First Obamacare Story — gift cards for no-pay parasites as an incentive to show up for follow up treatment

Nice middle class lady, physicians assistant at a local hospital.

“How about that Obamacare? Is it going to destroy the medical field like they say?”

“It’s worse! We have a lot of issues with emergency room, no insurance walk-ins. They get treated, but they need follow up with medications and monitoring and the like. Typically the no-pay cases come in, get treated, feel better, and never come back.

So now we have to call them and schedule them to come in. I’m a skilled medical practitioner with 6 years of education, and I have to be the “scheduler” for the no-pay walk-ins. Aren’t I lucky!

It gets better yet! Only 20% of them show up after I call and beg them to come in for a follow up appointment FOR FREE. They aren’t paying a dime. So now we have to offer them gift cards for 50 dollars to come in for a follow up appointment! For free medical treatment! Everyone else has to pay a co-pay plus health insurance to get medical treatement. We’re PAYING these freebies people to come back for follow-up appointments!”

For real, people. This is a true story told to me from a physician’s assistant working at a hospital in New England.


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11 Responses to First Obamacare Story — gift cards for no-pay parasites as an incentive to show up for follow up treatment

  1. Cranberry says:

    From time to time I consider going to nursing school as a second career. Fairly easy to work around the kids’ schedules, good pay. Then I consider what ACA means to the health professions and I’m fairly certain my head would explode after two weeks worth of wrangling red tape, like this poor woman.

    I sometimes skip follow-up visits with my doctor. No one calls me to offer me $$ to come back. I wonder why it’s so critical to get them follow-up care. Aside from the obvious health implications (I do think it’s important to f/u with a doc sometimes, depends on your case), it’s just a way to get the roles up and justify more spending. Moar Obamacare!

    • Denise says:

      I think I will try to get into nursing….

      • Many routes here… if I had a daughter, I’d encourage her to go this route. From a couple of months of training to get >$15/hr to a BSN/NP route (six yrs post HS) where you are replacing docs on the front line and making six figures, you’ll always have a job, and just about anywhere you want to go.

  2. Cran, it’s White Genocide plain and simple.

  3. If White people had countries of their own, this wouldn’t be happening.

  4. Ryu says:

    I’ve heard exactly the same thing. Medical people I ask don’t like Obamacare. It’s very telling.

  5. Mr. Rational says:

    OT:  The “recent comments” section appears to be broken.

  6. Medicine is still a good business to go in b/c of the money; however, most go into it for personal reasons – reasons of the heart. Then it is a tragedy, because you will quickly have your heart squashed like a grape.

    The whole industry is finance-controlled and rife with moral hazard, not health-centered. It is sick care, and coercion. Go into it for the money (it is one of the last cash cows we have), but get out or keep your loins well-girded. Also, from the patient end, don’t ever become one… ever. I’m middle-aged, and won’t go to one unless my life depends upon it (heh). Eat like your great grandparents did, live like them, work like them, love like them, and 95% of the reasons people go to the doctor are eliminated. You know this is sage advice, because by following it, I am essentially turning away my business… but the truth is, almost nobody will follow it. The beer is too cold, the baconator too salty, the TV too amusing.

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