Aryan Goddess on Emotional Intelligence

t’s a habit we have to develop — in every human interaction we must ask ourselves, “Am I making this person feel good about this interaction? Am I being boring or annoying or a know-it-all, or self absorbed and hogging the conversation? Am I listening to this person with real interest, without coming off like a desperate suck-up? Am I behaving with at least a modicum of charisma?”

MW, I couldn’t agree more. I think a lot of our men (their heart is in the right place) need a little bit of polishing. I’ve been to many a WN gathering and I encountered the same thing. People who go on and on who never stop talking. You literally cannot get a word in edgewise. They are oblivious to the body language of others that they are BORING.

It’s a turnoff and no one wants to be around that type of person. And for God’s sake the Hitler worship. Please. He’s dead. Move on. I hear about him enough on the history channel shows, let alone a WN gathering.

I’m very good at reading body language. If I sense someone is checking out when I talk to them or getting restless, I instantly stop and change the subject or just SHUT UP. Usually people like to talk about themselves, so if one actually LISTENS to someone else, they’ll find out a lot.,

WN’s have to have something valuable to add to the conversation, be well groomed, fit and with good character. It’s not that hard to do and not that expensive.

I purchased the Anthony Robbins CD in 2003 from the home shopping network. Excellent CD’s and was life changing for me. I wasn’t Jew aware then, but it still changed my attitudes tremendously. Especially with the attitudes of money and prosperity.

I think the Landmark Forum is ran by a Jew, but I went through the course twice. I highly recommend it for anyone. We all have our story and other people are sick of hearing it. I’m all about doing what works. There were racists in our group but it didn’t matter. They got out of what they got out of IT.

So in essence many a white man needs some sort of finishing school and if that helps let’s get the ball rolling.

MW – an emotional intelligence story.

15 years ago I worked with a young lady at a big oil company. She was extremely pretty, nice figure, but she one bad character defect. Non stop talking. I would see her at the break room and she would monopolize the entire conversation. People would tune her out, ignore her or just read the paper while she was speaking. A lot of times people would just leave when they saw her.

One day just the two of us were outside on morning break. She was belaboring a date that didn’t materialize into date #2. She really wanted to get married and have white children.

I said hun, can I be honest with you? She said of course, I know you’d never say something to me to be mean. I respect your opinion. I said you never stop talking. People cannot get a word in edgewise. I said I don’t know if it’s a bad habit or nervousness but you are driving good men away. Men hear non-stop blathering from mom, co-workers, sisters, they don’t want it with you.

Her eyes welled up. I felt like crap for even saying anything. She said AG, I’m afraid if I stop talking, nothing will be said.

I told her, it’s the exact opposite. Conversations have an ebb and flow. You talk, one person listens, etc. Maybe if you allowed some SILENCE for a few seconds these men could get a word in edgewise and maybe YOU could hear what they have to say. Men hate long winded conversations. Use one liners. Get to the point, executive summary, etc.

The light bulb went on in her head in a very big way. She heeded what I had to say. She got married a year later to a wonderful man and they have many children.

Isn’t emotional intelligence great?


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12 Responses to Aryan Goddess on Emotional Intelligence

  1. TabuLa Raza says:

    Why Being Smart Just Isn’t Enough
    Everyone here in Silicon Valley believes they are smarter than the average person. Often, they believe they are the smartest person in the room, that their IQ points are so high, that the only thing bigger is the massive weight of their brain. Intelligence is to Silicon Valley what penis size is to San Fernando Valley, it’s what the guys in the area use to measure up against everyone else.

    This level of hubris can be detrimental to the success of the individual, as well as the startup that he or she runs. What I’ve come to realize after doing the startup gig for over 3 years now, is that success is about 20% intelligence, and about 80% everything else. Sure, you need some basic intelligence, probably an IQ of 130+ will do. Hit 160 and you’re entering crazy zone and we definitely don’t want that, but something like 140 is perfectly adequate to launch the next Google.

    The thing is, stuff like EQ, empathy, social intelligence, networking skills, likeability, leadership skills, communication skills, and other soft skills matter just as much, if not more so than raw intelligence. I guarantee that if you walk into a VC meeting thinking that investors are stupid and that they should invest in you because you’re creating something so revolutionary and amazing that only an idiot wouldn’t invest… well, you’re in for a rude awakening.

