The Aryan Mafia prophesy reprinted in full

Two future members of the Aryan Mafia:

by Guillermo Coletti


I started writing this piece with the idea of explaining a phenomenon that I think is going to be an important part of the future of America. I believe that a new institution will rise, at a time not too distant from now. That institution will be violent, racist, and for profit. In order to better depict its nature, I have called it the Aryan Mafia.

I believe the Aryan Mafia will take form, as much as I believe that Mexicans will keep coming to the United States, people on welfare will continue having illegitimate babies, Jews will make new movies and California will have more earthquakes, after-shocks, and flooding. I know that many traditional thinking, CONservative types and orthodox right-wingers may find this idea abhorrent, and I can not argue with that. This concept of the Aryan Mafia may indeed be abhorrent because it will present us with attitudes and patterns of conduct that we have been programmed to reject. Nevertheless, the status quo may be just as abhorrent. Additionally, I believe that the Aryan Mafia will get started by a natural process of its own. I think that nothing can be done to precipitate its formation, as I believe nothing can be done to prevent it from happening. The Aryan Mafia is, in my observation, a certain thing, just as ethnic strife in the Balkans was a certain thing for syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan in the late 1980s, when he wrote that now Yugoslavia was heading toward an ethnic civil war. In the old days, there were men who forecasted the growth of the Sicilian Mafia in America and its impact on an already established way of life. The Aryan Mafia will be the natural rejection of a dying racial body as it starts showing strong vital signs. It will be rough and it will be criminal. There will be winners and losers as well as innocent victims.

Above all, the Aryan Mafia will be a sign of its times. Like an irregular army, it will have warlords and soldiers, performing tasks in a time of chaos and having disregard for authority or any form of government representation. its members will favor ridiculously over-priced H&Ks, will drive expensive American cars (Vipers, Corvettes, top-of-the-line Jeeps, etc:) and will embrace White Power Rock n’ Roll with as much enthusiasm as some minorities have already embraced Gangsta Rappers. In other words, they will spend a great deal of their resources on self-indulgence like the ancient Aryan warriors once did, and their female companions will most probably be the most gorgeous women our race has to offer. They will be young, strong, arrogant and they will have an unstoppable desire to take the world by storm and make it theirs – the old-fashioned way, with force. My opinion for this crescendo of Aryan crime can be substantiated by current statistics which reflect that White crime is the fastest rising crime in America. This growth will develop according to the nature of the Aryan: at one point it will become orderly.

Putting this forecast in writing has proven to be a greater and more time consuming effort than I had initially thought. Therefore, I have decided to release partial chapters, as I approach a conclusion to this socio-racial forecast.

America’s Castes
America has been a caste society for quite a long time. There is, however, no official document pronouncing America as a caste society just as there is no document pronouncing America a democracy. On paper, America is a Republic and everybody is equal under the law, and we are all one big happy family. In reality, we are not all equal under the law as we are not all equal in the political arena. Then again, there is no official document pronouncing Ted Turner more influential than a man who earns minimum wage. The lack of a document of that sort may predispose some people to believe that the concept of inequality is false, because it has never been stated that way, but the institution of civil equality, however, is documented. To those people I say: keep believing.

American society is formed, or divided, by layers of different degrees of power and influence. The more powerful layers are less crowded than the under classes. These economic layers hardly ever interact, at least not as much as races do. The sight of a White woman marrying a Negro is more frequent than that of a rich woman marrying a guy from skid row; it just doesn’t happen. I’m not in the business of advocating that it should happen, either. I’m simply stating something I believe is true, that there is no economic interaction in America, and that as society progresses on its current Jewish path, the differences among the wealthy and those regarded as “human resources” will only magnify.

This, along with the increasing de-Aryanization, is turning America into a Third World country. Unavoidably, as much as the System looks more and more like those in place in Mexico and Thailand, and many other places, something will make America different: America still has and will have a large Aryan population.

Very soon we will see that millions of working Whites won’t be able to cover their basic needs. Yes, there will always be those who will pursue well-paying careers, people who will have the vocation, the inclination and the ability to be nuclear physicists, surgeons, etc; but the masses of White people will suffer the most grotesque of disappointments (many already do) when they find themselves jobless or working for a Third World wage.

We can see today that jobs which a decade or two ago allowed a White man to earn enough money to raise a family; today are not even sufficient to afford a single man a comfortable living for himself. The increases in wealth of the upper class is in part due to the cheapening of the upper class’ ability to influence policy making, at all levels of government, to their own convenience. It is becoming more a matter of everyday life that a worker can not accomplish a good living. It does not mean that a worker does not aspire to a good life, or to a moderately good life. It means he doesn’t get it, in spite of working a hard forty hour work week. It must be remembered that the average young White American thinks that he will not enjoy the so-called American Dream as much as his parents did. Does it mean that the younger American is not as capable of producing? No. It means that he may have been born at the wrong time! But, this may also mean that many will refuse to accept that concept and that they will challenge it by taking a different, less orthodox route. (Are we starting to understand each other?) The ghetto Negroes, who want to enjoy material things, resort to a life of crime, and perhaps, although delinquent and questionable to many, their expectations may be realistic. How else could they buy the $100.00 tennis shoes (sneakers) they like so much, or 5 compact discs a week, or cocaine, or expensive cars, or shopping sprees for their girlfriends.

The young Aryan is being pushed into a corner at a pace faster than any other race. Soon he will find himself with no more opportunities than the uneducated, low-IQ Negro. And, this really should not come as a surprise to thinking fellows. Since the 1950s, White America has been told, very openly, that the government had a plan to equalize them with the Negroes. How can this be done? Either by bringing the Negro up or by bringing the Aryan down. And which of the two is probable? If you thought that the right answer was by bringing the Negro up, please do not waste your time any further. Put this article down right now and go watch Dan Rather or Ted Koppel. Thank you.

