Trainspotter’s true story of incompetent non-whites displacing whites in Information Technology, and the relevance to the Mindweapon and Taqqiyah approach to White nationalism

By Trainspotter

Anecdote time: There is a white guy I’ve known since childhood. He was the stereotypical computer nerd back when that was still an esoteric hobby. Unlike many computer nerds that I’ve known, he has always been quite liberal and anti-white, so much so that as a child I found it baffling. He was the only anti-white that I knew before college and, needless to say, we argued incessantly over politics and race.

Despite the obvious strain that this put on our friendship, particularly from my point of view, we’ve managed to stay in some sort of contact over the years. Less and less as time goes by, but a bit. My general approach to anti-whites is simple shunning, but I occasionally take this person’s calls, mostly out of nostalgia for the childhood geek that I first knew him as, but partly to get the latest take on liberal kookiness. Believe me, this guy has provided an awful lot of insight into the utter malevolence and sickness at the core of the anti-whites. Not sure if there is something rotten in Denmark, but there is definitely something rotten in the hearts of anti-whites.

I give this background for a reason: to establish his liberal bona-fides without providing identifying detail. Take my word for it, he’s the real deal. Anti-white cultist extraordinaire.

As one might have predicted from his childhood hobby, he rode the tech wave that swept the country over the course of recent decades. As a result, I get inside stories on the tech industry. Basically, it’s turning into a disaster. What has happened with the government websites recently is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire industry is rife with non-whites, incompetence, and Third World style nepotism. For example, my childhood friend ended up working on a high profile government project just a few years ago. It was a disaster. Non-whites that had no clue what they were doing almost sank the whole thing. Again, this is coming from a liberal anti-white who pretty much spends all his time complaining about non-whites (he now sees much of what we see, but still can’t abandon his cult.)

Much of the government tech work is done through independent contractors. The companies are often Asian owned (or at least operated), though apparently some are Arab owned. An Indian contractor will employ mostly Indians, an Arab contractor mostly Arabs, etc. A few whites are thrown in as tokens if necessary, where they are treated with low key contempt during normal times, but if there is a problem, the attitude shifts. They beg the white man to save the situation. Maybe they threaten the white, demanding that he rescue them…or else. Again, typical non-white behavior: at your feet, at your throat, at your feet, at your throat. Obviously, they prefer the “at your throat” part.

To add insult to injury, and my friend didn’t say, but I’m guessing the Arab outfits are counted as “white” for government set-aside purposes. Just another excuse to give employment to even fewer actual whites.

Point is, it’s all a racket, and non-whites are eating our lunch. But this massive displacement of white computer techs comes with a serious cost: more and more, stuff just ain’t working.

I’ll also mention that this person, whatever his flaws, is not particularly given to boasting or showboating, actually claims that he more or less saved the government project from incompetent non-whites (the better approach would have been to let it go down). I think there is likely some truth to that, and this for one of the government’s fairly high profile projects. To avoid identifying him I won’t be more specific, but if the project had crashed we would have heard about it on the news. It wouldn’t have been as big as Obamacare, but big enough.

In short, the government no longer cares if it embarrasses itself. If that’s the price of displacing whites, so be it. It’s not like a populace of Orcs is going to do anything about it.

Literally dozens of Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs sitting around, eating their smelly lunches, collecting middle class salaries on the white taxpayer’s dime, and having absolutely no idea what they are doing. And this in just one independent company, a very small drop in a very large bucket.

In any event, I’m not at all claiming that the United States government isn’t powerful. It still is, very much so. It’s plenty powerful enough to ruin my whole day, that’s for certain. But it does appear that the rot is spreading rapidly within it, and this will only continue as the demographics, especially among the young, rapidly transform. The government is going to continue making mistake after mistake, which will open up opportunity after opportunity. This is baked into the cake, it’s no longer possible for the government to reform itself. The government is losing its legitimacy, it’s bleeding out right in front of us.

These upcoming years will be perfect for the mindweapon approach. Perfect for the practitioner of taqiyya, perfect for the formation of under-the-radar networks and enclaves. Perfect for so many things.

For years we’ve warned about what the United States *would* turn into if the demographic trends continued. It’s early days yet, but even so, we’re already there. Brazil North, here we *are.*


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17 Responses to Trainspotter’s true story of incompetent non-whites displacing whites in Information Technology, and the relevance to the Mindweapon and Taqqiyah approach to White nationalism

  1. zek says:

    Not at all hard to believe. At your feet, at your throat… so true!

    I’m a software developer. I have little formal education in CS and am hardly a genius, but I work hard and can get stuff done. At one of my old jobs, my Asian boss hired a Paki CS grad student to work on an internal project that used a language I’d never worked with before. My job was to get him up to speed by explaining the goals of the project and some possible programming techniques that he might apply. I was thinking, “Wow, you want ME to train a CS GRAD STUDENT?” Haha.

