US debt surges $328 billion in a single day..surpassing $17 trillion for first time

Debt doom — we’re up to 17 trillion now


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34 Responses to US debt surges $328 billion in a single day..surpassing $17 trillion for first time

  1. heathenhank says:

    It’s going to be an interesting coming 5 years.

    America, especially to the outside world, must seem utterly neurotic. Where do we stand? Who are we? Who controls us?

    Our vaunted liberal-Jew-elite caricature Bloomberg is receiving a brand new award right out of Israel for being, well, a crafty Jew.

    The Jewish lobby runs our foreign policy, but then we suddenly chicken-shit out of being the schoolyard bully because the leader of Russia isn’t a retard.

    Now our debt balloons, but running a simple website is already proving too difficult for the bureaucracy tasked with running the single largest health care exchange system in the world.

    Yet, Americans are still dreaming. Waking up everyday, living in some tacky apartment complex in the burbs, driving to menial jobs with no long-term career prospects and eating processed foods when they have the seconds to spare.

    When are they just going to say: “this has all been a lie, and not a fvery good lie at that,” and throw out their T.V. and their 50 dollar NFL basketball jersey.

    I talk to Whites, and its out there. They don’t understand their discomfort at the status quo, because they have no way to frame it nor to understand it, but they understand discomfort. They understand that feeling of alienation.

    • mindweapon says:

      Awesome comment Hank! Yep, it’s just like waking up to consciousness in the morning, when in the back of your mind you sort of feel some pressure that you have to go take a piss after a long night’s sleep, but you don’t quite get it and sleep a bit longer.

      Eventually, you get up . . .

    • Clytemnestra says:

      Slightly OT. But the system crashed, because the Obamanation used the same company that the Canadians fired for incompetence when it came to designing a website for one of their projects. This leads many Conservatards speculate that the Libtards WANT Obamacare to fail, so that they can get the single payer public option plan. They not only had the numbers but the public support to push that through after the economy tanked and the job losses started in 2009.

      I think it was some form of crony capitalism involved. I imagine this company donated heavily to Obama’s campaign and one palm greases the other.

      Now to the topic at hand. Debt doom. I think we should that grinning, gap-toothed red-haired kid from Mad Magazine, Alfred E. Neuman, should be our new national standard. “What, me worry?”

      But seriously. I’ve gotten to the point where any time some hysterical Republican or Libertarian shrieks about the debt. Sometimes even the Democrats do it. And I notice that the dude sending me campaign solicitations where he pledges to Do Something About The Debt has only been in Congress for twenty years. And I notice that all this Debt Drama seems to only coincide with an election year. And I end up throwing the shit in the trash.

      There’s a part of me that asks if the people that are closest to The Problem don’t take it seriously, why should I?! And there’s another part of me that inevitably asks the question, “What Do They Know That I Don’t Know?” Because for all their grandstanding, not a single one of those Congressional Clowns are that worried.

      As TabuLa Raza noted, The Collapse is always just five years away! But these jokers keep running for office again and many won’t leave until they are carried out. I think they all know what I suspect and what Roy baldly states, “the system won’t collapse unless ‘they’ want it to.” Moreover, “they” don’t want Obama to still be at the helm when “they” finally allow the shit to hit the fan, so I think we could easily be thirty trillion in debt by the end of his term if not more.

      Sadly, I think the USA still holds too much strategic value to let loose of just yet. We still have a lot of natural resources to exploit and we have the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and most modern military. Moreover, China is revealing herself not to be the softest landing or the easiest host to penetrate just yet.

      I suspect that the ultimate goal may have changed to be not so much as a SHTF or complete collapse scenario but a Controlled Crash which some people euphemistically call a Managed Decline. That is not to say that Whites should not do handstands to prepare for a SHTF scenario anyway. But the time to really worry is when we see significant numbers of those Congressional Clowns announcing that they are retiring.

