Gregory Hood article, on building a our own homegrown state within a culture

The worst nightmare is that we just be seduced by cheap entertainments and corn syrup. The greatest danger is not 1984, but Brave New World.

Stop Saving Them From Themselves, by Gregory Hood

No European political movement attracts so much attention in the United States as Golden Dawn in Greece. Despite its lack of real political power, Golden Dawn is so compelling because it is exactly what everyone expects.

The party has a single leader who controls everything and is a former soldier. Its power base is in the streets, with support supposedly in the police and among struggling Greeks suffering from immigrant crime. The party image is of strong men guarding their communities (if you support them) or thuggish ruffians engaging in vigilantism (if you’re against them) – either the Freikorps or the SA come again. They emerged from obscurity following an economic collapse. Finally, they are organized along “Old Right” lines — patriots waiting to redeem their country.

Of course, the System simply waited for a pretext to destroy the Party. It came with the supposed murder of an “antifascist” rapper, an innocent little flower who went by the name “Killah P.” Mr. . . . uh, P. . . . enjoyed describing in graphic detail the various tortures and forms of bodily injury he would inflict on those who don’t support the genocide of the Greek people. However, once he received what he sought to give to others, the passive aggressive Leftists wailed about the “families” hurt by Golden Dawn violence and how normal people are supposedly being attacked in the streets.

In France, there was already a media created controversy when a doe-eyed young antifascist was supposedly murdered by racist thugs. Later of course, it emerged that, as it so often happens, the antifascists had stalked the nationalists, provoked the conflict, and lost. Being a Leftist not only means never having to say you’re sorry, it means that we have to build an entire system to make sure you aren’t allowed to lose.

Thus, the entire Greek political system has united to destroy the party, including stripping away the funding they are entitled to, arresting Parliament members in the dead of night, and using the kind of eliminationist rhetoric that could be seen as an exaggeration of fascism if it was directed at anyone other than the hard Right. Without a shred of self-awareness, the media portrayed the masked men holding assault rifles as defenders of democracy and the older men in suits as dangerous fascists.

This kind of narrative works. No one should have any illusions about the response of the Greek people to Golden Dawn. Though some American conservatives whispered misgivings about the wisdom of the Greek government essentially banning a political party, they can have every confidence that “democracy” will remain safe. An estimated 80% of the Greek people support the crackdown on the Golden Dawn. They also see Golden Dawn through the eyes of the past, and they have been taught their entire lives that the purpose of democracy – perhaps its only purpose – is to prevent the rise of a nationalist movement.

What is most remarkable about this is the privileged place the Greek Left has in the halls of government power. Though the media (including ostensibly Right-wing outlets like the Drudge Report) whips itself into a frenzy about the Golden Dawn’s position as the “third largest” party in the country, little attention is paid to the second largest party, SYRIZA, or the Coalition of the Radical Left. This is a collection of various extreme groups, including avowed Trotskyites, Communists, and other self-styled revolutionaries. Leftist and anarchist student organizations, including the groups that hold violent protests within the country on a more or less continuous basis, are also allowed to operate with impunity because of a law that forbids the police from operating on a college campus.

What is critical here is that this is not democracy violating its principles, or evidence of hypocrisy on the part of the governing class. This is precisely how the system is supposed to operate. Democracy is a regime deliberately intended to weaken and dispossess national populations in order to remove all obstacles to a consumerist society ruled by international finance and the managerial state. In the words of Harold Covington, democracy is a system designed to prevent change.

This leads to the essential trap of Traditionalists who seek that kind of change. In France, the National Front is now the most popular party in the country. However, to achieve this position, it has had to back away from its ethnonational message to the point where it can be charged it is no longer a real “nationalist” party. Furthermore, the media has a vested interest in overstating the FN’s support. As Roman Bernard writes, “Ironically, Right-wingers seem to be the last democrats. Only on the Right can one still find this naive belief that the President, or Prime Minister, has a kind of control panel in his office where from everything bad in the country can be solved with a simple tap of the finger. “

In Greece, the Golden Dawn has used a harder image, with support among the security services and the ordinary soldiers, police, and young men who have to watch their country being destroyed on the street level. The Golden Dawn’s appeal is reminiscent of nothing so much as George Lincoln Rockwell, who believed that the ordinary policemen, soldiers, working men, and patriots, would eventually embrace a combative creed to fight for their country and civilization. In this, he was disappointed, and despite encouraging signs, the white working class in the United States was either bought off, fled, or was outright subsumed into the Third World.