    He was a nice kid, but I have to say, I’ve never seen such incompetence. It was as if he had never written code in his life. Nothing but blank stares at the simplest concepts. So I thought, OK, maybe he’s overwhelmed and he just needs a little jumpstart. I spent a few hours and wrote a very basic foundation for him – in a language I didn’t even know up until that point. Unfortunately, this didn’t help at all and I had to take over the project – saving my boss’ ass in the process.

    This was all before I discovered WN. Now I see that I didn’t really have to step in – I should have stood back and let the project blow up. This “helping people” stuff is a distinctly white tendency – nonwhites aren’t coming in on the weekends to help me!

    Note to whites in this type of situation: when they are “at your feet,” you have great leverage. Be assertive and exploit your inferiors’ incompetence and desperation for personal gain.

    • Brandon says:

      Excellent post by TS and likewise comment by ZEK. Sending this to a son of mine in the same business.

    • Denise says:

      I’ve never ever understood why Whites consent to our own displacement. Whitey must endure a great deal of suffering, humiliation and pain before we stop worrying about being “nice” and “fair”. and Feeding and Healing the world.

      EFF that SHEEYIT.

      I talk to Aryan Goddess all the time. WN woman like us are far more feral than just about ANY WN male we’ve met. Too many WN males,. let alone “civilian” WN males, are obsessed with their “honor”.

      EFF that SHEEYIT.

      If it ain’t WHITE it AIN’T right.

      The ONLY crime is Race Treason. Period.

  2. anon334 says:

    I’ve read horror stories about awful Indian H-1B IT workers. Complete incompetence, nepotism, corruption etc. This site is entirely about them:

  3. Robot Sam says:

    In addition to our jobs, every single one of these pakis and dots and arabs want a white woman, and because white geeks are considered the bottom of the barrel for white women while any non white with a good job is seen as the light shining out of god’s ass, they are getting our women too.

    • Denise says:

      And why are White men allowing this to happen?

    • Denise says:

      Why have White men allowed this to happen?

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      I have seen very few White women with Pakis etc. I just don’t see it.

      • Clytemnestra says:

        Where do you get the idea that White women like Asians?! Particularly Dot Indians?!

        I have seen White women flirt with and date African-Americans, but I have never EVER seen any of them express any interest in Indians. Ever.

        Sorry, but there’s an unconscious imperative driving this lack of attraction. From a subconscious female imperative, you want a mate that will give you healthy children even if you think you don’t want children.

        Indian men look dirty, filthy, greasy and unhealthy as can be. Their sallow brown complexions make the look sickly and you rarely to never see any of the with good muscle tone. Even if they dress nicely and appear to be clean they have a repellent body odor.

        Last but not least, with so little to offer women aesthetically, they combine a repulsive combination of imperiousness, condescension, and furtiveness. I was not surprised to hear about the gang rapes in India based on these observations of them.

        No, White women are NOT knocking themselves out to get together with a Ghandi. If you don’t believe me, just visit any Indian websites where the men freely whine about their lack of luck with us. Believe me, any who brag about bagging a White women are lying their asses off. Ick.

  4. Gawain says:

    Although it’s frustrating to see non-whites having all the opportunities given to them, it is at least good to know they are incompetent. What limited experience I have working with non-whites does correlate with Trainspotter’s (and the above commenter Zak’s) experiences. Non-whites are advertised as being very hard working, intelligent, capable workers, yet the reality is that they are in general a liability. A while back I was reading engineering forums hoping to see what engineers had to say about their professions, whether it was worthwhile going into or not. What I found was that a lot of White engineers (software, civil etc.) were very unhappy with having their jobs given to non-whites. I’m sure those engineers, assuming they are not completely brainwashed with liberal propaganda, would be happy to join us White Nationalists, considering it is the only option they have if they want a decent future for themselves. The “under-the-radar networks and enclaves” Trainspotter mentioned would be a great way for us to fight back and gain dominance within the engineering and technological arena again.

  5. Aesop Jones says:

    “Literally dozens of Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs sitting around, eating their smelly lunches”

    This made me laugh out loud.

    Excellent write-up. As things get worse, opportunity sets in for us.

  6. Denise says:

    Thanks for this post, TS. Terrific info.

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    Do those being displaced have any idea that this is being done intentionally (that is, to destroy the West and White race)? Do they know the joo behind the curtain?

  8. Marcus says: has a lot of great posts about the displacement of Euro-Americans with cheap south Asian labor and the awful results.

  9. ckorzeniowski says:

    I’m told that non-governmental IT companies contract out large amounts of their work to foreign companies, and that these companies will further contract out. Governmental agencies may do the same but I don’t know if they do/can hire foreign companies. The hierarchy goes like this:

    Russia (Novosibirisk and Yekaterinburg are big cities for IT work) and Ukraine
    China and Singapore

    So an American company will contract out to Russia to do coding, but the Russian company might contract out some of their work to a Chinese company and so on. Obviously this has certain implications considering Russia has more than a few nationalists.

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