    No one gives a shit about how smart you are, if you have a 4 year degree in some respectable school in some respectable major, than that’s good enough for 99% of the things you’re going to do in life. But how hard do you work? How easily can you convince others that your idea is worth pursuing? How likeable and friendly are you? Would I want to be stuck with you at the airport for 3 hours? These questions are just as important as your idea, especially when it comes to finding co-founders and investors. If you’re AirBnB or Dropbox, sure, this advice probably doesn’t matter as your traction is enough to justify any investment, but for the 99% of other startups out there that are struggling to close their next round… trust me when I say that it matters A LOT what people think of you.

    So the next time you’re talking to someone about your hot new startup. Stop trying to sound smart, stop memorizing all of the obscure metrics and equations and instead, just focus on getting the person to like you. Here’s a tip, smile. Here’s another tip, say their name a few times. And when you’re done, look them in the eye, give them a solid hand shake, and say thank you for your time. It’s really not that hard, but time and again, I see people mess up even the most basic of social skills and instead, try to compensate by trying to sound smart.

    Social skills, it’s what makes you stand out amongst a sea of nerds, learn them. 🙂

    by Dennis Liu

  2. aryangoddess says:

    This young lady I spoke of above had LONG flowing hair. I mean it was the naturally highlighted wavy hair you see in goddess paintings or some of the flowing hair portraits of the Greek and Roman goddesses. It was the first thing I noticed about her. Her beautiful locks. I used to call her Rapunzel. It literally came down to her butt. I told her in no uncertain terms ever ever cut that beautiful hair, ever.

    So when she’d go out on a date, the man would be gaga over her hair and her pretty hourglass figure, but once she opened her mouth, he was checking out and waiting for the check.

    I neglected to mention that when I talked to her, I spoke softly and touched her arm. Like a loving aunt or mom would do. I used her first name when I talked to her. I also told her why don’t you see if you like THEM versus trying to be Ms. Step and Fetch it and talk talk talk. So many young women are guilty of this. I think it’s more a nervous habit and not having Momma talk to you and give you some social graces.

    I also told her that she could incorporate some deep breathing exercises before a date. Maybe start taking a yoga class, tai chi or pilates. Something to calm her down. She came to a couple of my yoga classes. She liked it. I do believe it helped her.

    I’m a firm believer in sanskirt chanting. You know sanskrit was invented by white Aryan hindus. Sanskrit is in the key of D which calms you down to the mollecular level. Kirtans are mostly attended by whites.

    As a little girl my Momma, Grandma and Aunt would have tea with me. We would carefully pour the tea and eat finger sandwiches. It helped to reign in my spazziness as a little kid.

    Many of us get into a frenzy and start spinning. I’ve done that. It’s very hard to stop, it really is like a top spinning and spinning. I guess age does mellow you out some.

    As for men? I think they need strong alpha men as mentors and dads. A man has to learn how to blend in at the hunting lodge or at the local cocktail hour for the museum opening. Things like going to the opera, broadway shows and other cultured events will not make a man a fairy, it will only help his social graces.

  3. Denise says:

    Ahhh! Words of wisdom for us all! Thanks!

  4. Attila says:

    In my experience- most women want to be heard but few are willing to listen. When it’s my turn to comment – they start giving the classic eye glaze OR they keep interrupting with THEIR interpretations/condemnations of what I MAY have said. A waste of time.

  5. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Great thoughts and much truth in them. Most of the real life WN people I meet seem pretty well adjusted (taking into consideration that we are coping with a lot of problems!) but there are a few dysfunctionals that stand out. There’s the depressed guy who never has anything positive to say. There’s the gal who rants all the time. There’s the ones who are gung-ho to do a project then can’t seem to pick up their phone. All annoying but I am learning to disassociate myself from these types as they suck up too much of my energy.

    For myself, I’m working on rambling less and listening more.

  6. Ryu says:

    This is a very good and a very timely post.

    WNs tend to be individualistic. They grow spending lots of time alone. One doesn’t learn WN in crowds today, and only the most rebellious discover it at all. Many seem to forget human moves, PU for WNs if you will.

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