      • StukaPilot says:

        Most of the Congress-whatsits have Jew-managed, insider traded “investment” accounts via the Jew York Banks on Jew Street. That’s how they become multi-millionaires so shortly after roosting in DC. Their dollar and dollar-denominated paper assets will be switched over to commodities – gold, silver, land – a few days or hours before the debt bubble bursts. There will be no “controlled crash”. Also, from the political angle, the ZOGsters intend Martial Law. Only rapid, systemic disintegration will provide that opportunity.

    • Trainspotter says:

      “Now our debt balloons, but running a simple website is already proving too difficult for the bureaucracy tasked with running the single largest health care exchange system in the world.”

      Anecdote time: There is a white guy I’ve known since childhood. He was the stereotypical computer nerd back when that was still an esoteric hobby. Unlike many computer nerds that I’ve known, he has always been quite liberal and anti-white, so much so that as a child I found it baffling. He was the only anti-white that I knew before college and, needless to say, we argued incessantly over politics and race.

      Despite the obvious strain that this put on our friendship, particularly from my point of view, we’ve managed to stay in some sort of contact over the years. Less and less as time goes by, but a bit. My general approach to anti-whites is simple shunning, but I occasionally take this person’s calls, mostly out of nostalgia for the childhood geek that I first knew him as, but partly to get the latest take on liberal kookiness. Believe me, this guy has provided an awful lot of insight into the utter malevolence and sickness at the core of the anti-whites. Not sure if there is something rotten in Denmark, but there is definitely something rotten in the hearts of anti-whites.

      I give this background for a reason: to establish his liberal bona-fides without providing identifying detail. Take my word for it, he’s the real deal. Anti-white cultist extraordinaire.

      As one might have predicted from his childhood hobby, he rode the tech wave that swept the country over the course of recent decades. As a result, I get inside stories on the tech industry. Basically, it’s turning into a disaster. What has happened with the government websites recently is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire industry is rife with non-whites, incompetence, and Third World style nepotism. For example, my childhood friend ended up working on a high profile government project just a few years ago. It was a disaster. Non-whites that had no clue what they were doing almost sank the whole thing. Again, this is coming from a liberal anti-white who pretty much spends all his time complaining about non-whites (he now sees much of what we see, but still can’t abandon his cult.)

      Much of the government tech work is done through independent contractors. The companies are often Asian owned (or at least operated), though apparently some are Arab owned. An Indian contractor will employ mostly Indians, an Arab contractor mostly Arabs, etc. A few whites are thrown in as tokens if necessary, where they are treated with low key contempt during normal times, but if there is a problem, the attitude shifts. They beg the white man to save the situation. Maybe they threaten the white, demanding that he rescue them…or else. Again, typical non-white behavior: at your feet, at your throat, at your feet, at your throat. Obviously, they prefer the “at your throat” part.

      To add insult to injury, and my friend didn’t say, but I’m guessing the Arab outfits are counted as “white” for government set-aside purposes. Just another excuse to give employment to even fewer actual whites.

      Point is, it’s all a racket, and non-whites are eating our lunch. But this massive displacement of white computer techs comes with a serious cost: more and more, stuff just ain’t working.

      I’ll also mention that this person, whatever his flaws, is not particularly given to boasting or showboating, actually claims that he more or less saved the government project from incompetent non-whites (the better approach would have been to let it go down). I think there is likely some truth to that, and this for one of the government’s fairly high profile projects. To avoid identifying him I won’t be more specific, but if the project had crashed we would have heard about it on the news. It wouldn’t have been as big as Obamacare, but big enough.

      In short, the government no longer cares if it embarrasses itself. If that’s the price of displacing whites, so be it. It’s not like a populace of Orcs is going to do anything about it.

      Literally dozens of Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs sitting around, eating their smelly lunches, collecting middle class salaries on the white taxpayer’s dime, and having absolutely no idea what they are doing. And this in just one independent company, a very small drop in a very large bucket.

      In any event, I’m not at all claiming that the United States government isn’t powerful. It still is, very much so. It’s plenty powerful enough to ruin my whole day, that’s for certain. But it does appear that the rot is spreading rapidly within it, and this will only continue as the demographics, especially among the young, rapidly transform. The government is going to continue making mistake after mistake, which will open up opportunity after opportunity. This is baked into the cake, it’s no longer possible for the government to reform itself. The government is losing its legitimacy, it’s bleeding out right in front of us.

