VDARE.com article about immigration, welfare fraud, crime, and destroying the White tax base

What I Saw At The Naturalization Ceremony—More Immigration Means Welfarism, Crime, And The End Of America
By Nicholas Stix on October 4, 2013 at 8:34pm

Many links at original, well worth reading in full. Here’s what I found most interesting:

The majority of the healthcare workers The Boss works with are immigrants, mostly from the Caribbean. Although they all work in what is nominally the “private sector,” they are all net tax-eaters. First off, the places they work at are overwhelmingly funded by white taxpayers. (Yes, that indicts the Stix Family, too.)

But that’s only part of the story. They all defraud the taxpayers. Although her girlfriends are all married and living with their husbands, and have higher family incomes than we do, they lie on their taxes and on school forms, in order to get much higher tax refunds than they’re entitled to, and to illegally get their kids free school lunches and/or breakfasts. (We earn too much for the free school breakfast/lunch program, and never had any interest in, or applied for it.) Apparently, in each family, each parent files taxes individually, and counts all of the kids as dependents. They may also radically undercount their income on the school forms, as well. As far as I know, there is no documentation requirement.

S.744, the Schumer/ Rubio Amnesty/Immigration Surge Bill, would fatally tip the balance of taxpayers to taxeaters, since virtually all of the people being amnestied would be taxeaters.

These problems interconnect. There is an intimate connection between welfare and crime. Although the racial fairy tale for the past 50 or so years has been that welfare programs prevent crime, which leftists always assert is “caused” by poverty, the 1960s/70s welfare revolution made criminality the norm in poor black neighborhoods across the country. Leftwing social scientists Christopher Jencks, Kathryn Edin, and Laura Lein have shown the connection between welfare and crime, in spite of themselves. [Who’ll Stop the Rain? by Nicholas Stix, The Critical Critic, September 25, 2013.]

I must add that, although America’s immigration disaster is dominated by Third Worlders, it’s not just non-whites who have the rip-off-America mentality. Like Emma Lazarus’ poem, the post-1965 system supports the “wretched refuse” of the world.

During the early 1990s, I once went on a date with a pretty young Jewish girl from the Ukraine. She said that all of her young friends from back home worked off the books, while sponging off disability or welfare, and thought Americans were idiots for not doing likewise.

But Third World “diversity” is probably the major reason that America is fast becoming a police state with ever-increasing security costs and destruction of civil liberties.

Diversity’s poster group, blacks, have become so lawless that, in contrast to the 1960s and 1970s, during which every black riot was supposedly a response to “racism,” even occasions for black celebration, such as Indianapolis’ annual Black Expo, now practically require the imposition of martial law. Bloomfield Minnesota’s Mall of America has just beefed up security following the Somali Moslem al Shabaab massacre at Nairobi, Kenya’s Westgate Mall. As VDARE.com’s Brenda Walker noted, this was solely due to importation of violent, jihadist, Somali Moslem “refugees” into the Twin Cities. Public policy brings in primitive, warring peoples from all over the world who proceed to wage war against each other and us on American soil. [After Nairobi Terror Attack, Minnesota’s Mall of America Increases Security by Brenda Walker, VDARE.com, September 26, 2013.]

New York has kept crime in general down for 20 years through statistical legerdemain, but it kept shootings down through its stop-question-frisk policy, which was overturned last month by federal judge Shira Sheindlin, as violating minorities’ constitutional rights. [NYC Shootings Up After ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Ruling by Jamie Schram and Kirstan Conley, The New York Post, September 23, 2013.]

For the past 50 years, America’s internal enemies, both the racial socialists and the “conservatives” who have submitted to them, have worked under the assumption that whites would be self-reliant and law-abiding, so that blacks and Hispanics could sponge off of them, and run amok. But as mass immigration and anti-white policies began to reverse America’s demographics, and whites were increasingly dispossessed and disenfranchised, anti-white racists got so full of themselves that they have forgotten that without an essentially white society, there would be no one to pay the bills or obey the law.

The normal state of the Third World is a Hobbesian “war of all against all,” where life is “nasty, brutish, and short.” The first sign of this in America is what the late Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny,” whereby the government tyrannizes hard-working, law-abiding whites, while granting license to non-white, criminal spongers.

But even this state of anarcho-tyranny is only transitional. It cannot survive without sufficient whites to enslave. Even Robert Mugabe requires whites to send him free grain.

Especially in today’s welfare state, with its perverse incentives, there is no way that America can tolerate any more immigration, legal or illegal. That’s just a long way of saying what the late Milton Friedman said in 12 words: “It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state.”


