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Innumerate and mendacious anti-white hatemonger Steve Benen attacks PhD statistician Jason Richwine

Heritage didn’t stand behind Jason Richwine, but it still uses his study on immigration! Steve Benen doesn’t like that, and doesn’t like that Richwine has a job at National Review. No one opposed to political correctness should be able to … Continue reading

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GOLDEN DAWN AMERICA PODCAST EPISODE 11: The Gypsies in suits and ties.

Violence And Jail Instead Of Debate In The “Democracy” – Issues that only Golden Dawn raises resonate with the Greek people, but neither the systematic left nor right has any intelligent answer to them. Pedophiles For Human Rights – Proud … Continue reading

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Camp of the Saints Doom; amnesty may precipitate a level of societal collapse

Michael Savage on Amnesty: In short, it could bring the USA down to a noticeably lower level of complexity in a short span of time. Not Mad Max doom, but a noticeable and rapid decline in living standards and civilizational … Continue reading

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Matt Parrott deals with bullying antifa with valor and poise; black police don’t arrest a brutha for a clear case of simple assault

There’s American justice for you. The black officers said, “we’re trying to give you a break, we could have had you in handcuffs,” and the protected bully mouths off back at the cops! That’s priceless! Matt Parrott did an excellent … Continue reading

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Virginians give a Hispanic the stink-eye

Interracial couple in a Confederate town. We’ve been to some of Annalee’s previous parties, and though her parents have always been friendly, a good number of their friends and relatives were another story. Unlike Annalee’s parents, they weren’t the sort … Continue reading

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Darwin Bond-Graham thinks it’s OK if White Americans suffer from disruptive innovation, but please God protect those low income immigrants of color!

Backed by Billionaire Investors, Ridesharing Companies Like Lyft and Uber are Dismantling Public Infrastructure and the Incomes of Working Class Americans This author, Darwin Bond-Graham, thinks that he can only justify saving the taxi industry from disruptive innovation is because … Continue reading

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Business Alliance for a Local Living Economy

That was 2013 in Buffalo, NY. Those who can, should go to the 2014 event and we’ll meet up and stick together as the Secret Taqqiyah Underground Mindweapon contingent. I’ll keep an eye on BALLE and keep you posted. One … Continue reading

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