The System survives because it is subtle. Generally speaking, dissidents are allowed to voice their opposition to what is going on, form parties to try to vote against it, or run for office themselves to try to secure political power. However, there is a whole infrastructure of costs and incentives designed to make sure certain constituencies and movements are kept away from real influence. If you run for office and talk about immigration, you will be overwhelmed from the top by large corporate donations to your opponent, and from the bottom by violent demonstrators and hostile media coverage. Political parties may be banned, not to eliminate certain ideas (heavens no!), but to prevent violence and disorder.

The metapolitical struggle and the investigative reporting and scholarship that explains and gives context to our people’s plight is necessary, but we have to know that it is only directed to a small subset of the population. All too often, when we explain the reality of white genocide and the means used to facilitate our dispossession, we come off like the crazy peasant in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, screaming “A-ha! Now we see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I’m being repressed!” It doesn’t matter if we are right or wrong – people either won’t understand, or won’t care. More importantly, even those who understand that something is deeply wrong in their society are taken away from the struggle by problems with family, money, or pleasurable distractions.

The purpose of “antifascists,” official obstacles, hostile media coverage, and all the rest is not to drive away the hard core. The leader of the Golden Dawn can still boast they will never give up the struggle, and no doubt he is sincere. His followers will remain loyal. However, it will shake the support of the casually involved, the people who want to protect careers, and the activists who don’t want their significant others to leave them because they are choosing the political struggle instead of drinking, pop music, or watching criminals kick around a ball.

The message to Traditionalists from the System and its militant wing is not that they are wrong, but that it is not worth the social and financial cost of trying to fight for something other than a paycheck. Brave New World is far more dangerous than Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The result is that the temptation is always there for activists to choose the lesser option for the struggle, with tragic consequences. In 1993, General Constand Viljoeon sabotaged the efforts of his own organization, the Afrikaner Volksfront, to secure an independent Boer Republic through a secession plan. Instead, he threw his influence behind the plan of participating in elections (in a country with an overwhelming black population) in return for a vague promise from Nelson Mandela to consider an Afrikaner homeland. Obviously, this never happened, and Viljoeon’s reward was a pat on the head from Nelson Mandela after his people were sold into oblivion. He didn’t exactly “betray” his cause, but he choose the safe path, a path doomed to failure.

It’s easy to critique this choice as suicidal, but most people choose it every day. The path of total commitment offers terrible costs and little chance of success. It is far easier to make a partial acceptance of the system, be it playing by accepting the rules of the “democratic” regimes, leading double lives, becoming “moderate” conservatives, or venting on social networking sites. The fact is, this writer is honest enough to admit he has not chosen the path of total dedication, nor have many others. To do so is to guarantee personal destruction and political failure. Unless, of course, a large number of us choose it at once – or, more likely, are forced into it.

What is happening in Greece is accelerating that process. The democratic regime offers an endless array of goodies and distractions to satisfy people, but it is failing to solve both the economic problems of the West and the personal desires of individuals. Satisfying family lives and careers for those who want to remain apart from the political fray are becoming impossible. Moderate dissent is meeting with ever more fanatical – and hysterical – repression. Even the deracinated Christianity that serves as a spiritual safety valve is under attack. The soft totalitarianism of multiculturalism is transitioning into a Soviet-style clumsy authoritarianism.

This is not to say victory is inevitable, in Greece or anywhere else. The great nightmare of nationalists should not be race war or even white genocide. It’s the End of History triumphant, the Last Men reigning supreme over a purposeless world. Let there be no confusion – most people, if offered a choice, will take the easy life, the purposeless path, the slow suicide of fast food, easy entertainment, hard drink, and soft bodies. It doesn’t matter – whites are our army, and we will not allow them to be exterminated, even if many of them want to be. They will participate – or they will be drafted.

For this to be done, three things must be accomplished. First, we must build cultural, tribal, economic, and spiritual safe spaces to allow for the spread of our ideas. We must exploit every opportunity to allow for casual involvement, to pan for the diamonds among the coal of the masses.

Secondly, we must regard participating in the political process – every political process – as a means to an end. The democrats have shown they do not believe in their own propaganda – why should we? Political parties, elections, and constitutions are simply tools in the hands of our foes. They confer no greater legitimacy – and perhaps a great deal less – than the divine right of kings. We are under occupation in our own homelands, and we must regard ourselves as revolutionary nationalists, willing to bow to no order except our own.

Finally, we must create the institutions and ideas must be place to create the Traditionalist phalanx that will confront our dispossession, which cannot be broken by repression or persecution. Those who choose total dedication, or who are forced into it, need a place to go.

This transformation may be forced on entire organizations, including Golden Dawn. If Golden Dawn is purged from the democratic process and the system admits its bankruptcy, methods outside the existing political system must be used to achieve political ends.

