Russians care about their own, riot in vengeance for a murder by a foreigner

1000 Russians riot to avenge the murder of Egor Shcherbakov.

Fast forward to 3 minutes.

Late on Thursday evening, when Shcherbakov and his girlfriend were on their way home, the young couple were attacked by an unidentified man who stabbed Shcherbakov with a knife.

Shcherbakov’s girlfriend described the attacker as a male native of the Caucasus and said that he had assaulted her boyfriend after trying to harass her.

On Saturday a group of about 40 people gathered for a protest in the area, urging the police to find and punish the attacker. They demanded that the district’s police chief resign, and that a local vegetable warehouse, where many migrants work, be closed.

Protesters demanded that all the suspected rioters detained by the police should be freed, and ignored police attempts to calm the crowd. Police told the crowd to disperse, as the protest was not sanctioned by the city administration, as required by law.

However, the crowd refused to disperse. Chanting nationalist slogans, protesters attempted to block a road and turned over vehicles and dumpsters, before heading to the vegetable warehouse.

Witnesses said that many of those taking part in Sunday’s riots were members of radical nationalist groups.

The Russian Investigative Committee on Sunday said that its leading criminalists, as well as the most experienced Moscow police field officers have joined the investigation of the case.

More than 90 people have been questioned in connection with the killing, the Committee added.

Moscow police promised to pay up to one million rubles for information that would help to identify and find the murder suspect.

Some 80 illegal immigrants were also detained as the search for the murder suspect unfolded.

Meanwhile, authorities in Moscow’s Southern Administrative district have decided to set up an operation headquarters to counter illegal migration. The body – comprised of police, federal migration service representatives and voluntary people’s guard – will gather daily. The new foundation will focus on identifying flats rented to illegal migrants, patrolling streets and organizing sweeps on reports from citizens, the prefecture’s press service told Interfax.

So when you riot, you get some action by the government. Here’s a photo of the (alleged) murderer:

Destroy the nest of commerce of the invasive species. This will encourage them to leave:

Moscow police said they detained some 380 people during the mass rioting in a southern district of the city. A mixed crowd of nationalists and locals attacked a warehouse run by natives of the Caucasus, blaming a migrant for the fatal stabbing of a local.

Moscow police said they were putting into effect an emergency plan, codenamed “Volcano,” involving sending scores of riot police to the scene of the clashes, and placing the police officers across the city on high alert.

A crowd of people on Sunday broke into a vegetable warehouse in the southern district of Biryulyovo, hurling rocks, smashing up stalls and vending machines. While the police estimated the crowd at about 350 people, witnesses at the scene suggested the number of rioters could be as many as 1,000.

Да здравствуют Русские Националисты!


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29 Responses to Russians care about their own, riot in vengeance for a murder by a foreigner

  1. ckorzeniowski says:

    Awesome! I met a Russian girl who openly said that Russians hate Uzbeks – if only Americans were as open about the negro pandemonium.

  2. Denise says:

    Bless them. They care about their own. This is THE greatest treasure!

  3. Jon says:

    Other than tourists and an handful of heavily screened and exceptionally talented exchange students and brilliant technicians/researchers, WTF are foreigners doing in Russia?

    • @Jon

      Other than tourists and an handful of heavily screened and exceptionally talented exchange students and brilliant technicians/researchers, WTF are foreigners doing in Russia?

      Right there – you cut straight to the chase. Excellent talking point. RRS would be proud.

      Let’s hear them explain why foreigners are allowed in our countries. Will they be allowed in our homes next?

  4. Russians aren’t atomized like the Whites in the judeo-West.

  5. Sam says:

    Good for them.

  6. Rizvan says:

    Hello, My name is Rizvan Hakimdashi. I am man from Iran. We are in a desperate fight with Israel who is seeking to destroy us, Aryan brother. Over the years, because of the introduction of Islam into our ranks, our IQ has steadily declined. We need western researchers and geneticists to come to iran, and put in place a eugenics program to increase our IQ drastically so that we may manufacture nuclear weapons to destroy Israel. Please, brother, direct me to such aid.

    Rizvan Hakimdashi

    • mindweapon says:


      Just do IQ tests on people and then have the smart ones breed children. Or get Nordic sperm and eggs from Iceland, or invite high IQ Nordic men to come impregnate your smartest women. No need for me to help you with that.

      Good luck!

      • Rizvan says:

        The first suggestion is the best I think. Massive industrialized egg and sperm distribution from high-IQ iranian men and women, and implantation embryos inside the womb of the lower classes, using them as workhorses for breeding the next iran technical generation.

        We will not take nordic DNA. That is tantamout to race replacement. We will remain ourselves. The nordic people are angels. We will breed ourselves to be dark, intelligent, hairy black demons. Together we will be angels and demons, and like this we shall defeat the jews


      • mindweapon says:

        Sounds like a plan, Rizvan. Are you the famous Iranian for Aryans from Vanguard News Network? I was Kievsky over there.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        MW, I think this is the same guy (same obsession) as the troll who posed as “suicmez” on Those Who Can See.  Do not treat seriously.

      • A.Ralston says:

        ” We will breed ourselves to be dark, intelligent, hairy black demons. Together we will be angels and demons, and like this we shall defeat the jew.”

        This. Cracked me up.

        Good for you, Rizvan. Both are necessary in the Divine Cosmos. God Himself uses His Demons when necessary to carry out His Righteous Fury. His punishment, restitution, and mercy are all one and the same.

        Decades ago as a young callow lieutenant, I trained with an officer from the Iranian Army at the U.S. Army Signal Officers Basic School at Ft. Gordon, Georgia . We became fast friends before having to part ways, owing to my next assignment in Viet Nam. I think of him often.


      • Rizvan says:

        Mr. Ragnarok, Do not listen to Mr.Rational. He is a zionist agent. I have seen him commenting on several jewish nationalist forums, blogs, and websites, in both english and hebrew. He lays out an explicit jewish nationalist, anti-white agenda. In english of course he poses as a pro-white, anti-immigration activist. On the Those Who Can See posts, where I commented initially as suicmez in a very rational and similar manner as I have hear for communication, he defamed me by sockpuppeting: He started making bizarre, weird comments while using my pseudonym there !!!!

        To counter this I will hencetoforth use my real name, Rizvan, to avoid such travesty by this filthy, zionist infiltrator.

      • mindweapon says:

        OK, no fighting here! I don’t know either of you guys, but I dont’ care about your disputes and I don’t want them discussed here.

        Comment as you wish, both of you. I’m not playing favorites, but if either of you mentions the other, the banhammer comes down.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Since Rizvan has made allegations about me, I would ask him to either back them up or admit that they’re fabricated and ask for their removal.  (I find them funny, but others may take them seriously.)

      • mindweapon says:

        Mr. Rational,

        I don’t want this to go any further on this blog.

      • IFA says:

        You might find my site of interest:


    • Anon says:

      Israel’s biggest asset is her ability to call upon the US to bail her out if she gets into trouble, and that is going to be something that America simply won’t be able to do in short order.

      You should focus on your own problems, the Water situation over there for example has the potential to be far worse than any bomb.

  7. I am glad he said he wouldn’t want to take Nordic DNA. That’s ours.

  8. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Note the comments of Rizvan.

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