The Lion goes to diversity training

The Lion formerly known as Half Sigma goes to Diversity Training.

Lion of the Blogosphere

The trainer was a nice well-dressed black man, with a decent hint of a black accent. There was also a black woman with him who just sat there the whole time and never said a word. I have no clue what her purpose was. Maybe to create some extra jobs for more black people? But more on that later.

The training was not so bad at all. The nice black man showed us some humorous videos. And before I knew it, it was over. Quite pleasant, really.

Diversity training had the following benefits:

(1) Created jobs for two black people. What else do you think they are going to do? Computer programming? Compete against Asians for those jobs? I don’t think so.

(2) Gives otherwise useless women in HR something to do so they feel like they are contributing.

(3) Takes time out of employees work schedule. By making employees…

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2 Responses to The Lion goes to diversity training

  1. mark says:

    I’m pretty sure that Half Sigma is a Jew. I used to read his blog and it seems like that came up.

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