At this time, funding has been stripped from the Party depending on whether the politicians arrested are convicted of crimes. If that happens, what next? It is not for Americans to judge what tactics are best suited for response. What is important is that there can be no illusions about the legitimacy of the Greek state. Nor can there be any illusions about the possibility of voting our way out of this crisis.

The Greek state will not allow patriots to save it. The older “Right-wing” tactic of a conservative bloc to save the System from itself is outdated. Therefore, patriots must withdraw from the state and reconstitute something new by whatever means are most effective. If Golden Dawn, or any other group, is barred from participating within the state, they must become the state, and regard themselves, not the phony elected government, as the legitimate source of sovereignty in Greece.

We must develop this same nationalist consciousness – of a nation for ourselves.


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12 Responses to Gregory Hood article, on building a our own homegrown state within a culture

  1. Hood is mostly right. If Golden Dawn were *only* a political party, he would be completely right. But Golden Dawn is a social solidarity organization also, so it has relevance apart from the political system.

    It’s good that Golden Dawn is in the arena, but this should mainly be to encourage the people. Overall political activity is pretty useless, for the reasons he states. We need a low-profile social solidarity organization, or organization for Europeans, that strengthens the people without relying on bogus democracy.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Gregory Hood is one of the best Nationalist writers around.

    I am wondering a bit about this statement though “Finally, we must create the institutions and ideas must be place to create the Traditionalist phalanx that will confront our dispossession, which cannot be broken by repression or persecution.”

    Is there ANYthing we create that can’t be broken by repression or persecution from the powerful leftists? I don’t want to demoralize any one but even a quiet PLE can be easily broken up by the desegregationists for being “too White”.

    I’m almost coming to the conclusion that perhaps a nation like ours (our all White Nation which I already belong to in my mind and heart) has to move to a new geographic area like the Puritans did. Maybe the Chinese will let us live in their empty cities?

    Regarding this: “We must develop this same nationalist consciousness – of a nation for ourselves.” I agree. We must start by remembering who we are which is tied to who we WERE before the scumbags gained such power over us. We must extract ourselves from the false pop-culture which is not our culture at all. As you have pointed out MW, it starts with our powerful minds.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Maureen: “Gregory Hood is one of the best Nationalist writers around.”

      He is indeed, and I’m glad to see a Counter-Currents writer linked here.

      Maureen: “Is there ANYthing we create that can’t be broken by repression or persecution from the powerful leftists? I don’t want to demoralize any one but even a quiet PLE can be easily broken up by the desegregationists for being “too White”.”

      I understand your concern, but there is plenty that we can do that the anti-whites would have a hard time breaking up. The key, at this point in the game, is not to put a big target on your back. Dream big, but think small. For example, Jack Donovan’s idea of the co-op gym, or the various mini-economic networks that MW spends a lot of time talking about. We can create informal (or even formal) under-the-radar networks right now. Somebody could create a perfectly legal biker gang, right now. Someone else could create a network involving mutually beneficial services such as childcare, small scale food production, etc. More ambitious and financially solvent types might start a small church, or a lodge, all under the radar as much as possible. Still…dream big but think small.

      We remain at a point where modest sized groups of whites hanging out together does not inherently raise suspicion. A time may come when it will, but we’ll deal with that when it happens. If we do what we should, we’ll have plenty of options by the time we reach that level of persecution. Truth is, once we establish the informal networks in sufficient quantity, I will welcome that level of persecution. I’ll literally hope for it. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

      In any event, once we have networks that are functional, with real relationships and real trust, we can move on to more ambitious goals. In time, networks will be able to quietly buy up businesses and land, achieving substantial control over a given geographical area. Note the word “substantial.” It does not have to be absolute in the near future. The key is the network itself (the people and social capital), with the domination of land merely an eventual byproduct of that.

      Some networks will reach this objective sooner than others. And some networks will never be able to do anything like that, and that’s o.k. too. Networks need not be afraid of being small or humble. That’s fine. The point is they need to exist. All someone can manage is a joint venture on some backyard garden, maybe giving some surplus to a deserving white family? Never gets any bigger than that? Perfectly fine. Don’t worry, some of your fellow status-whoring whites will build something greater. (I say that with some humor, but the truth is real talent will arise once it has an outlet)

      Maybe someone lives in a part of the continent that, realistically, could never be a part of a white homeland (short of some futuristic reconquest which there is no point even considering right now). Again, that’s o.k. It’s the people that are most valuable, and when the rubber hits the road, those people will simply have to move to a more favorable locale. The goal is that they continue to exist during our Dark Time, and reproduce as whites, so that they (or their descendants) can make the move when the time comes.

