How ordinary Americans helped save Bashir al Assad; first participation of Mindweaponism in an actual hot lead and cold steel war

I meet a pretty high up federal congress person at an open event not long ago, and I asked him, not his opinion, but what his constituents opinion was. I asked him, “What percent of your constituents were opposed to the war in Syria?”

That’s the best question to ask a politician, because then he is forced to admit the real public opinion, and make it his own opinion. I don’t know what this politician’s true view on Syria, and I suspect he would have not minded an attack one bit, but he said the following:

The public opinion was 9 to 1 against an attack on Syria, and I met with the Vice President to tell him I had deep concerns about any attack on Syria.

He went on and on and on, and apologized for answering the question for too long, but the gist of it was that he didn’t support an action that was opposed by 90% (at least) of Americans. Ninety percent of the public put the fear of God in him. His long answer and his body language communicated that this was an issue that scared the crap out of him. Public opinion actually does somewhat matter to these people! They aren’t total dictators, even if they wanted to be.

It was a real mindweapon moment. I knew what button to push, and how to push it. There it was, but you had to have enough political consciousness to know exactly what was the hot button.

We the people won one, for a change. We saved Bashir al Assad, by getting on the phones and calling congressional offices en masse and en raged. No shit, people!

Assad should put up a monument to his allies in the Civil War — a statue of a sloppy old American in front of his internet, calling congress on his cell phone.

I put up blog posts to call Congress several times on this blog. Did any of you guys actually call your congress critters? I was calling them every day for a week. I had a calendar reminder on my cell phone.

And of course it wasn’t just this blog. I am not taking personal credit for what millions of people did. But there’s no question we took part in a Hive Mind War with our fellow White Americans, agaisnt the Government, and forced the Government to not do something it very much wanted to do.

That’s 21st century Mindwar for you. That’s one example of how its done, and there’s lots more to come. Calling Congress Critters changed the outcome of a hot lead and cold steel war!

Michael Aquino and Colonel Paul Vallely would be proud.


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12 Responses to How ordinary Americans helped save Bashir al Assad; first participation of Mindweaponism in an actual hot lead and cold steel war

  1. Clytemnestra says:

    I emailed my representatives, but did not call them as far as Syria was concerned. I’m ashamed to say that it did not occur to me to call them, but I won’t make that mistake again. I totally underestimated the power of The People of America on that one. My theory was that FEDGOV is too fond of its wars waged by leading “Coalitions of the Willing” to attack countries to go it alone. Two reasons for coalitions is 1) to convince Americans that want to be liked by the world that most of the world that counts approves of the preemptive strike on the target and 2) to condition Americans to participate in the eventual one-world government being set up. When I saw that our most reliable ally in stupidity, Great Britain, refused to be dragged in, as far as I was concerned, that’s all, she wrote.

    I do remember literally watching The People stop The McCain-Kennedy Immigration Reform Act on C-Span IN PROGRESS. They were all set to pass it when a bunch of messengers ran out to the floor and whispered in certain ears and then they all looked like they wanted to soil their underwear and reversed course then and there. BOTH parties were getting angry calls against it and knowing the Lefties, I wonder how many of those Congressional Clowns were getting death threats.

    I didn’t issue any death threats to ANY of MY state’s representatives, but I relayed to the person working their switchboard that IF “that viper” voted for this bill that the best use s/he of their thirty pieces of silver for betraying their country would be to buy a private island to move to, because s/he would not be made to feel very welcome by their constituents back home once s/he had been voted out of office as s/he would be if they went through with this. The person taking the calls sounded very shaken over that one and the next thing I knew the C Span was showing the whole thing collapse.

    I do know this. You are probably wondering why, with the newspapers and media making it clear that Obama is going to ram through amnesty whether we like it or not and The Congress is going to ignore The People this time why we are not seeing huge numbers of illegals marching in the streets, demanding “their rights.” The media doesn’t care to acknowledge how miserably this backfired on everybody the last time.

    The day those “poor, humble, undocumented but otherwise law-abiding immigrants living in the shadows” emerged to march on the streets demanding amnesty with their Mexican flags, several businesses in my area gave them the day off to do so. There was no official organization that called either a boycott OR “buycott” by The People to officially respond to this, but those businesses who did stay open did booming business that day. Those businesses that closed to allow their employees to march did not see their customers return and eventually had to shut their doors for good.

    • mindweapon says:

      Really? Treasonous businesses literally went out of business? You saw this with your own eyes?

