Anonymous Posting: Proof We Can Reach Even White Liberals.

My wife, who has been a bleeding-heart liberal her whole life, told me in private that the absolute worst part of her job was dealing with black diners. Almost all of them were far noisier than our other customers, complained more, left huge messes and microscopic tips, when they tipped at all. She told me if we could just get rid of them, the place would actually be a joy to work at.

I’ve been in the restaurant business a long time, so this wasn’t news to me, but to hear it from my wife, and later confirmed by my daughter… it had a big impact. I’ve never accepted any racial slurs in our household, and certainly not in my restaurant. I always taught my kids to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and tried to do the right thing in spite of the sometimes overwhelming evidence right in front of me. But right then and there, I and my wife started planning ways to keep black people from eating at our restaurant.

Shylock's Bane

The Following is an excerpt from an Anonymous Board. We need to stop wasting our time and start a serious outreach to our people who are not yet lost.

“I’ll get it out of the way and admit that what I am doing is racist, I myself am a racist, and I’m not about to argue that. I’m not proud of this, but I did what I had to to stay afloat for the sake of my family and my employees and I would do it again.

I own a family restaurant that competes with large chains like Applebee’s, Chili’s, and other similarly awful places. I started this restaurant over 20 years ago, my wife is our manager, both of my kids work here when they’re not in college. Our whole life is tied up in this place, and while it’s a ton of hard work, we love it.


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20 Responses to Anonymous Posting: Proof We Can Reach Even White Liberals.

  1. Matthew says:

    The story between the lines of the story is interesting.

    [W]e were sinking fast, and before long it was clear we would lose the restaurant before the year was out….

    We had had a lot more black diners since the downturn…

    I raised my prices. It had been long in coming, prices had skyrocketed, and we’d been trying to keep things reasonable because people were hurting. But this had brought in a ton of blacks who had been priced out of the other restaurants nearby, and so I raised my prices even higher….

    I noticed as soon as the blacks started to leave, our regulars started coming back.

    In an effort to be a helpful part of the local community, he ignored price signals. This made him a target for the shiftless.

  2. Jeff Albertson says:

    I read recently that there are marketing “cues” and tricks that subtly repel the vulgar, I think it specifically mentioned French background music. Opera would be ideal turned down to barely discernable German phrases, Wagner, maybe? and if they enjoyed it, no harm, might even leave a few extra pfennigs.

  3. Afterthought says:

    Hat tip to Matthew for that astute observation.

    Whites, or as I prefer the ancient term, Aryans, have an innate desire to see them selves as angels spreading light in a world of darkness and thus transforming the darkness into light.

    You can see it in the old religion Zoroastrianism and in its successor Christianity, and its successor, Humanism.

    Sadly, that isn’t the way the world works. At best you can carve out a sphere of light in a world of darkness, but you cannot transform the darkness, take away the light and the darkness returns instantly. Perhaps more whites can be reached if we describe accurately the cultural and political transformation of an darkening world.

    First, we can start with religion. Atheists who prickle at even today’s religion-free religion, will not fare well in a darkening world. Some new voodoo-esque horror show religion will come along and devour them.

    Secondly, we can look to human rights, using gays and women as exempla gratias. As the world darkens, the sodomites will be bitched out and women beaten back in to their place by rapacious hordes. An unthinking and unquestioning masculine patriarchy will prevail.

    Thirdly, we can look to politics; as the world darkens, the Northern forms of the presbyter and the town council will be replaced by the gluttonous dictatorship that devours all until there is no more sustenance in the land. In essence, one person, one vote, once. Or as some have coined it, brown fascism.

    The vast majority, I would say up to 80% of whites will eventually learn this. I just hope they snap out of it before it is too late.

  4. Anon says:

    “I can’t help but feel like I’ve become part of the problem.” – Still have a ways to go yet.

    “I did it by treating a whole group of people like pests and driving them away in a low and cowardly way. (though it’s not as if I could have put a sign out).” –
    Would he have put up a sign if he could? would he be happier if he could be more open about not wanting them as customers?

    • Matthew says:

      Naming the black is as important as naming the Jew. This is not hatred, it is recognition. These people are not like us. They do not think like us, they do not follow the social rules that we instinctively follow. In situations where manners matter, whites must reject the others.

  5. Clytemnestra says:

    I don’t see where this restaurant owner has become “part of the problem” by eliminating a problem.

    I have read many a post about the antics of Blacks in restaurants and it seems to me that they make a point to go out of their way – not to have an enjoyable dining experience, but to see how many hostile acts they can get away with against any Whites there. They abuse the staff and run them ragged and then short them on tips, they fill their bellies and then try to complain about the food so they can get it a gratis, and they are so loud and obnoxious that no one else in the restaurant can enjoy a quiet, low-keyed conversation. The fact that even Blacks don’t want to deal with Black customers says everything there is to say.