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50 Responses to VDARE.com article about immigration, welfare fraud, crime, and destroying the White tax base

  1. Hereward Saxon says:

    Very good article. Off topic, but I just noticed this news of yet another foreign INSECT invader: We not only battle the imported virulent new late blight disease, several species of oriental beetles and stink bugs from China, bee mites from Asia, and African bees and hive beetles from Africa, but now giant hornets from China are becoming established in several states: http://www.arlingtoncardinal.com/2012/07/deadly-asian-giant-hornet-spotted-in-arlington-heights-not-cicada-killer-wasp/

    But these are no concern of “They” who work and live mostly indoors on the fruits of others’ labour .

    • mindweapon says:

      Good find, Saxon:

      The Asian Giant Hornet is a ruthless predator that kills other hornet species, yellow jackets, bees, large insects and mantises. The Asian Giant Hornet often scouts out honey bee hives and marks the hive with a pheromone. The Asian Giant Hornet is known to return with about 30 more Asian Giant Hornet to attack the hive. A video by National Geographic has captured such an attack. About 30 hornets are known to kill about 30,000 bees in their bee hive in about three hours. The goal of the Asian Giant Hornet is to attack the larvae of the bees, which are used as feed for their own nests.
      In Japan, the Asian Giant Hornets kill the bees by splitting them in half with their mandibles. Japanese beekeepers know that the Asian Giant Hornets usually attack after the middle of August.
      The toxicity of the Asian Giant Hornet venom is actually lower than a honeybee, but the volume of venom is greater in the Asian Giant Hornet. Asian Giant Hornets are known to cause about 40 deaths per year in Japan.
      A forum on DSLReports.com Need to kill Asian Hornets and comments on a BadSpiderBites.com Giant Hornet article includes reports of Asian Giant Hornets in Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. One of the pictures from a contributor from Tennessee shows a European Hornet. Last Fall posters reported aggressive infestations in recent years. In Georgia a poster reports he doesn’t go a day without seeing one of the giant hornets. One poster reports the insects flying into lights at night, and an infestation in a chimney with about 200 hornets getting inside the house. Many posters scoff at the comments that the insects aren’t aggressive. Some posters report that the large hornets are not affected by wasp/hornet spray.
      I live in Richmond Virginia, & my parents live in King William Virginia. One day while visiting my folks, I was standing in their yard, talking to my mother with my arms crossed, when I heard what sounded like a rc airplane in a full on nosedive. I looked up just in time to see a humming bird sized hornet, identical to the picture of the Asian giant hornet, coming straight at me. It stung me on top of my ear & I have NEVER experienced such pain in my life, before, or since. The pain lasted for hours.
      I am pierced & tattood all over, none of them hurt. This hurt. I cursed & cried like a little baby right in front of my mother. I am not allergic to bee or wasp stings, yet my entire face swelled up to extremely scary proportions. I have seen European hornets & cicada killers before. Nope, not it. Plus this thing was huge, & quite obviously, extremely aggressive, since I was doing NOTHING. Standing in the yard with my arms crossed. Not messing with a nest, not cutting grass, not doing jack. I have easily seen a dozen since that incident, & NO ONE will convince me they are not here. Yes it gets hot in VA, but NEVER over 100-105 degrees, so try again with the “It gets too hot here” B.S.. They ARE here.
      In August 2009 tourists were warned to stay clear of Asian hornets that were colonizing in France. The insects are believed to have arrived in a shipment of pottery from China in 2004. One nest was discovered in 2004 and 2,000 were discovered in 2007. Nest have been reported in trees, in sewers and in the ground.
      The pain of the Asian Giant Hornet is described as a hot nail piercing the skin. While the pain of a yellow jacket sting last about four minutes, the pain of an Asian Giant Hornet last about four hours with instant swelling.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        It’s time to start synthesizing their attack-marking pheromone, and manufacturing traps and flypaper strips with it.

      • mindweapon says:

        Mr. Rational,

        You really earn your handle with that comment. Of course. And I bet someone (not us unfortunately) is going to do this — probably Dow, and make a few tens of millions off it.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        It’s not a new idea.  There are traps for Japanese beetles which use the same principle.  I’m surprised that it wasn’t done for Africanized bees years ago.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, I’m developing a KFC and Watermelon trap for Africanized bees.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Of course, this is why a lot of Whites are on welfare, ssdi, food stamps and the like. They have given up on a system that treats them like crap. I’m sure some of them work under the table as well.

    And this article doesn’t even mention the businesses who don’t pay their taxes as well as those restaurants, travel agencies etc. that are nothing more than money laundering schemes.

    With the system so gamed against us, it’s hard to imagine why more Whites don’t believe we are being genocided and why they won’t do anything about it.