      These upcoming years will be perfect for the mindweapon approach. Perfect for the practitioner of taqiyya, perfect for the formation of under-the-radar networks and enclaves. Perfect for so many things.

      For years we’ve warned about what the United States *would* turn into if the demographic trends continued. It’s early days yet, but even so, we’re already there. Brazil North, here we *are.*

  2. Ryu says:

    I can’t “feel” those numbers. They have no meaning to me. They’ve been saying this for decades. What has changed? Has the world lost its Murkan exceptionalism? To get different results, the method has to change.

  3. Roy says:

    I can’t feel the numbers either Ryu. Neither can the rest of America. As long as they have their basketball, Budweiser in the fridge, those numbers don’t mean a thing. Honestly…..what’s the difference between 17 trillion and 10 trillion or 5 trillion for that matter. This could go on forever. Why now? Everyone is saying “weeks, maybe months” before a collapse. Why? If the economy crashes it will be because ‘they’ want it to. For whatever those reasons may be. My social circle through my employment consists of white families making a half million a year easily. I don’t see that changing. It is my opinion that the movers and the shakers of this Country; those that could actually evoke change — are all fast asleep and enjoying their lives. Why screw it up for them? Sometimes I wish I was still asleep. I was making money, getting laid and happy.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>It’s going to be an interesting coming 5 years.>>>

    Back in the early seventies, the final collapse was 5 years away. It always is 5 years away, ever since. H. Browne’s “You Can Profit From a Monetary Crisis” published in ’74 (1974).

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, but do you admit that the fundamentals of the economy were much stronger back then than they are now? Less debt, more easy oil, better demographics, more responsible government, compared to now?

    • heathenhank says:

      We weren’t printing 85 billion a month back then.

      That’s always the canary in the coal mind: have they opened up the printing presses? We can’t hope to understand the backroom deals of the elite, but when they start making funny money in continually large numbers you bet your behind that something is seriously wrong on the horizon.

      Funny money rarely, rarely ends well, and why are we flooding liquidity in what is supposed to be a “recovery?” Money printing is most justifiable in a war emergency, if ever.

      QE is theft, pure and simple. The elite is trying to puff up their assets enough to where they can grab what they can and get the hell out.

      I understand “crash” fatigue. The fantasies White Nationalists have been puttering and wasting their time with for decades was escapism, though understandable escapism at that.

      At least for myself, crash is not SHTF patriots IDAHO MILITIA SHOOTOUTS FOR CHRIST. Its Greece, its digging for food through trashcans, its riots, radical politics and massive unemployment.

      Most importantly, its the end of the Status Quo.

      America has been there before, and almost didn’t make it through. It took FDR’s social contract to pull the American worker from radical politics (something very downplayed in the history books: the real growth of fascist/socialist/communist in depression America.) It also took an unparalleled war that level the industry of the rest of the world and bankrupted Britain, leaving only the U.S. to reign supreme.

      Things can change very quickly. No one saw WW1 coming, and few predicted the wall would fall (even in the halls of the Kremlin.)

      The most important time to be a WN is now, more than ever.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        One of our WN speakers said something along the lines of, I’m not worried about whether White people will awaken or not. They will. What I’m worried about is what we’ll do with them once they are awake. Do we have somewhere for them to go?

        That resonates with me and I’m giving you guys the heads up now. There are going to be a LOT of Christians, nominal and otherwise involved so I hope we can all learn to work together.

  5. I confess, I love football. My grandfather and father made a secondary religion out of it: after Sunday Mass, we had Sunday football. Sometimes we’d gather at Grandpa’s house for games, sometimes ours, sometimes we’d just be alone, but always there was football. Winning or lo, sing, the New York Giants were the team to follow. We hung in there. My mom and dad taught me the game, the players, their stats, the history.