    It is a sad statement about how much this poster has been brainwashed by Marxist indoctrination that he can feel guilty over the fact that he saved his restaurant, the jobs that it provided and even his own family by being able to rationally assess the problem and take sound, common-sense steps to eliminate it.

    If I could speak to this individual right now, I would tell him, “No, sir, you are not a hateful bigot.” You simply found a way to effectively ban hateful bigots from your premises. Moreover, you took the sainted Martin Luther King (sarcasm button turned off) at his word and started judging his people by the content of their characters, rather than bending over backwards to make allowances for their skin color. Bravo.

    There is a saying in the Bible about not casting ye pearls before the swine lest they turn on ye and rend ye. You stopped casting your pearls before the swine and saved yourself. The result is that you not only saved yourself but your family and your employees from poverty which would not have been possible if you continued accommodating rude, crude and obnoxious boors to prove that you are not a racist. Which goes to show you. Heaven punishes stupidity and rewards wisdom.

  6. Robot Sam says:

    Having been in a city filled with these vermin for over 15 years, I will tell you that these things are nothing more than the worlds lowest motivations given physical forms. They are proactively problematic, aggressive, stupid, ugly, violent and always looking for a free ride. They actively cause problems for no other reason than their hatred of you and your society/world/civilization.
    They lack dignity, decorum, honor or respect. Never expect a negro to reciprocate kindness, much less pay back any debt they owe. They are orcs. They are brutes and craven scum just waiting for an opportunity to take, steal or destroy. They do not belong in our world, and they do not believe in rules, and only obey the rules when they feel the punishment is less than the reward. These creatures, and that is what they are, are essentially a whole group of violent crafty retards. What bothers me about whites is how they don’t get it that these animals network to game the system in a thousand ways, and stupid liberal whites with their starry eyed blindness think that it is the right thing to do to be robbed directly or through a proxy by these goons. White people are fine with letting their children suffer at the hands of these pieces of garbage and then blame their own children for being a racist or bigot when they point out the truth of how vile and dishonest these things are, how they are stealing from the future of our people and how unnecessary and detrimental they are to us.

    One issue I will reiterate is this; they are stupid and slavery/ being enslaved was their own damn fault. Like today the coons of old were all too busy with screwing, robbing each other, raping each other, killing each other, voodoo, getting high and sleeping off their latest high to form any sort of society which could resist others from enslaving them. They never had any wars of note because without white subsidy they can’t be organized in any meaningful numbers. They are pack animals, actually worse than feral dogs (feral dogs are not smart enough and don’t get together to find ways to be more evil) and left to their own devices cannot form any association bigger than subsistence villages. In essence, if they were as smart or as organized or as civilized as whites, shouldn’t they have had similar or equitable weaponry and tactics to thwart the slavers, at least to the point where they lost interest?

  7. PA says:

    If any of you saw my comment that was featured on CH, you’ll see my point about liberalism having owned moral goodness.

    That post applies here: this restaurant owner still conceded goodness to liberals; in his mind what he did was a necessary evil… operative word being “evil.”

    This view that he is, in his own words, a bigot, and part of the problem, must be reframed.

    What is in fact evil is that forced desegregation is a war on poor whites. With “poor” ever-expanding up to include the middle class and up.

    He saved his restaurant by pricing out the scum. Doing so, he also proved out many good whites.

    In the macro scheme, desegregation created a world in which white people are on a treadmill of ever growing premiums they must pay simple to have a habitat. This is a form of genocide.

    • mindweapon says:

      Indeed. Desegregation is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Very true, PA and MW. The financial and psychological strain that integration imposes upon whites is far greater than what is apparent at first glance.

      Back in the 80’s and 90’s, when I was coming of age, I remember how the big racial complaint was about black welfare queens. Truth is, blacks living off of white taxpayers is only the tip of a vast iceberg. While most people understand that they have to pay a significant premium in order to live in even a moderately decent neighborhood, it’s harder to see and quantify the countless other premiums that we pay due to integration.

      We pay all of these premiums, and yet most of us still don’t get a particularly good result. We continue to be subjected to and punished by diversity on a regular basis. We pay and we pay and we pay, yet we still don’t get what by nature should freely be ours as a birthright: the ability to live and function amongst our own kind.

      And woe to him who simply cannot pay a given premium. For example, it’s one thing to say to a poor white, “Well, you’re not worth much as a worker. Guess you’ll have to live in the poorer part of town among the other poor whites.” That may not be a wonderful life, but at least it’s just. Yet it’s quite another to say to a poor white, “Well, you’re not worth much as a worker. Guess you’ll need to live amongst savage Bantus and mestizos.”

      What?!? Are you friggin kidding me? But of course our lords and masters, may they rot in hell, are not kidding. Not at all.

      Diversity is cruel. Yet the system demands that we not merely accept this, but applaud it. And it attempts to portray people like myself as the bad guy because, horror of horrors, I believe that if I fall upon hard times I should at least be able to live around other whites that have fallen on hard times, rather than be cast to the savage hordes. I can handle my fellow whites, even the scummier set, a lot better than non-white gang bangers and assorted aliens.