    • mindweapon says:

      that’s why the most important thing we can do is own businesses and/or support or work for businesses that are for us and by us, that won’t economically abandon us.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Well don’t do it in California. It’s nearly impossible to run a business by the books and make a profit because of high taxes etc. That’s one reason you don’t see a lot of Whites running businesses here because they tend to do things lawfully.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good point Maureen. The over-regulated state becomes the bandit state. USSR had the same thing. Trick is to get in on a racket.

      • sigmatika says:

        Yes, but how? I agree with you on almost everything, mindweapon, but I feel like I’m on a desert island here. I’d support nationalist businesses, but I don’t know where they are. I simply don’t know how to connect with nationalists; I’m averse to the risk, and I don’t even know if they’re around. Moving to kalispell isn’t something I’m willing to do right now, and even if it was, I suspect that kalispell is crawling with spies. I don’t think I’m being overly paranoid here; there are powerful forces at work against us. So, with all due respect, How? I’m at a loss.

      • mindweapon says:

        Convert your own Whites to White nationalists. There was a Russian guy who did cat shows. He went to England with his trained cats, and the British Customs seized his cats and put them in a 3 month quarantine. So he got local felines and trained them and did his cat show after a few weeks of training the new cats.

        Think like that. You can get the locals.

  3. Conspirator says:

    If Whites also become lawless tax cheats that would be bad for our enemies. If we become AWARE and actively work to strangle the anti-White Leviathan of our tax dollars while increasing self-sufficiency, that would be worse.

    I love talking about self-sufficiency and local food because it is not only acceptable but cool among average Whites. And it just so happens to do real tangible damage to the System. Organizing marches does not make much sense to me (at least when you factor in the cost of doing that, i.e. WN’s losing their jobs or whatever). Besides, we don’t need to change the government we need to change ourselves and other White people. Let Detroit decay, I only care about Michigan!

    Not only are they decreasing the White percentage of the population but they are fast destroying the economic productivity of Whites; look at the illigitimacy rates


    • mindweapon says:


      That’s depressing data, but it has the effect of making the younger generation, the White surviving remnant, a lot more conservative.

      Whites do like self sufficiency! I think it’s g oing to go viral. Right now it’s in the “hobby” stage like computers in the 80’s, but it’s going to take off.

      I think entomoculture (insect husbandry for food and animal feed) is going to be big.

  4. Whites are going to have to learn to work and have cash businesses off the books, to avoid supporting these parasites. The health care system is going to be destroyed, so we are going to have to organize to get medical treatment through our own fraternal organizations, also possibly off the books.

    There was a Coates thread on the immorality of Obamacare at the Atlantic (evil because not all black people are covered) and the thread drifted to how doctors and nurses hate treating ungrateful scumbags who abuse them and don’t follow instructions, all for a crappy Medicaid reimbursement. (Conclusion- healthcare workers must maintain saintly and compassionate behavior and attitudes toward these people regardless.) The racial angle wasn’t completely explicit, but it was pretty obvious. I’m sure there will be lots of white doctors and nurses willing to treat polite, respectful, cooperative whites off the books for reimbursement arranged by their lodge.

  5. Craig says:

    Sociologically when majority white capital is gone, and economically due to the baby boomer tax bubble, literally dying out over the next 2 generations, if a white ethno state was to form in the US it would be during this chaos, that a white order could coalesce.

    Now is the time to move the pieces on the chess board in preparation for this.

    How many USWN go to China and Russia to talk with there Nationalist? As they’re the obvious countries who have skin in this game, who would more then likely financially and materially support USWN causes…

    • mindweapon says:

      I’m not sure that China and Russia see a credible WN mass yet. there’s nothing (apparently) for them to support because our organizing has been so crippled again and again by NGO’s doing the dirty work that hte government isn’t supposed to do.

      • It was just a thought. You need seed and support money from some where. Why not gold from Russia and US dollars from China. Just depends on what you have to sell to gain support from said allies, who look like they want to play the geo political games of political dialectics possibly via their own NGO’s . Perhaps a religious traditionalist front to bring together Teutonic Masons which stretches across Eastern Europe and Russia, and the Templar Masons which cover the West? It doesn’t take much to be imaginative with all our history.

        This also feeds into the ww2 and baby boomer generation, the changing of the guards, they want to pass the torch on, why not take it?

      • mindweapon says:

        I’d be glad to take it! Honestly, I figured out what we need our secret society to focus on for the lower ranks. Hobby horse warning! I got a new obsession — emotional intelligence. It’s what we lack. Men naturally lack emotional intelligence, and women naturally possess it. But in the 21st century, men need it bad, or we end up like poor George Sodini.

