Stories from real life: Denise talking to her neighbors

This blog encourages stories from real life. Denise posted a gem, and it deserved a full post. Moar of this please, from all of you! Stories from real life are good!

By commenter Denise

Cheerful? Ummm…I dunno if that’s the correct way to describe the way I feel.
I think being dour, and miserable is not helpful. Period. I have my moments of sheer, mind boggled horror at the peril of our Race. However – it’s Autumn. It’s BEAUTIFUL. The world is still BEAUITIFUL. Any bad thing can happen to any-one, as the normal course of events. We still must live our lives, and try to make the best of our lives. We OWE it to ourselves, our loves ones, and our Race.

I went to a fun local event tonight. All White folks. I met folks I have not met before, and just began talking and socializing. I nice married lady, about my age, stopped in with her hubby and son. I was there with my hubby, who knows EVERY-ONE. She was a wee boozed up, form wine at dinner, and was very chatty. That’s the nice thing about women – we’ll talk to each other at the drop of a hat. Anyway – we began talking about all sorts of things. She was talking about her kids. He daughter just graduated High School. Even though the hubby has a VERY good job – no one is secure, and the lady began talking about her daughter and son’s future. She’s worried. We began talking aobut all sorts of things, in the Changing Economy.

One thing led to another.

I got into a HUGE discussion with her, and her teenaged son. He was soaking in every word I said. The kid is obviously SUPER bright. We began talking about Obamacare, and what it’s going to do – crush the economy.. I told them that it’s all about Communism. I did NOT get into an overtly Racial discussion…but I did give the boy some tips on what to research. The Mom, like most women, wants everything to be “nice”. Thing is – her kids matter more than anything to her. As it should be. So the well being of her kids will come first and last, when the crunch comes. The family is very posh. Very tight family. They wil ltake care of each other. The Dad knows the score – but again – Nice White People don’t want to be “negative”. When they finally comprehend what’s happened to Nice White World – they will DEAL. They will learn. They will get on board. The Posh Ones, like this family, are on a high Racial Learning Curve – but they will learn, or die.

They left early, cause the boy will to be reading Scripture in Church tomorrow (I’m a Christian – and I know who to work my crowd). They wanted to go home and get in some practice. When they left – I began chatting with some more backwoods, working class types. Then the conversation got really real. I was a bit boozed up, and expansive, shall we say.

Woo BOY!

Let’s just say that lots of Whites GET it – and they will know EXACTLY how to handle themselves when Ragna begins to really rock!!!

One of the guys told me that he knew something works was going to happen, after 9/11 – and it did. “We got Obama. He’s worse than 9/11!”. These guys are completely hi to Racial reality. I believe in my Volk.

So – I am realistically optimistic. I think our Racial Peril is DREADFUL – but we need to stop whining, and sulking, and moaning, and have some FUN with the End of Civilization as We Know It.

We will fight, or perish. And if we live -the White Out Group Altruism Gene will be GONE forever. The hardiest and savviest will make it through. We will lose the genetic flotsam

The one guy hugged me, when I began to use WN terminology. But my fondest part of the evening was the light I saw in the boy’s intelligent, searching face. I know I’ve sent him on a very interesting path. He’s our future. And he, and all our other Beautiful Bright White Children are WHY we MUST keep that White Flame alive.


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13 Responses to Stories from real life: Denise talking to her neighbors

  1. David says:

    I am always encouraged when I come here.

  2. PA says:

    However – it’s Autumn. It’s BEAUTIFUL. The world is still BEAUITIFUL

    Laguna Beach Fogey once said something similar in spirit, that has stayed in my mind: “face the sun”.

  3. Yes, we do need to work our crowds, for them and for ourselves – there is a groundswell just aching to be released, and that fills the messenger with optimism.

    • Denise says:

      After the “posh” folks left, and it was mostly working class Volk, and my beer intake was reaching full saturation mode, I began to speak freely. Now – when I am drunk, people have told me that I don’t “seem” drunk. I am super cognizant of being in control of my senses, etc, even more so when polluted. I’ve driven drunk, about 3 times in my life, simply because my companions were far more wasted than I. Some-one had to get us home in one piece, and I’ve was told, on all 3 occasions, even though I was SEEING DOUBLE, that I drove better than when I am sober (I’m a leadfoot, normally). Thus, last night, while in my element, the beer loosed the Celtic Eloquence (Blarney) that is my birthright. I collect racial epithets, and last night they all came out to dance. Pay heed – I do not utter such things in a tone of bitterness and fury. I smile and laugh, and the tone of my voice is the tone normally reserved for oohing and aahing over adorable babies, and other cute fuzzy things.

      I began referring to Obama as the Head Black In Charge, and many other things. People were laughing in astonishment, literally their mouths were gaping, at hearing such things uttered in public, and spoken with such carefree fun.

      Fun matters. Fun COUNTS. Fun is essential.

      When I began expounding on the general worthlessness and mayhem that is the Black Race, and how they ought not ever be allowed o run loose, and must NEVER be permitted to lose their fear of the lash and the noose, to the woe of all – one of the guys spontaneously jumped up, hugged me, and said “I LOVE you!!!”. My hubby was standing right their, taking in the show, and was not jealous, as it was a pure expression of sincere and thorough Racial Love. The gent had found a true kinswoman. That’s what mattered. Racial agape.

      There’s another party next week, at this venue. I’ll be there with bells on!

      Fear not, my Volk. Our people are waiting for us.

  4. Denise says:

    Kievsky – you ought to have edited my typos!!! I was HAMMERED when I wrote that (“Hammered = 2 beers. I am a complete lightweight re: booze)

    Still – thanks!!!!! I’m honored.

  5. Denise’s writing brings a smile to my face!

  6. Dan Poole says:

    These are the kind of posts that make me feel like our race can conquer the world, the moon, and Mars…all at the same time. (:

    Ok, in all seriousness, this was SUPER inspirational. It gives us all something that is distinctly lacking in the movement: Hope. It’s hard to see hope when your race faces genocide, but hope springs eternal. Even if we assume that half of Whites in this country are hopeless, that still means there are tens of millions of Whites who already “Get It” or will eventually “Get It.” Some forces just can’t be stopped. That there is a force that won’t be stopped.

  7. Tina says:

    This just made my night! I am starting to do this in little pieces myself.

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