farm for sale, midcoast maine

Want to relocate to a beauttiful working farm in Midcoast Maine with an existing community for less than 200,000? Here it is! I wish I was in a position to take this offer!

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  1. the outdoorsman says:

    Might be worth it if you knew if the other residents of the “community” were like minded. It would be very tough to own a common interest in 186 acres with a bunch of anti-white zombies! You can still find 40-80 acre farms with an old farmhouse here in eastern Iowa for around $200K-$250K. I wouldn’t be near a large population center though and the land would be “marginal” (i.e. forested, rocky, etc.). But it would be your own.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Money pit. I guess we are the new Anabaptists, chased to the marginal ground. If I were in the market for a farm IMO it would have to be skewed towards animal ag, or maybe actual food type vegetables and not the corn and bean desert like Illinois and Iowa.

    • mindweapon says:


      Sometimes you are an irritating know-it-all. The fact is, that farm is near the ocean which makes it a lot more viable and valuable. Also, New England wasn’t good for farming back in the old days because people tried to practice grassland farming in a rainy climate that has acidic soil. If you know how to farm correctly here in the Northeast, it’s very productive. We get plenty of rainfall and the soil can be amended with local materials.

      Also, near the ocean they can gather seaweed and go fishing a lot to add to the farm fertility and food supply. And it’s just plain a real nice place to live, the whitest state in the country.

      But RobRoySimmons is the big expert on everything.

  3. anon says:

    Thought experiment: How many WN can come up with $200k on, say, 48 hours notice?

  4. There is still a lot of thinking within the box, here.

    That house looks huge. That house looks like it was built during a time when three or four generations lived under one roof.

    Loans?! Get in hock with the Banksters?! So that only one family can live there?! To me, that is a recipe for failure.

    But if we could find four young White families that got along and would be interested in setting up a “religious” commune, along the lines of Islamberg or Kiryas Joel (to avoid any ADL or SPLC harassment a`la Craig Cobb), it would be doable, because it could be funded with tax-free donations. A well-driven and promoted internet drive could raise the money and then some, in order to renovate the farmhouse and establish them in no time.

    • mindweapon says:

      finding several families who actually get along and would be willing to relocate would be complicated. Better to start one’s own family, or go with locals,. rather than throwing strangers together.

      There’s a lot of people in the movement who lack emotional intelligence, which is a nice way to say that they have repulsive personalities, and they are drawn to WN because they are lonely. You have to be very careful to avoid them. At best, put them to use at a distance. You can’t start a community with such people.

      • aryangoddess says:

        MW – an emotional intelligence story.

        15 years ago I worked with a young lady at a big oil company. She was extremely pretty, nice figure, but she one bad character defect. Non stop talking. I would see her at the break room and she would monopolize the entire conversation. People would tune her out, ignore her or just read the paper while she was speaking. A lot of times people would just leave when they saw her.

        One day just the two of us were outside on morning break. She was belaboring a date that didn’t materialize into date #2. She really wanted to get married and have white children.

        I said hun, can I be honest with you? She said of course, I know you’d never say something to me to be mean. I respect your opinion. I said you never stop talking. People cannot get a word in edgewise. I said I don’t know if it’s a bad habit or nervousness but you are driving good men away. Men hear non-stop blathering from mom, co-workers, sisters, they don’t want it with you.

        Her eyes welled up. I felt like crap for even saying anything. She said AG, I’m afraid if I stop talking, nothing will be said.

        I told her, it’s the exact opposite. Conversations have an ebb and flow. You talk, one person listens, etc. Maybe if you allowed some SILENCE for a few seconds these men could get a word in edgewise and maybe YOU could hear what they have to say. Men hate long winded conversations. Use one liners. Get to the point, executive summary, etc.

        The light bulb went on in her head in a very big way. She heeded what I had to say. She got married a year later to a wonderful man and they have many children.

        Isn’t emotional intelligence great?

      • mindweapon says:

        Awesome story, AG! Getting posted.

  5. Stary Wylk says:

    Sometimes, a thing is marginal in terms of return in money but more valuable in real goods. We forget that money is only a medium of exchange.

  6. Sam says:


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