        It’s not just Game, though that’s part of the answer. It’s about being able to get along with men and women for the long term.

        That’s what our secret society has to teach to White American men. How to attract women and get along with them in the long run, and how to get along with their Lodge brothers and with people in the outside world.

        Everything we try to do, whether start an organization or get married, falls apart when we have conflict. Heck, I went through hell to get to where I am in EQ. I knew there was something out there I was missing, but I didn’t know what. Being married for several years kind of fixed me, but it’s something that can be coached to a degree, and it’s worth it if we can help people with this even a little bit. There’s a LOT of Geoge Sodini’s and school shooters out there, miserable.

        Help people fix this problem, and they’ll belong to us for life. It’s what people really really really need.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Hive mind again. Almost borrowed a cd set on EQ from the local library today.

        I also have been listening to Youtubed Napolean Hill and Anthony Robbins stuff lately. It helps motivate me, even if some of it is a little over the top. I would rather go the positive route even if some of it is hype. The negative thinking route never gets me very far.

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s really crazy. Too much to be a coincidence, Maureen.

    • Craig says:

      I’m the same MW, no matter your personality IRL, not till you’re married plus kid/s and you develop sufficient EQ does it make sense. We all have EQ, we just don’t utilise it and mainstream no longer teach such. When I read CH red pill a few years ago it was not an awakening for me, it was a confirmation for what I was doing right in my marriage. I read about EQ 4 or 5 years ago, I became really interested in it after I purposely used EQ to manipulate my East Asian Chinese Doctor. Got into trouble with a Vietnam joke I was telling Nam vets at a 30th party that his mixed daughter nurse heard… Oops 🙂 so I had to fix that), EQ beats IQ hands down socially every time. It still takes sufficient IQ to be able to manipulate emotions of others in real time, as always it’s the split second decisions which make all the difference, the 1% of effort that not many people see in day to day life.

      Men getting along with men I’ve never seen as too much of a problem, it’s automatic, it’s why Normal biker gangs form so easily, via mateship, trust, respect and hierarchy, the criminal Biker organisations form very similarly, with the main difference of respect being interchanged with intimidation and fear. It’s why EQ is so important to a cohesive group, it smoothes the way forward. I could blabber and go an tangents about the dynamics of it all day, particularly when I corps transferred from an all male corp to a mixed one, ugh big mistake, but also a huge learning curve in EQ.

      I agree MW, it’s something that should be taught in the lodges, and I’m sure one day it will.

      Also one problem with the internet and text, it’s harder to read peoples emotions…Probably why flame wars occur so often.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment Craig, thanks for that!

        I emailed Kevin Macdonald about developing an EQ program as part of his American Freedom Party organizing. He is retiring, so he could write a pop psychology book, make a million bucks, and laugh at his former colleagues. It’s not his specialty, but my goodness, it’s not that far from his specialty. He’s got the PhD after his name, he can write a pop psychology book on EQ, and we could design one of those weekend seminars like the Forum where a combination of sleep deprivation and emotional disclosure and hypnosis causes radical mental changes in a weekend. Charge 200 bucks a head, rent a hotel conference room and arrange cheap rooms at youth hostels and teach Emotional Intelligence to radical traditionalists.

        He hasn’t got back to me about the idea. Too bad. He probably thinks it’s just another eccentric idea, of which I’m sure dozens are proposed to him every week. I think he doesn’t realize to what an extent a lack of EQ is hurting us.

        It’s one of those weaknesses, that if remedied, would leave us stronger than any traditionalist movement since the Third Reich, and maybe stronger in the long run.

        It’s one of those things that’s been as obvious as the nose on one’s face for years. The WN movement has been defective because of a lack of EQ. Because of leading with IQ rather than EQ. Leading with IQ is socially autistic, socially awkward, annoying, irritating, grating.

        It’s a habit we have to develop — in every human interaction we must ask ourselves, “Am I making this person feel good about this interaction? Am I being boring or annoying or a know-it-all, or self absorbed and hogging the conversation? Am I listening to this person with real interest, without coming off like a desperate suck-up? Am I behaving with at least a modicum of charisma?”

        A modicum of charisma, just a little bit of EQ, equivalent to a high functioning Downs Syndrome person, would be a huge improvement for a lot of right wing men. Many of us are low functioning Downs in EQ, and that’s our biggest problem. And the WN movement gets the EQ retards in droves because they have nowhere else to go. So that’s fine. We take them, and try to teach them at least a modicum of charisma and improve their lives exponentially. And then, if they still wnat to be WN’s (they might move on, which is fine) , then they can be of use to us.