      Contrast this to what Craig Cobb has done in Leith. Nazi flags flying, interviews with hostile media, etc, pretty much the opposite of what I am suggesting. Craig, apparently, had no organic support network to speak of. So he had to make a public appeal, with predictable results. He made himself an extremely visible target, again, with predictable results. Craig employed a conventional mentality, when a guerrilla mentality is what is called for.

      However, it needs to be said that I am not condemning Craig. He’s a brave man. And despite the circus show atmosphere, I think what he has done will be a net benefit for us. Often when we argue with anti-whites, they will say something like, “Fine, move to Montana! Good riddance!” But what has happened to Craig in one of the most desolate, godforsaken places on the continent gives the lie to all of that. These people are hate-filled, anti-white lunatics. They want our genocide. They want to control us, milk us, feed off us, and ultimately cause us to disappear.

      Craig has helped force that de facto admission from them. I don’t know if that was his intent or not, but if so, it was brilliant. Leith is a win-win for us: in the unlikely event that it succeeds in conventional terms, we win. If it fails, it reinforces the meme of white genocide, and the futility of operating within the system. It speaks to something primal: we are cornered, there is nowhere to run.

      I want our people to feel cornered. They ARE cornered, at least in a very important sense, and the sooner that truth sinks in the better.

      So as a propaganda stunt, Leith is great (I could have done without the Nazi flags, but whatever). However, it’s not the way to go, overall, for now. Maybe Leith style antics can serve to distract the anti-whites while the real work is going on elsewhere, but it’s not a practical template for now. We need many hundreds, and I would say thousands, of under-the-radar networks. We’re not going to get that with a Leith approach.

      Until we can build real social capital, real relationships amongst pro-whites and loose sympathizers, it doesn’t pay to even think about going public for most people. And once we have hundreds, if not thousands of white networks on the ground, all across the continent, then we can think about the next step. But first things first, so let’s go to the gym:

  3. texanmt says:

    No matter how much people bash and laugh at Harold Covington, he seems to continue to be proven right.

    There is no voting or bargaining with the system in order to save ourselves. We must in fact save ourselves, the masses are mindless blobs who will bow to authority whether that be the state or ours.

    We need to follow the butler plan and migrate to the PNW where we can work together to “create the institutions and ideas must be place to create the Traditionalist phalanx that will confront our dispossession, which cannot be broken by repression or persecution.”

    “Those who choose total dedication, or who are forced into it, need a place to go.” We have that place and plan. Come Home!

  4. aryanbarbarian says:

    Great article. I visit this website everyday but I don’t comment but this article hit home with me. I live in the States and I’m a WN but I’m stuck on what I can do to further our cause. I go to a big university and I’m still in my 20’s and I see everyday how things are getting worse. I try to convert fellow whites but they mainly accuse me of being racist even tho I never use racist language. I feel like all hope is lost sometimes and the only thing we can do is to wait for the revolution to come and clean up the country then. It is somewhat encouraging to see more and more whites waking up to what’s going on tho. A little off topic but whatever.

    • mindweapon says:


      I recommend hiding your views, study technology and/or business, make lots of money, marry a smart White woman with good genes who won’t divorce you, have her homeschool the kids and make sure they learn advanced math and science. Rinse, repeat.

      • aryanbarbarian says:

        I intend on all of those things but I will say after 4 years of going to school and amassing all this debt was probably a mistake tho, should of went to a trade school. Anyways all those things you suggested are certainly in my plans in life but I sometimes feel like I could or should be doing more for our cause thats all.

  5. Hey MW,

    I know I sound like a broken record, but I think we really need to create some covert fashion statement to make it easier to recognize each other and build social capital. German nationalists do this, e.g. by wearing Lonsdale t-shirts underneath a zipped down sweatshirt (NSDA) or by wearing Thor Steinar stuff. But it doesn’t even need to be a brand, just a certain characteristic style of dress. Here’s an example of a Mindweapon-ish outfit you could put together as a woman:

    this shirt
    this jacket
    nice jeans or a skirt like this

    Nothing really overt, except the Thor Steinar jacket, but it’s better than nothing. It also makes it easier to talk to other people if you’re dressed like them.

    I just started a Polyvore account a couple of minutes ago to show you what I mean.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks White Innovations. Don’t know what I’d do beyond create a similar account, or purchase such clothes.

      The idea of having a subtle dress code is a great idea if there were enough of us to do it.

  6. Donar van Holland says:

    A very nice and distinguished accessory might be the Thule watch:

    These subtleties are a lot of fun in the espionage white nationalism way of life!

  7. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Good points on the repression of parties and movements.

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