Birth of the Aryan Mafia

This concept of the Aryan Mafia, the next mighty wave of organized crime, can be grasped better if visualized. Let me give you a few cinematographic hints: “Natural Born Killers” meets “Point Break” meets “Heat” meets “The Boxer”. The Aryan Gangster will wear tattoos like the Jap “Yakuzas” already do and the drawings will be ethnically oriented. The Aryan Mafia will be more brutal than anything ever seen. It will have to be brutal from the beginning because that will be the only way the other competing mafias (the Negroes, the Asians, the Mestizos, etc;) could possibly be removed from certain areas of business, the stuff they refer to as “turf”. Initially, the aspiring Aryan Mafiosos will be tough guys with not a whole lot of vision, who will engage in systematic (violent but petty) and not too profitable crimes. From those who will get busted, the first lesson will be learned: next time go for the big loot. There’s also another reason why the Aryan Mafia will be the most brutal: it is latent in the blood of the Aryan. When push comes to shove, nobody can surpass Aryan man’s ability to inflict long and painful deaths. Europe has tons of museums that display instruments of torture dating back as far as the dawn of civilization. Brutality and violence are manifestations of unrestrained Aryan Manhood. Every time the System makes a new move towards Matriarchy, what it actually tries to do is to protect itself from a force that, once unleashed, can bring the System to its knees. We have witnessed how much the Mestizos can accomplish when they go against the System, we have seen the Negroes revolting, but the only force that has what is needed to destroy the Iron Heel is to be found in the blood of the Aryan.

Aryan Looting

Will the Aryan Mafia be racist, political or what? It will be non-political and it will have to be racist because that will be the way to survival. its racism will not be due to idealism. The Aryan Mafia will be racist because embracing a racist way of life will be a simple necessity. A little history on race and crime may help in backing up my point.

The Jew American gangsters of the 1940s, almost all of them, had some sort of participation with the creation of the state of Israel, the only surviving racist state. And that’s understandable. When the Hebrews needed to smuggle guns out of New York City, they were certainly smart enough to know not to go to a “by-the-book” custom broker of Irish descent. They went to see a successful Hebrew gangster. With the creation of the state of Israel came a big reward to all Jewish criminals – safety, a place where they could find refuge when running from other national authorities.

Yugoslavs, who escaped their country during the days of the Iron Curtain, formed a very brutal Mafia in Western Europe that made headline news in the 1970s, but whose formation may date back as far as a decade prior to that. They did not succeed in their attempt to take over Marseille and Sicily, they didn’t have a chance in hell to do that, but they did quite well in London, Paris, and Rome. Through violent crime, the Yugo Mafia obtained money and, consequently, influence. They had enough money to bribe border officials in their own country to get their relatives out. Their relatives now owed them a favor, so they became new recruits. There are plenty of Asian Mafiosos: the Chinese Triad, and the Japanese Yakuza. In Orange County and Los Angeles County there are a number of lesser Asiatic mafias, such as the Cambodians, the Filipinos, etc. Mafia affiliation, in order to succeed, has to have an ethnic/racial overtone. I predict that the coming Aryan Mafia will be White without a particular national theme. It will be a society of Whites whose backgrounds will be traceable all over Europe. This society, as any other similar society, will punish treason with death and will hold silence as one of the greatest virtues.

The Aryan Mafia will be the most feared and the most targeted for persecution. Let’s face it, the Iron Heel doesn’t fear Afros brandishing guns in South Central or Compton. They couldn’t care less about Negro crime, because, after all, the Negroes are not bright enough to become a force to be reckoned with. However, imagine a similar situation, a similar attitude of disregard for compliance with the laws others have passed for us to obey, and trade Negro faces for Aryan faces. Imagine extensive areas of your city that at night become the playground of ruthless Aryan criminals. That is what the Iron Heel will fear most: armed and action-oriented Aryans. (Are you getting the picture?) Although basically non-idealistic, the Aryan Mafia will perform, indirectly, idealistic tasks. They will need to be supported by a number of regular people, just like all mafias have always done. You know, a sympathetic grandmother can be more useful than a dressed-down gangster, the type of guys who draw all kinds of attention to themselves. This support will come from doing a few simple kind of things which, done at the right time, mean a lot. A working father who doesn’t have the money he needs to take care of a problem at home may find a friendly hand in the Aryan Mafiasos. Why not? They will be happy to have someone owing them something and money will be easy anyhow. And the other guy will be grateful. A win-win situation.

I believe that the coming Aryan Mafia will be initially made up of biker types, unemployed blue-collar workers, wanderers, and even Skinheads. However, I also believe that many college graduates will be resentful after a year or two of unsuccessful search for work related to their career field. Many of those college-educated young Aryans will hold sufficient disregard and resentment against the System and its moral self-righteousness, that they will look for alternative ways of making money, while sticking it back to the System. I don’t want to sound elitist, but those newcomers may be the touch of sophistication that the Aryan Mafiosos will need to bring themselves to a higher level of criminality, a higher level of efficiency and accomplishment.

The first part of this series of articles on the rise of the Aryan Mafia has generated a number of questions and comments worth addressing. I have, therefore, added this chapter before continuing with the rest of the program, since most of these issues are valid and deserving of attention.

Several people have told me that they do not understand how a mafia can emerge from some of the simplest forms of criminality, such as described in the previous article. They say that although it is true that Aryan crime is on the rise, this alone will not lead to the formation of a mafia. This is, at least to me, a simple issue. I think that the average criminal is motivated first by survival, second by habit, and ultimately by greed.

There are, of course, a number of genetic criminals, but they must not be our concern for they are irrelevant to the matters discussed here. I believe that after Aryan Gangsters have developed expertise at bypassing the rules of the Iron Heel, survival and habit will be things already accomplished and greed will follow. Greed will bring a desire to grow, to expand, to diversify into new areas to make more money and consequently to be more powerful, as well as more respectful and respected. This greed will make Aryan gangs merge the same way large banking institutions merge: when it is profitable to do so. This will happen because it will be convenient for the parties involved; there can be no other reason. Once a network of gangs is in place, the formation of the Aryan Mafia will only be one step away. The Sicilian Mafia, after all, is formed by “families”, which are basically gangs, however, they are part of a larger network or entity, the Sicilian Mafia aka Cosa Nostra.

Other people have suggested that my depiction of the lifestyle of the future Aryan Gangster was too attractive and that I should have made a moral condemnation of future Aryan criminality. First of all, I did not and I do not feel like making a moral condemnation of Aryans breaking the law and I do not feel that I have that kind of obligation to the State. After all, this series of articles was never meant for publication in the Spotlight.