        One reservation that some WN 1.0 types have expressed is that if we help people have happier or wealthier lives, they’ll abandon the WN movement. Well, that would be a good thing. People who join us because they have nowhere else to go are dangerous losers, and are toxic to our movement because they drive good people away. We can try to help such people, and if they don’t respond to EQ coaching, we have to shut them out.

  6. WhiteGenY says:

    I can see Russia supporting WN. But what reason does China have to support WNs?

    • mindweapon says:

      The same reason the US supported the Hmong Tribesmen in the Vietnam war — indigenous resistance.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        Actually white nationalist Francis Parker Yockey, author of Imperium, did just that. He visited the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Nasser’s Egypt attempting to create a facist-communist alliance against the US/ZOG interests.

  7. mark says:

    Vdare might have more credibility if it didn’t have gook Malkin and race-mixers Wall and Derbyshire (with two half gook kids) on their payroll. As it is it’s just another Kosher conservative website. Hell, they don’t even name the Jew!

  8. TabuLa Raza says:

    I will name the jew- Jesse, Malkin’s jew husband:

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    And Mr. Brimelow stated not too long ago- “any person of any race can become American.”

    When the economy was good he said he was pulling down $375K/annum from Vdare alone.

  10. Golden Dawn and Hamas both know it: it’s all about civil society, and it’s even more important to rebuild civil society as America becomes increasingly non-white. Fix the civil society and everything else falls into place, from the family, to education, to matchmaking, to economics, to your informal bartering networks.

    Traditional White America had two civic institutions: the Church (Protestant) and the Lodge (Freemasons/Klan.) One day time, one night time. One open and centered around families; women and children, and one men only and secret.

    For regular, non-rich whites to survive the Multi-Culti Utopia the powers that be are imposing on us, we need both of these institutions. I’d suggest an independent, non-denominational church (choose your favorite religion, the ideology doesn’t matter, the institution does.) That’s tax-free and provides the social service (ala Golden Dawn and Hamas.) Helping the poor of the community, taking care of orphans and widows, basic neighborly things like parties, communal meals, social events, a place for mothers to co-operate on things like babysitting, a church school (which is really just home-schoolers co-operating.) This is one area where we’re very lucky to be in America, we have a very wide latitutde when it comes to religion, guaranteed by the Constitution and 200 years of case law. You can do virtually anything you want, other than politics and business. Especially, the church schools. That’s how the South survived integration. Remeber what the Whitey Bulger character said in The Departed, “we had the Church, which was just another way of saying we had each other.”

    Forget the religion itself, the threads a while back about starting a white religion miss the point. Your ideology is boring, your religion even more so. It’s not about Christianity, it’s about the Church. It’s the institution that matters. Every familiy chipping in 10% – tax free – just run the numbers, it adds up into real economic power very quickly.

    The lodge – well, the less said the better. The first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. Let’s just says it’s white men only, it’s invitation only, there’s an initiation, and leave it at that.

    You are absolutely right, help people with their practical problems and they will be yours for life. Helping a guy out when he needs it, and telling him you’re doing it because he’s a fellow white man – that will be much more effective than boring him with WN ideology. See the famous anarchist essay, “Your Politics Are Boring As Fuck.”

    • mark says:

      There’s no point in building something worthwhile on top of the mess we now have. It’s going to take a couple of decades of bloody racial guerilla warfare to clean all of the non-whites and a good share of the parasitic Whites from the Western hemisphere and throughout the Whitelands. We simply cannot permit non-whites in or near White living space. We would never be safe.

      Establishing a civil society will come after the deluge, not before.

      We need to be in the tearing-down mode at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Apologies for length of post, but I’ve reviewed it and think that it includes worthwhile material, for those interested.

      Good stuff, Hipster. Nice way of framing it, too, with the family-centered church and the less than transparent and more male-centric lodge. These types of complementary (and historically proven) networks are the way to go.

      We’ll have to update it, though, and obviously modify to suit our specific needs. The secretive lodge component will need to, for example, accommodate both sexes in some way, shape or form. Maybe our own Eastern Star, maybe something else. Given that some of the most talented WN commenters/thinkers/activists are female, we must have a place for all of the, shall we say fully illuminated, to fully utilize their considerable talents for The Cause. Clearly, the fully illuminated of both sexes must be able to plan together.

      Now, for a touchier subject. I recognize that some might not like me mentioning this, and for obvious reasons I can’t speak too openly about it, but at some point we’re going to have to look into shadier stuff. Biker clubs, that sort of thing. Maybe a few steps up from that, but let’s stick with bikers for now.

