Michael Savage praises Hitler for repudiating odious Jewish debt in 1933

At 46:40 minutes:

“(Hitler) said to them ‘go to hell, we’re not paying them (reparations).”


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26 Responses to Michael Savage praises Hitler for repudiating odious Jewish debt in 1933

  1. zek says:

    A lot of Jews probably respect Hitler behind closed doors. They aren’t stupid, they know who came up with all the Holocaust fairy tales.

    God I can’t stand that sandpaper Jew voice.

  2. Denise says:

    I can’t “see” the video, or get a link. Please help – give a Hater a Hand….
    I want to hear this, FYI – Savage totally knows the score.

      • Denise says:

        Hi. I have been so busy of late. I still can’t “see” the video, or link. Could you tell me the date of this show, or post the URL instead of the video? Thanks.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Say, MW, is there any chance I could persuade you to turn off that annoying WP toolbar that squats at the top of the window?  It messes up scrolling because stuff gets hidden behind it.  You can remove it with Javascript Inspector, but you have to do it every time the page loads.

  3. Jon says:

    If one of us had a syndicated radio show, that would be akin to him praising MLKs debating skills.

  4. Dan Poole says:

    While I’m convinced that Savage is still controlled opposition, I’m really looking forward to when he kicks Hannity out of the 3:00 EST slot in January 2014. Savage says things that can point our people in the right direction, which can’t be said about Conservatism Inc. Today I heard Rush Limbaugh encourage his audience to support Freedom Works. He talked about Freedom Works like it was some outside “patriotic” group that’s despised by the “Beltway.” This despite the fact that Freedom Works was founded by Dick Armey. I don’t see Savage promoting shit like that.

    • Jon says:

      With the trajectory he’s been on lately, I’d be tempted to lay an over/under bet on when he declares himself no longer Jewish and set the line at 2 years from now.

      • Dan Poole says:

        I’d take the under on that one.

      • mindweapon says:


        Here’s another example of self-anti-semitic fiction: It used to be free on his site but now he’s selling it on amazon.com. Very pretty cover on the book. You’d never guess from that cover that this is actually an anti-Jewish story in the way that Jews think that Aryans see them. The boy who runs away is terribly ashamed of his Manhattan Jewish family and denies his heritage completely. He wants to be someone who came out of nowhere. He imagines that the Vermont Christian farmers see some kind of Woody Allen caricature when they look at him. But the truth is, the Vermont police chief and his family just see a white boy, and even when the New York Jewish parents come to fetch him, they just see some “white city folk,” not Woody Allen caricatures or a Julius Streicher cartoon. It’s the boy himself, his Jewish neuroses, that see Woody Allen or some big nosed banker when he imagines himself.

        And I think that’s an interesting truth about Jews. They are far more anti-semitic than the “Gentiles.” The Julius Streicher cartoons are always playing in the back of their mind, where the white people just see “white city folk,” and “lawyers” and “white business owners.”

        I think Kunstler figured this out, realized, “hey, I can be a rural white person and disappear into white Christendom. Nobody’s going to say otherwise. Why would they want to, when I wholly share their values!” The Christmas orphan has found his home in upstate New York. Good for him.


      • Jon says:

        When the orc packs come to steal Savage’s stuff and rape his daughters he’ll have a somewhat more difficult time with them than Kunstler’s protagonist did with the small-town White people.

  5. Robot Sam says:

    The debt ain’t yours white man! You never agreed to feed, clothe, house and enrich blacks. There never was a vote! You never voted to allow hordes of non whites into your countries! You never voted to give money to other countries, and you never got to vote on wars for the benefit of the Zionists. You owe nothing!

  6. Clytemnestra says:

    Methinks one of the sharper knives in the Semitic Drawer suspects that the next prospective host of China is neither going to be a soft landing nor an easy target to penetrate.


    I might add that the folks who put the project discussed in this article did not research China’s relationship with its ethnic minorities, like the Mongols, the Tibetans, etc. Its ethnic Muslims like the Uighurs can attest that China is militantly atheist and has no tolerance for religion – any religion – whatsoever. Moreover, China is pursuing an aggressive program of assimilation, meaning she is intent on using her considerably high Han demographic majority to wipe out the ethnics via absorption.


    This article brags about how tolerant the Chinese were to its Kaifeng Jews who came to China as Persian Jews. The Kaifeng Jewish remnant look no different from the Han Chinese for a reason. There is tolerance and then there is tolerance – Chinese style.

    China allowed the Kaifeng Jews to advance in the university system, but then scattered them all over Asia where they “ended up assimilating” by taking Han spouses. When Mao Zedong came into power, he personally made the decision NOT to recognize the Jews as a national minority. What is left of the Kaifeng Community y is now slated for an evacuation-renovation project, like many of its Chinese counterparts.

  7. Clytemnestra says:

    Some articles that may be behind the reason why certain folks like Michael Savage et al are having a “Come to Jesus” moment:




    Someone suspects that the next presumptive host is neither going to be an easy target to penetrate nor a particularly soft landing.

    Methinks they are right.

  8. Clytemnestra says:

    Oops. Sorry. Feel free to delete whatever is least useful, MW. Didn’t mean to suck up all your bandwith. Just didn’t realize my first post had taken.


  9. Clytemnestra says:

    The reason I’m recalling this after relating the history of the Kaifeng Jews is that it may be illustrative of what Whites could expect if China ever began the dominant superpower with bases all over the world like the USA. I have been reading some recent articles about a Chinese Eugenics Program. Remember that I posted that there’s tolerance and then there is tolerance, Chinese style. Well there is also eugenics and eugenics, Chinese style. Unlike a White Eugenics Program that would naturally avoid miscegenation and only focus on weeding out inferior genes while encouraging the proliferation of superior genes, the Chinese Eugenics Program appears to encourage race-mixing, but only with White people with the idea of gene theft.

    I’ve been researching the Chinese ever since I stumbled across an article by some leading Chinese official who called his proposal the “Pale Yellow” project. This proposal of his was commenting on the fact that Asians allegedly have higher IQs than White Europeans. But he said Asians should not feel superior to WE, because WE had been responsible for more innovations and advanced than anyone else in the world. He felt that WE have a creative gene that gives them the edge over higher IQ people.

    He said Chinese should find and produce offspring with a WE spouse. He theorized that the IQ differences between Asians and WE was small enough to not adversely effect any hybrid children and that such a hybrid would be enhanced with creative genes. The idea is that the overall Asian look would dominate, but the hybrid would be paler, prettier and combine a high IQ with great creativity. It sounds to me like a lot of Chinese agree with him, because I read an article where a Chinese female was quoted as saying that her parents would disown her if she brought home a Chinese husband instead of a White husband.

    I have recently read several articles about Chinese corporations that have purchased large tracts of land in predominantly White areas that are also very economically depressed, like certain parts of the American rustbelt AND the Ukraine. I think the theory is that money would be the great equalizer for Asian men with White women who would not ordinarily be attracted to them. Not to mention, I strongly suspect that China is behind Alexander Dugin’s “post-Pan-Slavic, Eurasian movement” in Russia.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Maybe this solves the mystery of what all the empty cities in China are for. Are they going to invite Whites to live there then steal their genes? Oh boy, am I getting conspiracy minded! But after hearing about the pale yellow project, is it any wonder?

      PS. We shouldn’t breed with them though. It will weaken our creativity and whatever else we’ve got that have allowed us to dominate.

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