The Iron Heel and its publicists (the Media) look the other way when the Jewish Mafia perpetrates some of the most hideous crimes of today. The media does not condemn Jewish or Negro crime. Why should I take a different attitude towards people of my own blood line? By the way, the Jewish Mafia is what is vulgarly called the “Russian Mafia”. If I were to criticize a working-class, disenchanted, young Aryan for aspiring to use force to improve his way of life, then I would be under the same moral obligation to criticize England for taking India and China by force, as well as I should criticize Spain for taking America from the Natives by force, and the French for colonizing large parts of Africa and Indochina by force, and so on, and so on. After all, I do not believe that past Aryans colonized mud lands because they were altruistic. I’m also inclined to believe that it is extremely naive to expect people with power to obey the laws. People with power use their influence to push the enactment of laws that weaker people will have to obey – not them. A brief observation of history would prove that.

My second point is that, if the depiction of the lifestyle of the Aryan Gangster was too attractive, it is simply because his lifestyle will be so. I predict that the next Aryan Gangster will be young, healthy, and fit to enjoy all pleasurable things. I foresee him as inclined to practice sports (probably surfing and bodybuilding will be among his favorites), he will have the most awesome-looking Aryan Uberbabes that you can find, will drive the fastest cars and the most over-priced Harleys, will own the most exclusive weaponry (legal or illegal), will have a lot of free time on his hands and he will discriminate. I mean that the Aryan Gangster will find Negroes, Mestizos and Jews despicable. His arrogance will be well justified because he will be a better gangster; a more successful one.

As I anticipated, some people thought I sounded elitist when I suggested that the Aryan Mafia will receive a significant boost after it starts attracting college grads and professional types. I have said: “I don’t want to sound elitist, but those newcomers may be the touch of sophistication that the Aryan Mafiosos will need to bring themselves to a higher level of criminality, of efficiency, and accomplishment”. I think that this comment should not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Every time a criminal succeeds at making a lot of money he has to find a way to launder that money, to bring it safely into action. For that he will need people with knowledge of economics and the law, such as attorneys, accountants, financial advisers, etc. There are plenty of people in those areas who are pure Aryans. Nobody is born knowing how to introduce illegally acquired money to a foreign country, for example.

A few people asked what areas of crime will be the first to show signs of Aryan Mafia activity. I would guess that it will probably be in the areas where there is easy money, such as night life, booze and gambling. Also, other areas may include: firearms, steroids, robberies, traffic of stolen merchandise, collection of “fees” for forced security protection, hit-men for hire, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if those ships of the U.S. Navy, which are now under control of Mestizo and Negro gangs, will become, in the near future, disputed territories of an underground war with Aryan gangs.

Other readers have predicted that the Aryan Mafia will be short lived, that it will fail simultaneously with the fall of its initial members who, they anticipate, will all end up in jail. To put it briefly, I’m of the opinion that the greatest segregation we see in America is social separation based on personal income. Most low income people never socialize with higher income people and consequently they do not see, on a day to day basis, what lots of money can afford. But they will start seeing these differences when the next door neighbor joins the Aryan Mafia. Some people will look at this modern Aryan Warrior and will want to live like him, risks and adrenaline included.

I believe the best form of recruitment the Mafia will have will be by the constant action of being themselves; a lot of young people will want to be like them. It will be, for many, a temptation quite hard to resist. Of course, many Aryan Gangsters will be a force who will displace the Negroes and the Mestizos, perhaps with the auspices of other Aryan fraternities within the prison system. I foresee much networking between these fraternities and the Mafia. The Aryan Maffia will rise because there will be a need for a large number of people and ten thousand snitches, informants, and infiltrators can do nothing to stop it.

Actually, I believe that the best thing that cowards and snitches can do is to stay the hell away from the Aryan Mafiosos. As I stated before, I also believe that nothing can be done to precipitate its formation. It is a historical moment which will come no matter what.

Finally, I stated and I maintain that the Aryan Mafia will be non-political, but it will be racial. After obtaining a recognizable power, and only after that, Mafia activity for political power may take place, but only as a consequence of a need for expansion. I believe that it is possible that most Aryans will not find the existence of this Mafia to be a detriment to their own lives. A big political body almost always starts developing its power as a mafia of some sort. The early Bolsheviks benefitted from Josef Stalin’s many train and bank robberies. The Zionists benefitted from the Jewish Mafia established in America, as well as the Stern and Irgun gangs from where the political leadership of the Hebrew State emerged. In America, Democracy also benefitted from the mafias, the so-called “robber barons” who hired armed guards to smash any organized labor. Democracy today is a bit more sophisticated in its relationship with mafias: mafias are called political parties and thus they maintain an aura of respectability and responsibility.

Just as other ethnic mafias have proven to be beneficial for their own peoples, the Aryan Mafia will become an asset for Aryans.

Source: AGITATE #3 (30 April 1999) and #4 (12 May 1999) by Doom Goddess and CNYWP (Central NY White Pride) known since 2000 as the Aryan Syndicate. Back issues of AGITATE are available – write to


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34 Responses to The Aryan Mafia prophesy reprinted in full

  1. Written in 1999, at the height of the Y2K hysteria and just a few years after the LA Riots. The internet still hadn’t become mainstream.

    The FBI took down the remnants of the Sicilian mafia with mandatory minimum sentencing for drug crimes. While a mafioso might do 5 or so years in prison without opening his mouth, facing life and having all his families’ assets siezed, the tough guys starting singing like canaries. The last don’s family fizzled out after they lost their reality TV show. The reality was that mafiosos were barely above their blue collar victims money wise. Control of the unions – regular blue collar jobs – were the bread and butter of the mafia.

    Sure, we might have a financial collapse. Big deal, we have a financial collapse about every decade. By the end of WWII, everyone had electricity and home appliances were super wasteful. First time energy prices started climbing, people starting shopping for energy efficient things. Industry responded, and everything started becoming super efficient.

    My $200 cell phone is more powerful than the first computer I had as a child, and it’s always online with access to the internet from virtually any inhabited area of the country. Wikipedia, by itself, can give you an education that was only a dream of the wealthiest at the Ivies just a generation ago. We’re on the verge of 3-D printers going mainstream.

    Blacks make up something like 10% of the population, they are concentrated in ten cities and in the South East, and Planned Parenthood is doing a bang up job keeping their numbers down. Welfare reform would do even more. For all the WN talk about black crime, the vast majority of victims of black crime are blacks themselves. Blacks just aren’t even a factor in most cases. Mestizos may have the numbers in a generation, but mestizos are easily ruled by the white Hispanics of Mexico and Brazil.