      We have to admit that these clubs are able to hold together, develop loyalty and cohesion, and in many cases…. ahem…generate income. They have street cred, and are one of the few groups of whites that people don’t feel entirely comfortable mocking. They exude masculine strength in a way that pretty much no other white group does. Biker groups also have a network of properties, garages, etc. that they flit back and forth to. Might come in useful down the road for other things (purely hypothetical, I’m not advocating anything) that there is no point in discussing at all at this time.

      In any event, at the very least I think there are lessons to be learned from them. I really like Donovan’s idea of the co-op gym, but biker clubs and other shadier subjects might be important too. Of course, I don’t want to stigmatize our cause as just a criminal enterprise, so we’d have to be very careful, but food for thought.

      Plenty of biker clubs are entirely legitimate and are in no way involved in anything nefarious. A law abiding biker could start a small club, whites only and on a symbolically meaningful day of the year the club can commit an under the radar act of charity for a deserving, but struggling white family (keep it simple, maybe the 14th day of a given month). By making it clear that you are helping because they are both deserving and part of your people, you send a message not only to those that you are helping, but to your less ideologically motivated white bikers.

      The mere fact that they participated in an act of racial solidarity, however benign and simple, creates a personal, psychological investment for them, and that’s good. They need that. They need to understand at a purely gut level that we CAN be a people again, that we can look after one another, and that it is in fact expected that we do so. That we can have a future together. Thus, the charity event becomes a meaningful ritual for everybody, and we don’t have to bore anyone with long speeches for this to be understood. Just make it known that we’re helping fellow whites because they are our people. Enough said, and point made on a gut level.

      Ideology may be boring as fuck to most people, but with just a bit of ideological grounding I think these sorts of networks could be incredibly valuable. And even with ideology, it’s not like you have to struggle through some Hegelian dialectic to “get” ours. Our cause doesn’t require us to sit through weird Marxist lectures that even the presenter doesn’t understand – because it makes no sense.

      You oppose miscegenation and agree with the dream of a land for our people? You’re pretty much good to go, if that’s as far as you want to take it. That’s certainly good enough for the foot soldier level. For example, I’m pretty severe on smart people who refuse to accept the Jewish role in our predicament. Well, really severe, actually. I hold them in utter contempt. But normal, not terribly smart whites? It would be better if they did understand, but it’s not essential. Most of them are neither pro-Jew nor anti, they don’t even think about Jews at all. So long as they are against mixing and are for our people, that’s quite good enough. It’s not like dummies are a threat to Jews anyway. Foot soldiers don’t need to understand grand strategy, they just need to be solid at what they do. Our foot soldiers are still our people, and many of our best and brightest were children of very ordinary, not terribly insightful whites. In other words, just because someone isn’t interested in becoming fully illuminated, it’s possible their children will, or their grandchildren. We have to think multi-generationally.

      It should also be pointed out that the fully illuminated WN types tend to be the sort that march to their own drummer. Some have personality defects, which seems to be disproportionate in intelligent dissidents of all stripes. In other words, it’s difficult for us to fully meet our own social needs if we are isolated from “normals.” We need the normals, and if they are to survive, they need us. That’s why the church, the co-op gym, and so forth should definitely NOT be limited to fanatics like us. Foot soldier level is fine for that sort of thing. In fact, most groups should be mostly normals.

      In any event, you have the family-centered church, the lodge for the fully illuminated and those working toward that goal, and various white gangs and clubs centered around an activity proven to facilitate group loyalty and cooperation, probably (but not necessarily) with some basic identity and sovereignty ideology incorporated into oaths, symbolism, etc., but no need to get cartoonish or clownish about it. Most groups should be normal friendly, though there must be places where fanatics can blossom and do our thing. There will be overlapping membership in many of these groups.

      In time, as resources allow, small economic loops and networks – which all of these activities, from the church to the co-op gym to the biker club would facilitate through enhanced trust – can grow and connect with one another. Eventually, you get a parallel society that meets the spiritual, intellectual, economic, romantic, social and charitable needs of its people. And they’ll be all white. At that point, the infrastructure for the next step toward full sovereignty and independence will be there.

      In any event, lots of stuff for the fully illuminated to consider.

      • Is there any MALE with White Nationalist or White Separatist sympathies who has a strong Christian theological background? Moreover, one who either has studied or who has no problem studying (and even incorporating) the aspects of Islam and Judaism which encourage strong tribal cohesion?

        You see, I think it is a great tragedy that the founder of the Creativity Movement, Ben Klassen, with his strong theological background, rejected the idea of forming his own normatively Christian church altogether rather than incorporating his Creativity Theme into his own Christian branch.

