Max Blumenthal infiltrates Israel: How to kill Goyim and Influence People

Blumenthal used to attack the Tea Party, but now he has turned his sights on Eretz Israel. Awesomeness ensues.

At the conclusion of prayers, eight major state-funded rabbis ambled up to the platform above the crowd, most representing an official yeshiva from a settlement or major Israeli city. With their long, gray beards, black suits, black fedoras, and wizened appearances, they looked as though they had been lifted from the imagination of some deranged anti-Semite. And here they were to defend a book that openly justified the mass slaughter of gentile babies, though to be sure, not all were willing to say that they agreed with its contents. The only point the rabbis agreed on, at least openly, was that the state should never scrutinize or punish the speech of religious authorities. With their penchant for firebreathing tirades against Arabs, homosexuals, and other evildoers, these rabbis knew they were next in line if Shapira and Elitzur were officially prosecuted.

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4 Responses to Max Blumenthal infiltrates Israel: How to kill Goyim and Influence People

  1. Heligoland says:

    Synopsis: “These fools! Don’t they realize we need to *disguise* our hyper-ethnocentrism!”

  2. Whaddaya, Meshugginah? Gentile babies grow up to be Antisemites, ya yutz!

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    Team J is not done by a long shot, but if they were selling Zionism as their sole product they would be broke. I have a dream, jews assimilate with the billions of non-whites and forget their genocidal religion and move on with their life with love of tolerance and diversity. Skim this sad thread

    • Wally says:

      Who the hell are the people commentating at freerepublic? It’s just people repeating pure jewish zionist propaganda. I’d like to think those commentators are all jews, but probably not. Sadly, lots of them are probably European-Americans.

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