The Face of Hate! Cue sinister music — Richard Spencer!

The face of HATE OMG be very afraid!

September 29, 2013 |
Richard Spencer sat sipping his chai latte at the Red Caboose, a train-themed coffee shop in downtown Whitefish, Mont. Clean-cut and restrained, he reminded me of a hundred outdoors-obsessed people I had known growing up here in the Flathead Valley, a resort area nestled in the shadows of Glacier National Park.

But Spencer’s tidy appearance is about more than his sense of propriety; it’s a recruitment tool. Spencer advocates for white separatism and he wants to shake his movement’s reputation for brutality and backwardness.

“We have to look good,” Spencer said, adding that if his movement means ”being part of something that is crazed or ugly or vicious or just stupid, no one is going to want to be a part of it.” Those stereotypes of “redneck, tattooed, illiterate, no-teeth” people, Spencer said, are blocking his progress. Organizations that monitor domestic hate groups say it’s just this unthreatening approachability that makes Spencer so insidious.

Spencer says now, more than ever, it falls to people like him to be engaged and savvy if America is going to combat the growing threat of diversity. In particular, he’s irritated by the rise of U.S. minority births, which outnumbered white births for the first time in 2011.

“People have not really grasped that. Even if we shut off all immigration, the country is going to demographically undergo a tremendous transformation,” Spencer said. White people “need to start thinking about a new ethno-state that we would want to be a part of. This is not going to happen in the next election or in the next 10 years probably, but something in the future that would be for our great grandchildren.”

He’s open to founding a such an “ethno-state” in various locations in North America and even on the moon. Until then he’s found a home in this corner of the mountain West, where I grew up. At present, 96 percent of the population in Whitefish’s Flathead County is white.

Under the auspices of his blandly named National Policy Institute, Spencer is working to create an intellectual class of white separatists. The organization’s editorial unit publishes “scientifically-based” books like “Race Differences in Intelligence” and “The Perils of Diversity.” The group rejects the calls for violence, which appear in Internet chat rooms and public campaigns of hate. Spencer prefers a more professorial approach of publishing books and organizing conferences. “Our goal is to form an intellectual community around European nationalism,” he wrote in an email.

Spencer and I emailed and spoke on the phone over a period of four months before I’d asked to meet him. I was living in Washington, but was planning a trip back home. Over the phone, he’d seemed radical. In person, he was easier to take, in conversation he meandered from D.C. landmarks and comic books to the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Then we crashed into eugenics.

“We are undergoing a sad process of degeneration,” he said, coming back to minority births in the U.S. “We will need to reverse it using the state and the government. You incentivize people with higher intelligence, you incentivize people who are healthy to have children. And it sounds terrible and nasty, but there would be a great use of contraception.”

He didn’t mean the government should encourage people to use birth control pills and condoms. He was advocating for some type of government-forced sterilization.

“They could still enjoy sex. You are not ruining their life,” Spencer said.

Until this moment, I was alarmed by the number of times I had found myself nodding along with him. Spencer waxed indignant at the conquest of big box stores. And his obsession with clean living sounded like the house rules of a college co-op. Yes, I knew his views, but they were easy to forget until you breached the topic. But the way he called for a white ethno-state and forced sterilization chilled me. I had never heard anyone speak so calmly about something so abhorrent.

Spencer’s finesse may owe to the fact that he’s familiar with the culture he has come to despise. He didn’t grow up in a like-minded household. In fact he jokes that his parents probably “don’t agree” with his work entirely. Spencer, who’s now 35, came to embrace his ideology as a student at the University of Virginia and then continued further out on the ideological spectrum. He then obtained a master’s degree in humanities from the University of Chicago.

After a brief stint as an English teacher in Virginia, Spencer landed a job as an assistant editor at American Conservative magazine and later joined Taki’s Magazine, a paleoconservative webzine that gives a conservative take on politics and popular culture.

The site has come under fire in the past for promoting racist content. During the Trayvon Martin trial, it published an article by John Derbyshire that instructed white parents to encourage their children to stay out of predominately black neighborhoods and warned them to scrutinize black politicians more than whites. (The conservative magazine National Review fired Derbyshire after he wrote this screed.)

In 2010, Spencer founded AlternativeRight, a webzine that promotes “heretical perspectives on society and culture.” The next year, he took over as the chairman of the National Policy Institute and moved it to Montana. He has since became a speaker to like-minded audiences and gives regular video addresses on his website.

Spencer has appeared at the National Press Club in Washington and hosted Web seminars with Jared Taylor, a similarly polished promoter of what Taylor calls “race-realism,” and South African Dan Roodt, who has spent his life promoting Afrikaner rights and culture. Spencer has spoken before Youth for Western Civilization, a student group that once took credit for chalking “white pride” around the campus of Towson University in Maryland.

