Common Core child abuse against White children

Telling 4th graders to “introspect about their white privilege.”

Attacking White children makes sense, because children are more susceptible to one sided propagandistic messages presented by authority figures. The classroom programs White children for death, and so does the television.


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7 Responses to Common Core child abuse against White children

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    So evil. We need support groups for White people to deal with all the guilt that has been laid on them.

  2. Stubbs says:

    This might not work as well as they’d hope.

    On the ground all of this becomes amplified and dumbed-down, and so saturated into everything that a lot of kids start to treat it with mockery and contempt. By about 7th grade I categorically refused to read or listen to anything pertaining to “racism” or “the Holocaust”, though it was always droning on in the background. A lot of us felt the same way.

    In college I was liberal, an arm-chair anarchist, but I still held Political Correctness in Southpark-like derision. Merely ideological constraints turned out a lot weaker than the emotional conditioning they had hoped for.

    • mindweapon says:

      Awesome! That’s such poetic justice if this state sanctioned child abuse backfires on the abusers!

      The rebels should say, “give me my jacket back!” as an inside joke.

  3. Peter Blood says:

    For those that really internalize the “white privilege” attack, note that now these people have a self-destruct button labelled “white privilege.” We can use it, too.

  4. Just pure evil, state sponsored defamation of white people. I wish someone would sue them over this. I’d bet there are still 4 people on the Supreme Court who would view it as such, and who knows about the wishy washy 5th.

    Can you imagine having to sit in that room while that smug fat slob was spewing such hateful nonsense (before she returned home to her nearly all-white neighborhood, no doubt).

    How can any self-respecting white person buy into the notion of “White privilege?”

    I hope the blowback to this crazyness happens in my lifetime.

  5. Attila says:

    If someone has an unsolvable complex about being “white” – let them simply take themselves out of the gene pool Why do they have to try to impose/persuade others to commit auto-genocide?

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