    Meanwhile, life expectancy continues to rise, the biggest health problems in America are caused by a shitty diet (hence, yuppies and hipsters have become organic foodies) the US Empire out drones just about everybody, 5 years after the last major economic collapse life is going on pretty much as normal. When the Republican party is out of power, they engage is hysteria-mongering, just like the current screaming over Obamacare – which might as well be called Romneycare, its core ideas developed in the conservative Republican thinktank Heritage Institute.

    I’m just not seeing the problem here. Even as a global minority, less than 10% of the earth’s population, whites pretty much run the world. Two of the three super-powers are white (USA and Russia vs. China) and white countries continue to have the highest living standards of pretty much anywhere. We just sent a probe to Mars for god’s sake. Hopefully, poorer whites will put away the mafia fantasies and start doing useful work. You don’t need a “job” to create wealth.

    It’s a romantic vision. Sitting around an office, bored, we all have fantasies like this one, don’t we? I mean, who doesn’t want to be the Aryan Tony Soprano, at least in a daydream? Grabbing the woman while you exit in a hail of gunfire? Reminds me of those pulp cowboy novels that always had a few explicit sex scenes.

    Now snap out of it, there’s work to be done.

    • mindweapon says:

      Haha, good one Hipster! The status quo will hang on, will it? Maybe you’re right. We’re getting closer and closer to our bet time, I may have to send you a silver round if gold isn’t 2000 on December 31st.

      The Aryan mafia would have to operate much differently than the Sicilians.

      The government has not shut down the Jewish mafia, by the way.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Hipsters words help balance things out. I don’t think all is doom and gloom either but I certainly am trying to prepare for harder times.

      • The status quo always changes, but who says it’s going to get worse, not better? You predict a collapse, I predict a Golden Age.

        For WN fantasy fiction, I prefer a bit more sex, like in KD Rebel. Now that’s a fantasy – raiding strip club owners, rescuing (*cough*) the strippers and taking them to your secret compound in the mountains, turning them into grateful but still sexy sister wives. It even had a girl on girl spanking scene! I’m telling you, that would make a bad ass TV series. I should do an erotica fan fiction. The old NA was funded by a white power music mail order business, now those mantra songs can be found on iTunes. I swear, I’m going to fund the MW movement by selling WN themed erotica on Amazon, 99 cents a pop. White women around the country getting hot and bothered reading about dashing white Che’s Fighting the Power before ravishing them in the safe house. Two front in the battle, cultural and economic.

        Better idea – let’s get in on Tim Wise’s scam. Let’s write our own Pro-Diversity books and cut in on his action. Title it: Hipster Like Me: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being.

        I’ll give you this: peak oil and EROEI are real economic factors. Even if gas hits $10, or more, who says that people are going to start running out into the streets with their hair on fire, shooting up the place in the Final Gun Battle? At $10 a gallon, cabbies and car poolers will make out like bandits. If grocery prices rise, you’ll profit. If people can’t afford to go out to dinner and the movies, they’ll spend 99 cents on a video game and stay at home, so the geeks will get even richer. Food shortage? We’ll be the last to starve, third world food aid will get cut ASAP, and Africa’s population will shrink.

        North America is sparsely populated and full of natural resources. We’re on the brink of a new kind of cornucopia. Who, in 1992, could have predicted wordpress and craigslist destroying the YKW media monopoly?

        Think about the contradictions here: the true story of the mafia in America was poor immigrant communities aspiring for respectability, desperately wanting to move up from gangster to respected member of White America.

        The online WN movement is relatively intelligent white guys fantasizing about being meth dealers and driving around in fancy cars with hot white girls. Breaking Bad is right, I love that show. Pure escapism, an aging, married father of two with a crappy job moonlights as the Great White Gangster and, while facing hardship, rediscovers his masculinity. Hey, my mom likes soap operas too. It’s basically an After-School Special with guns and drugs. Without the sex and rock and roll it wouldn’t even be that fun!

        White engineers will inherit the earth. Guns? We can print those on the Rep-Rap now, not to mention make drones in our garages.

        Never been a better time to be white.

      • mindweapon says:

        I like your optimism Hipster!

        If gas goes to 10 bucks a gallon and as a result food will get expensive, the economy will change in ways that change the culture in our direction. White people will have to associate with each other more, cooperate more closely, and all good things from there.

        I just ran over 11 pounds of Asian pears to a CSA farmer about 5 minutes drive from my house. He invited me for lunch and he had one of his subscribers having lunch too and we all had a nice chat. I gave the subscriber family some of my pears gratis before giving the rest to the farmer to weigh and pay. He sells them for 3 dollars a pound, and gives me 1.50 a pound for them.

        We had a good chat about fly farming. My soldier grubs are coming on Tuesday and I’m off to the races. Not that it’s going to be some great business to make a fortune from, but it’s something that I will be able to “scale up” if food prices go up. I’ll be able to turn fruit and veg scraps into high quality protein, and sell it as animal feed, or if we get desperate, we can eat soldier grubs directly.

        If you can’t produce animal protein or at least insect larvae protein, you have a hobby garden, not anything like a farm. To be a farm, it has to produce animal protein.

        It is quite tragic how non-whties are invading the burbs like crazy. Maybe you don’t see it Hipster but lots of us do. Pre-planned and with malice aforethought ethnic replacement.

        The only silver lining is the likelihood of militant Whites exacting a terrible revenge on the traitors and pale faced racial aliens who imposed this preplanned ethnic replacement on us.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Hipster, good post for purposes of perspective, but it’s also a perspective that leaves a lot out. I’m going to use it as a springboard to make some rather severe criticisms, but it’s just that, a springboard. It may well be that you don’t disagree with at least some of my criticisms, or perhaps I’m rebutting points that you don’t even believe in. But for the sake of convenience, I’ll assume that you do. lol

      Firstly, a great deal of “the good news is the bad news is wrong” thinking is cherry-picked, leaving out reams of facts and data that demonstrate incredibly damaging trends for huge numbers of whites. Presenting that information has been done by many others, I don’t feel the need to replicate it here, and it’s not really what my response is about. One doesn’t need extensive data when our own eyes tell the story quite well.

      So leaving aside the broad data, I’ll give a personal observation. In the suburban county in which I grew up, it wasn’t so long ago that it was overwhelmingly white. Almost all of the schools were good. Almost all of the neighborhoods were nice, pleasant places to live – including those that were inexpensive and modest. A normal white man could get married, live pretty much anywhere in the entire county, and raise a family. He had a modest income? He would still be fine. If he were single, he couldn’t go five minutes without seeing a pretty white girl. They were everywhere, and zero mudsharking.

