Anthimos of Mount Athos: “The Persecution of Golden Dawn is a Fiasco made by Zionists”

An Orthodox Monk, Anthimos of Mount Athos, speaks bluntly about Golden Dawn and Samaras, Zionists and Americans.

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An Orthodox Monk, Anthimos the Elder from Mount Athos recently spoke out in an interview, honoring his position as a man who has vowed to be a voice of truth in a world filled with lies and deceit.  We wonder if the Janissary Greek-American organizations loyal to Samaras such as AHEPA and HALC will start attacking Anthimos now with the same passion they attack Golden Dawn

In regards to the illegal arrests:“The focus about the Golden Dawn is a pure fiasco from Zionists and enemies of our country. If anyone broke the law, they should go to jail. But the party is a (political) party, it can not be removed on those grounds. This is reminiscent of the mob rule that killed Socrates.”

On the current government:

“Do you not see? Wherever America and Israel go Samaras goes also… What we have now, is that a…

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4 Responses to Anthimos of Mount Athos: “The Persecution of Golden Dawn is a Fiasco made by Zionists”

  1. Starets says:

    This is great to see. Support from the Orthodox Church will provide a big boost to the Golden Dawn. Hopefully the growth of GD will inspire the growth of ethno-nationalism in the rest of the West.

  2. Attila says:

    He’s got quite a face …. unlike the mishy-mwashy relativists and reality-deniers in our midst.

    Acknowledgment of Reality instantly confers dignity upon a person.

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