It is my understanding that the Rothschild cabal has enabled, assimilated, or otherwise co-opted many of the Russian mafia mega-billionaires, owing in part to the IMF-engineered banking crisis in Cyprus, and that Putin’s primary support comes, not from the mosly pro-Western politicos of the government’s upper echelons, but from the Russian Orthodox Church, which has regained much of its power and popular support since the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

    In my personal journey, I am not Christian in a strict dogmatic sense, but I am attached to the rituals and traditions of my Methodist upbringing, some of which, of course, were overlaid on older Nordic pagan lore and fesitivals. During my confirmation classes in my early teens, my pastor, a kind and erudite man, took us on field trips to other religious and philosophical instutitions, such as the local Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches, a Conservative Jewish Synagogue, an independent interdenominational Evangelical Temple, an Indian Vedic monastery, the AME Church ( black African Methodist Episcopal) , a Masonic Lodge, and a Mormon Temple. I personally enjoyed my study of Biblical history, and along with my best friend with whom I competed, shared the award for the most Bible verses memorized. I also earned an award for ten years’ perfect attendance at Sunday church services and, as part of my Boy Scout training, the God and Country Award.

    Later from my readings of Alan Watts, an erstwhile Episcopalian priest who explored quotidian applications of Eastern and Western philosophies and psychotherapies to the life well lived, I learned that within Christianity there was great lattitude for independent scholarly inquiry, philosophic discourse, mind-body disciplines, and independent psychospiritual quests of a very high order and rich variety. One need not abandon his Christianity when practicing Yoga, meditating (as distinguised from praying or contemplating), or studying Lao Tzu.

    These childhood experiences in my mid-sized Midwest city, now totally overtaken by Asian and Mesoamerican immigrants, are much of the impetus for the profound grief and anger that I, like the young lady in the video, feel about the cold, cunning destruction of our native culture by the NWO reptiles.

    Waxing nostalgic, I have sidetracked myself from the point I intended to make, which is that, no matter what our personal metaphysical outlooks are, mine being a kind of Aryan Buddhist, I hope the various Eastern Orthodox churches – Serbian, Armenian, Greek, Russian – will hold firm as a bulwark against White dispossession.

    • mindweapon says:

      Aryan Buddhist is a good description of my outlook as well. Don’t ever want something so much it hurts. Practicing math for me is a way to get easy psychic rewards without imposing on others.

    • Wally D. says:

      Nice digression, I like the term Aryan Buddhist, too. As for the young lady, she may be simply reading from a script, but she makes much more sense than John McCain and John Kerry combined.

  2. Skeeter says:

    That chick’s hot. I did a double-take when I first saw her on RT a few weeks ago.

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