      Not anymore.

      That same county has been racially transformed. There is no such thing as a neighborhood that is inexpensive but also “good.” Only a small number of schools are as good as was the norm not so long ago (today’s excellent being yesterday’s ho hum), and you have to spend a fortune to live in one of those districts. And even if you shell out the bucks, you can still get screwed by boundary changes designed to boost the test scores of certain schools where the students are mostly of a darker hue. Ha ha! We’ll be using little Johnny for our purposes, and too bad if we inflict harm and misery on him! Or is that “too good?”

      What wonderful, caring people liberals are. So kind.

      The culture is degraded and ugly. Mudsharking amongst the white remnant is severe, in large part because the broader culture doesn’t even allow us to make our case against it. We are shut down, outside of a handful of blogs.

      This is no joke, Hipster, despite the wonders of your smartphone. You don’t see the problem? I do. With my own eyes. That county isn’t unique, either. It’s the new normal.

      And this idea that somehow it’s ok because white hispanics lord it over their more dusky brethren in Latin America is nothing short of absurd. Number one, we aren’t Hispanics (for the most part.) But even if we were, or even if we could copy what they have done, so what? The destruction of our people, traditions and culture so that a small minority of race traitors, amalgamated with jews and Asians, shall rule? Why in the world should I care if scum like that rule, when my own people are gone? The mestizos can slaughter every last one of them for all I care. I’m certainly not going to shed any tears for those who were most effective in selling my own out.

      (there is another distinction: Latin America was pretty much a racially mixed place from the beginning, with the minority of pure or relatively pure whites tending to rise to the top. Their countries were, for the most part, not solid white nations in which the white majority was destroyed by a traitorous elite, in fact many Hispanic elites attempted to “whiten up” the broader demographics, with varying degrees of success; comparing us to them and thinking things will be o.k. is sort of like thinking it’s o.k. to have HIV because there are chemical cocktails available)

      It’s similar to the arguments you hear these days about “what the Republicans need to do to win,” with the premise being that they should appeal to new groups and jettison some existing supporters. Not that I’m a Republican, but for the sake of argument I have to ask, why should I care if Republicans win, unless they are furthering the goals of my people? What, do I have some special need to see Republicans inhabiting public office, drawing generous salaries, partying within the beltway and eating heavy hors d’oeuvres on the taxpayer’s dime? All while they sell me out? Great for them, but why should I want that? Why should I find comfort in that?

      This is a struggle for a particular people, not a tiny remnant of sell out pigs. It is a struggle for sovereignty and identity, and ultimately for a land of our own. Not a land of orcs lorded over by white/jewish/asian monstrosities – basically just crafty, vile orcs of a lighter hue. I’m not interested in becoming one of them (hell, I could have become one of them, possibly still could), nor am I interested in assisting them in any way. In such a case, let the darker orcs win, and just pass me the popcorn.

      Better still, let’s not let ANY of the orcs win. Let’s instead aspire for something worthwhile, a land of our own. Orc-free….it’s the only way to live.

  2. PA says:

    ” and Planned Parenthood is doing a bang up job”

    This has always made me wonder is there is more to the professional Left than meets the eye. Abortion is their one non-negotiable. It CAN’T really be about “a woman’s right to choose.”

    “Aryan Tony Soprano.”

    Ech. That sloppy fat primitive. How about Walter WHITE… or even Jesse PINKman.

  3. Forget Walter White, what about his former partner that started a legitimate chemistry business and became a millionaire, instead of slumming as a public high school teacher who then turns to making meth in a freaking RV? Besides, we already have an Aryan Godfather in America – his name is George H. W. Bush and he is one hell of a bad ass criminal, his capos like Porter Goss get caught with a plane full of Colombia Powdered Milk on a regular basis. You want to be a criminal, join that crew. They never even go to prison!

    If RRS is complaining that much of what goes on here is WN Sim City, that’s at least better than WN Grand Theft Auto.

    If you’re a white guy who needs an outlet for your aggression, there’s always the police and the military. America’s quite good at beating up brown people, both here and over there. If Free Trayvon hadn’t have been killed, he’d probably have wound up in prison at some point anyway.

    It’s just not as bad as WNs think. It’s far, far better. Where I live the housing market has taken off again, the white population is growing, the old downtown is rapidly being yuppified, the major city nearby is getting more hipster every month, the weather is perfect for a boat ride out on the lake, and the biggest crime problem is the meth heads in the poor, rural areas.

    Things are looking good and they’re only getting better. The next decade whites will continue to live, and thrive, invent, invest and otherwise live their lives. The non-whites will remain a nuisance more than a threat.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      I must admit HR I’m rather curious as to why you “hang out” at WN sites if you feel as though everything is A-OK.

      You must be pretty rich. I’m in an affluent area and there are still race mixing couples everywhere. If this trend continues there won’t be many White people left in the U.S. and THAT’s not good, regardless of whether half-Whites and quarter Whites can hold civilization together or not (I doubt they can for long).

      And can you imagine how much more we would have advanced technologically if we didn’t have the albatross of multi-culturalism hanging from our necks?

      And Whites rule the world? You’re kidding right? When Whites can be thrown in prison in Germany for questioning “facts” surrounding the so-called holocaust?

      I want some of what you’re smoking!

      • anon334 says:

        Really.. the situation is getting much worse outside a few all-white, middle class and up locations. One of the worst trends of the last ~2 decades is that more and more nonwhites are moving into suburbs and areas that were 95%+ white until recently and brining all the problems of the cities with them.

      • Trainspotter says:

        “I’m in an affluent area and there are still race mixing couples everywhere. If this trend continues there won’t be many White people left in the U.S. and THAT’s not good…”

        Absolutely. Our side isn’t even able to get its message out as to why race mixing is a bad idea, outside of a handful of blogs. Every single institution in the society, every school classroom, every church, every network, they all preach against our position. This even though our position was the norm during most of American history.

        From this we can draw any number of conclusions, but I’ll mention two:

        Firstly, it is vitally important to control your own institutions, hence the need for a land of our own. It’s telling that the Jews, by far the group most effective at mind war, subterfuge, and networking, place such a great value on having an ethnostate for themselves. They know best of all what it means not to have one, which is of course why they seek to deny it to us. They know perfectly well what they are doing. If even the best schemers and crooks need one, I think it’s pretty obvious that the far more honest Aryan does too. There is just no substitute for an organic homeland, and that must be our lodestar.

