Government Shutdown A Boon For Beta Males

Do you know what wonderfully focuses the mind of a single mom? Visions of her bratty bastard starving to death in her arms. Yep, works every time.

Chateau Heartiste

CH has been at the forefront of predicting rather astutely that beta males experience worse results in a sexual market where women are economically self-sufficient and can follow their tingles to alpha cad land, and conversely do better (i.e., maritally or otherwise lock down prettier women in their beauty primes) in a sexual market where women are increasingly out of work and needing a charmless company stiff to support them. Right on cue, a news report states that a major “sugar daddy” dating website has seen a 50% increase in sign-ups since the government shutdown, and that half of the new members are single moms.

A lot of government bureaucrats are women. A lot of government teat sucklers are women, many of whom are single moms with low impulse control. When the money flows freely, the pussy flows freely… to fly-by-night alpha males with the right mix of JERKBOY CHARISMA…

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4 Responses to Government Shutdown A Boon For Beta Males

  1. mark says:

    It should be pointed out that economically self-sufficient women are not “self-sufficient” at all. Virtually every woman who has some degree of success of this type receives a great deal of government protection.

    The “self-sufficiency” of today’s women is wholly dependent on Affirmative Action, set-asides for female-owned businesses, pressure from feminist advocacy groups, liberal and Marxist public sector supervisors, male-run businesses seeking to get some kind of advantage in the marketplace, etc. Remove all of that and you have a society as it should be.

  2. Denise says:

    All kinds of benefits ensue when ZOG’s smoke and mirrors evaporate and smash!

  3. Tina says:

    I’m gonna say it: Heartiste is a blow hard, and just full of $hlt. Mighty tough talking for such a little boy

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