        To me, that’s the only way out of this mess; a White, charismatic male with strong but private separatist leanings, preferably who has no paper trail, but who has not only a strong Christian theological background but much knowledge of Islam and Judaism.

        Moreover, one who rejects the Christian Identity theory that Whites are any kind of kin to Jews or Arabs (Semites), i.e., Israelites. We are Japhethites. The only hope of getting Europe, in particular, back under the real control of its indigenous White population is to reclaim our Japhethite heritage. JMO.

  11. aryangoddess says:

    I have a wide variety of interests. Just reading about the joos and black on white crime can make one really depressed.

    I love travel shows. They are my escape.

    I saw an interesting one tonight about a little known island, country, called Marbella. It was hosted by Piers Morgan. Interestingly enough he keeps his claptrap shut about gun control or those evil rich folks whilst interviewing folks with a home that has it’s own operating room.

    On top of this island is a few mini (what I would call ) PLE’s. Guarded shack, 24 hour CCTV security, barb wired fences. It’s an all inclusive city. Quite safe. Are these people preparing for armageddon or do they just want to be away from the untermenschen. I read between the lines watching this documentary.

    Got me to thinking about enclaves of safety for whites. A place they can live sub rosa, without the publicity Craig Cobb garnered with Leith. A city or even a subdivision of privately owned homes with a local white person owning the gas station, the food store, etc.

    As I think of a proper proposal, I’ll be posting further ideas in the future. Poor working class whites, middle income whites, whites with families need to feel safe and in a place they can earn a living and have a decent standard of living.

    • Trainspotter says:

      “As I think of a proper proposal, I’ll be posting further ideas in the future. Poor working class whites, middle income whites, whites with families need to feel safe and in a place they can earn a living and have a decent standard of living.”

      Please do, as you never know who might be able to take a given idea and run with it. Through our postings we’re building a body of work that people can actually put to good use.

      I’d also add that under the radar enclaves must be able to appeal to normal whites, not just fanatics. Your comments on emotional intelligence are spot on, but I don’t have much hope in reforming many people like that. Maybe some can marginally improve, but I think political types of all stripes, especially dissidents, suffer disproportionately from personality defects that aren’t going away. That’s o.k. up to a point, and everybody can’t be a glad hander. So long as the kook isn’t destructive, we can probably find a place for him, but it makes it even more imperative that we have communities with lots of normal whites. Dissident types need one another, but they also need connections to normals in order to keep them grounded, or at least as grounded as they are capable of.

      When I say “normal,” I don’t mean the sort of liberal creeps who move to a white area while denying that’s what they are doing (I’m just here for the good schools, but I love diversity!). It’s not my goal to provide shelter from the storm to anti-white liberals, and those types need to be frozen out of our networks. P.C. don’t get no play in this ride, cuz.

      But I do mean normal white people who are not terribly politically motivated and don’t wish to be pressured into political activities. As long as they are more or less traditionally minded, and aren’t hostile to us or our values, that’s probably good enough. A normal community will have more sympathizers than fanatics. Some areas will simply, over time, come to be known as traditional and white. Whatever fanatics are there should keep a low profile publicly, as there will be plenty of other things for them to work on. Prancing around waving swastikas will, I hope, not be one of those things.

      On a different note, I’ve been following a thread over at VNN as to whether or not anonymous posters are cowards. So many of the commenters are trapped in a mentality which assumes that the only way forward is a public political party. WN 2.0 seems to be off the radar. Truth is, we’ve got a lot of under the radar organizing to do before anything public stands much of a chance. Admittedly, circumstances could change the situation rather quickly, but for now only the tip of the iceberg need be visible, IMHO. If going public compromises one’s ability to organize or participate in a local network, for most people that’s probably not a good trade.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yes, very good point Trainspotter.

        Thing is, I go back to the cat show story. There’s this Russian guy who trains cats for his cat shows. He came to England to do a cat show but the Her Majesty’s Customs Service quarantined his trained cats, so he collected feral cats(!) or so he said, which surprises me. But at any rate, his cat show went on, there’s no denying that this guy has talent:

        So my cat show theory is that we can train “local normals” to our side, just like that guy and his cats.

  12. Wally says:


    From dailymail Uk:

    “Three black soldiers arrested for stabbing white comrade to death ‘called him a cracker’- so, why are police now so sure it was NOT a hate crime?”

    “Tevin Geike, 20, was left for dead in a parking lot near his base in Lakewood, Washington”

    “Barnes told KIRO TV that the attackers drove past and one of them in the back shouted ‘something like white and cracker’.

    “Barnes said: ‘There’s a derogatory term they use for white people, and it’s cracker, and I heard that phrase repeated numerous times which is why I thought race had something to do with it.’
    After first saying it was a hate crime, the police now say it wasn’t. I guess Eric My People Holder got on the phone to them.

