The end of public schooling for Whites; Please don’t throw us in dat der Briar Patch oh please Big Government Fox!

Alternet has a speculating that a new drive to privatize primary schooling is akin to a segregationist gambit by Southern states in the 1950’s as a last ditch attempt to save White children

In short, a racist, pro-segregation school privatization “nuclear option” of the 1950s has recrudesced, to be recycled and repackaged, with the help of Michelle Rhee and her supporters (such as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg), as a panacea for all that’s said to be ailing America’s schools.

As I write in my report,

“This is mind boggling, because the mechanism Talmadge envisioned, to protect Georgia’s racist regime of segregated schools, is exactly the mechanism now used to channel taxpayer dollars to private schools in twelve states across the union.”

I’m pretty sure that ubiquitous public schools, with their gas guzzling yellow buses and teachers unions and very poor returns on investment, are on their last legs. Schooling is going to be privatized as a way of adapting to a contracting economy and high fuel prices, and eventually universal government funded education is going to be phased out altogether. It will be kept in place for privileged areas — Jewish areas and government worker areas, but a lot of us are going to be simply cut loose from the limited government pie.

There is a very interesting phenomenon at the intersection of politics and education; namely, that if you are politically incorrect, then educational institutions gatekeep you out of working as a teacher or professor. They don’t understand a fundamental law of nature — keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

I desperately wanted to be a professor of Slavic languages and literature, or history, or “area studies.” I saw with my own eyes how my college hired terribly incompetent language professors (who just happened to be Jewish), and I thought, “I could do better than that!.” But there’s very little demand for foreign language teachers, and the jobs that exist are based on “connections.” So I was cut loose into the “wild” where I did information technology, appliance repair, funeral directing, some freelance Russian-English translating, and freelance property management as well as learning fruit and vegetable horticulture. And I’ve got even better things in the works.

I have seen the phenomenon of right wing minded wannabe scholars and professors getting “cut loose” into the world, and they end up doing things much greater than they would have as “education professionals.” Even Michael Savage talks about how he wanted to be a professor of ethnobotany but was kept out because of affirmative action, so now he’s a multimillion dollar right wing radio host. And there’s a young man who was treated very badly for politically incorrect deviationism by his schoolmates. He wanted to major in history, but we redirected him to petroleum engineering.

So cutting us loose will be a great blessing beyond our wildest dreams, and I think it’s likely that the US government is going to “cut loose” White Middle America from public education dollars (and other dollars too). On the one hand, they like indoctrinating us; on the other hand, they are going to need to use the limited dollars for “equality” and educating the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and descendants of slaves as well as recent immigrants of color.

Maureen Martin recently posted this Br’er Rabbit and Briar Patch cartoon

Cutting off public education to Whites would be just like this cartoon. We will be infinitely better off without public education, and I’m fairly certain that we’ll be cut off from it by politicians who fancy that they are “punishing” us.

We’ll do homeschooling and neighborhood schooling, and farming and trades, just like we did in the olden days, and we’ll become truly feral.


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12 Responses to The end of public schooling for Whites; Please don’t throw us in dat der Briar Patch oh please Big Government Fox!

  1. Clytemnestra says:

    Not only the virulent, vitriolic Anti-White propaganda, but the degradation of both public school and college education by the Marxists is one of the major reasons why I could never figure out why Whites would actually want their children to attend these schools. I do not think that even if a White was permitted a so-called Ivy League college education that s/he would be permitted to have any real power in government unless s/he were a true believer and fellow traveler of the Marxist agenda. All s/he would get is an infinitely more expensive bill of goods passing as a college diploma. In any case, with ALL the colleges teaching this nonsense, why spend more money at an Ivy League?

    Better yet, the only purpose of public/college education these days is to indoctrinate Whites to accept their place as a modern-day, marginalized tax-paying Helot class, so why not save the money spent chaining yourselves to a mortgage to a McMansion in a neighborhood that is slated for eventual Section 8 vouchers and low-income housing projects anyway?

    With the internet, White parents can get a lot of education material that is far superior to Common Crap; education material that, assuming a college diploma remains somewhat valuable in certain areas, would enable a home-schooled White child to simply take KLEP credits and test-challenge out of classes rather than spend hours listening to Anti-White Marxist nonsense. I might add that KLEP credits and testing out of courses not only saves time but lots of money, so your child is not saddled with outrageous student loan debt when s/he graduates.

    IMO, any idea of retaking the Ivy League colleges that were established by Whites is a pipe dream and no time should be wasted mounting the attempt. Let them remain the enclave of Jews, and Affirmative Action minorities as well as any fuzzy-headed White liberals. We need to establish a parallel but superior education system that is infinitely superior to these so-called Ivy League schools, but with one caveat. We must make sure that they remain as decentralized as possible so that Whites can control the curriculum and to make it virtually impossible for the Marxists to infiltrate and take over as they did Harvard and Yale, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Agree with Cly and I can already see the writing on the wall as troubled teens in Southern California can often opt for either continuing education school or they can homeschool via computer. I can see more and more students being schooled at home through the public school system. This is good because parents will see what kind of nonsense their kids are learning and find something better. I think a lot of parents just don’t realize how bad things have gotten as kids don’t carry textbooks home anymore, at least in this area.

    • Clytemnestra says:

      More and more public schools have a home school curriculum for kids who are home-bound due to illness or, sad to say, there are issues with bullying or suspension. Some districts even have visiting teachers.

      In any case, in their undeclared race war against Whites, the Marxists have been unofficially forcing Whites out of the public school system by making it an increasingly more hostile learning environment thanks to desegregation, busing, and forced integration courtesy of those Section 8 vouchers and low-income housing full of hostile racial aliens.