      • Clytemnestra says:

        They were primarily restaurants, MW and you would probably be shocked to know that this happened in a high-density Hispanic demographic area, which is why I think the restaurants closed to let their workers protest. The restaurants who stayed open did booming business, because they were packed to the rafters. The waitstaffs were seeing the kind of tips they would get if they were working on a family holiday like Christmas. Again, no official “buycott” was issued to support the places that stayed open like was done with Chick Filet. It just seemed that everyone had found some reason to eat out that day, even though the marches had been timed to occur on a day when it wasn’t usually that busy. Go figure.

        Right after the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act was killed in Congress, I noticed that the Hispanics seemed very quiet and subdued, but didn’t think too much of it, figuring that The Reconquistas were sulking but still scheming to generate another referendum. The next thing I notice is that business was no longer booming at certain popular eateries. Then they closed. I asked what happened to these businesses and they admitted that they tanked thanks to the marches. The people they let off to protest were demanding American citizenship, yet carrying upside Mexican flags over upside down American flags.

        One guy told me he was reamed out by his Cuban father-in-law who was incensed to see a bunch of these idiots wearing Che Guevara tee shirts. And the old duffer told him en espanol(!), that the Americans shouldn’t just deport the documented Mexicans and that they were damned lucky this didn’t happen in a Latino country. And I think when they saw that The People of the USA were not cowed by La Raza’s blatant attempt to Mau Mau an amnesty, but reacted with murderous rage, many of the sharper knives in the drawer figured that they needed to dial it back quite a bit.

        All I know is that the reaction of The People made such a big impression on certain folks here that even Mexican-American CITIZENS seemed afraid to patronize these places lest they be rounded up by l’emigre and deported to Mexico. These businesses just died.

        I also know that Mexican-Americans have are very ambivalent to “undocumented” Mexicans. Several of them look down on Mexico, seeing it as one big dysfunctional mess, and have baldly stated that they wish the USA would just annex Mexico and fix the mess over there.

        In New Mexico, they made jokes about illegals. They were like Dumb Polack jokes in Chicago, for example. They were called Low Rider Jokes. Example: “What do you call a lowrider in a three-piece suit? The Defendant.” Every illegal who has been amnestied wants that to be the LAST amnesty. They love all the perks and benefits of being a minority, but the vast majority of them have carved a working class niche for themselves and they know that more illegals means downward pressure on THEIR wages.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Great story, Cly.  People Power!

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        I worked part time for a large restaurant chain in southern California when the Mexicans had their first strike. A couple of the hispanic managers were there at work though…not sure if it was mandatory or not for them to be there. Anyway, I was scurrying around as always, working hard. The two managers were standing around as always and this day, while I was working circles around them I heard one of them saying, “you could never get White people to do jobs like this”. It was ridiculous. I should have sued the company but didn’t, of course.

        A couple of years later, I went into a branch of this restaurant in another town and they had really bad rap music for background noise. I immediately left, disgusted.

        I have recently watched that particular branch close down.

  2. Ryu says:

    Was this you who met that Congress dude? What was he like? Do you think it’s possible he was just shining you on, telling you that he cared when he really did not?

    I suspect that politicians get addicted to power. Their greatest fear is becoming just another Joe on the street. Gary North talks about cutting their budgets.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, that’s a first hand story. It’s not that hard to meet a congress person.and ask him a question.

      The trick is to ask him not his opinion, but what his constituents are saying to him. For example,

      “What percent of constiutent calls to your office oppose amnestry for illegal immigrants?”

      He’s going to have to admit that most people oppose amnesty, but he or she is in favor of it. Or perhaps equivocate and stumble over himself.

      It’s a rhetorical trick that I thought of on the fly, and it works beautifully.

  3. I’ve called them about amnesty/illegal immigration before. I actually met one of my reps about a year ago and asked him about illegal immigration and what he was going to do about the problems with climate that would ensue (liberal district). Sadly I didn’t think of that rhetorical trick. Next time!

  4. I’m in Australia and I called mine. His office assistant actually put me through to him and I spoke with him. I asked him, “Disregarding since the civil war started, what evidence have you got that Assad is the monster he is portrayed as being?” He answered, “…none.”!

  5. Sam says:

    I’m afraid Bashir al Assad is a goner in the long run. If the rebols take Northern Iraq they’ll have enough revenue to continue the war. I said a long time ago this was going to backfire on the Israeli’s. The good news. If Assad falls the Israeli’s will have a LARGE, pissed off, well funded group on their border.

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