  13. TabuLa Raza says:

    Fully illumined = the illumine-naughty

  14. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    “Clearly, the fully illuminated of both sexes must be able to plan together” As much a I like participating in these discussion myself, I rather disagree with this statement.

    Most WN women still have Feminist leanings (see Jaenelle Antas, for a glaring instance) and I see this creating division rather than the cohesion we so desperately need. I personally only participate in the discussion because we don’t have a critical mass of active men yet but will gladly fade away when we do.

    Women can have a profound influence on their husbands and children though. As they say, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. That is why it is SO important for our Wise Men to marry very, very carefully, putting future familial concerns over present perceived sexual pleasures.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Yes, it’s hard to say in advance how things will settle out, and I’m not particularly doctrinaire about it. It’s open source, and whatever can work. I think the main point is that we need the sorts of networks that meet our needs, build trust, and provide the infrastructure for the next step toward full sovereignty and independence. Part of that will mean having networks in which various types of whites can find a meaningful way to contribute, whether they be men or women, smart or dumb (not TOO dumb, I hope), “normals” or fanatics.

  15. aryangoddess says:

    It’s a habit we have to develop — in every human interaction we must ask ourselves, “Am I making this person feel good about this interaction? Am I being boring or annoying or a know-it-all, or self absorbed and hogging the conversation? Am I listening to this person with real interest, without coming off like a desperate suck-up? Am I behaving with at least a modicum of charisma?”

    MW, I couldn’t agree more. I think a lot of our men (their heart is in the right place) need a little bit of polishing. I’ve been to many a WN gathering and I encountered the same thing. People who go on and on who never stop talking. You literally cannot get a word in edgewise. They are oblivious to the body language of others that they are BORING.

    It’s a turnoff and no one wants to be around that type of person. And for God’s sake the Hitler worship. Please. He’s dead. Move on. I hear about him enough on the history channel shows, let alone a WN gathering.

    I’m very good at reading body language. If I sense someone is checking out when I talk to them or getting restless, I instantly stop and change the subject or just SHUT UP. Usually people like to talk about themselves, so if one actually LISTENS to someone else, they’ll find out a lot.,

    WN’s have to have something valuable to add to the conversation, be well groomed, fit and with good character. It’s not that hard to do and not that expensive.

    I purchased the Anthony Robbins CD in 2003 from the home shopping network. Excellent CD’s and was life changing for me. I wasn’t Jew aware then, but it still changed my attitudes tremendously. Especially with the attitudes of money and prosperity.

    I think the Landmark Forum is ran by a Jew, but I went through the course twice. I highly recommend it for anyone. We all have our story and other people are sick of hearing it. I’m all about doing what works. There were racists in our group but it didn’t matter. They got out of what they got out of IT.

    So in essence many a white man needs some sort of finishing school and if that helps let’s get the ball rolling.

  16. TabuLa Raza says:

    It’z salesmanship. Many seminars needed on this.

    The only thing we have in common in self-interest. When talking to another, one should ask- “what effect is this having on the self-interest of the other?”

    Handing a list of the pertinent facts [ykws and blackssuck, etc.] to the target is NOT salesmanship.

    • mindweapon says:

      And it’s in the self interest of most WN males to be better at getting along with others.

      Emotional Intelligence is our big deficiency. Mitigate this deficiency, and off we go.

  17. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Just picked up this post today.

    No doubt about it, the Third World is here. I no longer see a country called America, but a filthy multicultural fiefdom called Amurkistan.

    While following SBPDL, I would post / advocate for whites getting out of the system completely. Just go covert and do a stealth economy just for whites. White people are simply tax slaves and our government cares nothing about us and only to preserve and create more wealth off the backs of these new immigrants who are really just glorified slaves.

    Think about it. There was a time when birth control was promoted among the lower classes and in the third world. Then this promotion of birth control was stopped. Why? Well of course the global elite wanted to keep their slave base going. Goy whites, well we are just tax slaves. We get to occupy the strained middle class or ‘middle crushed’ and maybe reproduce, but hey, if we are not kissing elite arse or showing empathy toward the ‘hard working immigrants’, well we are useless.

    We whites who can ‘see’ are in Amurkistan but must behave as we are not of it. In fact, it has not been ours since Lincoln’s presidency. We must do future forward thinking and change our thought schemes. We must do and act as if we have adopted a colonist paradigm.

    We are white people colonizing what was once ours. This is the mantra.

    All is fair in love and war. We must live ourselves and our blood and we we are at a war to take back what was ours.

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