        Secondly, and despite the fact that we don’t currently control a single meaningful institution of cultural transmission, most whites still mate with other whites, even in racially mixed areas. Given how desired attractive white girls are, and given the lack of opportunity for our side to even make our case, in contrast to our enemy who gets to make his case every hour of every day with virtually unlimited resources, this is no mean feat. We can and should take heart in it. We aren’t finished yet, not by a long shot.

        But none of this should be taken to diminish the threat of miscegenation. Our birthrates are already below replacement, even if there were no mudsharking at all. But there is mudsharking, in fact quite a lot. Given the low birthrates, and assuming a mudshark loss of ten to twenty percent per generation, we’re going to see white cohorts drop quite seriously in the years ahead, and not too long after that, a gleeful media asking the rhetorical question: “Where did all the white children go?” Of course they will know the answer perfectly well, and be ecstatic about it.

        We should not give in to either the extreme of despair on the one hand, or the folly of pretending it’s all good on the other. Neither is accurate or helpful. We have a serious problem on our hands, but we also have the ability to solve that problem. We need our own informal networks, and then our own enclaves, and then our own land. Easier said than done, but it’s a path forward.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      If whites had free speech dealing with their racial matters our problems would get minimized rather quickly. But “planning” is what we were trained to do and we do it well, I think we might be better off if the interwebz would be censored then our stroke, stroke would be minimized.

      Another thing about “planning” I think a lot of it revolves around being the big fish in the small pond and a good many “planners” don’t want to be the little fish in the big pond.

      And I have pretty much given up on WN intellectuals actually being for our free speech as the first goal, they got planning to do and functions to attend so the can conduct “The Reading of the Essays.” We quite frankly need explicit oppression from the anti-whites to snap these planners out of their dream world.

      Anyway going galt is picking up steam, so buy used stuff at garage sales ran by overfed corn syrup feds.

    • Matthew says:

      White’s former partner is a Jew.

    • Dan Poole says:

      Something I’ve noticed about my good old 100 watt light bulbs: They always flicker brightest for a few minutes before they flame out. On that note, I’d venture that any increased “prosperity” we see in White America over the coming years is just the bright flicker of a dying light bulb.

  4. PA says:

    GHW Bush is an Aryan Godfather like Bill Clinton is a Dixie Warlord. Technically, both are those things. But lot of good that does us, and even their children too. Clinton gets an African adoption baby for his heir. The Bushes have degenerated mote organically, but degenerated nonetheless. Hell, even the Rothschilds are circling Kardashianhood.

  5. @RRS

    Your criticism of WN Sim City is apt, and I agree that speaking as whites in our own white interests in job #1. Whitaker, BUGS, Mantra and the White Rabbit crowd have shown us how to do that. It’s working. Not joking, maybe if all WN blogs went away we’d spend more time posting the mantra, but WN Sim City is a next step for a lot of people. Instead of a mini-mantra, it’s a maxi-mantra. Young people don’t even remember what White America has lost. They may not even understand the reasons that identifying as white is a good thing, or that white communities are worthwhile.


    That’s the thing about godfathers and warlords. They are basically never good for the people they rule. That’s hype and Hollywood. The mafia never helped the Italian community, they were parasites.

    @Dan Poole

    Replace 100 watt bulbs with the new LEDs.


    Sure, but you’re lamenting what was lost. It’s lost. I’m starting from the present. The neighborhood where I grew up racially degenerated too, now I’m living in a county that’s getting whiter and better – it’s the Great Sort. There are still plenty of very poor whites here. Their problems are shitty food more than anything racial. Yep, white man with a high school diploma getting a factory job, suburban rancher, a pretty white stay at home wife, and 2.5 kids in the nice white suburban school – it’s over. Dry our tears and get on with it.

    Amerika is dead, we’ve never been one nation anyway. Dixie, left to its own devices, handles as best it can their racial problem. PNW is whiter than snow outside of the cities, and the cities aren’t that bad either. I don’t remember the culture ever not being degenerate, I have no memories of any time where blacks on blondes wasn’t the media’s favorite obsession. As we all know, whiteness is a social construct, hence, even miscegenation is just a dead loss, those kids aren’t white anyway.

    Righteous anger at the traitorous elites might feel good, but it’s no different than a US soldier calling a haji a raghead. They are the enemy. We expect them to attack us. They have won some important battles and we’ve taken some serious damage. But we’re not dead yet.

    Evolve or die.

    • Trainspotter says:

      “Evolve or die.”

      Agreed, and also no argument that the past is dead. The real issue is what we are trying to evolve into, what we are trying to create. That has to be, ultimately, a land of our own.

      We need to become the “organic, authentic” commodity of the 21st century. Real communities, authentic identity, meaningful sovereignty. The initial steps, such as forming networks and such, will provide the infrastructure for that ultimate goal.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Let’s not talk about it then let’s do it.

        Without giving away too much I will say that for the last three years I have worked on building on an already existing community in the area I live in. I don’t say that to brag but to encourage others. I’m not even especially suited to being social. I’m an introvert and more comfortable reading or writing.

        I’ve had a lot of disappointments along the way. Because our society has become degenerate, people are flaky sometimes and they are also afraid to do much of anything. It’s a huge deal just to meet up with other pro-White people. But they do it because it’s important to them. Despite the problems, I have no regret at having spend my time this way. I have gained a lot emotionally from the friendships I have made. And that’s a start.

  6. @Hipster Racist et al:

    Evolve or die.

    Thank you, HR, for opening a segue way for my thesis, which is that we will definitely see an Aryan Mafia, of sorts, gradually take shape as the United States degenerates into another Latin American banana republic. While I don’t quite envision the Breaking Bad scenario that this article entails, I do think that it is inevitable that the intellectual dishonesty and blatant hypocrisy of Jews and their DWL shabby goy confreres is going to lead to any White who is paying attention developing a strong contempt for the Rule of Law, now that the “Scales of Justice” have been weighted against them.

    That contempt is going to manifest itself in a lot of ways, primarily passive-aggressive. We will see Whites gaming the social systems for all they are worth. We will see more Whites stop filing their taxes. We are already seeing more Whites boycott the consumer-usury system by opting for the “Simplicity Lifestyle” with its Extreme Couponing and Frugality. We will eventually see the more productive Whites do a work slowdown rather than see the Cargo Cult confiscate all their money. For all the Republiscum whining and crying about Obummer Care, if you honestly believe that any White family is going to pay $300 on a health care premium that will now cost them $900, I have some swampland to sell you.

