vermont sail freight in action

Vermont sail freight — a fascinating project where they deliver fresh food from upstate NY and Vermont by Sailboat, down the Hudson River, to lower New York State and New York City. The beauty of this is that they deliver the food without using fuel.

the irresistible fleet of bicycles

Beautiful photos from our friend Grant Delin.




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3 Responses to vermont sail freight in action

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    He’s not under sail in that pic.  The sails are slack, and he’s holding the tiller for the outboard.

  2. Tom Bowie says:

    I’ve worked on one of these when I was a young fellow. Most of them today are not workboats so much a tourist attractions or toys. There’s only a few of them that are still working under a kind of grandfather clause.

    They are prohibited from using motors except when entering a docking area where they are required to be under power.

    A short but good read on them.

    What many think of as a disaster can also be proof on how effective such things can be.

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