      As to the psychological strain, it would be interesting if someone could quantify the damage to white blood pressure levels caused by integration. Doctors shouldn’t just ask about sodium or such, but about how much exposure to blacks you’ve had. I’m only half kidding.

      But in truth, the most severe penalties are the hardest to quantify, for it is the spiritual strain that is most devastating, far more than the financial or even the emotional.

      In any event, it is a testament to the power of propaganda and sheer cultishness that any white could possibly believe that “diversity is strength.” Or, as in the case of the restaurant owner, feel as if those who impose such an evil order on innocent people are in fact morally superior, but hey, I guess some people just love Big Brother. When I first read Orwell’s 1984, I thought War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery were a bit over the top as slogans. I don’t anymore.

      The good news is that this stuff is so crazy, so utterly opposed to reality, that it simply cannot last. We will win, but I hope I’ll still have some semblance of health by the time that happens. Does anybody know which is worse, exposure to excessive amounts of radiation, or exposure to blacks and mestizos? Somebody should do a longitudinal study and compare the health outcomes of those Japanese living near Fukushima with those of whites forced to live near large numbers of free range Bantus. My money is on Fukushima as the healthier choice.

    • Matthew says:

      We must own the word “racist”. Make it ours. This is a good trait to have. It is a sign of sanity.

      Yes, I am racist. Yes, I brush my teeth. Yes, I love my parents. Yes, I feed my children bread instead of stones.

      If you’re not racist, you’re retarded.

  8. Good post and good comments.

    It IS sad that this guy says he’s done something evil. I think as time goes on, he will realize he was right to to do because he deep down he knows it was or he wouldn’t have done it.

    Awakening to racial reality isn’t always an AHA! moment. Young Matthew Heimbach’s awakening (for instance) has been a process that has been quite public. It’s unfortunate that the WN peanut gallery (or paid Jew shills, can’t be sure) cast aspersions on him for beliefs he had 2 or 3 years ago which he now renounces. I wrote about it at my blog.

  9. zek says:

    This is brilliant and devastatingly effective. When I got to the part about the fried chicken, I knew it was fake. But this is indeed how you reach liberals. Just couch whatever you want to say in a thin veneer of guilt. Make up audacious stories and pretend you are confiding in the person you’re talking to. “You know, I want to do everything I can to support African-Americans, but it’s hard for me… I mean, I feel guilty about it, but ever since that African-American man broke into my house and raped my kid sister, I’ve felt this twinge of racism and I can’t make it go away. He shot our puppy, too. And then there was that time my grandmother, Edna, got beat up at the bus stop…”

    Works especially well in person.

    • Sebastian says:

      Have you used this tactic in person zek?

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep, that’s a good way! I’ve used that method myself.

    • Matthew says:

      “Make up audacious stories and pretend you are confiding in the person you’re talking to”

      This is wrong. We can fight the adversary without adopting their tactics.

      • Wally says:

        It is right. Our people should adopt all of the Jewish tactics in our struggle. If you don’t like it, so what. Our people don’t need another lecture on how moral we should be in our struggle. Your kind of attitude is part of the reason why we mostly lose. Our enemy uses every dirty trick in the book. We must also.

      • mindweapon says:


        You nailed the whole point of this website. We need to adopt tactics and strategies that WORK above all. Principles or moral purity be damned.

        Our role model should be Nathan Rothschild, not Hitler. He won, and won big. His son Lionel became a Peer in the House of Lords and was able to become a peer without having to say, “upon the oath of a good Christian.”

        And you know what? Mindweaponization is already proving to be a successful strategy for me, and for other commenters. A lot of that we are doing, while all legal and peaceful and beneficial to society, is not something that we want to post on the internet. But as Gil Scott Heron said, “The Revolution will not be Televised,” or posted about on the internet. Plenty of good stuff is going on.

        I’ll give you just one example. We convinced an 18 year old to major in Petroleum Engineering instead of history. He was treated very badly by his schoolmates when he asked “name five benefits of diversity besides music and food.” For this, he was treated as the second coming of Der Fuhrer. He wasn’t a White nationalist or militant or much of a racist, just a kid questioning social norms. So much crap got poured on him that he was driven to our camp. Had his classmates been nice to him, he’d probably have never had anything to do with us. The liberals/multiculters/anti-whites CREATE WN’s. Not saying this kid is a WN, by the way.

        But I told him, “Look, you can’t work within the educational establishments to change their minds. They will shit all over you and spit you out. You’ll never get a job working in history. Go get a degree in Petroleum Engineering, get rich, and laugh at the liberals working at Starbucks! Maybe you’ll buy a Starbucks franchise and hire the people who spat on you at your college. That’s your revenge.”

        He took my advice, and so far, so good. Hope he’s able to handle the math and chemistry and physics.

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