    Whites are also getting adept at practicing taquiyaah. They are still waaay behind the others on the learning curve, but they are quick studies and it won’t be long until they practice taquiyaah on virtually everything to gain an advantage and game the system just like the others do.

    Though race-mixing seems much more noticeable these days, because Whites who are racially aware are more inclined to notice and something like ninety percent of Whites “approve of race-mixing,” the news from reveals that better than ninety-five percent of Whites approve of OTHER Whites race-mixing, but have no interest in doing so themselves. Even then, White women seem a little loath to race mix than White men.

    There is one component that I would advise that is necessary to plug in. “Domesticated” Whites must acquire the ability to “feralize” at a second’s notice, if the situation warrants it. I will go more into that on my next post.

    • mindweapon says:

      There is one component that I would advise that is necessary to plug in. “Domesticated” Whites must acquire the ability to “feralize” at a second’s notice, if the situation warrants it. I will go more into that on my next post.

      Awesome! Please got into that more.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Cly, excellent post.

  7. Okay. Operation Feralization.
    When I was young, our neighbor hit and killed a feral cat who was transporting her kittens across the road, so she found homes for them. One of those homes she found was mine. My kitten was a female that looked like your garden variety tabby cat, but I think she had some bobcat in her. Her paws were huge and she made a very throaty almost bass sound when she “spoke.”

    She was pretty young, so she was not resistant to domestication. She’d sit on our laps and allow us to stroke her ears. She slept with us. We started feeding her table scraps and dry and canned cat food. She ate pretty damned good. But despite this, she would hunt and kill forest prey. She refused to stay indoors full time (which was fine, no litter box to keep clean) and she’d disappear for days at a time during not-so-great weather and for weeks at a time during really mild weather. Initially, we were concerned that she’d end up being killed by a predator like a wild hog, or coyote or possum, etc. But it soon became obvious that she could take care of herself.

    My point? White Americans have become too domesticated by this poisonous “corn syrup cornucopia.” We have forgotten that, before America was colonized by European settlers, across the ocean, peasants and serfs were being forced off their land and being hung/transported for poaching. After several generations, the colonials’ change in character was such that it was remarked on by European visitors like de Tocqueville until some American pundit of the time referred to it by such terms as “rugged individualism” and “that frontier spirit.”

    But what actually happened was that the former serfs, who never questioned feudal authorities’ right to tyrannize and terrorize them instituting practices such as hanging them for “poaching” if they dared show any independent initiative feed their families rather than humbly approaching their lords and masters for a “boon,” became FERALIZED.

    The colonists had to hunt their meat and grow their produce. They had to fend off hostile Amerinds. Not only that, the colonial government not only needed them to feralize, but was too weak to restore serfdom once they thought an area had been tamed. Oh, not that they didn’t try, not that they didn’t resort to mind-boggling treachery to whip their “subjects” back into line, but it backfired miserably.

    For example, the Virginia elite didn’t like indentured servitude anymore than the indentured servants. They didn’t like not having these people under their thumbs after the term of indentureship had expired. They didn’t like these freedmen striking out into new territories where they could set up their own competing plantations. So they covertly aided the Amerinds so that they could slaughter any freedmen and their families trying to settle new areas in order to make them return to their plantations. The result was The Bacon Rebellion.

    Being a bit of a conspiracy buff, I suspect that somewhere and somehow, the elite decided to lift the Iron Heel temporarily in order to use unbridled prosperity to domesticate White America. That way, Whites would lose that nasty habit of not relying on the government for food and protection. Moreover, mainline them into massive consumer debt. “I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.” After all, once Whites had been tamed, it would be relatively easy to bring the Iron Heel back down … hard … on their faces. A man who no longer knows how to hunt and fish and plant and harvest is a lot more malleable to government directives.

    To Be Continued

  8. clytemnestra57 says:

    Pro-gun rights activists have been brainwashed by gun manufacturers to believe that the sole purpose of having guns is to defend oneself against a tyrannical government. The problem with this idea is that government, with its ability to tax the populace to finance its arsenal, will always have a superior arsenal to John Q. Public. The vast majority of people with gun permits know this. Moreover FEDGOV knows this. That’s why, even though the country should be “up in arms” about the latest “outrage du jour” go back to watching football even though they may have a houseful of guns.

    Still, operating under the mantra to “never let a good crisis ” go to waste, FEDGOV likes to rattle some cages by yammering about banning “assault weapons” every time some young man, whose impulse control center has been shorted out by years of taking psychotropic drugs to restrain his boyish activity in the classroom, goes psychotic and shoots up the place, taking several casualties. This, of course, leads to the inevitable second amendment debates with the gun-grabbers who pretend to advocate guns for hunting food as opposed to home or personal defense.

    I say pretend, because I believe the whole purpose behind a government gun grab is NOT to keep people from defending themselves against aggressors. It’s not like FEDGOV is trying to ban judo and karate and krav magda classes. The real purpose behind a gun grab is to keep people from feeding themselves.

    The left’s patent hostility against Sarah Palin was instantaneous and it had less to do with her being a Republican and more to do with her being a huntress. Which organization is under attack by the left? Not those little girls in green uniforms selling cookies on the corner, but the boy scouts whose medals and badges all have to do with camping, fishing, hunting, etc. The 4-H club is the quickest way to get barred from acceptance into an Ivy League college with its emphasis on farming and animal husbandry.

    The American Midwest has a large population of wild horses that has never relied on MAN for sustenance, because they instinctively know how to forage for food. Domesticated horses that get neglected by their owners who can no longer afford to buy oats for them are starving to death in fields of grass.

    Tens of millions of White Europeans starved to death in Eastern Europe between WWI and WWII after the Bolshevik Revolution, because they no longer knew how to forage for nuts and herbs or even fashion spears to ambush wild hogs and deer after the commissars carried off their produce and their livestock and seed stock. Even though the aristocracy that had once hung their ancestors for poaching had themselves been killed by the communists. And they were surrounded by forests and lakes.

    Those who think what happened in the Ukraine and Russia cannot happen here should think again. But even if it never does, knowing how to hunt and fish and forage for wild food is a useful skill to know even if you should get lost in the wilderness.