In October, Spencer is hosting an international conference called “After the Fall: The Future of Identity” at the Reagan Building in Washington.

With me, he was slow to unmask his feeling about race. But around sympathizers he has been forthright.

During the American Renaissance conference in April, Spencer said, “The ideal I advocate is the creation of a White Ethno-State on the North American continent,” an idea he called “perfectly feasible.” During this speech he quoted Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, and said, “I have a dream.”

He also said: “Today, in the public imagination, ‘ethnic-cleansing’ has been associated with civil war and mass murder (understandably so). But this need not be the case. 1919 is a real example of successful ethnic redistribution — done by fiat, we should remember, but done peacefully.” This is true if you consider setting the stage for World War II successful.

Rachel Carroll Rivas, the executive director of the Montana Human Rights Network, a group promoting cultural understanding and diversity in the state, says Spencer has stayed out of the community headlines, but says he shares the same goal as other white separatists in the area: to make the area all white. Spencer, she added, is waging a marketing campaign that repackages a classic brand of hate and selling it as a benign intellectual study. The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified Spencer as a leading academic racist.

For his part, Spencer rejects the notion that he is driven by hatred and considers “racist” a “slur word.” (“I guess ‘academic racist’ means: ‘We don’t like you … but you’re kinda smart.’ So, I guess I should take it as a compliment!” he wrote in an email.)

His website is evidence of his own duality. On the National Policy Institute’s home page, a photo of an attractive family gives the impression that the site is just another family values foundation, but if you click on the photo, a dark video depicting riots, shouting blacks and burning buildings unveils what NPI is really about.

The organization seeks to preserve the “heritage, identity and future of European people in the United States and Around the World.” The “lesbians” and “Latinos” have advocates working for them, so why shouldn’t whites, Spencer asks in the video.

In the video, his voice is mixed over a metallic soundtrack as he intones, “As long as whites continue to avoid and deny their racial identity at a time when almost every other ethnic category is rediscovering and asserting its own, whites will have no chance to resist their disposition.”

This approach is far more sophisticated than that of the dozens of white supremacists who have moved to the Flathead Valley in recent years, as part of a shambolic effort to establish a white “ethno-state” there.

Spencer doesn’t interact much with the others in Montana. His supporters are younger and scattered around the world, from India to France. When I asked Spencer about the other like-minded crusaders in the region, he dismissed them as too overtly radical.

Spencer says he has no desire to advertise his views to his neighbors. “I don’t want to get in big disputes with anyone in Whitefish,” he says. “I would like this to be a place where I have a little bit of an anonymous status.”

“Our job is not to be reactionary in the sense that blacks commit a lot of crime or ‘we don’t like Mexican immigrants.’ All that stuff is real, but we don’t want to be any stupider than that and say, ‘Mussolini is my homeboy,’” Spencer says. “We need to be ahead of the game.”

Packing up, Spencer and I walked slowly out of the coffee shop together, returning to earlier conversations about Washington politics. As we shook hands and parted ways, I turned briefly to get a glimpse of him walking away. I couldn’t help being surprised that that same well-manicured man had just expressed so much hate.

Lauren M. Fox is a political reporter for U.S, News and World Report where she covers Congress. Follow her on Twitter @foxreports.


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25 Responses to The Face of Hate! Cue sinister music — Richard Spencer!

  1. mindweapon says:

    Inspiring comment from the Alternet article:

    Peacelf • 2 hours ago −
    As a college student in the early 90’s I heard a former neo-Nazi speak to my sociology class about the plan for neo-Nazis to move into mainstream politics. At the time, I remember thinking it seemed very unlikely that anything that blantantly racist could be mainstreamed. I was wrong.

    Since the election of the first black president, the racists came out of the closet and into our living rooms via the TV and computer. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, parents, brothers and sisters have come out of the closet to express their dark-hater secrets. It’s like they were holding it in so long, and Obama’s election opened a flood gate of racism and xenophobia. What’s worse is that they think because I am white that I agree with their racist nonsense, so they open up to me like we’re neo-Nazi comrades. Until, I call them out and shut ’em down. (Ed. buwahahahaha!)

    I would argue that Tea Partiers are the spawn of that same devil, racism. And, for a guy like Spencer to be legitamized in this era of neo-racism is to be expected.

    The fact is we haven’t fully parted from the days of Jim Crow, the racists have just hidden it better with racist laws that legalize lynching (Stand Your Ground), locked up millions of black men in prison, ghettoized large tracts of urban areas where blacks can barely escape with their lives, ensure separate and unequal education remained in practice by defunding public education and creating ridiculous and theoretically unsound standardization of curriculum and graduation requirements, and generally the racists tried to steal every possible chance for hope in the black communities.

