MOFGA farmer-in-residence opportunity

Go learn farming in Maine. Housing, food, job provided. You bring the labor, the inspiration, and motivation to learn many many useful skills.
If you haven’t had much job experience, this can get you into the farming field, which in turn opens many doors. Don’t imagine that you’re stuck farming forever if you go work on a farm for a few years. You’ll probably get a CDL (commercial drivers license), learn how to operate heavy machinery, learn how to fix equipment, like milking equipment, tractors and the like. maybe learn building skills. You’ll have all these skills that you may or may not do as a career, but it will be nice to know how to sweat a pipe or do rough carpentry or drive a truck. You could even learn management.
Employers want someone with general work experience and good work habits. You’ll also have a chance to meet lots of people. Be sure to brush up on emotional intelligence!

the irresistible fleet of bicycles

FIR-AdThis is an incredible opportunity, greenhorns.  Apply!

MOFGA’s Farmer-in-Residence (F.I.R.) Program offers aspiring farmers committed to organic agriculture and public outreach the opportunity to live and farm at MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center in Unity, Maine. Farmers-in-Residence participate in MOFGA’s Journeyperson Program, which gives new and aspiring organic farmers access to the land, resources, and support they need to establish successful farm enterprises.

MOFGA’s property in Unity encompasses 250+ acres in predominantly agricultural Waldo County. In addition to hosting the Common Ground Country Fair every September, the land is home to MOFGA’s staff offices, a number of livestock barns, an exhibition hall, and an ecologically-designed farmhouse. The F.I.R. journeypersons have access to the farmhouse to use as a dwelling and headquarters for their farming activities. They also have access to MOFGA’s agricultural resource base with which to establish and develop their own farm businesses.

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