A Vision Of The Future Of America

Chateau Heartiste updates Orwell’s boot stomping on a face, forever.


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4 Responses to A Vision Of The Future Of America

  1. o/t but no one ever commented on the origin of Heartiste’s original name, Roissy.


    The story begins when O’s lover, René, brings her to the château of Roissy, where she is trained to serve the members of an elite club.

    Huh. The more you know…

    • ckorzeniowski says:

      Was it ever a secret? I’m pretty sure Roissy himself has written about the Story of O before.

      • I don’t know, I’ve heard someone suggest it was a coded way of saying “racial” and I never did read his blog under the original name. I didn’t notice anyone making the connection.

        To my great delight and amusement, this, er, “theme” keeps on showing up in the reactionary, rightist, traditionalist and anti-feminist movements. I know there are real historical and social reasons for that.

        Needless to say, that novel could have only been written by a white woman.

      • PA says:

        Roissy’s blog started as purely pickup in subject matter, with occasional conventional conservative opinions thrown in. I take credit for helping guide it toward its present politics starting back in 2007. What I did is introduce racial arguments and go about them amiably and intelligently.

        What was also key is that I legitimized “beyond the pale” or crude but honest types of WN arguments made by various cpmmenters, usually by validating their core premise but depersonalizong their tone.

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