    Yet, we elected the first black president with a majority of voters rejecting race as a deciding factor in the election. So, it seems the racists are hunering down, trying to find a place in the mainstream by dressing nice and using psuedo-science to justify their bullshit.

    We still live in a white male supremacist society, but simple math will soon overcome that problem. (Ed. that’a prophesy not a law of physics).

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Heh, you could spend a day annotating the faulty premises and omitted logical consequents in that piece.  For instance, if de-funding public education is so damaging to Blacks, why are Whites flocking to home-schooling, and why can’t Blacks just do the same?

      Say that to a leftie, and the best you’d get is a blank look of utter incomprehension.  Say it to 3 of them, and they’d all try to be the first to yell “RACIST!” because they know anyone who hestitated too long would get branded themselves.

    • “ghettoized large tracts of urban areas where blacks can barely escape with their lives”

      That makes it sound like David Duke is hiding behind the bushes with a shotgun, waiting for some black toddler to step across the invisible border to the white side of town. In reality, it’s black people killing each other, but somehow it’s still David Duke’s fault.

    • Anon says:

      “We still live in a white male supremacist society, but simple math will soon overcome that problem. (Ed. that’a prophesy not a law of physics).” – its not even a particularly good prophesy, considering the citable counterexamples.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Ask “peacelf” how she was inducted into the anti-white cult. My guess she went to a small liberal arts college where they have the time and money to put each student in a rigorous shaming circle session. What these people do is evil, and no you will not de-program a person like this with intellectual blah, blah, but she can be made useful in showing the world that the anti-whites are evil incarnate.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    ““Our goal is to form an intellectual community around European nationalism,” That’s great and a lot of us are trying to build community but hopefully it won’t get bogged down in “intellectual” debate. We have plenty of that.

    • Skeeter says:

      I agree — too much intellectualism, not enough doing. If only there were a “White Community Center” in every town where we could serve our community by showing up and offering what we could that the center would need. Every other race and ethnic group has something like, and we don’t. So racial community service ends up being either endless talking and writing or the occasional guy who comes unhinged, as this sick society now makes people of all stripes do.

      • Cranberry says:

        I think they are there, but are only implicitly White, and if too many people notice, they get called out for being explicity White: KofC, Masonic Lodges, Kiwanis, Lions, Elks. All are civic organizations in my community, all are majority White (because I live in majority white-ville) and most are populated only by old people or a few sons of older members.

        Try to get an explicitly White community center together and you’d have open protest aimed at you, because we all know that Whites are the only group not permitted to organize (due to privilege, of course, why do we need to have even MORE power?).

        Any movement is required to have a multifaceted approach: peaceful agitators, legal scholars, ardent litigators, willing sacrifices who will go to jail and write missives from their cells, and everyday disobedient civilians who know whom to patronize and are willing to go without certain luxuries in the name of The Cause.

        Blacks in the 40s and 50s were willing to do this. By the 60s and 70s, they (and their enablers) had fully infiltrated the “structures” and were able to spread their message. We know where we are today due to this insidious movement. Time to copy the enemies tactics.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        In the internet age businesses don’t need buildings and we don’t either. Why create any more targets? We can keep our societies private, not announcing them on the internet but helping White people who think like us that we meet in our daily lives.

  3. Cranberry says:

    How to end racism: let people form communities of their own choosing. Full stop.

    Of course that is too simple an answer. Some people presume that because their communities full of ethnic diversity in terms of food and worship, work, every other community must function the same way. Not so, but to point out that their view is anathema to their professed reason to exist just does not compute.

    More white self-hatred. Do journalists even know what the word “hate” means anymore? Please, give me an example of a truly hate motivated crime by whites on some other ethnicity (not informed by fevered liberal dreams a la American History X). I have long held this belief: white people just don’t care about you too much, not enough to hate you and make national/international news – and so hate crimes must be manufactured or caricatured to keep the Whites are Evil narrative going. I pity the Whites who go along with this story line, because they don’t see how they are being manipulated into self-hatred.

    The best way to fight against genocide may not be to remove our kids from the system. It might be, like voting for Obongo or going on food stamps, putting our kids in public schools, and becoming teachers or administrators in public schools, so we can quietly and insidiously move the needle in our direction.

    I don’t like the implications of this strategy: sacrifice a few generations? Not likely. YKW etc. have no qualms about this but I don’t want my children to be dumbed down sacrificial lambs in this battle. Risks must be taken but that often means a willingness to take losses, too.

