Viking Mafia?

Rise of the Aryan Mafia predicted.

My favorite line:

Additionally, I believe that the Aryan Mafia will get started by a natural process of its own. I think that nothing can be done to precipitate its formation, as I believe nothing can be done to prevent it from happening. The Aryan Mafia is, in my observation, a certain thing, just as ethnic strife in the Balkans was a certain thing for syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan in the late 1980s, when he wrote that now Yugoslavia was heading toward an ethnic civil war. In the old days, there were men who forecasted the growth of the Sicilian Mafia in America and its impact on an already established way of life. The Aryan Mafia will be the natural rejection of a dying racial body as it starts showing strong vital signs. It will be rough and it will be criminal. There will be winners and losers as well as innocent victims.

As Eric Alterman says of liberals/leftists/cultural marxists, “When you change things from the top down, you don’t necessarily control how things turn out.” They are changing things in a way that will ultimately be their worst nightmare.

The Cultural Marxists have been picking a fight with us for 100 years already, and now they are at the point where they really push us every time we struggle to get to our feet, such as the Golden Dawn arrests. They are going for some kind of beating that they think will be “final.”

But there are way too many White people on the planet. 10 million of us would still be enough. All they are doing is assuring that when we get our chance to get on top again, which we will most assuredly get, we will remember this racial bullying of Cultural Marxism and we will exact a terrible revenge.


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2 Responses to Viking Mafia?

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Thank you for circulating this piece. I just want to add my own correction or ‘edit’ so to speak. I will not label the Aryan Mafia as ‘criminal’. It should be noted that the term Mafia comes from the Latin words ‘ ma fia’ meaning my sister. The Mafia was organized in the 13 th century or so in Italy as a sort of social organization to protect the sisters of brothers in Italy who were being raped and assaulted. It was a vigilante group.

    Look what is happening in the States now with white women ( and men!) getting raped and killed in astounding numbers that the FBI has tried to hide.

    When this Aryan Mafia forms organically, it will be done do out of righteousness and by God’s laws. The term criminal is a phony word used by the corrupt legal system in the USA to stigmatize.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:


    Whites have been the most gracious conquerors in the world but I hope in the future we will be more thorough in eradicating our enemies.

    There’s actually a bible story where God tells the Israelites to destroy their enemy, women, children and even animals. Some of the enemies are allowed to live though and later in history they rise again and wreak havoc. You have to be brutal sometimes. It’s us or them. If playing nice-nice worked, we wouldn’t have wealthy elites running down our culture every chance they get, discouraging our women from having babies etc. etc. ad nauseum.

    14 Words!

    Disclaimer: This post was submitted for entertainment purposes only and must not be construed as a call for violent action of any kind.

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