New website linked, Tech Insurgent, about American IT workers displaced by Indians

h/t to commenter Marcus

Tech Insurgent.

I found this story, where Indain CEO calls Americans lazy and unemployable.

American IT grads unprepared and unemployable: Indian CEO Vineet Nayar
By Richi Jennings
June 23, 2009 5:55 AM EDT5 Comments
Vineet Nayar is reported to have called American graduates “unemployable”; the CEO of IT services vendor HCL Technologies was speaking recently in New York. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers debate racism, stereotyping, sweatshops, and H1B visas.

By Richi Jennings, your humble blogwatcher, who has selected these bloggy tidbits for your enjoyment. Not to mention the best gaming toilets…

Rob Preston reports inflammatory comments with dignity:
Vineet Nayar, the highly respected CEO of HCL Technologies, one of India’s hottest IT services vendors … related a recent experience with an education official in a large U.S. state. The official wanted to know why HCL, a $2.5 billion (revenue) company with more than 3,000 people across 21 offices in 15 states, wasn’t hiring more people in his state. Vineet’s short answer: because most American college grads are “unemployable.”

They’re far less inclined than students from developing countries like India, China, Brazil, South Africa, and Ireland to spend their time learning the “boring” details of tech process, methodology, and tools–ITIL, Six Sigma, and the like. … [So] most Americans are just too expensive to train.more

Ann All adds:
By most accounts, Vineet Nayar [is] a very smart man. … Yet even very smart people say some stupid things. … Nayar called American technology graduates inferior … because they are not as disciplined. … Americans are more interested in developing “the next big thing” and getting rich.

Ugly stereotypes can go both ways. Last September, … a couple of Forrester Research analysts, among others, questioned Indian workers’ ability to assist with product development and other tasks requiring more innovative thinking. … So it seems the perfect IT worker would possess American creativity and Indian discipline.more

Van Santos quibbles about terminology:
Nothing like staring the day off with a controversial statement, huh? … “Unemployable” may not have been the best term for Nayar to use, but his sentiments may not be that far from the truth.

Having worked in the IT field for 13 years now, I’ve witnessed first hand people expecting to come out of college making $120K per year with no experience. … There was a fallacy created by the .com bubble that money was available for everyone, anyone, who had a pulse and knew how to turn on a computer. Obviously, that was wrong. However, these individuals are not unemployable … they are unrealistic in their expectations.more

Santosh muses from Florida:
From my purely anecdotal perspective and experience with both, the Indian education system is largely geared to churning out grads who excel in process-oriented solutions while the American education system encourages applying creative thinking to existing solutions. … Working in a outsourcing shop like his, requires a certain mind set, which a grad from the Indian education system is more likely to be prepared for.

So perhaps, what Nayar meant to say was that grads from the American education system and workforce are less likely to possess the mind set to work in his company. … To paint all individuals who work in the tech industry as employable or unemployable, because they come from a certain nation and/or education system, in a public forum no less, is just plain wrong and unbecoming of someone in his position.more

Renganathan “Guru Panguji” Ramamoorthy meditates from Arizona:
About 90% of the Indians in these software houses have NO frickin’ clue on how to write good code. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. For ITIL and Six Sigma, they are not aware of basic quality processes and follow them on a rote model if instructed in written points pasted across bulletin boards.

The Indian institutes … have the awesome reputation of churning out mindless coding zombies who don’t ask a question, but can churn out code at mindnumbingly fast rates (of course with poor quality: bugs are the way maintenance guys make money).


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4 Responses to New website linked, Tech Insurgent, about American IT workers displaced by Indians

  1. Hey, let’s bring in more racist foreigners to destroy jobs and slam US citizens! This ‘government’ and its people have gone completely mad!

  2. Razvan says:

    I never understood why the indians in IT were ever held in such high esteem. In my opinion this will cause the next great depression.

  3. Anon says:

    They help provide a docile and compliant workforce that helps drive down the wages and status of Americans, whats not to like? Of course the media is going to push the indians are great meme.

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