    But as the years went on, football began to lose its shine. It became a big business beyond anything even what Bell and Halas could have imagined, or might have imagined but never realized in their lifetimes. It became the new religion of the people, the negro worship that CWNY decries, the bread and circuses of Americans whom we supposed to know better.

    We saw maybe 20 minutes total of the games yesterday. Instead we threw our kids into big piles of leaves we raked up over and over again, built a campfire and held a weenie roast, and read some good night stories to the girls for an early bedtime. The NFL has lost any magic I thought it had. These supposed Christian black men who play in the league do no credit to the faith, and the regular cries of racism due to team names and not enough black QBs or black coaches (despite plenty of both) just cries out that the NFL has been co-opted as another arm of leftist complaint. And please, don’t get me started on Pinktober.

    And so, regarding our national debt, this could be seen by anyone with fourth grade math skills and a sense of curiosity. What is so sad is that our MSM intentionally misleads people, even as to the MSM’s own intentions and agendas. The average highly educated person (witness: my brother and his wife, both MBAs and holder of high positions in Big Pharma) don’t understand that our entire system of credit, debt, and welfare is based upon loans that other countries make to us. Or, if they understand that simple fact, they cannot see a few moves ahead to the inevitable consequences. The notion of American exceptionalism is so ingrained from birth that most people cannot divorces themselves from it.

    • mindweapon says:

      good for you for blowing off TV sports and going outside to play with the kids!

      • MW, football, like baseball and lacrosse, are explicitly American sports. I love them for their sense of fair play in the face of violent combat, for the excellence that must be embraced and displayed in order to be one of the elite in the field. Sports were not always the domain of the wealthy; baseball and football players of old were often blue-collar workers who played for love of the game and were happy to get a pittance for their Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon endeavors in the name of distraction from the work-a-day drudgery undertaken by the residents of many factory towns.

        My dad has a college degree, by my mom? No. None of her family members have one. My grandfather barely graduated high school; he gave a wink and a handshake, according to him, to his principal, got a diploma, and promptly enlisted in the Navy in the early years of WWII. Imagine a 17 year old Czech immigrant, naturalized through his mother, sailing off to fight in the Pacific on nothing more than the say-so of a principal who knew that young man was not for college, nor for ground war, but nevertheless became a top-level machinist for Revlon, married his love and raised four children in a middle class suburb and died after seeing his grandchildren live to adulthood. My maternal grandfather could operate a manual C&C machine like no one you ever saw before. I’m sure he was the last of his kind, as my husband knows no one who can operate one these days.

        I only tell his story because football and hockey were his sports – he grew up a poor Czech boy in Wisconsin and moved to NJ as a teen, playing those sports as a break from school and working odd jobs running illicit tobacco and alcohol for local mobsters (true story! my grandfather was hilarious but truthful and pragmatic) so he could bring home chicken or spare some time to hunt or fish for the family meat. To see his beloved pastimes turned into a subject of unthinking troglodyte worship sickens me.

        My father came from different roots but also played football and baseball as a youth in far, far upstate (as in almost Canada) New York. It’s not the same game he played, he tells me. He understands that things change, and I think he’s given up in many respects (he lost a job for similar reasons to my last firing: accused of racism, let go because he was questioning his superiors as to their motives, ultimately the company moved to China and was planning to all along, and didn;t need him rocking the boat). Now he just plays along and does his best until he can cash in on what little SS will pay him and his retirement funds will yield. My poor dad, he’s so full of life and intelligence still, he’s not yet 60, and he’s so complacent. Football, sport, helps him feel alive, I think, but it’s a poor substitute for the living he imagined he would do.

      • mindweapon says:


        I think this is why we need to be more entrepreneurial and contest the convenience store niches with the Asians. We can’t depend on the tender mercies of corporations or jobs.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Since the Indians get subsidies like “diversity” preference business loans and Whites cannot, that competition must take some form other than head-to-head competition based on price and service.

        You get three guesses what that might be, and the first two don’t count.

