Breaking up the Public Works then Hiring Only Illegal Immigrants!

Replacing Greek power workers with Afghans and privatizing/stealing, like happened when the USSR broke up. THe Americans and the Jews are now selling off Greece and giving jobs to immigrants not Greeks. Only Golden Dawn stands against this outright theft and ethnic replacement of a country.

xaameriki - ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english


PPC (Public Power Corporation) is bracing itself for the final sell off.

The “breaking” of the Public Power Corporation into two subsidiaries, called ITSO and DEDIE (Distribution) will have the direct consequences of thowing the PPC workers right into the street!

Already, the troika has demanded the lay offs of about 6,000 employees of PPC and a change in ownership, the totalitarian transition of the business to private interests.

Yesterday, at the premises of PPC (ITSO) a Greek Army contracted private company installed fiber optic cable, using only Afghan workers and other immigrants! The photographs are irrefutable proof! The association workers and employees asked:“You kicked us out and now PPC will only hire Afghans and other foreigners?”

This will be the tragic end to a  profitable public organization, that has now been privatized. 



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4 Responses to Breaking up the Public Works then Hiring Only Illegal Immigrants!

  1. If White people had countries of their own, this wouldn’t be happening.

  2. Anon says:

    Follow the money: which slumlord brought them here, got them jobs and is getting kickbacks from this.

  3. Dan Poole says:

    The more I learn about what is happening to the Greek people, the less sympathetic I become to the “Greeks are spoiled librul brats” argument spewed by conservatives. Why did all those native Greeks REALLY protest violently? Was it because “they lost their welfare” or because there is an all-out assault to displace them? What gravy train are conservatives talking about anyway? Because other then the 2 hour lunch, I don’t see how Greece’s social welfare system is extreme.

  4. Mindweapon,

    It’s crap like these worldwide privatization rape sprees that drive a person to the political LEFT.

    You know I am not a fool. No Jews. Just good folks organizing for THEMSELVES.

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