    To Be Continued

  9. clytemnestra57 says:

    Operation Feralization must initiated with the understanding that it’s not a matter of not if but when FEDGOV goes for a gun grab. Like most things, it will happen incrementally. Assault weapons will be pretty narrowly defined … at first … but then it will get broader and broader and broader until it encompasses hunting weapons (which is the ultimate goal, IMO).

    First things, first. The initial step will be not to grab guns, but make gun owners too afraid to use them for self-defense via malicious prosecution and continued harassment after at defendant has been found not guilty. Like what we are witnessing with George Zimmerman, the “White Hispanic.” Even though Blacks are baying for his blood, the object is NOT for FEDGOV to set aside the jury acquittal and simply slap him with some bogus federal charge so they can incarcerate him. That is such an obvious, heavy-handed tactic, that Whites would erupt with fury and they don’t want that. The object is to hound him to his grave with all kinds of petty intrusions into his life so that Whites will bend over backwards to avoid discharging their weapon even if they are attacked by POC.

    Any crime, however petty, involving a gun, will involve serious jail time and major fines. If someone’s gun is stolen and used in the commission of a crime, the owner will be in serious trouble. There are a million and one ways to skin a cat, so it’s a matter of time before legal gun owners will “voluntarily” stop carrying.

    That is why it is imperative that Whites spend less time at the shooting range and more time in physical fitness classes whose key component involves sort of mixed martial arts, street fighting skill. That is why Whites start thinking outside the ammunition box and start actively looking at non-traditional things as potential lethal weapons that they can use if under threat. I’m not saying to eschew guns or gun proficiency completely, but start thinking of them as weapons of last resort, because one cannot guarantee that they will be immediately at hand.

  10. clytemnestra57 says:

    Operation Feralization must go beyond a Victory Garden and raising chickens and livestock (which can be confiscated by commisars) but raising not only fruit and nut trees but planting and cultivating edible herbs in the forest.

    Operation Feralization must involve learning how to fashion spears and crossbows and arrows as well as shooting guns and knives for gutting and skinning wild animals.

    When I was a girl, I read a boy’s survival book that was thinly disguised as a made up novel, where a boy decided to live out on his own for a year and it talked about all the things he did to give himself food and shelter in the forest.

    Years later, I met a “feral” boy and I don’t mean some kid like the feral urban “youth” who like to play Knockout King. I’m talking about a modern boy of seven I met a few years ago who didn’t appear to be medicated by psychotropic drugs, but exuded a calm maturity beyond his years. During that discussion, he proudly told me about how he loved to hunt and fish. This was a boy who could take care of himself … if he had to … and on some level, he knew that. I have met men four times his age that seemed more juvenile. And I think, in their subconscious they know, they’d be helpless if the food trucks stopped running.

    MW is right that you should learn how to garden, but kick it up a few notches. Learn how to hunt and fish and teach those skills to your children. If you don’t know how, expose your children to someone who does who can teach all of you. The transformation in your children will awe you.

    Louis Beam advanced the Lone Wolf Theory to White Advocates. Well, I am advancing the Semi-Feral Cat Theory. Take every advantage of “civilization” and its amenities, but don’t lt them control you. Acquire the knowledge and the skills that will enable you to survive and thrive without them. Keep those skills sharp and current; never let them get rusty. Pass them on to your children and make sure they do the same with theirs.

    • mindweapon says:


      the conditions where Commissars confiscated food in Ukraine was on big farms, not little gardens, adn the small peasants were persuaded to hate the kulaks.

      That formula would not work here. In my little town if they were confiscating the crops and livestock of the small farmers and gardeners, there would be street by street gunfights. Multiply that by the whole country. They don’t have enough police, and lots of police are “Oathkeepers” either officially or in their hearts.

  11. clytemnestra57 says:

    I agree with you, MW.

    However, I still believe that Whites should feralize to eliminate any FEAR factor ginned up by the Media which is FEDGOV’s propaganda shill. Those in power want to reduce Whites into a modern day Helot class.

    Being prepared … even for an event that will probably never take place … takes the FEAR factor out. It stops producing reactive behavior that herds panicky people into pens or into the well-laid traps of government provocateurs and increases proactive behavior that keeps people calm and in control of their own destinies.

    Mind Weaponization should be all about the promotion of prep for worst-case scenarios and contingency plans in cast the original plan does not work out. IOW, fishing and hunting and planting fruit and nut trees as well as cultivate wild edible herbs is something to add as back up to Victory gardens and chicken coops. Mixed martial arts is an additional skill besides precision firing at a gun range. We diversify our knowledge portfolios.

    We look like garden variety tabby cats who have the natural preservation instincts that enable us to camouflage and ultimately even defend ourselves against our natural predators.

    • mindweapon says:


      I agree, though that’s a lot of work. The thing I’d say is to be networked with people who have those skills so in a pinch you work with them. Few of us will have all these skills, but in my local network I know that these skills exist.

      It’s not going to be like confiscating from the kulaks. That was happening to Ukrainian farmers with acres and acres of grain, and herds of livestock. THe small scale farmers would be too much effort and risk for too little reward. That’s why the small scale, massively distributed model is superior in a time of repression. None of those farms have a positive EROEI for raiding, if there’s any possibility whatsoever of hot lead resistance, and there most certainly is. If they started confiscating food from the little farms, millions of instant micro-militias would be formed, with the goal of making food confiscation a negative EROEI.

  12. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Cly perhaps you should write a manual and sell it on WN sites.

  13. Craig says:

    It’s been pretty hardcore since the 70’s globally for ethnic Mafia’s, the bikers are just catching up on the violence, or taking care of the low hanging fruit. We just had a biker war break out on the Gold Coast, Hell’s Angels(White European) and Comanchero’s(Semitic Arab), American Imported clubs.

    Remember I live in a nation with strict gun laws for those of us who obey them, these guys are throwing bombs and using AK-47’s.

    All levels of government are desperate now, as the Qld state is offering 500 grand for a snitch who is able to bring down a club and testify his name to it. Doubt anyone would do it though, unless you had the protection of the cops and the opposing club you may inadvertently help in a turf war. Cops Anglo Celt, Hells Angels Anglo Celt and largest biker club in Aus also 14 word followers Anglo Celt… hhhhmmm who would you risk your neck for?

    Australia the lucky country.

  14. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Referrer, so a reblog.

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