      That is why it is ill-advised for any racially aware White couple to chain themselves to a mortgage in McMansionville anywhere no matter how attractive or safe the neighborhood may look. You are financing your lifestyle, so you never really own it and are only enriching the Banksters. Moreover, you have a Bling Lifestyle which will end up being an attractive nuisance because Vibrant Diversity will covet it. Better to let the Asians FEDGOV are letting into the country do all that and be its mulch cows.

      Renting a house in a shabbier area where you can then spend your money investing in the intangible (as in hard to trace, track, or tax) asset of a private education that you can customize for your children. Imagine what formidable Whites that could be raised if instead of the lifeboat nonsense from Common Crap, your children could be given the kind of education that used to be available as well as learning basic technical and construction skills, survival skills and, of course, strong self-defense skills.

      I think the enemies of the White Race are screwing the pooch big time right now. To further expound on Maureen’s Brer Rabbit analogy and some MW themes, they think they are punishing Whites by impoverishing them (and for a while, it will look like it). What they don’t know is that they are liberating Whites from rat race consumerism. Whites were slowly suffocating to death in this Corn Syrup Cornucopia. It is hardship that has always challenges Whites to be creative and productive (in every sense of the word).

      Google the Simplicity Lifestyle and look at how happy, relaxed, and energized those Whites who have embraced it are. Even though Whites have created great material wealth, materialism has never been particularly fulfilling to Whites; the creation and production process is. If the parasitic POC had only realized this and stayed out of their way, they would have continued to keep benefitting. But with their jealous Anti-White vitriol, they are only creating MWs who will jealously horde the knowledge with the idea of starving the Beast to death.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great point about not mortgaging or living the Bling Lifestyle. What about someone like Ben Hewitt living the farmer lifestyle in VT? that’s surely an exception.

        You are absolutely right – live below your means and spend your money tutoring your children into awesome Mindweapons with math and science and practical trades and skills. The kid who invented tumblr (a Jewish kid in NYC) was allowed by his mother to drop out of school and stay home and write code, and now he’s worth hundreds of millions if not a billion — he sold Tumblr to yahoo for 1.3 billion.

        We could produce the next Ford, Edison, Heisenberg (the original, or the WW version).

        Math gives you a more manly brain. However, it’s also good for girls because it makes them reason better. Girls who are able to think things through end up support White patriarchy and Racial Integrity. The multiculturalists and mixers are emotion based and violently reject evidence that contradicts their indoctrination, or they become resigned. I have spoken with older mudsharks who acknowledged they made a mistake but can’t do anything about it, they are stuck. Girls who are trained in math are more likely to make rational decisions about their lives.

        I would want the Mindweapon Homeschool families to live in commuting distance of a major metropolitan area so they can get access to the best martial arts training and to language training with native speakers. Imagine if the Mindweapon kids can speak unaccewnted Mandarin Chinese? It will exponentially magnify their power, because they’ll understand CHinese people in a way most Americans don’t, and just having an insight into another culture and how they think gives you a huge advantage. (heh, real “multiculturalism” right?). Having insight into Russian culture was very powerful for me. I saw how the Russians get really really really good at one thing like physics or chess or ballet or fighting or piano. This changed my life in a big way, and for the better.

      • Tina says:

        What worries me is that unsuspecting white who ‘home schools’ their kid with anti-white material from the school district. And I wouldn’t want a visiting home teacher from the Cathedral, all ready to spy on you, and perhaps call CPS on you. Shouldn’t let the enemy inside.

  3. David says:

    Excellent take on this subject. I have been making a living in the public sector (education) for years but it’s a rather poor living. I have finally decided that (1) I’m not going to be promoted because I’m white and male, (2) I’m really sick of the feminist and pc BS anyway and (3) I think I’d like to work for myself. I have great statistical skills and I’m taking classes in engineering tech on the side, (drafting, machine tool, statics etc.). I also think the private sector is going to have to change considerably to cope with obamacare and other government sponsored economic failures. The road is open for people who wish to work on a contract basis; not so much for those who want to be fully employed by the Org. As far as education goes, I welcome what seems to be happening to public schools. Do a little reading about the beginnings of the public system and you’ll see what I mean. As long as our people don’t fall into anti-intellectualism, this bodes nothing but good.

  4. mark says:

    Great news: White people getting an education, one couple at a time!

    Brooklyn group of black youths blocks white couple’s car, bloody victims in racial attack: cops

    Get those crackers!” some of them screamed, according to court papers. “Get that white whore!

    In the midst of the attack, there was a steady chorus of epithets. “White motherf—–!” screamed the attackers, who ranged in age from 12 to 18.

  5. Dan Poole says:

    I really liked the Briar Patch video. Great analogy Maureen! We Whites are capable of creating 1st world civilizations everywhere. Doesn’t matter how little we start off with. Europe, North America, Australia, South America….that’s 4/7 continents that we turned from arid forests into thriving civilizations. I’ll bet we could turn Antarctica into a 1st world civilization if we tried. There’s NO PLACE our enemies can put us where we can’t survive and thrive. 1:42-1:47 of that video is our race in a nutshell. Throw us in thorns and we’ll emerge from it bouncing around like the happy productive bunnies that we are. It’s just a matter of the will power that God endowed on us.

    • mindweapon says:

      There’s NO PLACE our enemies can put us where we can’t survive and thrive. 1:42-1:47 of that video is our race in a nutshell. Throw us in thorns and we’ll emerge from it bouncing around like the happy productive bunnies that we are. It’s just a matter of the will power that God endowed on us.

      Awesome comment Dan! I’m very glad to have you as a contributor.

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