Carmakers struggle to get Gen Y behind the wheel

Young people are doing without cars in droves. Good for them! You make 10 bucks an hour, do you really want to work a full day a week just to pay for the privilege of driving to work? If the carmakers want to sell more cars, they better agitate to raise the minimum wage law to 22 an hour and expel the immigrunts.

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Boomers continue their love affair with the car while the industry ponders how to get their tech-driven kids on the bandwagon.

While boomers continue their love affair with the car, basing their lifestyle on having "wheels," millenials are dragging their feet getting driver's licences and are staying away from carmaker dealerships in droves.

Toronto Star file photo

While boomers continue their love affair with the car, basing their lifestyle on having “wheels,” millenials are dragging their feet getting driver’s licences and are staying away from carmaker dealerships in droves.

The president of Toyota Motor Corp. is perplexed by boys who don’t have a vehicle and think they can pick up girls these days.

“In the past, if you wanted to date someone, you couldn’t ask her out if you didn’t have a car,” Akio Toyoda, 57, told a packed auditorium of about 900 Meiji University students in Tokyo earlier this fall.

“It’s all changed now. Money goes on monthly phone bills. Also, parking’s expensive and it’s easy to get…

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14 Responses to Carmakers struggle to get Gen Y behind the wheel

  1. Hereward Saxon says:

    Soon the younger generation won’t know how to repair vehicles.

    But around here they all seem to have cars in high school. Perhaps the urban crowd can get around without private transportation. The best news would be young people switching to riding horses, or at least Model A reproductions.

    • mindweapon says:

      The best news would be young people switching to riding horses, or at least Model A reproductions.

      I agree, Saxon

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Horses are a lot more expensive to maintain than cars, and a lot less useful off of farms and trails.  Just cleaning up after a horse in a built-up area would be a big job.

    • Cranberry says:

      Like this guy?

      He doesn’t own a car and rode his horse into town, on a freeway, to pay his taxes and keep a lien off his property. I don’t like the way he’s portrayed on the show, and don’t know if he’s really a great guy or a jerk, but I do admire his tenacious philosophy of the deliberate life.

      As the intellectual scale of available jobs continues to mismatch the intellectual capacity of the population, expect to see more of this stuff happening. Previously available middle class luxuries will go away as fast as lower- and middle-class (and middling intelligence) jobs are going

  2. zek says:

    The automobile is the vehicle of white exodus from diversity. Blacks invaded our livable urban areas and forced us to flee from their crime and dysfunction. Civil rights revoked our freedom of association, making it impossible to separate ourselves from the blacks any other way. So we moved outward, away from the urban core, but we didn’t do it right. The suburbs we built are too spread out, there are too many roads, and the zoning is too homogeneous, so that even when there are places to walk or bike, there is nothing to walk or bike TO.

    Whites need to infiltrate their local governance structures and work to enable relocalization. We can’t do anything about fedgov, but we really can make a difference on the local level. This is another area where we can cooperate with the left. Work to allow small-scale farming and encourage things like dense construction, narrower roads, bike lanes, sidewalks lined with shops and walk-up apartments, small neighborhood grocery stores, etc. Discourage large parking lots, office parks, “landscaper” box stores, etc. Another GREAT idea is to create a local currency, like some communities have done. The left will be on board with ALL of this and suddenly we are a solid 30% instead of <1% in numbers.

    This is really important because as the dollar loses value and oil gets scarcer and more expensive, it's going to squish the suburban/exurban economy like a bug. We can take steps now to prepare for the change ahead instead of waiting for the market to painfully force us (via bankruptcy etc.). Not having to spend 20% or more of our annual income on some giant metal carriage will be just a perk.

    • zek says:

      My point in all that was, we only buy & drive cars because we need them. We didn’t always need them. Let’s work to change the geographic & economic preconditions upon which our needing them is based. We can’t repeal civil rights at this point, but there’s a lot we can do. Cars will always be around, but they shouldn’t have to be a necessity for everyone.

  3. desertrose says:

    Even families are making due with one car of at all possible, where two or more cars were the norm. Car pooling is also making a come back. It is good to see, even though in most cases it has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the economy. In either case it is a good thing.
    Not only do they need to raise minimum wage, they need to be a bit more realistic in the way they price their items. Some cars are becoming the equivalent of small mortgages.

    Thank you for the re-blog 🙂

  4. Clytemnestra says:

    The car manufacturers need to remember that Henry Ford made his fortune and created the automobile industry by realizing that he had to pay his workers enough to afford the products they were making!

    The only way to sell their vehicles is to bring the price down to affordable levels so that the average $10 an hour worker can afford to buy a car. Much the way the computer had to get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. You may not see many of these young people with a car, but you will see them with a computer.

    With robotics and outsourcing, there is no reason whatsoever for car to be so damned expensive.

    • mindweapon says:

      A cheaper car would have less steel and less weight and be dangerous to its passengers with the heavy steel cars on the road.

      Basically what they need to do is take the heavy cars off the market completely, and give slightly souped up golf carts. 40mph max speed, should have a better suspension and tires than golf carts. They need to be safe to crash into each other, even in T-bone accidents. The T-bone accident is the most dangerous — having something crash into your door. That is what can kill you or a passenger.

  5. With services like RideShare and Lyft, if you live in a city there’s not much point having a car.

    • mindweapon says:


      Tell me more about RideShare and Lyft. Who are the drivers? Are they White? Whites who have shitty jobs and good driving records need to get public endorsements and become taxi drivers. It’s much better than working in some fast food joint. Most taxi drivers appear to be foreigners taking these jobs. Americans need to take these jobs back, by competing for them, going after them.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Driving a taxi is tantamount to painting a target on your back for “diverse” robbers.  That’s why Whites abandoned the industry.

      • mindweapon says:

        There’s plenty of places where it’s safe (more or less) to drive a taxi. We need to be doing these jobs instead of foreigners.

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