      • mindweapon says:

        I think getting people to boycott. The Indian convenient store owners are ripping off the EBT people like crazy. We need to teach the EBT peopel to go to Walmart or Costco or at least a major supermarket chain instead of Gandhi mart. THe Gandhi markup for the EBT’ers is like 40 to 60% , and Gandhi is just buying at Walmart or Costco. No joke — I reverse engineered the gandhis. It’s an EBT scam, arbitraging from Walmart’s Low Low Prices to Gandhi-Gouging.

        Gandhi-Gouging — I think I’m gonig to use that term. Don’t get Gandhi-Gouged.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        The problem is that the Gandhis will still make a profit from the other NAMs on EBT, especially their own.  You cannot boycott them out of business, not when they are financed by money stolen from Whites past, present and future.

        There are tactics for hostile takeovers on the scale of Main Street, not Wall Street.  Such a takeover would yield the business and perhaps even assume the loans at the subsidized rate.  If the immigrant sellers decided that their homeland was more hospitable after selling out, who are we to refuse them one-way tickets?

  6. Agreed, MW. White people have gotten lazy. Back to the Land and World Made By Hand need to become priority projects, too. And stop living in isolation.

  7. Snake says:

    When does the Amerikwan dollar cease to be the world reserve currency?

    • Anon says:

      There isn’t really an alternative, as bad as America is, it still has a relatively healthy European core that still sees eye to eye on some things. Does anyone trust India? China? Saudi Arabia?

      • StukaPilot says:

        China is cornering gold, and the dollar as WRC is “ceasing” now. The BRICS are off the dollar, and so is Iran. It’s like a rope supporting an enormous weight (America’s debt-drowned “economy”) that is rapidly spinning and fraying. When it breaks, it will break suddenly. Treat every additional day before system collapse as a gift: another day to weapon up, stock up, and get your mind straight.

      • mindweapon says:

        Wow, that’s major 200 proof doom there, StukaPilot.

        You apprehend one important thing about doom that a lot of people don’t get. It’s going to suck bad. Forget comfort and stability and living without fear.

        However, I believe it’s also going to break liberalism. Liberalism requires stability and cornucopia. It requires White people to take a functioning supply chain for granted.

        I think I won’t mind the suffering so much so as to see liberalism go away. But that’s easy to say from this side of doom.

  8. bob sykes says:

    It should be obvious that we were above the legal debt limit for over a week and that the feds repeated lied about our debt level. Once the limit was raised they could report the true debt level which was B$328 higher than their lies.

    • mindweapon says:


      Great link, but I thought you were a status quo-ist like Hipster Racist, based on your comment about “they have been saying the collapse is coming since 1974.”

  9. Craig says:

    Here’s my take. The US elite will not default, instead China will default the US by dropping the dollar. Connedservatives are in power in the rest of the Anglosphere who love money more then Kith and Kin, but do not want to see them slaughtered. I believe they would follow the money to neo-hegemony China and ditch the US $ not the American people(White people) if a WW3 was threatened by Uncle Sam. The Ultimate aim of the Anti-whites is to redistribute the money of who they consider the rich White elite, that is the whole purpose of the UN and agenda 21 ATM. The anti-whites have been implementing Agenda 21 taxes for years, this has now failed and is being pushed back in the Colonial West. So the money is going to be extracted another way.

    Plus the US is pissing everyone else off, US imperial authority is lost, due to the exposure of the US’s lack of geopolitical morality. Not only that stealth tax via inflation, where all our cultural lifestyles are affected, for example Mum and Dad worker households can’t last something has to give and a cheaper Chinese funny money will probably be the ticket.

  10. Clytemnestra says:


    Most of the Congress-whatsits have Jew-managed, insider traded “investment” accounts via the Jew York Banks on Jew Street. That’s how they become multi-millionaires so shortly after roosting in DC. Their dollar and dollar-denominated paper assets will be switched over to commodities – gold, silver, land – a few days or hours before the debt bubble bursts. There will be no “controlled crash”. Also, from the political angle, the ZOGsters intend Martial Law. Only rapid, systemic disintegration will provide that opportunity.”

