Proud and Strong: An Article by John Lagos

Putting all the comrades in prison together has been a prelude to their taking power so many times, I’m surprised that the Greek government hasn’t learned from history. Stalin, Hitler, Mandela and countless others were in prison for their political activities before they came to power dramatically.

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Editors Noteby George of Golden Dawn New York:

John Lagos of Pireaus, or “Yannis”  as we call him in Greek, Is one of our comrades currently in prison due to the current persecutions.  A well known figure in Golden Dawn, the media likes to portray him as a kind of brutal “leg breaker” or thug due to his appearance.  It is yet another blatant distortion.

While I did not spend a lot of time with him since he was mostly in Pireaus, I recall a time in 2008 when John, myself and other comrades were riding the train to the Pireaus office from Athens,  the train car was loaded with Pakistanis sitting in the seats, and we saw a elderly Greek woman with groceries being forced to stand while these invaders took up the seats, refusing to even think to let her sit down. John immediately spoke up and…

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