    I relish the idea of a folkish community, and definitely desire a return to the local control of schools rather than fedgov handouts being the dominant factor in how curricula and testing are handled. Parents must become willing and militant gatekeepers of information and be willing to debate their children as a means of educating them. This means that parents must become students of debate themselves, if they are not already. We have to remedy our own education, in order to augment and improve upon that of our children.

  4. Ryu says:

    I think he’s doing a good job. It’s nice that he was able to move to Kalispell.

  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    Probably needs to learn how to stay on message. But it seems he did not let her pull the old we libs are morally superior to you types canard out of the hat, that is good.

  6. @Mr. Rational

    90% chance she’s one of Charlie’s Girls (as in Charlie Manson.) That was the Manson Family vision: they would be the natural White Leaders of the Peoples of Color once the non-whites killed all the other whites.

    Notice her hatred and contempt for her own family and how she positions herself as the Morally Superior White:

    Aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, parents, brothers and sisters have come out of the closet to express their dark-hater secrets. It’s like they were holding it in so long, and Obama’s election opened a flood gate of racism and xenophobia. What’s worse is that they think because I am white that I agree with their racist nonsense, so they open up to me like we’re neo-Nazi comrades.

    Her whole family is telling her this but it just makes her more indignant. They are all “naaazeees.” Except her, she’s the only good one! It’s a cult I’m telling ya.


    The Social Justice Sallies are White Supremacists. Blacks, being children, are not responsible for their actions. It’s the White Man’s Fault for not properly educating, caring for and guiding the hapless Peoples of Color.

    Take up the White Man’s Burden, etc.


    It’s illegal to have exclusively white public accommodations, and you will get sued. There are various implicitly white ways to get around it (like Cranberry says) but in general, it’s against the law. White people do not have freedom of association in America.

    • Someone on My Posting Career pointed out that insane people “imitate normal people too enthusiastically” or words to that effect. I know Manson wasn’t insane, just a psychopath who wanted to be famous, but it’s interesting how his vision of “Helter Skelter” cuts right through all that high-minded bullshit and just gets to the underlying vision that so many leftists have of the future.

      The elite vision of the future is basically Helter Skelter meets Metropolis.

    • Skeeter says:

      HR, I know you, MM and Cranberry are right, of course, about not presenting the antifa scum a protest lightning rod (kinda like what’s now happening in Leith), but I’m just lamenting the big disadvantage we have competing against other racial/ethnic groups. Even the most basic organizing tools and infrastructure are de facto off-limits to our community. We’ll just have to keep settling for informal, unofficial social networks for now (sigh). I sure hope that Aryan Mafia thing comes true, ’cause we sure as hell need it. Or maybe this government shutdown will last for the next 10 years. If only.

      • mindweapon says:


        We can do anything that we don’t announce publicly. Nothing is stopping us from organizing a Masonic type secret society except the fact that we are spread out across the country. If all my commenters were in one county, we’d already be developing the 33 degree curriculum to become a fully illuminated Lodge of the 14 Words White nationalist.

  7. I just want to live free of the Jewish yoke.

    Free to spend my money and not have a Jew on the Board of Directors.
    Free to have sane domestic & foreign policies, tax dollars spent wisely.
    Free of malevolent, hostile outside influence in culture, media, gov’t, etc.

    We don’t need NSA! That’s a FAKE security layer! It’s like we’re spun up in a web!

  8. Attila says:

    She sounds ZOG all the way—seems if anyone is projecting “hate” – it’s her! They are scared of him- hence the hatchet job.

  9. Ex-pat in Oz says:

    Spencer is an impressive guy. Polished, thoughtful but not overly academic. I agree with the focus on building some intellectual capital but contemporizing it for today’s audiences. I wish we had a Bowden in the US but NPI is serious, a good start and is clearly taking a thougtful approach to developing and growing an Alt Right community.

  10. Skeeter says:

    BTW, thanks MW, for producing this blog and thank Thor, Odin and the Dear Lord Sweet Baby Jesus for the Internet so pro-white media can exist and we’re not stuck reading the nauseating drivel that the lady’s article above is and was. I know everyone already knows that, but it bears repeating sometimes.

  11. April Gaede says:

    Silly little zionist tool spent the last 6 months trying to get me to do an interview with her. I told her that I was not interested. She then went after the girls,trying to get them to believe that the interview was about them and their new art and activities rather than about trying to just make a story about ” Nazis in Montana”. I got them to not meet with her by telling them the truth. She was actually quite misleading in how she presented her ” story line idea” to them. Typical.

  12. April Gaede says:

    Just contacted Richard about this. He said that during the interview she acted like she agreed with him about points he was making.. I imagine she was just overcome by his handsome face… I have seen them do this so many times…..maybe she did agree at the moment but then got back to ” hate Whitey central” and realized she had to write the article to make him seem bad.

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