    What I bolded I view as nonsense. Everything else you posted as plausible. You totally underestimate Bankster Greed, here. Why would the Banksters honor any agreement they have with their Congressional Collaborators by converting THEIR worthless paper into tangible assets than just get rid of them when they try to collect? Assuming there is a scenario of rapid, systemic disintegration and Obama “has” to declare martial law, Congress will be unnecessary and be dissolved. Since Congress controls the purse, anyone still in Congress will be scapegoated, put on trial, and executed for treason. The Congressional Collaborators will meet the same fate as the elite of any other country the Communists take over; they will die. The sharper tools in the drawer of Congress probably realize this and know that they are riding the back of the tiger. I still think the biggest tipoff we will see is how many members of Congress feel the urgent need to retire and quietly slip out of the country. JMO.

    • mindweapon says:

      I was thinking the same thing — the Banksters aren’t going to let the Congress Critters (except maybe the Jewish ones) in on the big Cashout.

      • Clytemnestra says:

        I don’t know about that one, MW.

        I’m basing my SHTF Martial Law Scenario on Obama still being hale and hearty in the White House, but IMO, there would be a remote chance that the Banksters would tip off the Jewish Caucus that they are about to pull the plug on Amerikwa so that they have enough time to resign or retire and get the puck out of Dodge

        I say remote, because I agree with Michael Savage’s prediction about Obama being a malignant narcissist, and such a loose cannon that “those who think they can control him are sadly mistaken.” Not only that, but he’s paranoid as all hell. He’s the first POTUS who ever had a food-taster on staff AND he’s purged the upper ranks of the military of any one he thinks might pull a military coup. Methinks any exodus of Jewish politicians and advisors from Washington is going to lead to arrests at the airport not to mention at the stock exchange, Federal Reserve and other investment offices.

        No. The only way the Banksters could pull this off is if they have the element of surprise going for them which will mean that the Jews of Washington will be thrown under the bus along with their Shabby White Goy Congressional Collaborators.

  11. mindweapon says:


    Fascinating speculation! So you think Obama is out of control on them then? The purge of generals is very weird. He is undermining the military, his military — taking out the first stringers and leaving the second and third stringers.

    Can high tech make up for a weakened officer corps? There’s definitely a possibility that the US gov’t could tangle with China. that would be an all out war both ways, friggin’ crazy.

    You know what’s interesting though, is that maybe Syria was their test run to see the American’s appetite for still more war, and it just wasn’t there. Not Syria, much less China. If China takes back Taiwan, the US might have to let it do so. It won’t be like Iraq and Kuwait.

    I meet a pretty high up federal congress person at an open event not long ago, and I asked him, not his opinion, but what his constituents opinion was. I asked him, “What percent of your constituents were opposed to the war in Syria?”

    That’s the best question to ask a politician, because then he is forced to admit the real public opinion, and make it his own opinion. I don’t know what this politician’s true view on Syria, and I suspect he would have not minded an attack one bit, but he said the following:

    The public opinion was 9 to 1 against an attack on Syria, and I met with the Vice President to tell him I had deep concerns about any attack on Syria.

    He went on and on and on, and apologized for answering the question for too long, but the gist of it was that he didn’t support an action that was opposed by 90% (at least) of Americans. Ninety percent of the public put the fear of God in him. His long answer and his body language communicated that this was an issue that scared the crap out of him. Public opinion actually does somewhat matter to these people! They aren’t total dictators, even if they wanted to be.

    It was a real mindweapon moment. I knew what button to push, and how to push it.

    We the people won one, for a change. We saved Bashir al Assad, by getting on the phones and calling congressional offices en masse and en raged. No shit!

    Assad should put up a monument to his allies in the Civil War — a statue of a sloppy old American in front of his internet, calling congress on his cell phone.

    I put up calls to call Congress several times on this blog. Did any of you guys actually call your congress critters? I was calling him every day.

    That’s 21st century war for you – Mindwar. Calling Congress Critters changed the outcome of a hot lead and cold steel war!

    Michael Aquino and Colonel Paul Vallely would be proud.

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