The Root Causes of Conspiracy: Energy relations with Greece and Israel

Israel wants to steal Greek oil. Only Golden Dawn stands against the greedy Jews!


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  1. pluto the dog says:

    These Greeks are courageous. Very recently was released a study of jewish DNA – an interesting highlight of the study that seems to have gone un noticed is the claim that more than 50% of jewish Ashkenazi women have non-jew dna – specifically they have white dna. It seems that the Ashkenazis (males) having been sourcing a large percentage of their women from the surrounding white population where ever they have ventured and that this practice goes back at least two thousand years. This raises a number of interesting questions, Jewishness is passed down the female line – if the great bulk of Ashkenazi women are not “jewish” they might be passing something on to the next generation but it wont be Jewishness. This would also explain why many ashkenazi jewish women just don’t look very jewish at all – and certainly don’t look like their male Ashkenazi counterparts. How “jewish” they are is a matter for speculation, and how jewish are their male offspring? When the penny drops you can bet this study will be quietly and quickly forgotten – if l were an Ashkenazi male jewish kind of a fellow l wouldn’t be very happy about this report.
    The Italian Jewish Professor Ariel Toaff’s book “Pasque di sangue (in English: Bloody Passovers: The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murders)” describes jews kidnapping white children, perhaps some of these became the brides of ashkenazis. The book was quickly withdrawn from publication soon after it was published. The esteemed professor came to the conclusion that most likely the reports of the killing of Christian children by jews was true. His book can be found online and downloaded. There are a couple of versions so just do a bit of browsing first. l haven’t read all of it, the parts l have read seem very thorough and well researched – most scholarly. The good professor is obviously naieve if he thought he could write and publish a book on that subject – doubtless he knows better now but thanks to him so do we!

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